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TVLMS Chapter 4

The villain is the scheming boss (4)

  Gu Xiyu opened the mailbox and checked it. Then only he found out that the original body had submitted a resume to Fengming before.

  If it weren’t for the sender to match the original owner, he would have wonder if anyone was playing a prank with him.

  Gu Xiyu didn’t mean to look down on the original body.

  It’s just that Fengming Group is a well-known large company on the overall company’s list. The original owner’s performance was mediocre. He had lot of rebellious times in school. He also hadn’t participated in any special projects and activities during the university career. Although he graduated successfully, how could he be easily admitted with Fengming Group’s level of selection?

  What’s more, he recently had a record of being fired by Liyang Group, one of the famous domestic companies.

  Fengming Headquarters actually accepted the employee that Liyang didn’t want.

  ”System, the second mission has already started, do you really have nothing more to tell me?”

  When there were no updates to the exchange panel for many days, Ji Chen was sitting in the conference room.

  ”According to market survey data, 49% of the current targeted consumer groups are more inclined to choose Fengming’s products. It is an increase of 8% compared to last year…”

  The head of the sales department was reporting the department’s situation passionately.

  After spending some time these few days, Ji Chen finally figured out a little bit about how to use this thing called the system.

  There was a lot of information on the panel but most of the information that was directly or indirectly related to him was locked in a red frame. He also found that the information locked in the red frame could not be moved without authorization no matter what he did. It seemed that it also could not be collected by the person connected on the other side of the system.

  The other party could see only a few contents within the blue frame.

  Therefore, Gu Xiyu always felt that the amount of information he received was very poor.

  A small part of the content was also locked in the yellow frame. Ji Chen could choose whether to send this information to Gu Xiyu or even split only a part of it and send it out.

  For example, there was the whole relevant information about Fengming Group including it’s all monitoring blind spots which was very helpful for Gu Xiyu’s mission. And there was also the information which Gu Xiyu has always wanted to know about which was his[JC] personal information. His relationship with everyone in the Ji family was also written very clearly .

  Among them, there were some photos that he had detained from the news media by hook or crook.

  When this thing[system] first appeared, Ji Chen always thought it was helping Gu Xiyu to stop him.

  Just like those in the Ji family, because of inexplicable and ridiculous reasons to restrict his development, they all prefer Ji Zixuan. Even when he relied on his own hands and hard work, he was not qualified to get good results according to them.

  However, after careful study, he realized that this thing called the system was actually protecting him. It even gave him a chance to know the existence of these things and know Gu Xiyu’s next plan.

  But why would the system help him?

  It clearly seemed to be the Gu Xiyu’s partner.

  After Ji Chen’s eyes fell on the latest mission content, his eyes turned a bit shallow.

  That person[GXY] looked better than he had expected. His hair looked soft to the touch. He was thin, tall and fragile as if he will dissolve with a single touch but his heart was calmer and ruthless than anyone else.

  It’s a pity.

  If the task were released sooner, he would not have let him in so easily.


  Jin Ke let go of his hand against his mouth and looked quietly in Ji Chen’s direction.

  The head of the sales department had finished reporting for a while. But the person in the main position hadn’t spoken a word until now, only looking straight ahead with a dark expression, which brought invisible pressure to everyone.

  Generally, when Ji Chen did not speak after listening to the report, it meant that the person who had just finished his speech would suffer, but the annual summary results of the sales department was actually very good. There was no place to be reprimanded. Knowing that Ji Chen has always had such reactions from time to time recently, Jin Ke had no choice but to remind him politely.

  Unexpectedly, Ji Chen glanced at him immediately.He[JC] obviously was not in a daze as he thought.

  The screen of the mobile phone in front of Ji Chen suddenly lit up. The sender was remarked by him as a’little spy’.

  After taking a look, he withdrew his gaze. He then said to the trembling subordinates: “Where is the next department?”

  [My dad had a car accident at noon today. He hopes that you can help tell that friend of yours ‘Boss Yang’ to accept his[GX] apology. Also if he has time then please ask him to make another appointment next time. 】

  After Gu Xiyu confirmed that there were no typos in the message sent, he exited the contact interface with’Chen Jin’.

  The voice of the system suddenly sounded.

  ”The Fengming Group was pioneered and founded by Ji Chen six years ago.”

  Gu Xiyu came back to his spirit.

  ”It is a large company with great strength, integrity and prestige.”

  Gu Xiyu: “Is…that all?”

  The system did not answer his question but dumped a small piece of information.

  ”Ji Chen.

  Height: 185 (cm)

  Blood type: AB

  Constellation: Scorpio


  The more Gu Xiyu looked down, the more he lost his ability to control his expression. In the end, he simply moved his mind and closed his eyes, temporarily blocking the system.

