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TVLMS Chapter 5

The villain is the scheming boss (5)

  「Do you know Fu Nian? If possible, I want to know about him a little bit.」

  When Ji Chen received Gu Xiyu’s request, he was working overtime in the study room of the Ji family mansion.

  Information about the person named Fu Nian quickly appeared. He only had time to see the words ‘male two’ next to his name when the information was automatically sent to Gu Xiyu. It then turned into a blue frame.

  Fu Nian? The young master of Y country’s Fu family?

  He and Ji Zixuan have a pretty good relationship. The two graduated from the same university, and they often appeared together in various social occasions.

  Why did Gu Xiyu suddenly ask about him?


  ”Hurry up, the rooms are all cleaned up, right?”

  The door of the study room was concealed with a thin slit. Ji Chen could hear the sound of a sudden busy movements outside the room. There was the continuous banging sound of the door opening and closing. There were many people running and talking in the corridor, as if something exciting was going on.

  ”The car is already outside!”

  ”Yeah, the kitchen has already begun to make the best luxurious meal. I just saw Sister Liu helping the old lady go downstairs. She was talking about this grandson every day at home. Now she is finally going downstairs to receive him.”

  ”I remember that when I saw the young master go abroad, his height only reached my shoulders. Now he should be a mature, stable and handsome man?”

  Ji Chen was not infected by the joy of people outside the room. He rubbed his eyebrows and pulled the chair back a little bit. Without clearing up the computer interface filled with window’s apps, he got up and walked to the window.

  A black car was parked downstairs. The rear compartment was opened high and the people of the house could be seen moving a lot of things down from it.

  Two people stood in front of the car, one tall and the other short. The short one was an old lady in her sixties or seventies. She was wearing a dark purple dress with fleece and a cloak. Even in the cold wind, she personally came out to meet the young boy who was more than one head taller than her.

  The two embraced in harmony for a long time. When the young boy released the old lady in his arms, his serious face became softer.

  Ji Chen watched the warm scene downstairs silently. The door of the study was pushed open after being tapped twice. The old housekeeper walked to his desk with a cup of coffee.

  The cup was steaming hot.

  The housekeeper sighed and reminded with an old voice: “It’s not good to stay up too late. Rest early when you finish your work.”

  Ji Chen’s line of sight was still downstairs. The system panel that only he could see had not yet been evacuated by him. There was an enter button in the corner labeled with’command’ in gray. He had studied for a long time and still hadn’t mastered how to use it.

  ”Someone asked me today if I have ever committed murder and arson.” He said suddenly.

  The old butler looked at him with helpless eyes.

  The old lady downstairs who was beaming with happiness came back to the house accompanied by her beloved grandson. Ji Chen chuckled quietly. Without any emotion in his voice, he said: “I was thinking, the thing he asked was quite reasonable. ”


  The diary under the bed was deliberately hidden by the original owner.

  Gu Xiyu had found other ordinary diaries in his room. So he didn’t expect that there would be a special one. But after he turned it over, he probably understood why the original owner hid it.

  The name of a boy was mentioned in the diary who was named Fu Nian. He was a student who was transferred to his class when the original owner just had entered the third year of high school. He was also a person who changed the direction of original owner’s life.

  Fu Nian should be a very brilliant student. When Fu Nian was mentioned in the diary in the early stage, the words used for him were full of disgust. It was not until later that they accidentally became friends because of the annual basketball competition game. The depraved original owner was encouraged and guided by Fu Nian. He then decided to start working hard. He changed into the student who passed university entrance examination from the student who was given up by the teachers.

  The original owner and Fu Nian separated after graduating from high school and occasionally contacted each other by mobile phone.

  The original owner’s special affection for Fu Nian did not fade after graduation. It was mentioned in this diary from time to time. But he had relatively low self-esteem from childhood. Fu Nian was like a distant moonlight to him. He only intended to keep it quiet in his heart. Moreover, at that time, the legality of same-sex marriage in this world was still under debate and it was not common. It was even more impossible for the original owner to tell this matter.

  After reading it, Gu Xiyu was silent.

  To a certain extent… this marriage of his was not the bad choice.

  Then he asked the system for Fu Nian’s information. But he didn’t expect it to be very fast this time, sending the information without saying a word.

  When Fu Nian’s name was written with the word ‘male two’ in bracket next to it, his mood instantly became more complicated.

