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TL Chapter 4 (R19)

TL Chapter 4 (R19)

Warning: R-19. Read at your own risk.


She gave him as much of her chest as he wanted, biting and sucking it in. She hoped that now that she had given him enough, he would gradually let go of his ferocious momentum. Still, he seemed to have a specific twisted plan up his sleeves, seeing his strange persistence today.


Therefore, Eloise clung to him even tighter and begged him. She wept as she pressed her chest against his, rubbing it against him.




Her tears are her only weapon, and no matter how tired she is of wielding and begging with it—she can’t stop. She prayed that even a single drop of her tears would pierce the rock and play its part.


Perhaps the wind was not in vain. He looked down at her clinging and crying face with a softer gaze than usual.


Even her bud, which he used to tease greedily, was now being gently rubbed. His arousal had not yet subsided, and veins protruded from his swollen groin as he continued to pursue his climax.


In contrast to the scorching pace between their nether regions, his face was serene. Even at this moment, his face glowed with no trace of embarrassment or anger.


“Rishid, Rishid……”


He laughed in a low voice at the sound of her soft sobbing as she moaned his name.


Of course, he was well aware that this was an obvious ruse—attempting to escape this situation through her tears.


However, it was difficult to maintain an ice-cold demeanor throughout because this pretty thing soothed and kissed his body first. It was at that moment when a smirk appeared on his lips.




Eloise gasped at the sudden sensation of being lifted into the air and looked at him in disbelief. While facing him, she was lifted up in the same posture she was held in.


“Yes, I forgive you.”


He looked at her with a rather benevolent smile.


“Eung, hnnng.”


His length erotically rubbed her core every time he took a step, sending a massive ripple of pleasure through her.


He seemed to be losing his cool at the sensation of her wetness enveloping his shaft, gripping him. And so, he kicked the door to his office’s bedroom casually as if it had been unintentional.


“Please put me down—”


Her quivering lips were immediately swallowed by him. Filling both her upper and lower holes with his tongue and staff—Rishid strode towards the bed.


He laid down Eloise on the soft mattress, leaving no gaps in their bodies. With a thumping sound, the lying body was pounded, deep and hungry, by him continuously.


Eloise gasped as if she was out of breath at the searing sensation that followed her, sinfully filling her.


Her dress was a mess, and his pants were only halfway down—neither of them was fully naked.


Tak, tak. Then the sound of clothes ripping and flesh slamming against each other reverberated throughout the bedroom.




By the time the clothing that separated the two became too cumbersome, Rishid tore Eloise’s dress.


Eloise looked upset as she saw the lace and frills of her dress, befitting her status as the crown prince’s exclusive maid, torn in vain with just a grip of his hand.


“Why, you find it a waste?”


Seeing Eloise’s expression, he burst into a small laugh.




Her room was brimming with gowns and accessories that would make even the most revered aristocrats envious—as the things that Rishid bought were all luxurious and splendid.


“It’s too… too expensive to be ripped like that….”


She’s still a maid, no matter how you look at it. Even though her usefulness was exhausted in being a play maid, she could only remain at the palace due to being the Crown Prince’s maidservant.


“Is it too expensive?”


He repeated her words over and over again. As she whimpered, a small smile crept across his lips then spoke.


“Or were you trying to impress someone with that dress?”




It was unfair. It was really unfair. How could he push someone like this with just a few conversations?


“Several times, the Count looked down with lewd eyes at your body wrapped in that dress. If we hadn’t been at the Crown Prince’s palace, I would have immediately come in to undress you.”


The more she listened to Rishid’s words, the more staggering they became.


“That’s impossible—hnnng.”


Huk. At the feeling of being pressed deeper beneath, Eloise sucked in a sharp breath, arching back.


“How do you know?”


Rishid’s voice was a little bit sharp.


“Even while I’m holding you in my arms, you’re thinking about being wrapped up with another guy.”


“I don’t……ah.”


Eloise shook her head and smacked her small fist into his chest. In her beating hands, he burst into laughter and thrust deeper.