  About Ji Chen’s preferences and his six-pack abs, what does it have to do with the task and with him?

  After being depressed for a moment, Gu Xiyu asked again: “What about the photos? At least let me know what the target looks like.”

  The system sent him photos.

  The person claimed to be Ji Chen in the photo was small and squishy, ​​only the size of his knuckle. He was completely invisible.


  ”Ji Chen is very vigilant. It will be faster if you go directly to him.”

  ”I thought you were called the ‘system’ because you could get things that others couldn’t.”

  ”Sorry, I can not.”

  Gu Xiyu: “…”

  Can he apply to the Administration for a change of system?

  The latest super-intelligent system that no one has used before, was not suitable for him at all.

  Gu Xiyu went around the city for a while. He didn’t want to go home. When he put his hand in his trouser pocket, he just happened to touch the apartment key ‘Chen Jin’ gave him. He took the clearly creased note, and finally entered the address on the navigation.

  Near the end of ofice time, the traffic on the road started to be a bit blocked. It took him a little longer than expected to arrive.

  ’Chen Jin’s’ house was on the highest floor of the building, covering the entire floor.

  Gu Xiyu was a little surprised when he opened the door and saw the decoration of the house. The interior was simple with indifferent black and white style. There were not many things but every basic furnitures required were there. It was also very clean.

  He accidentally kicked something when he walked into the hallway. When he looked down, it was a pair of furry slippers that looked very warm. The tip of the slippers had a small black tiger design and the big amber eyes stared at him fiercely.

  That’s pretty cute.

  When Gu Xiyu was heading upstairs, he was checking information about Ji Chen on the Internet. The system did not deceive him. There was really hardly any actual photo of Ji Chen on the Internet. He thought it was a little weird. Even normal people would have accidentally leaked a few even if they were vigilant.

  Ji Chen was very good. All of the pictures were as unclear as the pictures sent to him by the system.

  As soon as Gu Xiyu walked to the sofa in the living room, the news page on the phone just loaded up. He glanced at the dark gray coat lying on the sofa and sat down beside it.

  [The will of the old patriarch of the domestic aristocratic Ji family is suspected to be exposed. It is reported that the next patriarch is his young grandson Ji Zixuan? 】

  ”The media are really idle all day long. They don’t pay attention to major national events but hold on to other people’s family affairs every day.”

  ”It must be fake? Although the young master is a returnee and has some work experience overseas, he is definitely not better than the youngest son of the owner…”

 ”Ji Yan is also really miserable. He had three wives and five sons in his entire life. But the result, his oldest son is now paralyzed. The second child left few years ago. The third child is still in jail and don’t know how long he would be there. The fourth child just wants to paint and doesn’t know anything about business. The youngest one is developing very well now, but why didn’t he pass his hierarchy to him?”

  ”The rich and powerful people always have a lot of things going on. In the early years, it was rumored that the last person Ji Yan wanted to see was his youngest son, Ji Chen born to his third wife. This revelation has been around for a while now. It has already been fabricated into many other small detailed speculations through some ‘evidiences’. There are still a bunch of people who don’t believe it.”

  ”Tsk tsk, I think the will of that old man is now the best evidience, right? Ji Chen just doesn’t fit with the Ji family!”

  ”Isn’t this normal? He was born from such a slut mother. If I were his dad, I also wouldn’t want to see him.”

  ”What’s the problem with people upstairs? The paternity test was done that year. Ji Chen is Ji Yan’s own son! The person who cheated was his mother. What does it have to do with him? Besides, the news also said it was just a speculation. Before they make it public, everything are just speculations!”

  Below were the passionate discussions among the creative netizens. Gu Xiyu turned over a few reports and finally got a general idea. He also managed to find a picture of the dead Ji Yan and his young grandson-that is, this world’s male protagonist Ji Zixuan from a certain report.

  Ji Zixuan was the male protagonist of the small world. His appearance can be said to be very good. Gu Xiyu could’t help but look at it more.

  Gu Xiyu was staring at Ji Zixuan intently when from the corner of his eyes, he suddenly caught a glimpse of something squirming under the coat beside him. Before he could reach out and remove his jacket, a white fluffy head jumped out first.

  It was a grown-ass white cat.

  This sturdy cat didn’t seem to have expect to see someone. After staying still for a while, it pounced on Gu Xiyu with a kick but it didn’t expect to be caught by Gu Xiyu before it could even touched him. It hung in midair just like that. The sky-like blue eyes were looking at the person in front of it. Both of their eyes were staring at each other similarly.

  Suddenly there was a noise from the door at this moment.

  When Ji Chen raised his eyes, he saw the two heads, one large and one small, turning towards him.

