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TWE Chapter 32

Moodys is an idealist full of romantic fantasies. Many self-proclaimed nobility, children of aristocratic families, and even his brothers, feel that this crown prince who is full of humanitarianism and puts human rights and equality on his lips is stupid, naive, and dumb.

However, it is such an idealist who reclaimed the Dawn Legion, who claim to be intelligent and are indifferent to other nobles, and has won the hearts of the people.

Before the Dawn Legion returned to the crown prince, it was a group of low-level sentinels and ordinary people rushing to the frontier. In the eyes of the high-level and nobles, it was a lowly army that could be sacrificed for the country at any time, and they would not feel distressed over it. However, the combat effectiveness of such a legion exploded to the extreme. Perennial fighting on the battlefield and the desperate courage to survive… make them look very different from most other imperial legions, and they are full of elite members. With such killing spirit, these people looked more like star thieves and bandits than the soldiers of Osphia.

Because they were born at the bottom, repressed, and suppressed by those so-called high-level nobles all the year round, these people hated the so-called class and the nobles who did not take their lives and the lives of ordinary people as humans.

Before Moodys gained control over the Dawn Legion, the deputy commander had gained control by killing the former commander, a nobleman who claimed to be noble but did not treat soldiers as soldiers. From head to toe, he was a killing star after being on the battlefield for many years.

At that time, the house of that noble general was furious, and tried everything possible to get rid of the Dawn Legion.

However, the Dawn Legion did not listen to the orders from the Empire or military at all. They ate neither hard nor soft, killing whomever was sent their way. There was no reasoning at all, and in the worst case scenario, some worries they would crown a king and rebel.

The empire’s senior and military officials were aware of the seriousness of this problem, but they couldn’t do anything about it. The so-called aristocratic and elite troops were not their opponents and killed on the battlefield by this group of soldiers with rich combat experience.

Back then, the forces of the Alliance and the star thieves were still eyeing them. The emperor and the military didn’t dare to move them at all, for fear that if they did, they would directly rebel.

In order to avoid internal and external troubles, the royal family and the military can only continue to comfort them, and constantly provided food and resources, ammunition, and mechs. In addition, the military directly appointed them as a special Legion, and appointed the killer of the former noble commander as the deputy commander.

Whether it was because they were patriotic or there were other reasons, but the bandit army that climbed up from the bottom and has been rushing to the forefront did not rebel. Instead, they chose to continue to fight the Alliance and star thieves at the border. They accepted the resources and food provided for them, and when appropriate, they obeyed military arrangements and orders to protect their homes and the country. However, wanting to disband or disperse their military power was impossible.

Their defensive ability is very strong. Especially towards those so-called senior officials and military politicians from Emperor Star, there is a deep grudge and defensiveness.

The military and royal family thought they were useful, but they were also deeply frightened by them, lest they might one day rebel.

The military dreaded them, and was also helpless to do anything.

When the fighting slowed down in the middle, the military and the empire’s high-level officials sent countless well-known generals and elites to the border. The selected commander of the Dawn Legion tried to regain control and return it to the hands of the empire, but all people who went to the frontier had no choice but to return empty handed.

This group of barbaric bandits did not listen to the orders of the military at all, nor did they take any so-called military ranks such as generals, lieutenants, marshals, etc., to their hearts. They were not afraid of anyone or positions of power. They only paid attention to one’s skills and ability. They don’t listen to family prestige at all. If one has the ability to win, start as a soldier and show personal worth and strength, they can join the legion as a brother. If you ask for protection from others, take the life of a soldier as your own, and pride yourself on being superior, then, before the enemy arrives, they will send you to the west1“Send you to the west” means deal with or kill first.

Both Emperor Winston and the military department were extremely distressed and utterly helpless.

At that moment, Moodys, who was the crown prince, stood up and went to the Dawn Corps as commander.

