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TRTN Chapter 11

The bloody apartment (11)


Chapter 11 … The Bloody Apartment (11)


“Zhang Lili! Zhang Lili! Zhang Lili!”


With this voice , the faces of all apartment residents became more and more fearful, and they almost wanted to run away.


This name seems to be a taboo that must not be mentioned, awakening the deepest nightmare in everyone’s heart.


What’s more terrifying is that with Shen Yu’s call, the apartment really trembled slightly.


The rustling, like the sound of countless hairs scratching the floor, gradually rushed towards the west building.


At this time, no one needs to take the lead. All apartment residents are like rats who have seen a cat, turning around in a hurry, rushing to escape, even dare not stay on this floor.


The entire corridor suddenly changed shape.


Scarlet blood threads, like a spider web, crawled all over the floor covering the corridors.


In desperation, Shen Yu thought of using Zhang Lili’s name to scare away all the apartment residents who besieged the door .


But at the same time, the door of the room that had been torn down for a long time finally made an overwhelming sound, and the whole door fell down and broke completely.


At this time, Shen Yu and Anonymous in the room looked at each other and at the blood threads outside the door, without a trace of barriers between them.


But the scarlet blood threads, who had just been extremely cruel, did not actively choose to attack at this time.


Seeing that there was still room for change, Shen Yu became bolder and bolder.


He took the initiative to walk outside the door, facing the blood threads

surging like a sea of ​​blood.


“Zhang Lili.” He said with a clear sentence, “The person who called your name just now is me.” The scarlet blood threads squirmed and gradually approached him.


Anonymous had dark eyes, his fingers held the blade tightly, and silently stood in front of Shen Yu.


The blood threads were even worse, and in the scarlet gap, a small sticky hand was occasionally exposed.


The ugly skinny baby is being wrapped in it, protected from any harm.


Shen Yu looked at the thin baby whose eyes could not even be opened, and tentatively said: “This is your daughter?”


“She is so cute.”


The scarlet blood threads tumbling in the corridor were hearing these words. Later, it seemed to calm down a bit.


Upon seeing this, Shen Yu felt relieved, knowing that he had made the right bet this time.


He had also suspected before, is the baby dragged in the coffin one of the monsters? Or even the illegitimate child of Wu Jianyi and the homewrecker ?


But soon, he dispelled this suspicion.


First of all, the age is not right.


The tragedy of Zhang Lili’s disappearance occurred seven years ago. According to Wu Jianyi’s diary, Homewrecker was already pregnant at that time, so the illegitimate child was at least six years old.


But in the coffin was a baby, and it was a thin, small, stunted baby.


So, he thought of Zhang Lili’s baby girl whom she failed to give birth.


The fetus that was shed alive.


Because she was her own daughter, Zhang Lili gave her a magnificent coffin; because she was her own daughter, Zhang Lili let the apartment residents act like slaves, dragging her children around the floors every night.


This little baby girl is Zhang Lili’s spy, looking for the three hiding people for her mother.


Murderer Wu Jianyi, Wu Jianyi’s lover, Wu Jianyi’s illegitimate child…


Everyone is the object of Zhang Lili and the little baby girl’s hatred. Everyone is affected by the spiteful curse and transformed from a living person into a monster.


This “pink apartment” that no one can do without is actually a representation of the resentment of the dead.


After thinking about this, Shen Yu suddenly trembled, and he understood a problem that he had been unable to figure out.


Why did Pink Apartment only renovate the West Building and not the East Building? Why do residents only live in the West Building, but there is no one in the East Building?


Because the pink apartment has only one building from beginning to end!


The dilapidated and cold East Building represents Zhang Lili’s miserable past before her death; the warm and bright West Building represents the present where Zhang Lili’s apartment has been re-covered and whitewashed after Zhang Lili’s death.


It was just because of Zhang Lili’s resentment that this apartment was divided into two, separated in time, and the present and the past co-existed at the same point in time.


Zhang Lili’s purpose for doing this seems to be to remind everyone that she was in a different environment before and after her death. The deeper purpose is to…


Shen Yu couldn’t help muttering: “After you died, where did he hide you? ”


This question seems to have hit the other party’s pain point, the scarlet blood threads suddenly soars, and the overwhelming red seems to engulf the entire floor.


And Shen Yu and Anonymous are like two tiny ants in a boundless sea of ​​blood.


However, Shen Yu did not back up, but took a step forward, holding up the golden key in his hand: “Wu Jianyi is dead!” The scarlet blood threads in front of him suddenly stagnated.


He continued: “I will find your body, and I will get the remaining two keys!”


Word by word, it seemed to be the firmest promise.


In an instant, everything was quiet, and the atmosphere was heavy as if time had frozen.


Shen Yu didn’t dare to let out his breath , just staring at the blood red before him.


After a long time, the coagulated blood threads made a greasy sound again, and the blood color gradually faded with constant contraction .


The corridor was quiet and spotless, as if nothing had happened before.


Shen Yu’s slender figure stands in place, like a sculpture that can stand tall.


But soon, the “sculpture” shook fiercely.


“Anonymous.” He said angrily, “Come on and give me a hand, my legs are soft…” It was so scary just now! ! He desperately needs sweet mints to soothe his frightened little heart!


Anonymous: “…”


He had no choice but to step forward, grabbing the other person’s warm palm.


“Don’t be so reckless in the future.” He whispered, “With me, you won’t have anything to do yourself .”


