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TWE Chapter 38

T/N: As a thank you to all my readers and rashidalafari who sent unspecified ko-fis a while back, wish y’all a Happy Halloween with an extra release of BATCFO, RLDRFH, and TWE.

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After being expelled from the Zhuo family, Xia Xiuzhi’s family quickly understood that their family decided to bet on Zhuo Yang. After Patriarch Zhuo weighed the pros and cons, he gave them up.

After Zhuo Hengyuan and Xia Xiuzhi understood this, they hated Zhuo Yang to the bone.

Especially, on the eve of Zhuo Yang’s wedding, Mr. Zhuo ignored and locked them in a small black room for more than a week.

As soon as Zhuo Hengyuan and Xia Xiuzhi’s family were released, they continued to attack Zhuo Yang in various places online and socially. Zhuo Yang made them feel bad, and they also wanted to damage Zhuo Yang’s reputation.

It’s a pity that their reputations already stank before beginning. In the face of conclusive evidence, no matter how they tried to blacken Zhuo Yang, no one believed them, and no one cared…

Everyone treated them as jumping beams, watching a foolish clown act. Except for a few dark-hearted black powder who were still willing to support them, others turned a blind eye or directly abused them for Zhuo Yang.

Zhuo Hengyuan’s family was very embarrassed for a time.

Later, Mr. Zhuo couldn’t bear it. First, Zhuo Hengyuan, Zhuo Yu, Zhuo Deming were his own children and grandchildren, the bloodline of the Zhuo family. Second, adhering to the idea that family ugliness cannot be publicized, seeing how Zhuo Yang was treated outside and for fear of annoying the crown prince… he privately gave Zhuo Hengyuan’s family a large sum of money for delicious food and drink, which sealed their mouths and made them stop.

Although they completely lost face and their nobility status, they once again led a worry-free life with good food and clothes… But their family’s hatred for Zhuo Yang only increased. Although it was hindered by the money the old man gave to temporarily seal their mouths about Zhuo Yang, in her heart, Xia Xiuzhi hoped that Zhuo Yang would life a bad life. Otherwise, she wouldn’t be able to relieve her hatred…

“Look. See what I’m talking about, what Zhuo Yang is a blessing, what fate of the empire queen is, what price is indescribable, it is all imaginary. Look at him now. It’s only been a few days, and suddenly there’s a backlash and he can’t bear this blessing? The world has eyes; he deserves to die.” Xia Xiuzhi updated the newly released news about Zhuo Yang’s coma. Even if she didn’t expect Zhuo Yang well, she hoped that Zhuo Yang would be terminally ill, and gloated.

“Okay, mother, don’t gloat.” Zhuo Deming doesn’t like his mother’s petty behavior. “Even if Zhuo Yang is in a coma, so what if he is really terminally ill? When he faints, isn’t it something the whole empire is concerned about? Doesn’t he have the best medical team treating him? If you have time to miss him, it is better to worry about ourselves… No matter how bad he is, he is also the crown princess. The entire Zhuo family has to hold him, but we only nibble on fish food… No, we’re driven out of the Zhuo family by him, and even a little nobleman’s dignity and identity can’t be kept?!”

“So what? That little bitch Zhuo Yang dares to be so arrogant. The whole house is just relying on the lingering crown prince. There’s no SS-level guide, so the crown prince can’t live that long. Just wait for the crown prince to die. Zhuo Yang is useless except for his appearance. How long can a low-leveled guide be proud? I’ll wait to see him cry, then it’ll be time for us to laugh.” Xia Xiuzhi said bitterly.

She knows that the Zhuo family has been in decline for a long time, and now they can only rely on Zhuo Yang, the crown princess to survive and obtain benefits… Mr. Zhuo and the rest of the Zhuo family are holding onto Zhuo Yang, hoping that Zhuo Yang will climb higher and higher.

But what does that matter to her?

Zhuo Yang hated their family so much. Even if he goes up in the future and the Zhuo family benefits, their family will definitely not benefit from it. They will still be pressed on the ground.

So, Xia Xiuzhi still hoped that Zhuo Yang’s life would be worse.

Zhuo Yu replied: “That’s right, that’s right…”

Zhuo Yang has been inferior to him since he was young.

Seeing Zhuo Yu’s thoughts, Zhuo Deming gritted his teeth and said, “I really don’t understand. How did you and father indulge Xiaoyu to do such a thing? Reject marriage to the royal family and give Zhuo Yang the opportunity to step on us? Even if the crown prince’s health is not good and will die soon, the position of the crown princess is still a crown princess. How can the Lin family compare? No matter how well Lin Xuan rises, how well can it get?”

“Back then, wasn’t it because crown prince was dying and I couldn’t bear to watch your brother marry to become a dying widow? The Lin family’s momentum and development isn’t too bad either. Who knew it just looked strong outside, can’t stand a blow. “Xia Xiuzhi’s mouth was stern.

