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TL Chapter 5

TL Chapter 5

The speed became even fiercer. She had to ponder which words to say to reverse his mood, but he never gave her a chance.

“I’m sorry, I’m just—”


He sat back and deliriously teased her core, then crawled back again with her legs welcoming him wide open.

“I’m just…afraid that by playing with me, your clothes will be ruined, and you’ll get in trouble.”

It was sincere. The Crown Prince is in a position that receives attention. Everyone’s eyes are fixed on his figure, and their ears are stretched on his words.

Every word and action he makes garners the attention of the nobles and the empress. So he had to present himself before them in a flawless and absolute manner.


At Eloise’s answer, he gazed at her with an unfamiliar expression.

“You’re good at thinking presumptuous things, my toy.”

He extended his hand and gently touched Eloise’s lips. It was originally red, but the striking pomegranate color he licked and sucked constantly seemed to flaunt its flesh when he fondled it, dazzling his eyes.

As with her hardened peaks that he sucked and savored every chance he got, all had big and small traces around the areolas wrought by him. It was strewn with marks left by the prince from her tights hidden beneath her dress.

Starting with the marks that he had left a week ago, a few days ago, and even just last night. His eyes grew cloudy once more as he stared at the dark and pale traces he left behind like flower petals.

“Right, because I am an excellent pawn—a mere puppet in the hands of the Regent Empress. It should be prosperous and beautiful at all times.”

“It’s…… that’s not what I meant.”

“And you, who are my toy, dare to dredge up such topics?”

It was a chilly sensation when his hand passed over her lips and gently stroked the tip of her chin.

“You should be familiar with your subject.”

“Yes, yes, yes.”

She replied with a frantic nod.


And now, she was pleading with words that had turned ambiguous in their meanings. As her tear-soaked eyes sought at him, he did not hesitate to put his body back on top of her soft, frail body.



* * * * *



“I’ll do it.”

The crown prince shook his head and forwent as Mrs. Heston, the crown prince’s palace head maid, approached him while he was adroitly arraying in his uniform.

It was a far cry from the maid’s concerns in putting on and taking off his clothes as he did everything on his own, completely different from someone who was regularly assisted with his clothing.

Removing and reattaching several decorations from his crumpled clothes to the correct places of his new uniform—he did it flawlessly with his bare hands, even raising the collar and tidying up his entire appearance.

Mrs. Heston only came up to him when he flicked his hand and told her what he needed.

When everything was in place and ready to leave, his gaze naturally fell on his maid (Eloise), who had not yet awoken from her deep slumber.

Eloise was sound asleep, buried deep beneath the sheets, with all the trails he had left behind her body. With her disheveled pink-golden hair draped over her enticing nakedness, she dawned twice rousing to his eyes. 

As he continued to watch, he could feel his member coming back to life.

No matter how much he had exhausted her for a short while, she had swooned asleep as if she were dead and could catch her small, pleasing breaths as if they were right next to his ears.

“Let her sleep. Don’t let her leave this room.”


Mrs. Heston replied with her head down.

“When she wakes up, bring her the medicine.”

“As you wish.”

Rishid turned around and headed out of the bedroom.



* * * * *



Attending political meetings with aristocratic officials was never enjoyable. In the past, all procedures were concluded relatively quickly without clutter. As everything went according to the desires of the regent, Empress Kali.

However, the situation began to gradually shift three years before Crown Prince Rishid reached the age of adulthood.

Those who supported the empress, who had ruled as regent, naturally prevailed; hence the opposition was fierce. To be exact, rifts arose within the same aristocrats. 

Now that the crown prince had reached adulthood, opinions began to flow in favor of holding a coronation ceremony and allowing Rishid to succeed the throne in place of the emperor, who had been in death bed for ages.

When such an opinion germinated from a buried seed, the nobles who were in the faction of the regent empress vigorously expressed their disagreement. Persuading that it is steadier to confer the regency to the empress with rich political experience rather than ascending a just adult crown prince to the throne of the perishing emperor.

The heated discussion always ended in a downswing with no definite outcome.

Nevertheless, the empress dominated the empire, who wields the imperial scepter rather than the young prince. While its emperor is incapacitated and ailing due to an unknown disease, it proves that the words of the empress’s faction were not entirely false.

Furthermore, the empress was trusted to lead the country into a prosperous era despite the emperor’s grave illness.

It was not long before the Crown Prince began controlling the government affairs on the emperor’s behalf. In any case, the work he sanctioned could only be carried out by the empress, the regent, in the end.

“The time has come for me to relinquish the regency.”

The empress finally opened her mouth, who had been listening to the noble’s political wrangling.

“Your Majesty, please reconsider. His Royal Highness is still inexperienced…….”

“The crown prince is now fully adult. The time has come for him to assume the throne on behalf of the ill emperor.”

As he predicted, their dispute persists interminably. Rishid sat in silence and watched their incessant fussing.

This time, however, it was the empress who declared a truce in the fight.

“I am feeling a little drained as well. I want to step back and rest. Now that my son has grown up so well… I think I can put it down for good.”

“Your Majesty!”

The empress raised her hand to calm the nobles who were expressing their displeasure with her decision.

“I’d like to begin with the Crown Prince’s marriage as a staging point for his ascension.”

“If you say marriage…….”

“It has been three years since his coming of age. It is getting rather late. Generally, the sons of the imperial family get married at a much younger age.”

“Indeed. It took longer than expected due to his childhood.”

As someone let out a muffled cough, the nobleman immediately shut his mouth.

“When the crown prince was a child, he contracted a disease, which caused him to become withdrawn and temporarily unable to speak. And so, his marriage was delayed. That’s why we must act quickly.”

All the nobles in the conference hall piped down when the empress’ words fell; those who’d been obstinately opposed to the throne transfer just now also held their tongues in the presence of the empress.

When Rishid was a child, the trauma of his half-brother Prince Josef’s death rendered him speechless, and his mental age regressed temporarily. This is a well-known secret that everyone within the inner circle knows but chooses to keep silent about.

No one dared to speak of it in the first place.

Unless it was Rishid’s mother, the Empress Regent, who brought it up first.

“The Crown Prince was indeed ill for a while, which is why I was forced to assume the role of Imperial Regent, which I have retained ever since. But now that his illness has been washed away…… I see no reason to delay his birthright as an emperor if he gets married now and produces an heir.”

No one objected to whether or not the aristocrats in the conference hall were in agreement.

“Anyway, the number of proposals from other countries continues to pour in.”

The empress uttered.

“It’s a marriage proposal.”

The sound of someone tapping on the oak desk lasted, almost unchanged. The empress’s gaze remained fixed on Rishid for a moment longer before sweeping a look around the nobles.

“In fact, when the crown prince was still young, his parents had already made arrangements for his marriage. I’m confident that the Crown Prince is already aware of that…….”

The empress’s eyes glowed as she looked at Rishid.

“Did you say marriage?”

The nobles began to roar again.

“Who is it, your majesty?”

“His Majesty had already consented to the proposal and signed it.”

“Is this to imply that His Royal Highness…… is already engaged?”

The empress held a deep smile at the sound of someone inhaling sharply.

“Yes, it was an engagement made when Rishid was young.”

The empress smiled merrily and cast a glance at Rishid. With an incredulous glint in his eyes, he stared back at his mother.

“If His Majesty hadn’t been lying in that sorrowful state, he would have wedded the two of them right away. It’s truly unfortunate. Which is why…..his majesty’s will must be carried out sooner.”

It was a gentle and soft voice that ended the meeting.

* * * * *

“Are you awake?”


Even in her dazed state, she could instantly recognize and discern who was talking to her.



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