Shen Yu smiled weakly, and took out his black book, his hands still trembling slightly: “My book is hot again, it should be an update of the plot.”


Anonymous took it and opened it:


[Thirteen brave cleaners stepped into the pink apartment. 】


【Lucky mint and anonymous survived the angry siege of the residents. 】 【But you made a promise to the female ghost. 】


【The female ghost smiled and asked you, when will the dirty things be cleaned up? 】【After all, you are a brave cleaner! ]


[If you break your promise, you know what will be the end…] After seeing the new plot, Shen Yu couldn’t help sighing slightly.


“Escaped another catastrophe!”



A noisy night passed.


On the fourth day, the group met again, only to find that there were only seven people left.


Cuihua, who was also fortunate enough to survive the siege overnight, squinted at the bald man with his head shrunk: “Where is the newcomer by your side?” The bald man’s eyes dodged, but his mouth was forced to say: “Where else to go? Dead! The most common thing in horror novels is dead people, what can I do?”


Everyone remembered the tragic wailing from the East Building last night, and suddenly couldn’t help being silent.


Shen Yu, on the other hand, wanted to understand everything in an instant, rubbing his eyebrows and said: “You mistakenly thought that the baby girl sitting in the coffin was a monster, so you attacked at night and wanted to exchange the corpse for rewards from the manager .”


” Yes.” “What you don’t know is that the baby girl is actually Zhang Lili’s daughter. As the master of the pink apartment, how could Zhang Lili tolerate someone hurting her daughter, so she took action .” “You may not have time to deal with the baby girl, so after abandoning your teammates, you were lucky enough to get your life back. But Da Zhuang who was abandoned by you should not be so lucky.”


“Am I right?” he asked.


Seeing that Shen Yu had a clear idea of ​​abandoning his teammates, the bald man was suddenly startled and panicked. The sweat rolled down his face and he had to vaguely say: “Wh.. what Zhang Lili? What the hell are you talking about?”


He has been unable to find a clue, so he doesn’t even know the truth behind the apartment.


Seeing that except for the three of them, the others were all dumbfounded. Shen Yu and the others looked at each other, and finally decided to clarify the course of the matter.


Enough people have died this time. Learning more about the truth, other people may have more chances of surviving.


After understanding the story behind the apartment, as expected, the three newcomers Xu Jiaojiao and the little couple still looked dumbfounded, but the bald man was already excited.


“So, in the remaining two days, we can finish this novel as long as we find the female ghost’s body?” He asked excitedly.


Shen Yu poured cold water on him appropriately: “It’s not that simple, it’s clearly written in the book,  the apartment requires us to do cleaning , and work.”


The identity of a cleaner should have a different meaning.


“And there is no’we’, only’you’ and’we’! We go to find the remaining clues, and you just stay honestly, don’t give away the little life that you have finally picked back!” Cuihua then poured another basin of cold water on him.


The bald man’s expression froze with excitement, and then with mung bean-like eyes, he glanced at Xu Jiaojiao and the other novices.


The few newcomers suddenly felt a chill, and they avoided his sight with disgust.


Cuihua looked at his dishonest eyes, and suddenly yelled: “How many of them do you want to use as a cushion? Screw your head off!” After being scolded, the newcomers hid themselves one after another, and instantly isolated the bald man. His face suddenly became embarrassed.


He endured and endured, and finally let out a cold snort from his nose, turning around and decided to look for clues by himself.


“It’s all veterans, who is afraid of whom?” The bald man murmured as he left.


Shen Yu ignored him, and after instructing the remaining people to stay where they were and absolutely not to run around, the three of them also got up and left.


This morning, the administrator neither distributed the keys or cleaning tools, nor recovered the keys they had in their hands, nor even showed up.


It seems that after yesterday’s siege, the two sides seem to have completely torn their faces, and the hostility that was buried deeply by the apartment residents is now naked and unconcealed.


The three of them went to the top floor of the apartment on the west side, and when they passed the corner of the sixth floor, they could even see a resident slowly opening a crack in the door and peering out at them.


A middle-aged man’s face appeared behind the door, staring at the people outside motionlessly, his blindfolded eyes were filled with greed, his mouth with fangs cracked open, and he was drooling quietly.


However, Shen Yu and the others were crowded, and he seemed to be uncomfortable. After weighing them secretly, the apartment occupant made a gloomy face and closed the door again.


This episode did not distract Shen Yu and the others. After the three reached the sixth floor, they looked intently at the ceiling above their heads.


“Is it here?” Cuihua asked.


“Yes, it’s here.” Shen Yu replied in an affirmative tone.


The other floors of the pink apartment are generally about three meters high, but only the sixth floor. Shen Yu passed through here several times and felt extremely depressed.


The sixth floor is already the top floor, but why is the floor height so low?


“I estimate that the floor height here is not even 2.7 meters, maybe even only 2.5 meters.” He said, raising his arm as if he wanted to touch the ceiling, “What is hidden on this?”


“You are Saying …”  anonymous’ eyebrows moved slightly, and he looked up: “It is very likely that there is a mezzanine above.”1 mezzanine : A mezzanine floor is an intermediate floor which is built between two main floors or the floor and ceiling of a building. They are designed to cover a specific area of a building rather than extending over the entire floor space.


The seventh floor, which has been invisible, appeared.




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    mezzanine : A mezzanine floor is an intermediate floor which is built between two main floors or the floor and ceiling of a building. They are designed to cover a specific area of a building rather than extending over the entire floor space.
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