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TVLMS Chapter 7

The villain is the scheming boss (7)

  When Gu Xiyu woke up the next day, he was alone in bed. The white cat was no longer there.

  The battery of the mobile phone was only 10% left. It showed dozens of missed calls, all of which were from Gu Xun and Xu Caiting.

  He pressed off the screen and didn’t call back. He rubbed his cheeks and sat up from the bed, staring at his toes that were exposed outside the quilt for a long time.

  There was an extra bottle of something on the table by the window. After he got up, he walked over and took a look and found that it was an eye disease-related medicine.

  Does Ji Chen have bad eyes?

  The window curtains were wide open. He could just see the man coming out of a small courtyard not far away through the window. He[JC] was holding the phone in his ear and his lips moved slightly. There was a white cat running and shaking his body around him.

  It was unknown if it was just a coincidence or the other party was keenly aware of his gaze, the man in the call suddenly raised his head, and his gaze was pointed at him[GXY] accurately.

  ”Yes, I told Mr. Andrei, I want to meet him in advance to talk about the transfer of shares.” Ji Chen walked out of the other yard while talking in a low voice. He stuffed his other hand inside the trouser pocket, putting the key in his palm inside it.

  ”Gu family? It has nothing to do with Fengming. You don’t need to help it to deal with anything.”

  As he said this, he suddenly raised his head. His gaze fell on the window on the third floor of the mansion in front. His smile deepened: “I want to see who dares to intervene.”


  After Gu Xiyu washed up and changed his clothes, he walked towards the door of the room.

  This world is very unfamiliar to him. Staying at Ji’s house is as uncomfortable as staying at Gu’s house. It’s just that he’s here as a guest, so it’s not appropriate to stay in the house for too long.

  ”Yes, the drama performance that year was really risky, but it was also very successful…”

  As soon as Gu Xiyu opened the door, he saw the two people passing by in the hallway, talking and laughing. The moment he saw the appearance of one of them, he subconsciously slammed the door shut.

  The boy next to Ji Zixuan looked a lot like Fu Nian?


  Calm down, Fu Nian probably doesn’t know that the original owner liked him. Those emotional problems of the original owner shouldn’t fall on him. There is no need to worry.

  Having done a good job of psychological makeup for himself, Gu Xiyu opened the door of the room without changing his expression. He then nodded to the two people outside the door in amazement, “Good morning.”

  The attitude was natural as if what happened just now was just an illusion.

  ”… Xiyu?” The flaxen-haired boy recovered. His tone was even more surprised.

  ”Long time no see, Fu Nian.” Gu Xiyu greeted him calmly.

  Ji Zixuan hesitated: “Do you know each other?”

  Fu Nian smiled generously: “Didn’t I mention to you before, I met a very good friend when I went to class in China when I was in middle school? It was him.”

  Seeing some doubts on Fu Nian’s face, Ji Zixuan explained: “Didn’t I just tell you that my uncle got married? You were still curious about what kind of partner was chosen by my big devil-like uncle, he is that partner.”

  Gu Xiyu’s attention was attracted by Ji Zixuan’s words: “Big Devil?”

  Ji Zixuan thought he was angry for Ji Chen, and explained: “Sorry, it’s mainly because when we had met my uncle a few times when we were abroad before, his attitude was always very cold. Moreover, we have heard of many of his ruthless methods in business, so Fu Nian gave him such a name in private.

  Gu Xiyu gave a rare laugh: “It’s okay, it’s quite suitable.”

  After speaking, he noticed that Fu Nian’s gaze was always on him. When their eyes met, this gentle and sensible boy[FN] nodded at him: “It’s been a long time since we saw each other. I didn’t expect us to meet again in this way. I am really surprised.”

  After learning about the relationship between Gu Xiyu and Fu Nian, Ji Zixuan’s attitude towards Gu Xiyu became much more friendly and close, at least not as unfamiliar as their first meeting which was alienated and cold.

  People of the same age always have more topics to talk about when they get together. Fu Nian was a more attentive person. He probably knew Gu Xiyu’s situation and deliberately started the topic that he was familiar with. Although Gu Xiyu doesn’t like small talk, the one in front of him is the male lead and the other is the second male lead. He doesn’t mind making friends with them.

  When it was closer to noon, more and more people appeared in the Ji family mansion.

  Some of them were direct relatives of the Ji family, while others were distant relatives who have been invited to the Ji family as guests.

  Most of the guests became interested in Gu Xiyu after they knew that he was Ji Chen’s partner.