  Fortunately, Fu Nian himself didn’t know about this thing, otherwise he would be in a huge trouble.

  「Fu Nian is the same age as Ji Zixuan as well as the original owner. Although he grew up in country Y with his family, he speaks Chinese fluently. He went to school in China for a period of time in middle school, and then returned to country Y to continue his studies after graduation. He is the second male lead of this world, the youngest son of the Fu family of Y country. He had a relationship with the female protagonist in middle school. Later, he met Ji Zixuan in college. The two people have the same interests and talents. The Fu family happened to be an international partner with Ji’s company, so they became good friends who would help each other.

  His personal information and detailed background…」

  Gu Xiyu looked at Fu Nian’s materials with satisfaction, and said to the system, “Thank you.”

  「.」 …..The intelligent system was as cold as ever.

  After a few seconds, the automatic notification popped up again.

  「The target’s risk value has been detected to increase. The current risk value is 70. Please pay attention to it host.」

  Gu Xiyu: “?”

  He stared at the increasing number. He pursed his lips and said to the system: “The target is quite annoying.”

  The system echoed: 「I feel so too.」

  Then a few seconds later there was another automatic notification.

  「The target’s risk value is +5. The current risk value is 75. Please pay attention to it host.」


  Gu Xiyu went to the Feng Ming Headquarters the next morning.

  He was wondering if he would have a chance to meet the target who’ll be coming to work. Somehow he wanted to see what he looked like at present. He happened to see the female staff at the front desk politely rejecting a middle-aged man wearing a gray suit with big belly.

  The man wore a pair of glasses that made him look a little simple. It was unknown whether it was because of the excessive heating in the building or other reasons, sweat kept forming on his forehead.

  He took out the dark blue handkerchief and wiped off his sweat and asked unwillingly: “Then when will your President Ji come back?”

  The staff maintained a generous and elegant smile: ” President Ji is in business trip temporarily. We can’t determine his return date for the time being. It can be from a few days to half a month. I’m very sorry.”

  Gu Xiyu was startled when he heard the words.

  Ji Chen has gone abroad?

  The man walked back and forth a few steps and finally took out the business card holder in his arms: “This is my business card, if President Ji returns…”

  Before he finished speaking, his hand shook. All the cards in the holder fell to the floor.

  Gu Xiyu was just beside him so when he helped him pick up the business cards on the ground, he took another look.

  Tian Hai Group, Li Changyuan.

  ”Thank you.” The man named Li Changyuan took the things in his hand and took them away. He didn’t even look at him. After handing the card to the front desk staff, he left with an unhappy expression.

  ”Tian Hai Group? I heard that the cooperation between them and our company a while ago had failed. Are they taking our Feng Ming Group for some money bank? It seems that it may be true…”

  The girl sitting at the front desk murmured to the person who had just received the business card without raising her head. The person holding the business card patted her gently and then smiled at Gu Xiyu: “Hello sir, Is there anything I can help you with?”

  Gu Xiyu took out the printed document: “They just notified me that my interview was successful and asked me to come to work today.”

  After that, he was taken to the personnel department on the third floor to fill out the entry form and register.

  There were two people sitting at the registration place, a man and a woman. The woman turned to him, holding the phone in one hand, and rummaged through the computer in the other hand. She spoke softly when she talked to the caller. She was very polite and respectful.

  ”This is your work permit. Fill out this form and you can take it to the twelfth floor. I will call the people there to explain the situation.” The man snapped the work permit and put it on the side of the entry form.

  Gu Xiyu glanced at the work card on the man’s chest, which read the words’Chen Han’.

  ”Your name is Gu Xiyu? You look so good-looking. The crazy women on the twelfth floor must be so happy. They were still complaining there yesterday, yelling about why new person was hired suddenly. I guess they’ll all be face-slapped today, hehehehehe.” Chen Han leaned against the table with one hand to read his form. His voice was not too small and it overshadowed the voice of the female colleague next to him who was attending a call.

  When he saw Gu Xiyu check the’married’ option, he was shocked and interrupted: “Wait, did you choose the wrong one?”

  ”I didn’t choose the wrong one.” Gu Xiyu replied warmly.

  Chen Han’s eyes were a little bit more regretful: “Those crazy women will probably experience the ups and downs of life today. You got married at a young age, your partner must be very good, right?”

  The tip of the pen writing on the paper paused for a while.

