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TVLMS Chapter 6

The villain is the scheming boss (6)

  In the end, Gu Xiyu didn’t curse anyone’s mom but politely bent over to say hello to the elder.

  Not to mention that he is now surprised and angry and wants to have a fight with Ji Chen directly, the expression on the face of the old lady wearing gold-frame glasses in the living room obviously didn’t want him to curse anybody’s mom.

  After Ji Chen took him to the other side of the sofa and sat down, he let go of his hand.

  ”His name is Gu Xiyu. He is the son of President Gu from the Gu Technology company.”

  Ji Chen was introducing his identity to Ji Zixuan and the old lady. His tone was natural and his words were clear and fluent. Those who didn’t know the inside story would really believe that they had known each other for a long time.

  But Gu Xiyu only felt that his mind was blank.

  No wonder, Ji Chen could no longer marry Lei Lina after receiving the marriage certificate with him, so the task was naturally completed.

  He asked the system in his heart: “Why did my marriage partner suddenly become Ji Chen?”

  Regarding his target, he doesn’t like his plan being broken by others and letting development out of his control and beyond his expectations.

  The system answered honestly: 「Should you not ask this yourself?」

  Gu Xiyu felt that he really couldn’t refute this matter.

  ”Gu Company? I have never heard of it.” The old lady sipped the hot tea offered by the servant and commented without even raising her eyes.

  Gu Xiyu remembered the news report he saw when searching for Ji Chen a few days ago. This old lady should be head of Ji’s mistress Lin Fangru, but not Ji Chen’s biological mother.

  Ji Chen casually replied: “It’s just a small company with no well-known name. It’s normal if you haven’t heard of it. I prefer to be able to live with him in a low-key manner compared to the celebrities who have a high degree of existence like the daughter of the Lei family.

  Lin Fangru asked: “You said that the two of you have been together for a long time, so why didn’t you refuse those blind dates a while ago?”

 Gu Xiyu stared at the person beside him silently, wondering how the other party would lie.

  Unexpectedly, Ji Chen had already rehearsed the situation. The helplessness in his eyes was just right: “At that time, Xi Yu and I were arguing and we were almost breaking up. I deliberately agreed to the blind date to make him angry. Later I found that I still couldn’t let him go. I can’t bear to see him sad.”

  Gu Xiyu: “?”

  Lin Fangru’s gaze stopped at his body for a few seconds. After adjusting her shawl, she then asked, “Really? Then why didn’t you mention it before?”

  Ji Chen lowered his eyes and said with a chuckle: “Because I was with him at the beginning just to find someone who could accompany me. I hadn’t thought about getting the mariage certificate formally with him, so I felt that there was no need to make it public. It was also after the last time’s conflict, I realized how important he was to me. I then confirmed that he was the person I wanted to live together in this life.”

  The hand Gu Xiyu was holding the phone with, was clenched so hard that it turned white.

  Such a scummy and affectionate love story, he almost believed it.

  Ji Zixuan wore a white high-necked dress today. He looked steady and nodded to him when he met his sight: “Although Mr. Gu is not from a big family, there is no major problem with his family and background. As long as uncle really likes him, everything’s okay.”

  Lin Fangru asked, “I heard that Mr. Gu’s company is not doing well recently?”

  Although she only seemed to ask this sentence casually, everyone who knew her understood that she was doubting whether the marriage was mixed with any interest.

  Ji Chen: “It is true. But I have never specifically asked about the situation of Xiyu’s family business. Besides, the relationship between him and his family is actually not very good, so even though I got a marriage certificate with him, I still Will not interfere with his family affairs.”

  Very good, Gu Xiyu will let him finish talking.

  No matter what Lin Fangru asked, Ji Chen’s answer was impeccable. He even answered something that Gu Xiyu did not know.

  Her doubts were temporarily relieved. So she finally tentatively said to Ji Chen: “I have no opinion on whether your partner is a male or a female, but since you have obtained the certificate, and you are also not short of money, you have to find time to make an official announcement. Then have a wedding?”