  But the way they showed interest was not well-intentioned.

  ”Huh? So you graduated from a domestic university. I have never heard the name of the university you said.”

  Gu Xiyu calmly said: “Domestic universities have good resources. In many cases, they are not worse than foreign ones.”

  ”Gu’s Technological Company? There are many big companies with Gu’s name, which one is your father’s?”

  Gu Xiyu: “It’s just a small personal company. It’s not big enough to talk about.”

  ”I thought Ji Chen’s vision would be higher, but I didn’t expect… Ah, I’m sorry, I didn’t mean to make you embarrassed. Please don’t mind.

  Gu Xiyu: “His vision is really not very good.”

  Otherwise, he wouldn’t be wanting to have a relation with the person who is going to mess with him.

  It’s annoying, but it is actually good for him, after all, he is just a passerby in this world. The attitude of those people does not affect his lifestyle.

  Until a middle-aged uncle with a small beard under his nose sat down on the solo sofa and glanced at him, his tone was disgusting: “I used to think that Ji Chen was just a reserve but at least a normal person. I did not expect that he is also a mentally ill guy, and he actually likes men.”

  ”This gentleman, liking the same sex is not a disease.”

  ”I hope you can read more related books or materials before you make a statement about something, so as not to make you look uneducated.”

  Just from the study room upstairs, Ji Chen heard these two sentences that Gu Xiyu said to one of his uncles. His tone and attitude sounded good, but the content was very direct and unsparing.

  The middle-aged man on the sofa stood up angrily and scolded, “Is this your attitude to your elders? Sure enough, a bad person attracts the same kind of bad person. Only Ji Chen, who has such a terrible mother, will choose a terrible partner like you!”

  His voice was a little loud. Almost everyone in the hall stopped talking and looked at them in amazement.

  The raised slap did not hit Gu Xiyu.

  The uncle’s hand was lightly squeezed by Gu Xiyu and he[uncle] was no longer able to resist. Gu Xiyu’s eyes looked at him without anger but only with doubts: “I don’t know much about the Ji family’s affairs, but objectively speaking, even Ji Chen’s mother really did terrible things, what does it have to do with him?”

  Human minds and emotions are always so complicated. He has lived for so long, after all, but he never wanted to understand it.

  That old man was taken aback because of the seriousness of Gu Xiyu’s words. He said angrily: “Why is he not related? He can even beat his own brother so that he can only lie in the hospital for the rest of his life. He definitely is not a good son!”

  Ji Chen leaned against the wall at the top of the stairs and looked at Gu Xiyu silently as if what they were talking about had nothing to do with him.

  After a brief silence, Gu Xiyu suddenly replied: “Then what he did was still too easy-going on him[Ji Chen’s brother].”

  He said as he let go of the hands of the person in front of him. He didn’t mind that the others in the hall were watching him. He added softly: “If I had a brother like him, then he would have long ago died by my own hands. ”

  ”When the third madam was found cheating outside, the fifth young master was only one year old. He was just learning to walk and talk. He was so young. So he didn’t know that he was about to get the disgust of his biological father and the oppression of his own brothers.”

  The old butler probably regarded Gu Xiyu as someone who could really bring Ji Chen’happiness’, or he just finally had someone to talk to. After serving Ji Chen coffee last night, he dragged him in the corridor and said a lot of things.

  ”Others used to say that he was too cruel towards the eldest young master, but who knows that he had been continuously bullied by the same eldest young master before high school? The most serious one was when he wasn’t even ten years old. He was trampled on and his bones were broken. It took a long time to get him better. Even now, when the weather gets cold, he still suffers.”

  ”He didn’t cry at that time. He sat alone in the back garden and suffered. In the end, it was me who found him bleeding and took him to the hospital. I asked him why he didn’t ask for help. He told me because he knew that he would not have got any help even if he had asked. He was obviously so small at that time, but his head was more awake than anyone else. He didn’t go back to the separate house just to remember those things carefully so that he would know how to get back at them.”

  ”Obviously it was just the age when he should have gone to school without worry, but he never experienced the word ‘happy’ since his childhood.”

  It is said that a hateful person must have had a reason to cause today’s situation. It is probably his embarrassing past that makes Ji Chen a hateful person in the eyes of others.

  ”You…you, you!” Gu Xiyu’s retort really didn’t give the Ji family face. The other people in the crowd were stunned and watching the excitement.

  But Gu Xiyu didn’t mind paying attention to the content of the old man’s broken words, because the system prompt happened to sound at this time.

