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VGSB Chapter 16

Just Choose Here

“Do I have to spend money to buy the store?”

“Yes.” Instructor Qin kept taking things out of the drawer to Ling Huan. “Here is an operation manual written by the No. 1 breeder. It has a very detailed instructions on how to decorate and operate the nursery in the early stage, when you have time you can check it out when you go back.”

“It will officially open for business in two months and after fully integrated with ours, you will be paid every month based on your performance. If you don’t have money now…”

“I have money.” Ling Huan was calmed, a ding dong sounded in his ear, he touched his pocket, got the thin passbook card, and slapped it on the table.

“Ten thousand star coins, is it enough?”

When the system released the Side Mission, it gave him the starting funds, which seemed to subsidize him to buy a store.

“Of course it’s enough. The stores in our Nursery School are all subsidized by the Royal family, which is not too expensive.”

Instructor Qin was a little surprised and glanced at him. He didn’t expected Ling Huan who came alone, yet can take out so much money in one shot, could it be he was a hidden rich second-generation beta?

He help Ling Huan transfer the money from the card, and then took out a map of the main city area, shaking it before spread it out, many places in the center of the map were marked with red dots.

“Xiao Ling, come here and choose a place.” Instructor Qin was very happy to help him analyze, “Here is close to several schools, with a lot of people, but there is already a nursery school with No. 5 breeder nearby… Or else choose this place, next to it are the large-scale wealthy area, you only need to hire a few betas to distribute flyers, and you will find a source of students in the evening.”

Ling Huan was dizzy looking at the dense lines on the map. It took him a long time to figure out where he was currently on the map. The floating fingers wandered under the guidance of the electronic sound of 009, and finally landed on a red dot.

“I’ll pick this one.”

“It’s a bit remote ah, moreover the transportation isn’t very developed. Here is a bit close to…” Instructor Qin hesitated, “It’s close to the military training base.”

Because a registered breeders were rare and precious, so there were many options. No matter which breeders it was, when choosing location, this place will be the first to be excluded.

“It’s okay.” Ling Huan smiled, “Just choose here.”

Instructor Qin looked at him questioningly, wondering why he had to choose the most inferior option when the price was the same. He checked with Ling Huan repeatedly before deciding on the place.

“I’ll send you an electronic documents, go back and fill in the form. After the information is completed, we are going to put you on the Official Star Website. By the way, today you…didn’t bring Light Brain?” Instructor Qin was puzzled, he looked at Ling Huan’s empty wrist, there were only a humble black bracelet.

The Light Brain was similar to a mobile phone that everyone kept in hand hundreds of years ago. Now it has many more functions, and almost everyone will carry it with them when they go out.

No Light Brain, more or less like a primitive human.

Ling Huan touched his nose with some guilty conscience. As soon as he woke up, he opened the window and came out. He hadn’t even seen the face of his new family, not to mention his Light Brain. “I forgot to bring it when I came out. I’ll come back tomorrow.”

Instructor Qin readily agreed. He took a pen and paper and wrote a series of Light Brain number for Ling Huan, “I will still be here tomorrow, you can just come to me directly, go back and add me as friend.”

Ling Huan nodded, and a mechanical beep popped out in his mind.

【The Side Mission has been completed, Drop Reward is: the current remaining deposit is doubled, and Host’s available deposit is five thousand star coins. 】

With money in his pocket, and in a good mood he came out of the registration hall with a bunch of brochures. Ling Huan casually glanced at the brightly lit shops not far away. The clean glass reflected the lively scene of the shop.

Suddenly, he caught a glimpse of a familiar figure.

He paused in his steps, and quickly took a few steps back in the opposite direction.


“Guest! This is the Night Pearl imported from Sandy Star! There are only ten in this batch! Please don’t use too much strength ah!1Raw 您的力气可要小一些啊!; Your strength can be smaller! I take liberty to change this line bcoz I’m not sure if this is the right phrases in English 囧rz

The man in the well-iron and fitting military uniform with slightly drooping eyelashes, his expression was indifferent, but his slender fingertips holding the Night Pearl involuntarily brought a bit of force, and cracks appeared on the white fluorescent wall.

The low pressure surrounding Lu Jinbei’s body surging like a solidified entity.

“What’s the matter with you? Restrain your pheromone, does the blocker agent sprayed when going out not working?”

Tan Ye on the side watching him with trepidation, he moved his shoulders forward to blocked, and before the boss went crazy, he used his Light Brain to pay the bill, he lifted his long hair and calmed the other party with an elegant smile, “Sorry, he can’t find a partner, and his susceptibility period hasn’t come, so he usually get a little grumpy, and the things have been bought.”


Author has something to say:

【Ling Ling: I have to run away quickly. 】


As always, the chapter is very short. Not even 1k!!! _(:3」∠)_

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    Raw 您的力气可要小一些啊!; Your strength can be smaller! I take liberty to change this line bcoz I’m not sure if this is the right phrases in English 囧rz
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