Everyone was stunned back then. The entourage around Winston the Great and the crown prince all dissuaded him, trying to dispel Moodys’ absurd idea. His self-proclaimed clever brothers and hostile forces were even more involved. Snickering in their hearts, sitting and waiting to watch the naive crown prince go to the frontier deflate, and be educated by reality how to behave.

But Moodys’s attitude was insistent, and Emperor Winston could only let his eldest son give it a try.

Unexpectedly, he actually succeeded.

As the crown prince, Moodys is different from the other nobles who had been parachuted to the Dawn Legion in an attempt to take over as the commander. He did not intend to deter the bandits, nor did he follow the military’s advice to take a group of his own soldiers, try and show a strong presence to fright the Dawn Legion into submission. Instead, he went by himself, without anyone else, taking the appointment letter and drove a mech to the Dawn Legion.

In the face of those nobility- and royalty-hating soldiers who tried to embarrass him, he did not get angry at all. On the contrary, he faced the shortcomings of the current country with tolerance and understanding, experienced the hardship and bitter life of the frontier people, and even  took the initiative to help improve the lives of those people who tried to insult and humiliate him.

Use morals to persuade people. Be strict with oneself. Never rely on his status as a crown prince to engage in special treatment. Do not use big words to lie to soldiers. Whatever the most ordinary soldier eats is what he he eats, living in the same environment as the rest of them, living the same life and using the same equipment as them.

When the soldiers get up is what time he gets up. And as long as there is training, he too, will train.

When the enemy pressures them, he never cared about his own life and always rushed to the front of the soldiers. As the commander and sentinel with the highest mental power, he drove the most powerful mecha to fight on the front lines. He turned the tide several times, rescuing battles from defeat, and saving the lives of countless elite soldiers.

Repeated battles and victories, with few defeats.

Moodys conquered these killers with his powerful strength and his idealism. Letting the bandit leader and deputy legion commander with weak command ability voluntarily relinquish his position, thus bringing the entire Dawn Legion into control. Since then, it has been one of the ten most powerful legions in the empire.

“Because, with the presence of His Royal Highness, we have seen hope from this decadent and hypocritical country. We are willing to follow His Royal Highness and be loyal to him.” Countless soldiers of the Dawn Legion and soldiers in the border who suffered said this before.

Therefore, even if the Dawn Legion is nominally one of the ten great legions in the empire, everyone knows they are not loyal to the royal family or the empire. They are only loyal to Crown Prince Moodys.

After the prince’s accident, this has never changed. They don’t accept anyone to replace the prince to take over as their new legion commander.

Now that the crown prince is still alive and able to control them, they haven’t caused much trouble… But if the crown prince is gone, it is unpredictable what these barbarians can cause.

It is precisely because of this that the emperor and the queen hoped the crown prince can get married and have a child to appease these people and those crazy followers of the crown prince.

But if the crown prince really has a child, he is gone… If child is a guide, it’s easy to say. But if it’s sentinel…2This was never explained in detail, but from this/last chapter it sounds like only sentinels can be emperor? What if the crown princess has other thoughts and wants to use the power of the Dawn Legion and the Glory Legion to sieze power? How would Emperor Winston, the second prince, and the third prince deal with this?

Because of this, Moodys didn’t want children at all, and even destroyed his sperm in the sperm bank.

He didn’t want to see his child as a banner to call his followers and beloved people after he died, nor did he want to see his child become a pawn in the hands of others.

He doesn’t want to see that the country, which is already in a precarious state, experiencing internal strife despite the external troubles… It will cause countless innocent lives becoming the victims of a power struggle.

Moodys didn’t even dare to die.

If he died, it would be worse than the death of Emperor Winston. No one knew what would happen to this country the next second.

But those nobles and aristocrats who are accustomed to being comfortable, never taking the lower class as human beings, and claiming to be superior, have no sense of worry.

“But…” Zhuo Yang quickly understood what he meant, but frowned embarrassedly. “The crown prince doesn’t want children at all, and because of the aggressive relationship of Queen Catherine has ruined the sperm in the sperm bank… How can I get a child in such a situation?”