  「The target’s risk is -5. The current risk value is 70.」

  Gu Xiyu saw Ji Chen at the entrance of the stairs. The latter was wearing the dark clothes he saw in the morning. He[JC] was leaning against the wall, and staring at him with those dark eyes that were too dark to see emotions.

  Before he could react to Ji Chen’s attitude, the cold voice of the intelligent system came over.

  「There is a problem with this evaluation procedure of yours.」

  Gu Xiyu was puzzled: “?”

  But the system did not answer him again.

  Ji Chen raised his hand to cover half of his face, lost in thought.

  There is a problem with his evaluation procedure.

  He repeated to himself again in his heart.

How could he[JC] be easily pleased by Gu Xiyu’s words that didn’t give his uncle a face?

  ”Old Madam’s here!”

  Lin Fangru’s appearance interrupted all the quarrels. She only glanced at Gu Xiyu, who had just caused quite a stir, and said nothing. She might not know what happened, or she knew but didn’t care.

  ”I was looking for everyone to come over today, mainly because I want to officially announce the old man’s will to everyone in the Ji family.”

  Ji Yan, the head of the Ji family, passed away due to illness not long ago. His will had not been made public until now. Lin Fangru finally was making it public today. After receiving her instructions, the lawyer in charge stood up with the will and began to read it out.

  Most people in the Ji family don’t care about the distribution of property. What they care most about is the choice of the new head of the Ji family. The Ji family has a big business, if the head is someone who can’t convince them, how can they suppress other companies.

  Although in fact based on the current situation, with the exception of Ji Chen, who grew up alone so that no one else dared to provoke him easily, there would be opinions on whoever was in that position. But Ji family members knew about Ji Chen’s bad relationship with Ji Yan. It is basically impossible for him to get that seat. In this situation, there were a few people who thought they had the ability to inherit, so everyone on the court had different thoughts.

  Gu Xiyu, who knew the result through the system introduction in advance, was very calm.

  The contradiction between the target and the protagonist of this world started from the announcement of the will.

  Ji Zixuan was designated by Ji Yan to inherit the position of the new Patriarch to take over all the properties under the Ji family. He was only a 25-year-old young man. At the moment when the result was announced, he naturally received a lot of suspicions from the other’s side.

  ”Zixuan? He is so young, and he hasn’t made great achievements externally yet. Is he really competent?” Sure enough, when the lawyer read out the name of Ji Zixuan, everyone in the hall began to whisper.

  Lin Fangru was unwilling to say: “What does it mean that there are no great achievements? How many companies have Zi Xuan stabilized for Ji’s family in foreign countries over the years? How many cooperations have been obtained for Ji’s family, which has increased the income of Ji’s foreign branches?? Are these not enough to prove his ability?”

  ”It’s not that we don’t approve of the old man’s decision, but don’t you think that Zi Xuan is still too young, and has just returned from abroad.”

  ”What we mean is that before he thoroughly understands the operation of all the Ji family’s industries, shouldn’t he support some of the more experienced elders to assist him in the management of the Ji family?”

  Lin Fangru sneered: “Do you think that you need a regent to manage the business like in ancient times? Don’t think that I don’t know what you are thinking about. You are willing to assist so that you can just climb up the position”

  ”Ohho, why are you thinking like that …”

  Ji Chen and Gu Xiyu, as “husbands,” stood side by side without any communication.

  Gu Xiyu noticed the gaze of Fu Nian who was sitting next to Ji Zixuan. He leaned a little closer to Ji Chen and took the initiative to say: “Aren’t you surprised?”

  Ji Chen stared directly at the noisy crowd in front of him, and said casually: “Everything was as expected.”

  Gu Xiyu was quiet for a few seconds, then asked him quietly: “Then are you angry?”

  This time Ji Chen finally turned his head to look at him, and only after a moment of pause did he smile inexplicably: “I’m actually very angry. Are you going to coax me?”

  An automatic notification from the system popped up suddenly.

  「Special command has been triggered.」

  Special command?

  「Special commands are calculated by the main system through the feedback in the background. The special commands are likely to alleviate the target’s dangerous (threat) value and help the task performer’s subsequent development. The reduction of the target’s risk value is casually calculated. Work Hard Host! JIA YOU ! [equivalent to saying fighting!].」

  As soon as Gu Xiyu heard this explanation, the instruction was sent over.

  「Special command: Please find a way to make the target happy.」

  Gu Xiyu: “?”

  Is this savage system joking with him?


The author has something to say:
Ji Chen: ? I am not unhappy……..

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