  Ji Chen stretched out his hand and touched Gu Xiyu’s head. He[GXY] looked at him as if he was greatly offended and gave him a cold eye. Ji chen replied in a good mood: “Don’t worry, after I’ll take care of the company’s recent affairs, he’ll also prepare to face the mass media. I will definitely hold an unforgettable wedding for him.”

  Gu Xiyu grabbed the wrist of Ji Chen’s naughty hand on his head, with the same strength as when he clenched his fist just now: “Yeah, I’m ready to face anyone, I can do it anytime.”

  He was left at Ji’s house to have lunch with them, during which Ji Zixuan’s phone was always on. When he was full and was about to go upstairs with Ji Chen, Ji Zixuan still had more than half of the rice in his bowl. Lin Fangru sat at the dining table with a distressed face.

  Gu Xiyu finally followed Ji Chen into the study.

  The moment the door closed, the atmosphere became tense.

  Gu Xiyu watched Ji Chen walk to the desk and turn on the computer with a cold face. Ji Chen didn’t meant to pay attention to him at all. After taking a deep breath, he asked, “Ji Chen? Do you have anything to explain to me?”

  His marriage partner suddenly became his target. His heart was now full of indescribable depression.

  It was astonishment and disbelief, as well as the anger of being calculated and deceived.

  Why didn’t he open the marriage certificate at that time? No, he should have confirm the identity of’Chen Jin’ before receiving the certificate. He should not have confidently believe that the person that was looking for him in front of the Civil Affairs Bureau would definitely be Chen Jin.

  Most importantly, he had just arrived in this world. He didn’t expect Ji Chen to notice him so soon, and even get involved with him.

  Is hiring a murderer to kill him really related to Ji Chen?

  ”You mean about the marriage certificate?”

  Ji Chen pulled the chair and sat down, then laughed and asked, “Before I answer this question, why don’t you tell me why you wanted to prevent me from meeting Lei Lina and came to see me instead of her?”

  Gu Xiyu’s fingers hanging beside him slightly hooked.

  Ji Chen knows about this?

  Seeing Ji Chen’s hands quickly tapping on the keyboard, Gu Xiyu replied quietly: “I just heard her say that she didn’t like you. I wanted to ask you something, so I wanted to take that opportunity to meet you.”

  At the end, he was still ditched by Ji Chen at that time.


  Ji Chen stopped his movements and said with a pity: “I thought it was because you secretly liked me for a long time, and wanted to get to know me using this mtehod. So I gave you this opportunity.”

  Gu Xiyu: “…?”

  Ji Chen asked him again: “Then do you want a divorce?”

  Gu Xiyu didn’t expect Ji Chen to be so straightforward. He was startled.

  The sound of the system suddenly sounded.

  「Doesn’t your task need to be close to the target? Isn’t this kind of binding relationship very convenient?」

  Gu Xiyu felt that what the system said was reasonable.

  So he refused: “No need. To me, to marry Chen Jin or you is just the difference between a pig or a dog.”

  This was quite offensive. If someone dared to say this to Chen Jin in front of him, that person should have been gone by now.

  However, after a brief silence, Ji Chen only asked him curiously: “Then who is a pig?”

  Gu Xiyu: “……???”

  Was this even the point?

  After that cold system, he found a second person who was difficult to communicate with.

  Gu Xiyu, who was suffocating was about to leave. Ji Chen stopped him again: “You said you wanted to tell me something, what is it?”

  He thought what Ji Chen asked him was about the excuse he had just made casually before. Unexpectedly, Ji Chen suddenly turned the computer screen to him, which showed his electronic resume.

  Some words were also marked in a certain corner of the resume. He took a closer look and found that it was a codeword that was deliberately hidden inside. It spelled out, ‘I have a very important thing to notify President Ji, which is related to Feng Ming.”

  Gu Xiyu was silent and questioned the system in his heart.

  The system was powerless: 「I don’t have any relevant information.」

  It didn’t deceive Gu Xiyu. The original owner’s body that he was sent to was just a cannon fodder that was not very important. The original’s introduction to him[GXY] was very one-sided and superficial. The details of life that happened before Gu Xiyu came here were not recorded in the background data.

