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TVLMS Chapter 8

The villain is the scheming boss (8)

  ”What if I refuse to complete the order?” This was the first question Gu Xiyu considered after listening.

  The automatic answer popped out again.

  「If the host refuses to complete the system’s instructions or tasks, it will be treated as a rebel, and a certain degree of punishment will be given.」


  This task was completely different from what he had thought.

  Gu Xiyu had a headache.

  He felt that he was more suitable for a straightforward task that only needed to lift the knife to hack the enemy to death.

  He turned his head and glanced at Ji Chen, who was beside him, but saw that he was staring at the front with one hand against his chin as if he was slightly surprised because of something.

  ”This is the old man’s decision. No matter how much you talk about it, you can’t change this fact. Lawyer, please keep talking.” Lin Fangru’s voice was not very loud but it was very powerful as the mistress of the house’s words. It interrupted everyone’s discussion.

  In fact, apart from not believing in Ji Zixuan’s ability, the opposing sides were also deliberately unhappy because of psychological imbalance. Now that the goal had been achieved, Lin Fangru had the attitude that she would get angry if they continued speaking. So they temporarily quieted down.

  Gu Xiyu heard the names of Ji Yan’s other children and grandchildren from his will, including the mansion that was left to Lin Fangru.

  At the very end, it was Ji Chen.

  The five million yuan and the small courtyard separated from the main house were Ji Chen’s only inheritance. And even to get this he had to get married. If he was still single, it could be said that he would not have got a single penny.

  Even Ji Yan’s little granddaughter, who is just a few years old, got several hundred million yuan and a piece of land as a dowry after she turns 21. It is likely that it will increase in value in the later period.

  The amount of five million was indeed not small, but for a large family like the Ji family with a wealth of tens of billions, it was nothing but a glass of water from the ocean. Ji Chen was still Ji Yan’s own son after all. His discrimination was so obvious, which was indeed excessive.

  But this is someone else’s family affair. Gu Xiyu is not qualified to give advice from anyone’s perspective.

  Ji Chen was very calm even when he received strange glances from other people. He even started to send messages with his mobile phone, which was probably a work matter.

  But Gu Xiyu was standing next to him. Perhaps others could not see it, but he could somewhat detect the darkness in Ji Chen’s eyes.

  It’s more like being frustrated and on the verge of breaking out than being sad.

  Gu Xiyu suddenly asked, “Ji Chen, are you short of money?”

  Ji Chen stopped tapping his finger on the phone screen, and asked, “What gave you that illusion?”

  ”Since there is no shortage, there is no need to care about the charity given by others.”

  When Gu Xiyu said this, his eyes were still on the noisy Ji family. Even the tone of his voice was particularly light.

  This was the first time Ji Chen noticed that no matter whether Gu Xiyu’s mood was not good or he was not so happy, there was always a touch of gentleness in his eyes.

  It wasn’t gentleness towards an individual, but more like… his attitude towards his own life and the world.

  ”Money earned by my own hands is more fulfilling, isn’t it?” At the moment when their eyes met, Ji Chen subconsciously looked into Gu Xiyu’s gentle eyes. An unspeakable familiarity flashed in his heart so that he accidentally sent out the unedited message with a shake of his hand.

  He lowered his head and glanced. On the screen was the conversation between him and Jin Ke.

  Assistant Jin: 【I just received news that Mr. Andrei had a conflict with Mr. Gu’s father’s company. He is a very attentive person. If he misunderstands that you have a cooperative relationship with Gu’s family, he might refuse the deal. Now that you and Mr. Gu have obtained the certificate, it is better to deal with the Gu family. Shall we follow the plan mentioned before to deal with it? 】

  Ji Chen looked at the message he had just accidentally sent. Before Jin Ke could reply, he clicked withdraw.

  Jin Ke’s message just popped out: 【Okay. 】

  ’Assistant Jin withdrew a message’.