Gordon patted him on the shoulder and said: “I don’t believe that he will destroy all his sperm. He is still alive. No one knows what will happen next moment, so he will definitely not do everything. He will leave a way for himself.”

“And whether you can get his sperm and get a baby depends on your ability, Zhuo Yang,” he said.

Zhuo Yang looked at him puzzledly.

Gordon smiled and said, “Sentinels are deeply influenced by guides after marriage. He is selfless now and does not want children for the country. Then, you can use your skills and let him change his thoughts to follow yours.”

“Beauty and power have been the most deceptive since ancient times. Your husband is the emperor. Things will not be as comfortable as your son succeeding you. Don’t you want to go and reach the highest peak a guide can be?” Gordon said: “You are very beautiful, Zhuo Yang. The kind that makes people’s hearts itch and unconsciously change for you. You are now his crown princess. When you are mutually love and when his body gradually fails, you can cry and say that you want a crystallization of love, otherwise you don’t want to live and want to die with him. If he loves you, how can someone like the crown prince bear to refuse?”

Zhuo Yang was thoughtful and seemed to be moved by those words. “…I understand.”

“It’s good if you understand. I know you are a smart person.” Gordon looked down at the time and said: “The time is not early, we should go out.”

Zhuo Yang glanced at him, pretending a bit: “What? Worried that your Royal Highness Changdi Qing can’t find you, and is anxious?”

“Are you jealous, baby? You know, I am only using him. The person in my heart is you.” Gordon is very happy that Zhuo Yang is jealous, and enjoys the feeling of Zhuo Yang being upset and uneasy for himself.

Zhuo Yang pushed him away and laughed: “I am not your lover who is inconsistent. I will not be with someone who is not my spouse, my sentry.

“Don’t believe me even if I kiss you ?” Gordon asked.

Zhuo Yang affirmed: “Of course.”

“Well, baby, I suspect that you actually have a cold personality. Having known each other for so many years, I have never touched a finger of you.” Gordon gave up immediately. “However, you can refuse me. If the crown prince wants to his right, I advise you to bear it, pretend to be happy, or even be grateful.”

He said, “After all, you have to plan for your own future and ambitions. It is necessary to make appropriate sacrifices.”

“This… I know it naturally.” Zhuo Yang smiled meaningfully.

The two wrangled a few words, and then left the room in different paths one after the other.

Zhuo Yang looked at Gordon’s appearance like a pug in front of Changdi Qing from a distance, finding it extremely ridiculous. After bidding farewell to Changdi Qing, he took a spaceship back to the crown prince’s mansion.

It’s already late.

Zhuo Yang thought that the crown prince would have been asleep, and did not expect his room was actually lit with a faint light.

Zhuo Yang opened the door but saw that the crown prince was sitting in his room. The room still smelled of rum. Moodys was still holding a glass in his hand and seemed to be waiting for him.

“Your Highness, it’s so late. Why haven’t you rested?” Zhuo Yang looked at the other side, took a deep breath, and suddenly felt a little nervous.

He uses a disguise in front of other people, wearing a variety of different masks.

But only in front of Moodys, he wants to be himself.


If its not clear already, ZY does not and never cheats on Moodys!!! Him and Gordon are using each other.


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  • 1
    “Send you to the west” means deal with or kill
  • 2
    This was never explained in detail, but from this/last chapter it sounds like only sentinels can be emperor?
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  1. Avatar Sadie Woods says:

    Yeah, never ever would picture Zhou Yang as a cheater! He may twist his words a bit when the situation calls for it, but his heart is true. Men like Gordon on the other hand… well, as a narcissist he isn’t emotionally involved with anyone even if they think he is. He will break as many hearts as he needs to to get what power he wants.

    Thanks for your hard work translating!

    1. komorebi komorebi says:

      Well, if ZY didn’t have Moodys’ he’d be quite similar to Gordon insofar as scheming (sans-narcissist).

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