  Gu Xiyu thought of something, then he smiled and replied without looking up: “He’s not anything special, I’m just doing charity.”

  When the female colleague next to Chen Han hung the call, Gu Xiyu was already far away. The man was holding the entry form filled out by Gu Xiyu and was praising him[GXY] for his good handwriting. He glanced at the look of his colleague who had greatly relieved expression and joked: “Who’s call was that? People who don’t know might think you just finished the bargaining with Yama[king of the hell].”

  ”It was President Ji!” The female colleague raised her hand and touched her high-tied ponytail. She said in a low voice, “A while ago, wasn’t a spy from Tian Hai uncoverd in the Program Department? We have to be very careful from now on. Just now I was checking the information of the people who joined for the job this time.”

  ”Eh? Didn’t President Ji go on a business trip?”

  ”Nobody dares to slack even if President Ji is not present. just because he is not here…”

  Gu Xiyu did not know the content of the conversation between the two employees of the personnel department. When he left the department with his work permit, he met a boy at the elevator entrance. There was a sign similar to his hung on his neck. He smiled suddenly when he saw him[GXY], and raised his hand to say hello: “Hi!”

  Under Gu Xiyu’s blank gaze, the system sent a short message.

  「He Rong, a classmate from the original owner’s middle and high school years. Because he was timid and weak, he was often threatened by the original owner to run laps. The original owner also copied his homework by force. It was not until the last year of high school, the original owner apologized to him that the relationship between the two people eased. 」

  It was another evil debt from the original owner.

  ”Long time no see, He Rong.” Gu Xiyu’s attitude was fairly natural, “Are you working here too?”

  ”Yeah, I tried it after graduation, but I didn’t expect to really be accepted. I didn’t expect you to be…” He Rong glanced at Gu Xiyu’s work permit and smiled friendly at him.

  ”Well, I officially joined today.”

  The elevator door opened with a ding. He Rong walked in and pressed the 9th button and asked him, “Which floor are you going to?”

  ”Twelve, thank you.” He didn’t know how much the original body got along with him before. Gu Xiyu only saw the person showing a flattered expression after hearing him[GXY] thanking him.

  The meeting of middle school classmates who hadn’t seen for many years was unavoidable. Gu Xiyu was not good at talking. He was afraid of accidentally revealing something, so he didn’t say much.

  The ninth floor arrived soon. He Rong stood outside the door, waved to him before the elevator door closed, and said vigorously: “If you have time we can eat lunch together. The food in the company cafeteria is super delicious.”

  Gu Xiyu nodded slightly: “Okay.”

  He Rong stared intently at the front until the elevator door was close. The number at the top continued to move up again. Then he[HR] put away the bright smile on his mouth, his eyes dark and guilty.

  After a while, he took out the phone in his pocket and sent a text message to a contact.

  [He really came to Feng Ming. 】


  The office on the twelfth floor was the Writing department. Female staffs made up the majority. Even the supervisor who came to meet Gu Xiyu was a mature and capable woman.

  Her attitude towards him was neither warm nor cold. The colleagues in the office seemed to have been warned by her in advance, so when he came in, most people just looked at him with their eyes. The keyboard in front of them crackled and it sounded like they were very busy.

  ”This is your desk. The reporting process should be done, right? Today, you can just take care of this before getting off the work.” The supervisor led him to the empty table in the corner and pointed to a document as high as a 15cm ruler on the table. She went back to her office after a few brief explanations.

  Gu Xiyu flipped the documents a few times. His head was aching to see the pile of financial figures inside.

  Although he likes numbers very much, he prefers those in the system code.

  On the first day of work, Gu Xiyu worked overtime until the evening. The colleagues in the office were very enthusiastic. Especially the girls had bright eyes when they talked to him, unlike the people in the bureau, whose expression after seeing him most of the time was awful.

  They also taught him something that seemed very basic to them, but he did not have a clue.

  Fortunately, Gu Xiyu’s comprehension was very fast. Except that he was slow because he was not familiar yet, everything else was fine.

  The biggest problem probably was that he finally got in Feng Ming, but he didn’t had a chance to meet Ji Chen.

  ”When will Ji Chen come back?” Gu Xiyu was lying in a room of the apartment which was covered with black sheets when he was talking to the system. The clingy grown-ass cat was placed outside the door for a long time before finally letting it in. It was now lying comfortably beside him purring.