  C: 【I will make other plans for the Gu family. First suppress the news of the marriage of Gu Xiyu and me. When the contract is signed, it’ll be too late for him to regret it. 】

  Assistant Jin: 【Okay. 】

  Ji Chen quit the chat page. When he tried to figure out the weird feeling that had arisen in his heart just now, he couldn’t find it again.

  The lawyer in the hall had finished reading Ji Yan’s will and was packing up his things. Lin Fangru also stood up with the support of Sister Liu and was talking to Ji Zixuan next to her. Ji Zixuan’s expression was very serious. It could be seen that he didn’t really want to be in power directly. A certain kind of pressure was unavoidable when such a decision was taken.

  Gu Xiyu, who was still talking to him just now, was no longer there. In the blink of an eye, Ji Chen didn’t know where he went.

  ”May I borrow the kitchen?” When Gu Xiyu went to the kitchen, there was only one servant who was busy near the sink.

  She just glanced at him once then turned her gaze back: “Please feel free but don’t break things.”

  Gu Xiyu seemed to have never coaxed people since he was born. His idea of ​​the system’s command was straightforward, as long as he can make the target happy, the task was done.

  And the way to make the target happy has to start with what he likes, right?

  The messy introductions about Ji Chen sent by the system that day finally came into use. Gu Xiyu learned from the information, that Ji Chen liked to drink coffee-like beverages. The requirements were particularly high.

  It’ll seem too insincere to go directly to buy a cup. In order to ensure that the task can be completed, he decided to make a cup by himself.

  Gu Xiyu’s days in the bureau were relatively leisurely. Generally, he didn’t need to do anything when nothing major happened, so he had a lot of time to study other things.

  For example, he liked to use his free time to get himself some drinks and sweets, or to research new dishes on a sudden impulse. When he concentrates on these things, his heart becomes calmer. Being immersed in that atmosphere is a way for him to relieve stress.

  When he started to grind the coffee step by step to make the latte and was ready to use it, he was the only one left in the kitchen.

  Just as Gu Xiyu picked up the small cup with milk foam, a person suddenly walked in from outside.

  He took the time to look and found that it was Fu Nian. He didn’t care about him. He lowered his head and started to move.

  Until Fu Nian walked to his side and spoke to him.

  ”I saw the love letter you stuffed in the album back then.”

  Gu Xiyu’s hands shook. The little tiger’s design that had gradually formed on the surface of the latte cracked open.

  He held the cup and paused for a few seconds before slowly placing them on the table without changing his expression.

  ……F U C K ! ! !

  What love letter?

  Seeing that Gu Xiyu didn’t look at him, but stared at the cup with a solemn expression, Fu Nian was stunned. He was worried that Gu Xiyu might get angry, so he said: “Don’t worry, I’m not here to refuse or talk about it to you.”

  ”Speaking of which I was really surprised when I first discovered it. If I didn’t take out the handmade photo album you gave me that day and look through it carefully, I guess I wouldn’t have found the letter paper you tucked behind that photo in my entire life.”

  Gu Xiyu’s face was expressionless. His mood was turbulent.

  Why did the original owner not mention this in the diary?

  No wonder Fu Nian always had a strange expression on his face when he saw him this morning. When there was a meeting going on between the Ji family members, he[FN] had looked at him and Ji Chen from time to time. He originally thought that Fu Nian was a good friend of Ji Zixuan, helping him pay attention to the situation and attitude changes of future competitors, but he didn’t expect…maybe because of this?

  Gu Xiyu was in a huge shock. When Fu Nian’s sudden confession in the kitchen fell into a weird and quiet atmosphere, a crisp sound broke the embarrassment.

  At the same time, this embarrassment was pushed to another peak.

  Ji Chen leaned against the entrance of the kitchen and looked at them. He was eating a small pile of biscuits in his hand. Those handmade biscuits were covered with caramel. They looked thin and crisp. They made crunchy sounds when they were stuffed into the mouth.

  Gu Xiyu: “…”

  How long has Ji Chen been standing there?

