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TVLMS Chapter 9

The villain is the scheming boss (9)

  The car stopped in front of Gu Xiyu’s villa. It didn’t turn off. Ji Chen just put it into gear and didn’t move.

  ”We’ll discuss everything about the wedding later, as for next week… I will try to send the customized suit to your home as soon as possible. So that they don’t think I abducted you from some small village.” Ji Chen, who had just received his five million inheritance said so.

  Gu Xiyu pursed his lips: “Thank you but I don’t need your suit. I don’t really want to attend your high-profiled party.”

  He is not a high-profile person, nor does he really want to hold a wedding of the century with the ”target” that has troubled the Administration for a long time. As for the business party that Lin Fangru had mentioned, he doesn’t understand things related to it, so he was even more disinterested. The system hasn’t mentioned any special incidents that would take place there in the first place. If he goes there he would instead owe Ji Chen a set of clothes.

  Ji Chen said again: “Your White moonlight[crush] Fu Nian will be there too, are you really not going?”

  Gu Xiyu was still hesitating, after all, it would be nice to understand the target more by spending time with him.

  But when he heard Fu Nian’s name, his idea of ​​rejection suddenly became firmer. It’s just that he was a little puzzled by Ji Chen’s attitude of watching the excitement: “You are letting me go there in hope to catch me doing adultery in front of everyone, then it would be easy for you to break up with me and get out of this mess?”

  Ji Chen didn’t deny it. His eyes were showing a glimmer of pity, but he still said: “No, how could it be?”

  After Gu Xiyu got out of the car, he closed the door and didn’t even say goodbye.

  What was ridiculous was that the system’s automatic notification suddenly popped out when he walked to the door of his house.

  「The target’s risk value is -1, and the current risk value is 78.」

  Gu Xiyu: “…”

  Sure enough, the way of thinking of the target can only be guessed by abnormal people.

  Had it not been for the danger of immediate collapse of the world being high if the risk value reached 100, he[GXY] himself would have forced him[JC] to make the risk value full.

  As soon as Gu Xiyu walked into the house, the two people on the sofa looked at him at the same time.

  Gu Xun’s legs were not convenient to move, so he could only wave to him[GXY] excitedly. On the contrary, Xu Caiting changed her swearing attitude of yesterday, speaking with a soft tone that Gu Xiyu had never heard before: “Xiyu, you are back? We had called you so many times, why didn’t you answer?”

  Gu Xiyu replied: “I was busy yesterday and didn’t pay attention. When I got up in the morning, my phone ran out of battery”.

  The imagined violent scene did not happen.

  Not only did Xu Caiting not reprimand him as before, but instead patted him on the shoulder with relief and said, ”Were you with Mr. Ji? That’s good, I understand. I don’t blame you.”

  Gu Xiyu looked at Xu Caiting’s expression that seemed he[GXY] had done something extraordinary. He was a little puzzled.

  Maybe Xu Caiting also knows that people of big families are hard to deal with.

  After that, Xu Caiting dragged him to the living room and sat down. Gu Xun smiled as brightly as the brightest star in the corner: “Ah yu, we both saw your marriage certificate. The name ”Ji Chen” written on the certificate…is it the President of Feng Ming?”

  ”Yes.” Gu Xiyu replied.

  Gu Xun’s smile became brighter: “Why hadn’t you mentioned it to us? Also, you promised your dad that you would go and get a certificate with Chen Jin that day, why did you end up being together with President Ji?”

  Gu Xiyu, who had got the script inexplicably, could only say things accordingly: “I didn’t know his true identity when I first met him. I had just quarreled with him a while ago, so I didn’t refuse your request of marrying someone else at that time. Later he[JC] learned about it. He went to the Civil Affairs Bureau in advance to stop me and force me to get a certificate with him.”

  Strictly speaking, he[GXY] was indeed forced.

  ”Hey, you should have told us earlier about this. How could we as parents break up such a good marriage of our son.” Gu Xun said cheerfully. Seeing that Gu Xiyu had no response, he said tentatively, “Since you and President Ji are together, we must meet our son-in-law. How about you make an appointment with him?”

  Gu Xiyu: “I will tell him.” Whether he[JC] will agree or not, it’s another matter.