  His workload has been quite heavy these days. He had to work until night. ‘Chen Jin’ again called him to help feed the cat every day. Because he had to go to work the next day, he simply stayed in the house temporarily for a few days.

  「It should be soon.」 The system’s answer was very perfunctory.

  Gu Xiyu suspected that those people failed the mission not because the mission could not be completed, but because they didn’t even had a chance to start.

  In the blink of an eye, it was the day to make an appointment with ‘Chen Jin’ to meet his family.

  After eating breakfast, Gu Xiyu leaned on the sofa in the living room and looked down at the phone.


  There is one minute left for the appointment. ‘Chen Jin’ has not been back in the past few days and has not given him any follow-up notice. He doesn’t know if he[JC] has forgotten this matter.

  When it was nine o’clock, the door was opened in the hallway.

  The white cat trot with its tail up to greet its owner.

  Today, this person was still wearing dark-colored clothes. There was a lot of white snowflakes stained on his[JC] warm coat.

  ”Let’s go.”‘Chen Jin’ seemed quite satisfied with his punctuality. He picked up his cat and called him[GXY] to go out.

  The color of the car was also black. Gu Xiyu buckled the seat belt in the front passenger seat, thinking calmly–

  Fortunately, they weren’t wearing white cotton coats. Otherwise, the two of them sitting together would not look as if they were going to see their parents. On the contrary, they would be more like messengers from the underworld who were going to collect their[parents] souls.

  The home of the Chen family was much bigger than Gu Xiyu thought.

  It turned out that the car would have to drive for a few more minutes to see the house after passing the gate. This kind of mansions really existed.

  When he got out of the car, the old housekeeper, who was about 50 or 60 years old, walked out of the mansion which looked like it had a long history. He bowed respectfully to the man who got out of the driver’s seat and called: “Fifth Young Master.”

  Gu Xiyu paused when he looked at the mansion.

  Didn’t Gu Xun say that Chen Jin was the second young master of the Chen family?

  ”The old lady has been waiting for you inside for a long time.” When the old butler was talking, his eyes were also looking at Gu Xiyu. The more he[butler] looked at him, the more surprised he looked. Even a hint of relief appeared in his eyes.

  The phone in his pocket suddenly rang. Gu Xiyu picked up the call and followed ‘Chen Jin’ and walked into the house.

  Xu Caiting’s angry voice sounded: “Gu Xiyu, you have become very capable, haven’t you? Don’t you dare to lie to me and your dad?!”

  Gu Xiyu frowned: “What did I lie to you?”

  ”Your dad and I went to see second young master Chen just now. He said he didn’t marry you at all. He also punched your dad. The cooperation with Boss Yang also failed! Gu Xiyu, you were born to kill our family, right?!”

  Gu Xiyu subconsciously raised his head and glanced at the back of the person in front of him, and replied: “I didn’t lie to you, he and I are at the Chen’s house now, ready to see his family.”

  Xu Caiting on the other end of the phone paused, and seemed to be even more angry: “We just came out of Chen’s house, why didn’t we see you?!”

  Before Gu Xiyu wanted to understand this, Xu Caiting said again: “Also, I just found your marriage certificate that fell under the passenger seat. The name of your spouse is not of second young master Chen at all. It is Ji Chen. Do you still want to lie to me?!”

  When Xu Caiting’s words came into Gu Xiyu’s ears, he happened to be following the man to the living room.

  He maintained the posture of holding the phone. As soon as he looked up, he saw a man who looked exactly like Ji Zixuan, the protagonist of the world, sitting on the chair in the living room. Next to him was an old lady in her seventies who stood up with his support.

  The voice in the phone suddenly became messy. Gu Xun’s agitated voice was added to it, but Gu Xiyu couldn’t hear a word anymore.

  He hung up the call. The hand holding the phone slowly dropped beside him but the other hand was suddenly held by the man in front of him.

  The temperature of the palm of the other party dispelled the coldness of his palm. Gu Xiyu felt that his cheek was touched by someone. The initiator did not immediately raise his lowered head, but instead said to him in an unprecedented gentle tone: ” Xiyu, that’s my mother, call her mom.”

  There was no change in the expression on Gu Xiyu’s face but the phone in his palm was about to be crushed by him.

  It’s not mom, it’s fuck your mom fucking bastard!!!


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