  He pursed his mouth and asked the system in his heart: “How much do you think he heard?”

  The intelligent system, which usually didn’t know anything, gave an affirmative answer this time: 「He heard it all.」

  Ji Chen chuckled: “Go on, don’t care about me, I just happened to be passing by.”

  Gu Xiyu’s head started to ache again.

  Although he knew that Ji Chen had no feelings for him, but outsiders didn’t know. And Ji Chen, the president of the company looks like a man who particularly loves his prestige. Even if he doesn’t like him, can he bear the feeling of being cuckold?

  As if to echo Gu Xiyu’s idea, the system’s automatic notification jumped out in the next second.

  「The target’s risk value is +10. The current risk value is 80.」

  Gu Xiyu: “…”

  His risk value hadn’t even increased a bit when Ji Chen was slapped in the face by the inheritance.

  Fortunately, Fu Nian is a person who knows how to handle things very well. Ji Chen’s appearance temporarily interrupted his thoughts about having a good conversation with Gu Xiyu: “If you have time to make an appointment, my contact information has not changed.”

  After Fu Nian left, Ji Chen was still eating the little biscuits that nobody knew where he got them from.

  Gu Xiyu looked at his failed design of a little tiger on the latte. He was angry with Ji Chen’s soaring danger value just now and didn’t give the design a re-do. After he walked to the table, he pushed the latte to him: “It’s for you. ”

  ”It turns out that you were busy here for a long time to make this for me.” Ji Chen raised his eyebrows. He took a small bowl from the side and poured all the biscuits in his hand. He then came back after washing his hands on the sink.

  Gu Xiyu knew the sarcasm in his words, so he didn’t reply.

  This Ji Chen guy was too ungrateful. After returning, he took a cup and glanced at him[GXY], and asked, “Let me guess, did you design a pig or a dog?”

  Gu Xiyu faced him blankly: “If you don’t want to drink, just throw it.”

  Ji Chen took a sip. He was somewhat surprised: “It’s quite delicious.”

  Gu Xiyu didn’t reply again and spontaneously washed the cups.

  Looking at his gloomy back, Ji Chen’s mood improved a little bit inexplicably and uncontrollably.

  「Special command has been completed.」

  The automatic notification of the system suddenly popped out. Before Gu Xiyu could be happy, it added another sentence.

  「The target’s risk value is -1. The current risk value is 79.」

  Gu Xiyu: “?”

  He rubbed the cup so much that people who didn’t know would have thought that it was his enemy he was washing and rubbing mercilessly.

  It’s okay even if his danger value becomes full. At that time he can just stab him[JC] to death.

  ”The five million your dad gave you can be used for your and Xiyu’s wedding banquet. No matter what, you are also a well-known person, you can’t just perfunctorily do things.” Before Ji Chen and Gu Xiyu left the Ji family, they received a reminder from Lin Fangru.

  Gu Xiyu took the opportunity to look in the direction of the small courtyard. The servants of Ji’s house had already begun to move Ji Chen’s things.

  ”Okay.” Ji Chen promised readily and even gently helped Gu Xiyu open the door of the passenger seat.

  Lin Fangru said with a stern face: “You can also bring him to the party at the Si Ji hotel next weekend. It can be considered as an introduction to those old acquaintances and a reminder for them.”

  Ji Chen responded perfunctorily. When Gu Xiyu was watching Lin Fangru walk to the door of the house, he happened to see Fu Nian talking to Ji Zixuan at the door.

  His gaze returned without a trace.

  ”Where to go back?” When the car was halfway through, Ji Chen broke the silence first.

  Gu Xiyu looked at the phone that had been turned off and replied, “Gu family’s place.”

  It can be said that there is still a mess in the house waiting for him to deal with.


The author has something to say:
Gu Xiyu: Extremely stingy!
Ji Chen: Don’t worry, I will give you a lot in the future. You’ll get it even if you don’t want it.
Gu Xiyu: …?

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