  Xu Caiting covered her mouth and chuckled, “You are his lover. If he says he’s busy, you’ll just have to act spoiled with him a few times. If it really doesn’t work, just give him ‘that thing’ a few more times and he will definitely agree.”


  Giving him ‘that thing’ a few times……………. what?

  Gu Xiyu couldn’t understand the weird smile on Xu Caiting’s face. He saw them immersing in ‘President of Fengming turned out to be my son-in-law!’ emotions. So he went back upstairs by himself.

  A trip to Ji’s house was even more exhausting than a trip to kill a beast.


  【Mike Electronics Repair: The laptop is repaired but it can barely be turned on. Its previous hard disk has been damaged severely, and it needs to be replaced with a new one. 】

  As soon as Gu Xiyu’s phone was charged and powered on, he saw a message from the owner of the repair shop.

  He sent another message back: 【All the information in it is gone? 】

  The owner only replied to him a few minutes later.

  【Mike Electronics Maintenance: I’m sorry, I’ve already tried my best. But it’s already too good that it could still start with this level of damage. About other pieces of information, if you use cloud computing[1], you may still have a chance to get it back! 】

  This is the original owner’s thing, Gu Xiyu didn’t plan to throw it: 【Ok, I’ll get it in a few days. 】

  He transferred the money of the hard drive to the repair shop’s owner. When he exited the chat interface, he happened to see the person whose name was saved as ‘Chen Jin’, whose profile picture was a grown-ass white cat with blue eyes.

  Gu Xiyu replaced the name with ‘Big Devil’. He stared at the two words. The corners of his lips curled upwards before sending a message to the other party: “My parents said they want to see you.”

  Ji Chen may have still been driving and did not reply to him. He didn’t care either, he put his phone aside after the message was sent over.

  Gu Xiyu took out all the things related to the original owner and Fu Nian that he could find. He especially read all the diaries carefully.

  「What are you doing?」 The voice of the system suddenly sounded.

  He answered truthfully: “I’m looking for the diary related to Fu Nian.”

  The system was silent for a while, and then asked, 「Why do you want to find things related to him?」

  ”To avoid being ignorant about things that had happened between us while meeting him next time.”

  「Oh.」 A few seconds later, a cold voice floated over again, 「I thought you wanted to have a resurgence about your old relationship with him.」

  Gu Xiyu flipped through the diary and said, “It’s not me who likes him.”


  Gu Xiyu: “?”

  The system didn’t answer him again. The automatic notification sounded not long after.

  「The target’s risk value is -1, and the current risk value is 77.」

  Gu Xiyu’s action paused for a moment, thinking what was Ji Chen happy about.

  Before sleeping, he laid on the bed and called up the system panel, looking at the bright red number beside the target’s risk value.

  According to the special instructions and the decreasing speed of Ji Chen’s risk value, how long will he have to continue working?

  A small pop-up window suddenly popped up on the panel.

  {You can trigger and randomly unlock the side tasks recommended by the central main system after calculation! }

  {There will be a time limit for these side missions, but there will be no penalty if they are not completed. If it is completed within the time limit, then it can reduce the risk by 20 points *at most*! }

  Gu Xiyu stared at the words *at most* always feeling that it was a pitfall. But he still accepted it with the mentality of trying.

  ”Randomly triggered side mission:

  During the evening party of the business magnates next Sunday, this world’s heroine Lei Xixi (now named Cheng Qianqian) will be schemed against by Lei Lina, who has noticed her[LXX] true daughter status. She wants to take the opportunity to destroy her[LXX] reputation and then miss the meeting with her father. She will mess with Lei XiXi’s drinks. The mission target will also become the object of this scheme. If this plan is successful, the reputation of the mission target and the heroine will be affected, which will become one of the major resistances in the later emotional life of the hero and the heroine.

  Completing this side mission not only can help the heroine escape from the catastrophe, but it will also allow the target to escape from the danger. Although it is impossible to reduce the threat posed by the target to the male protagonist, data calculations show that it will be able to reduce the risk value by up to 10 points. Is host willing to accept the task? ”

  Gu Xiyu hesitated, but after seeing the heroine’s name, he still chose to accept it.

