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TL Chapter 2.4 (R19)

TL Chapter 2.4 (R19)

Chapter 2.4 (R19)


Read at your own risk.




His cold blue eyes reflected the image of a woman sitting half-naked. Every time the woman trembled, her white chest would shake, fueling his eyes.


The reason why she stayed silent even when their eyes met was because of the large manhood stuffed in her mouth.


His eyes gleamed with ruthlessness as he gazed slowly at the sight of semen that had been spilled earlier, dribbling from the woman’s mouth, going in between her valleys.






She evaded his gaze rather than responding. What was occupying her mouth—playing with her tongue—was preventing her from expressing herself.


Rishid grasped Eloise’s chin and held her up. Her cheeks swelled as his shaft filled every area in her small mouth.


Even though she appeared — roughly disheveled — his expression remained uncaring as he stared at her.


He pressed the woman’s cheek and pulled out what she had been trying to swallow. The white liquid that had been accumulating in her mouth escaped—trailing down from her lips, spreading over her breast.


He languidly lowered his eyes again at the sight of the thin streams of liquid overflowing, dripping to her chest.




“…. Yes.”


A hushed Eloise hardly said anything at all. She could feel his essence rubbing against the back of her tongue as she spits out the answers he wanted to hear. There’s still plenty of it left even after it flowed out of her mouth, but Eloise held back the urge to spit it out. She feared the retaliation that would befall her.


“Do you have anything to say to me?”


Long, well-shaped fingers rubbed the white liquid that was hanging down near her red lips. His eyes were drawn even further by the red, swollen lips which made a contrasting color.


“I did…. heuk, wrong.”


Eloise sobbed and barely answered. Because of that, the stuff that filled her mouth slowly welled out and trickled down at the corners of her lips, and Rishid’s eyes were beautifully curved as he watched the spectacular view before him.


“Do you know what you did wrong?”


“Heuk, I—I know.”


“You must have had a good time flirting with the count.”


“I didn’t…….”


His sullen face grew nearer, stilling her breath. As soon as he stared at those wide-open green eyes, the emotions that were coursing through him became even more renowned.


“You blushed as you laughed. I saw everything.”


“It’s not like that.”


Eloise exhaled a rasped breath. It was difficult to regulate her breathing because she had just swallowed something larger than her mouth. But at this moment, the most difficult thing to bear was the gaze of the man accusing her of acts she had not committed.


“You even smiled back.”


“That, that.”


She opened her mouth to make an excuse but couldn’t say anything because of the tight grip on her chin.


“Don’t act as if you’re unaware what that hairpin means.”


His languid gaze drifted to the hairpin thrown on the floor.


“It means he’s been paying attention to you for a while if he prepared something like that, correct?”


His feet trampled the hairpins mercilessly—the rubies carve in the shape of flowers scattered like sand in all directions.


“I’m curious how long you’ve been together behind my back.”


A smirk hung over his lips. Eloise raised her eyes to him, terrified.


He’s doing this on purpose. Even though he knows better than anyone that there’s no way to avoid his eyes and meet another man in his own palace, he wanted to push her on the edge.


She is entirely owned by the crown prince. There was nothing that happened in here that he wasn’t aware of. He knew better than anyone else that she was innocent.


Even so, it seemed unfair that she had no choice but to suffer like this, and Eloise, not knowing what to do, broke down into tears.


“I didn’t want to take it….”


It really was. She swore she never wanted to receive it.


What am I supposed to do when encountering the young count? And how did Rishid find them?


She could see a basket of flowers rolling around in her wet green eyes. On the floor, the juice from the flower he had trampled and crushed was seeping like blood.


It was all because of that flower. She just wanted to put fresh flowers that occasionally bloom in the garden rather than the flowers in the greenhouse.


“I swear, believe me, I’ve got nothing……”


(TN: I think what she was trying to say is that she got nothing to do with the count or what he gave, something like that.)


Because Rishid was holding her face, her pronunciation was slurred, and yet she couldn’t help but make excuses even in this situation.


“Everyone knows you’re the prince’s play maid, but what am I going to do if you continue rolling your lower back like that?”


The blunt tip of his boots rubbed the secret area underneath the dress. Eloise attempted to evade him by bouncing her body around incessantly as if she was having a seizure.


He held Eloise’s shoulder and pressed her down, then teased her mercilessly with his feet. Eloise sobbed frantically whenever the blunt leather rubbed the gap on her underwear.


It was a place he ruthlessly thrusted in from behind, with her hands holding onto the desk before she was thrown and hidden underneath it.


Whenever she was about to collapse, he tightened his grip on her waist—placing her back, so she had no choice but to stand up and surrender herself to him.


“I didn’t…. heuk.”


Eloise’s sobs grew thicker as he pressed her sensitive part. A beautiful sound, like a tiny bird chirping, wrapped around his ear.


Rishid’s eyes rolled down the woman’s face as he held her. Her pinkish-golden hair was perfectly suited to dazzle anyone who glimpsed in her direction.


Her hair, which had been braided up in a delicate braid, was already in a state of disarray and hung long over her chest, and it fluttered softly whenever her chest swayed.


Her sharp, pointed breasts were also covetous, desiring to be bare right away.


It was the same with her dark green eyes, like a rain-soaked forest, that always seemed to hold tears. How about her porcelain skin that smells sweet like peaches? All of it appeared to have been created explicitly to enchant men.


“What would they all think about when they see you now? Everyone must be busy trying to get a bite. With you being so naughty.”


Eloise shook her head frantically whenever he uttered harsh words. Tears dripped down her eyes filled with an unjust light which soaked his fingers.


“I let it go freely, and everyone in the Imperial Palace is wagging their tails.”




Eloise couldn’t respond to any of his words. Because she doesn’t know what kind of harsher punishment would be inflicted on her. At times like this, she knew from experience that it would be best to just watch his mood and act accordingly to it.


“You need to be disciplined.”


He tilted his head.


“Come up.”


He said, spreading his legs wide. Just looking at his face, he wasn’t disturbed in the slightest. Even when the little bird he had tamed used her tongue and lips to nip and suck his manhood, his face did not waver at all.




For a brief moment, Eloise locked her gaze on him. There was no such thing as ‘no’ in the first place. She had to go beyond what he commanded.


Eloise arched her back and sat on his knees. She then faced him with her legs wide open.


The Prince’s c*ck, which she had previously nibbled and sucked, slowly got wrapped in between her slits.


The underwear she wore had long been torn by his hand. Without any barriers stopping him, his hands roughly rubbed her below, moving freely.


“Eung, hmm…”




Eloise twisted her body, not knowing what to do. The man’s thick and long fingers dug in and rubbed her insides without hesitation. Whenever he teased her using his hand, juices poured out from her core.


“Do you spill this much alone?”


Despite his question, Eloise only exhaled raspy breaths. The cold man’s eyes glowed with an intensity she’d seen a couple of times.




As his fingers dug deeper, her quivering body collapsed forward.




Her small, fragile body fell on him, crashing onto his chest. Rishid’s neatly dressed uniform was completely covered with the distinct odour of bodily fluids, but he didn’t seem to care and continued what he was doing.


“Eung, aah, ah…….”


“You’re quite naughty… getting excited all by yourself.”


As his experienced hands sped up, he could feel her breaths becoming more ragged in his arms while her moans skipped through her lips, filling his ears.


“Your Highness, stop…stop it…….”

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