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TL Chapter 3 (R19)

TL Chapter 3 (R19)

Warning: R-19. Read at your own risk.





Eloise eventually burst into tears. No day goes by without his fingers playing with her flesh, but on days like today—his hands have grown even crueler.


She has already spent quite a bit of time with his stuff in her mouth. And spend the morning with his mouth playing with the tips of her breast.


It was mercilessly sucked. Then, as the time for the aides to visit drew near, he shoved her underneath the desk.


She waited for one or two individuals to finish their reports, but their work was rarely completed. So Eloise sucked until her lips were all numb, and when the pace slowed down a bit, his feet would mercilessly slip through her clothing.


“Why? Weren’t you itching to have this stuffed inside your hole? You were whining quite a bit earlier.”


His words were scathing and cruel.




Cries filled with mixtures of pain and pleasure flowed out one after another.


Every time his fingers drove inside her, a combination of love fluid and sperm flowed out.


A satisfied smile appeared on his lips as soon as his gaze rested on the bodily fluids sprinkled on him.


Rishid, who had been eyeing the fluids she was releasing profusely for some time, smeared it onto her thighs, then with his palm got closer to her folds, he began to rub it again.


As her body grew more sensitive, she easily collapsed to the pleasure indulged in her. Every time his fingers, coated in her bodily fluids, teased her feminity, her body would bounce back like in heat.


She was powerless to stop herself. Wasn’t her body already tamed enough by him for a long time?


Exhausted by the intense pleasure, the woman glides her butt back in an attempt to evade him. However, Rishid wrapped his steel-like arms around her waist and drew her closer to him. The two inched closer once more.


Without taking his gaze away from Eloise, Rishid slowly lifted her body up to meet his.


His member was already up and raring to go. As if it was natural, he thrust his full length into Eloise’s depths without a second’s hesitation.




Rishid pulled her hips down with a firm hand. Ripples of shock went through Eloise’s body, and she trembled—having a large object thrust inside her so suddenly.


Even though she had been receiving it the entire time before she got hidden beneath the desk, she trembled as if it was the first time it entered her.


“Eloise, don’t get too pampered.”


Eloise’s eyes welled up with fear at his cold voice. She couldn’t even take out what had been thrust inside her under Rishid’s tight grip—all she could do was shed tears.


Rishid grabbed her delicate body and pulled her closer to him, neither too close nor too far away. Her plump breasts stood out even more since she had a slim waist that could be held in one hand.


Her bountiful chest was full of traces he left behind. Seeing this, he parted his lips for a brief moment before sucking her nipples greedily.




As he devoured and bit it, Eloise felt it sting and sore. It was the same spot he had already sucked so much—doubling the stimulation she felt up until her toes.


He took pleasure in sucking and biting her breast whether she was awake or asleep. Then he sticks his tongue and traces the areolas surrounding her stiff pink nipple—gently soothing her again.


When something damp touched and licked her sensitive skin, the lower part of her became even more sensitive, and more of her juices oozed out.


He took a deep breath, burying his face in her soft breasts.


As her chest swelled, she was reminded of the first time Rishid held it in his hands. Eloise, not knowing what to do, twisted her body.


It was the same with the hips moving quickly. Even if he only slightly raises his waist, her hips react to the movement and twitch. As her walls tightened around his manhood, he felt like he was about to pass out from ecstasy.


There wasn’t a single spot that didn’t look beautiful or interesting.


“Kiss me.”


As he commanded in a rough voice, Eloise looked at him with eyes drenched in tears.




When he urged her by rubbing her chin, she wrapped her arm around his neck and hung herself. And carefully covered his lips with hers.


Her tongue carefully slipped in through his parted lips. As if it weren’t enough, his tongue curled around hers like a snake and began sucking it hard.


Chup, Chup, an embarrassing and obscene sound, pounded her eardrums like crazy.


Eloise became more and more distracted by the sensation of sucking in her mouth and the ramming in her womanhood. It was that moment when her arm’s strength was gone, and she was on the verge of slipping through…




Eloise managed to draw her tense body up with the help of Rishid’s firm hands in her hips. Her big green eyes reflected the eyes of Rishid, smiling differently than he had before.




With her tongue sucked hard—a slurred pronunciation leaked out. Rishid caught her chapped lips and sucked it hard, then commended.




The hand that was clutching her hips held her even more. As her skin was both rosy and pale, traces of his hands would stay in her hips and thighs for a while. But no one will know.


Eloise struggled to raise herself. When the intense movements stopped, it was the cue to move her body on her own.


With a hand on his shoulder, she leaned back a little and sat down again.




Another sensation struck her as she moved. The pleasure she had to bear was also different, as she felt his manhood entirely within her, being pressed to her womb with her own weight.


But with her body already on its limit, she couldn’t move as much as she desired.


Her hips were tingling, and her back didn’t have enough strength to hold her up any further—swallowing his hard member was an act of torture.


Eventually, after a few pacing, she gave out. As if expecting, tears just dripped to the hand that gripped her hips. She couldn’t move at all.




Eloise eventually surrendered at the sound of him muttering softly. Whatever it was, she wanted the time to pass quickly. Excessive pleasure is like a poisoned apple.


“Please, your highness…… Rishid.”


Eloise dangled in his arms, her eyes fixed on Rishid. She hopes that the blue eyes staring down at her hold a tinge of sympathy.


“What? Please.”


When she rubbed her face against his arms, she was hit by the scent of the fishy semen he had buried moments before. She was strangely felt hungry and salivating.


She repeatedly felt the aching while tasting his shaft and filling it all the way to her core. But she also felt empty. The reason for this was a mystery to her, but she was certain that there was something that wasn’t completely filled.




He whispered in a cold voice. He didn’t even relax his expression at the thought that he had not yet received Eloise’s perfect submission.


“Put it… directly….”


“You are aware that you must speak correctly. Yes?”


He said this while lightly stroking Eloise’s waist. Eloise, whose body jerked back in surprise, paused for a moment before speaking out, her face contorted with resentment in her eyes.


“Please put it yourself, please put it, heuk…….”


A smile crept across his lips at the sound of her pleas coming from her mouth.




“Yes, yes.”


“You are truly a useless toy. How could you bother your owner like this?”


“S-sorry… ah!”


At his sudden and powerful thrust, Eloise arched her back and let out a shrill cry.


“Ah! Ah! Ah!”


He held her slender waist with both hands and began to raise it.


Plak, plak.


The sound of promiscuous intercourse intimately bound with their panting filled the office.


As he repeatedly pounds in a hungry rhythm and then slows down. Eloise seemed to lose her mind at the endless sensation of his girth ramming into her core.


Rather, it would be better if she were to go insane.


In fact, there were times when she was on the verge of passing out completely. Her merciful master, on the other hand, never let her be.


Rishid knew how to drive her into submission. He knew precisely what rhythm to use and where to hit while ensuring she never lost consciousness.


It’s as if he’s going crazy, then slows down and gently soothes her over and over again.


Just like right now.


“Ah, your highness, your highness.”


“You used to call my name so crudely.”


He said, biting her earlobe that touched his lips.


“Rishid, ah…. ah….”




“Stop, please. Please forgive me. Won’t do it again…….”


Eloise pressed her tear-soaked face against him, frantically searching for his lips and rubbing them. She sticks out her tongue and licks it, his cheeks, the bridge of his nose, and his lips incessantly.


She knew it looked ridiculous, but she also knew that it could sometimes work.


Rishid is weak at her pleadings.


As much as he knew about her, she, too, knew Rishid more accurately than anyone else.


After all, hasn’t she been serving him between his legs the entire time?


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