  It is indeed a pity that one chance of ruining Ji Chen’s reputation will be missed, but because of this, the reputation of the heroine will be sacrificed. He was not willing to sacrifice others to ruin the target.

  After he accepted the side task, there was a countdown of the size of a thumb in the lower-left corner, and the end time was exactly 11:59 pm of next Sunday night.


  A message beep sounded again from the mobile phone.

  【Big Devil: My recent schedule is a bit full. I’ll only be free once the business party is over. 】

  Ji Chen responded to the message he[GXY] had sent during the day only now.

  Gu Xiyu casually gave him an emoji: 【[OK]. 】

  He glanced at the countdown under the panel and remembered what he had said to Ji Chen in the afternoon. He stared at the top of the screen for a long time before typing a few more words.

  【Gu Xiyu: The suit you said this afternoon…….】

  【Big Devil:? 】

  【Gu Xiyu: …Remember to send it to me before the party. 】

  The phone in his palm shook after ten seconds, and the new message was a GIF.

  The white cat in the animated picture was lying on the sofa gracefully. With its slightly squinted eyes and the leisurely swinging tail behind it captured and photographed, it gave people a feeling of absolute domineer.

  【Big Devil: Didn’t you say that someone was going to scheme against you? You are so eager to attend the party with me, aren’t you afraid of being schemed by the enemy? 】

  【Gu Xiyu: Ji Chen, you don’t want me to go? 】

  On the other side, Ji Chen in the apartment was holding his mobile phone and glancing at the panel that could disappear or appear with his thoughts.

  The above conversation still remained at the question mark raised by Gu Xiyu when he[JC] had sent the word “Really?” He bowed his head and typed a few words: 【I will deliver the clothes. 】

  He didn’t know why Gu Xiyu suddenly changed his mind, but if he refuses again, it may arouse his[GXY] suspicion.

  He clicked into the chat interface with Jin Ke: 【Try to schedule the meeting with Mr. Andre before the party, the sooner the better. 】


  After Gu Xiyu got the laptop back, he immediately checked the USB flash drive.

  There was only one folder, but it was encrypted.

  He tried several numbers that might be passwords, but they all failed.

  His intelligent system still was ignorant about everything.

  It never knew anything, to begin with.

  When Ji Chen had sent the light gray colored suit for him, it was Xu Caiting who had accepted it for him.

  She exclaimed: “It costs more than a million!”

  Gu Xiyu: “…”

  Are prices in this world so terrible? A set of clothes costs more than a million?

  Since Gu Xun and Xu Caiting knew that his marriage partner was Ji Chen, the atmosphere at home was as happy as the New Year. He hadn’t been cold-eyed by them for several days.

  Gu Xun: “Don’t worry, our son-in-law is Feng Ming’s president! Although Feng ming is still not as good as Ji family’s company which has a background of nearly a hundred years, Dad believes that his[JC] future achievements will definitely surpass Ji Company’s!”

  Gu Xiyu was thinking how Gu Xun will be disappointed because he will not let this happen.

  Gu Xun: “I believe our dear son-in-law will definitely not let our Gu family go bankrupt!”

  Gu Xiyu remembered that Ji Chen had said to Lin Fangru that day that he would never interfere with the matters of the Gu family.

  Watching Gu Xun’s exciting appearance as if the company’s problems have been solved, even if he tapped on Gu xun’s shoulder to remind him, Gu Xun won’t believe him. So he just gave up.

  On the day of the party, Ji Chen personally drove to Gu’s villa to pick him up. When he came, it happened to be the time when Xu Caiting accompanied Gu Xun to the hospital for a check-up. He successfully avoided a messy incident.

  As soon as he got in the car, Ji Chen said to him in a deep and affectionate tone: “Baby, this suit looks so beautiful on you.”

  Gu Xiyu almost got out of the car and smash Ji Chen’s face.

  Before he could make a move, it was Ji Chen who pointed to a certain direction in the car in time and said silently: “Eavesdropping……. gadgets.”

  Gu Xiyu: “…”


[1] Cloud computing is the on-demand availability of computer system resources, especially data storage and computing power, without direct active management by the user.


  The author has something to say:

  Gu Xiyu: I don’t understand these schemes of your wealthy family.

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