“Should I dig his eyes out?”


The sound of his whispers as he leaned in closer, together with his rapid pace, made her tremble.


“Don’t do that—ahh.”


Eloise wept as she hugged him.


“It wouldn’t be bad to be remembered as a tyrant who dug out a nobleman’s eyes because they were distracted by his beloved maid.”


He was only saying horrible things. He had a knack for selecting words that made Eloise cry.


“I was wrong…… please…….”


Thump thump. As the thrusting grew faster and faster, Eloise begged with his girth driving her underneath.


“I’ll never again, never again…….”


“Never again, what?”


He asked as he pressed his manhood to her womb. The demand for an answer grew stronger and stronger.


“I won’t talk to him, even if we encounter each other—never.”


She vowed and swore frantically. There was a sense of distrust in the eyes gazing down at her.


No matter what she said, it was difficult to unravel what happened today completely. So, she decided to avoid the present situation instead.


“It’s about time for a meeting.”


Eloise tries to stop him by squeezing out as much of the conversation she overheard earlier.


“So what?”


As if it wasn’t a problem, his eyes narrowed.


“If your clothes get dirty…….”




He grinned and reached out to the lock on the edge of his neck.




Rishid frowned as he heard her scream.


“I’m going to take it off.”


“But to put it back on…….”


It takes time. Since the crown prince’s uniform was worn for official work, he needed to exude authority and dignity, and the order in which he wore his clothes reflected this. All of the decorations on the top to the bottom had to be attached in a tidy manner. And it took a long time to unpack it all and place it back together.


“You can dress me up again.”




Having nothing to say, she looked up at him with a vacant expression.


“Aren’t you better at putting this on and taking it off than anyone else? More than me even.”


It was true. He despised anyone touching his body because of his sensitive nature, so Eloise was almost entirely in charge of his appearance.


Hence she’d grown accustomed to maintaining and organizing his ornately adorned uniforms.


“If it were you, you could dress me faster than anyone else.”


He cast a quick glance at the clock as if trying to gauge how much time was left. Then he took off his clothes without seconds of hesitation.


Even though she straddled him and spent the entire circle of time engaging in lewd acts, his clothes remained intact and wrinkle-free.


Rishid’s hand casually released the gold ornaments accenting his white uniform.


Eloise just stayed motionless, staring blankly at the scene. The clothes she had ironed and cared for in the morning were taken off in an instant—strewn across the floor.




While her eyes were fixed on the clothes, Rishid caught Eloise’s face and kissed her again.


“Are you that worried about the clothes?”


He laughed as if he was having fun.


“Because it can’t be wrinkled—ahhh!”


As soon as she answered back, he inserted it intensely and ravaged her hard.


“Just get another one from the dressing room.”


There were plenty of extra clothes available; however, attaching the decorations to the top one by one takes time.


“But it takes time—ah!”


Eloise couldn’t finish her word and began moaning again. It was because he had been pressing the inside of her with his deeply buried manhood.


“The Empress would be enraged if you arrived disheveled……”


She continued to speak while panting at his every pace that strongly stimulated and pushed her to the brink.


“Ah, it was because you’re worried about my mother?”


He gave her a twisted smile and snatched her creamy, slender legs. When Eloise realized what he was about to do, her face turned pale.


For a moment, as her legs tied to his arms trembled, the length that had dug deeper into her began rubbing the inner wall.


“hmm…… yes, hnnng…….”


She didn’t want to make a sound, so she stuffed the hem of her ripped dress into her mouth and held it in. She knew it wasn’t necessary, regardless of whether he could hear it or not.


“The influence of the Empress Regent is indeed powerful… to make you fret about her sentiments even in my bedroom. I am a very poor child.”


“T-that’s not…….”


She made a mistake. It was a sin to bring up the topic of the empress in front of Rishid. Despite how many times she had gone through to soothe him, he was more likely to grow enraged again if she expressed her fears of offending someone other than him.


“Remember, Eloise. The only person you should be concerned about is me.”

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