  Gu Xiyu didn’t answer Ji Chen right away, but asked him: “About a week ago, I was stuck in an alley and was almost killed. Were you the one that sent them?”

  Ji Chen paused and said in doubt: “I have never met you before, why should I send someone to kill you?”

  ”Besides, I don’t do such illegal activities.” A new mail reminder rang on the computer. Ji Chen glanced at it and laughed again. “However, there is no guarantee that I will not change my mind in the future.”

  Gu Xiyu saw that Ji Chen’s reaction didn’t seem to be lying to him. He remembered the USB flash drive that was still left in his room.

  There may be the answer he wants in it.

  Gu Xiyu, who ended his brief conversation with Ji Chen, originally wanted to leave Ji’s house directly. When he went downstairs, he met Ji Zixuan: “Grandma has something important to announce tomorrow. She said that you are my uncle’s partner. So you should stay and witness it together.”

  Gu Xiyu could probably guess what it was. He was a little worried about the target’s reaction when he’ll know it, so he agreed.

  When staying at night, he and Ji Chen naturally had to sleep in the same room. Even the pajamas he put on were borrowed from the cupboard of Ji Chen.

  ”This is my pajamas from high school. It should fit on you.”

  Gu Xiyu thanked Ji Chen for his kindness. But he felt offended inexplicably.

  At midnight, there was only white cat which was raised by Ji Chen and Gu Xiyu on the big bed of the bedroom. It laid on Ji Chen’s pillow but didn’t sleep, It looked around boredly with round eyes.

  Even in the Ji’s mansion, there are not many things in Ji Chen’s room. The most conspicuous thing is the bookshelf on the side that occupies the entire wall, on which there are rows of books, large and thin. Although he wanted to take the opportunity to learn more about Ji Chen, he didn’t have the habit of rummaging other people’s things when they didn’t know.

  There were no more people in the corridor. The light under the study door was still on. When Gu Xiyu was standing outside, he could still vaguely hear Ji Chen’s voice of holding some kind of multinational conference.

  When he was about to go back to the room, he turned around and saw the old butler who had met him during the day slowly coming up from the stairs on the other side of the corridor with a cup of coffee in his hands.

  The other party was also a little surprised when he saw him.

  ”Hello, Mr. Gu, are you waiting for the fifth young master?” Gu Xiyu didn’t know why, but the old butler seemed very happy.

  Gu Xiyu didn’t answer, but the old butler said to himself: “It’s rare for you to come over but he is still busy at night. I must have a good talk with him.”

  ”It’s okay, business matters should be handled first.” Gu Xiyu replied.

  The old butler smiled, and suddenly said with emotion: “He has his own opinions on many things, except that he has no idea about marriage. I thought he would accept the arrangement of the Ji family to marry a girl at will. I did not expect that there will be a day when he’ll actively admit who he likes.”

  Gu Xiyu was thinking about how it was all fake and how the oscar owed your fifth young master a trophy.

  Unexpectedly, the old butler’s tears began to flow from the corner of his eyes: “It is not easy for him to be in Ji’s house. It is rare to have someone by his side ……. This can be regarded as a small request from the elder who watched him grow up. I hope you can treat him better. At least in this house, he’ll no longer be alone.”

  Gu Xiyu remembered Lin Fangru’s and Ji Zixuan’s alienated attitude towards Ji Chen, and asked, “Does Ji family have a bad relationship with him? Sorry, I didn’t care much about his family situation before.”

  The old butler remained silent for a long time before he said in a vicissitudes of voice: “Although Ji Chen does things as he like and doesn’t show expressions to his relatives, but he is actually a good boy.”

  ”It’s just that the world has always been unfair to him.”


  The author has something to say:

  #Explaination: Regarding the system, Gu Xiyu is the only person carrying the system. Although the target can see the data loaded by the system, it is only because his main soul is bound to the main system. Through the resonance between the primordial spirit and the fragments, he was able to see the panel and had the right to control the leakage of some data that was harmful to him. He didn’t have any system tied to him. Ji Chen is the fragment soul under the influence of main soul which allows him to see the conversation between the real system and Gu Xiyu.#

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