Zhuo Deming only felt that they were extremely stupid. “Even a dying person is still a crown prince. If you are widowed and can’t remarry, you still have a position of power. You can also win a good reputation. How can Lin Xuan compare? ”

“It wasn’t that mom was stupid, I was just caring for your brother. The prince looks too scary.” She argued back with sophistry.

“Okay, mom, brother, don’t say anything. I regretted it a long time ago.” Zhuo Yu cut in. “If I knew Lin Xuan was so unreliable, I should have just married that ugly monster. At least our family wouldn’t have fallen like this, and Zhuo Yang wouldn’t have the opportunity to press us on the ground and slap our faces.”

As long as he recalls the scenery of Zhuo Yang’s wedding day, Zhuo Yu intestines will twist with regret.

If he didn’t have a hot mind at the beginning and eloped with Zhuo Yang’s fiancé, he would be the crown princess, and the one attracting attention. It is him who would be held in the palm of the hand by the whole family.

How else would he be so neglected these days?

Watching Zhuo Yang’s face to pass the days.

“Ah–” Xia Xiuzhi sighed deeply, regretting her short-sightedness.

Just as the family was fantasizing how things would be like now if Zhuo Yu hadn’t escaped from marriage, Empire Star enforcement personnel broke into their home directly.

“Is Ms. Xia Xiuzhi here?”

“Who are you? Why are you breaking into our house?” Zhuo Deming took the lead and stood up to question the patrolman.

The officer ignored them at all, and repeated his words: “Is Ms. Xia Xiuzhi here?”

“I am, are you looking for me?” Xia Xiuzhi had forgotten what she had done before and was confused, so she asked for clarification.

Behind the lead officer, rushed out two cops who handcuffed Xia Xiuzhi’s hands. “We found out that you are suspected of buying very forbidden drugs from illegal channels, deliberately harming the mental power of underage guides. We ask Ms. Xia to come with us to assist in the investigation.”

“Did you make a mistake? My grandfather is the head of the Zhuo family, and our family is a noble family. How could my mother buy illegal drugs to damage to the mental power of the underage guide? What good does it do to her?” Zhuo Yu stood up, intending to argue with the officer.

An aristocratic woman in Xia Xiuzhi was handcuffed and imprisoned as a criminal suspect. Even if her family had lost noble status, even if it was a misunderstanding, it would be too embarrassing to spread out.

Zhuo Yu also wanted to distinguish right from wrong with the interstellar personnel.

The patrolman took Xia Xiuzhi coldly and looked back with a frosty attitude: “We are not mistaken. Ms. Xia was suspected of illegally purchasing prohibited drugs and harming the mental power of underage guides six years ago. The guide who damaged the mental power is the crown princess. The evidence is basically conclusive. It is the people from the crown prince’s residence who reported Ms. Xia. If you disagree, go to the First People’s Court to appeal.


Xia Xiuzhi didn’t expect such an old matter to be dredged up as she fainted in cold sweat.




In less than a few hours, because of His Highness, the Crown Princess, suddenly collapsing, news of his vicious stepmother purchasing illegal drugs to deliberately harm the spiritual power of an underage guide spread across the entire aristocratic circle.

The Zhuo Hengyuan family, together with the Zhuo family, once again became the focus and laughing stock of the entire capital.

Not long after, the incident spread to the network. Many of the crown prince and crown princess’s followers and ordinary people became angry.

They all knew that Xia Xiuzhi was vicious before, but they didn’t know that Xia Xiuzhi could be so vicious.

Because of the scarcity and rarity of guides, the crime of harming the mental power of a guide is a felony in Osphia. Especially the mental power of an underage guide.

If it is an ordinary person or a sentinel who commits such a crime, they will be sentenced to death…

Even if guides have to be dealt with lightly, they must be imprisoned.

Immediately after the news that the crown princess was in a coma, the cause and consequence of the entire incident broke out. Everyone changed their faces and were enraged. Many even immediately jointly launched a vote online asking the state and court to severely punish Xia Xiuzhi. She cannot be tolerated, they clamored, and must sit in prison.

Many fans of Zhuo Yang and Moodys were so distressed for Zhuo Yang, the ill-fated beauty, they all left messages.

“I say, His Royal Highness is so beautiful, and his quantum beast is rare. How can the spirit power of the owner of a nine-tailed fox be so low that it is not common among the noble guides? It turned out to be from use of forbidden drugs.”

“Fuck! I knew Xia xiaosan1Mistress was a vicious stepmother. I didn’t expect her to be so vicious. Guides are a scarce resource in the entire empire. She actually damaged the spiritual power of a guide, and it was even an underage guide… I am sorry for the crown princess.”

“Severe punishment! Severe punishment is necessary, otherwise we’re mistreating Zhuo Yang, the great beauty!”

“This woman is too vicious, sentence her to death.”


Well, what goes around, comes around.


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