  The little one was hugged by a stranger but it didn’t panic. It’s long tail was still swinging leisurely behind it. Although the big one’s face was still as indifferent as the one when they had met before, he still caught the astonishment in that face that quickly slipped through his eyes.

  Gu Xiyu originally wanted to find a quiet place to stay for a while, but he did not expect that his marriage partner had already moved into the so-called ‘new house’ ahead of time.

  When the person at the door looked in his direction, he suddenly said, “Xixi.” [It sounds like GXY’s name as in Xi]

  Gu Xiyu was taken aback when he heard the words. The cat he was holding suddenly struggled to jump to the floor and walked towards the opponent.

  The man touched the cat that jumped on the shoe shelf, and whispered: “It’s been hard for Xixi to watch the house.”

  Gu Xiyu: “…”

  He felt a little uncomfortable inexplicably.

  Seeing the man walking towards the living room, he got up and said, “I’m sorry, I just came to check. I’ll leave soon.”

  ”It’s okay.” The man dropped the key on the dining table. “I only come here occasionally. I won’t be here at other times. You can live if you want.”

  Gu Xiyu neither refused nor accepted.

  Ji Chen loosened his tie and turned on the heating in the house. Looking back, he saw Gu Xiyu as if he was about to leave. He called him: “Come here.”

  Gu Xiyu was only wearing a dark cotton-padded jacket, with a collar that covered his neck high. This silent appearance looked very obedient and easy to control.

  Ji Chen raised his hand when he walked in front of him, hooked his[GXY] collar with his index finger and gently pulled it down.

  He looked down at Gu Xiyu’s neck, which was as white and beautiful as his face, as if he could clearly feel the pulse underneath.

  ”After getting married, do you know what you should do and what needs to be done?” The speaker’s voice was as low and magnetic as before. Gu Xiyu could still feel his[JC] fingers moving away from his collar. Ji chen placed his thumb lightly against the tip of his[GXY] chin. He rubbed it threateningly and suggestively.

  Gu Xiyu didn’t like the feeling of being treated as prey, but he was not afraid of the potential threat too.

  He raised his eyes to meet the dark gaze of the other party, and answered calmly: “I know.”

  The person in front of him chuckled and lowered his head to reduce the distance between the two people. He could even feel the breath of the other person and himself gradually mixing together: “You’ll be obedient while doing anything?”

  ”I prefer to call it cooperation.” Gu Xiyu replied, “As long as it is within the legal scope.”

  A few seconds later, the person in front of him let him go and walked towards the room without looking back saying, “I’m a little tired today, I will do it next time.”

   When Gu Xiyu saw the other person’s eyes retracted from him, he saw no desire in Ji Chen’s eyes at all. His eyes even seemed to have some coldness instead.

  The other party’s emotion fluctuation was too fast. That kind of performance was obviously inconsistent with the people he knew. He was not sure if it was an illusion.

  The tall man quickly came out of the room with a little extra personal belongings in his hand. Then he put on his clothes again, as if he was about to go out again.

  ”Wait for me here at nine o’clock in the morning on the weekend, the family members wants to see you.”

  The person who changed his shoes originally wanted to take away the cat lying on the side. After seeing Gu Xiyu, he put the cat down again: “It’s called Xixi. If you have time, come and help me feed it every day and clean up it’s litter.”

  After speaking, he went out.

  The large house was quiet again, leaving only one person and one cat with big eyes and small eyes.

  Gu Xiyu returned home after doing the ‘good things’ the other party had explained. Gu Xun was still in the hospital and Xu Caiting was also not present. The house looked even more deserted than the luxurious apartment.

  When he was about to go to bed after taking shower, another notification popped out.

  [PET HOUSE: “Picture” “Picture” “Picture”]

  [PET HOUSE: Mr. Gu, the cats and dogs you sent here this afternoon have been settled in the base and they have been cleaned. The shop-owner asked me to send you a picture! 】

  Gu Xiyu responded with a thank you, and then transferred 1,000 yuan to the other party.

  The page of the browser on the mobile phone was still stopped at a certain report related to Ji Chen. He slid a few times and whispered: “System.”


  ”Have Ji Chen done anything illegal?”

  After a few seconds of weird silence, the intelligent system asked, “What kind of things are you referring to?”

  ”For profit and achievement, illegal records like murder and arson?”

As a villain, there definitely will be some black materials about him. If he can get these things and send them to the PAP shareholder, or find a way to expose him to the public, the transaction may fail. In this way, even Ji Chen’s threat to Ji Zixuan could be reduced.

  The silence of the system for the second time lasted a bit longer.


  As if to prove the authenticity of the answer, the system repeated with a mechanical tone: “Not even once.”

  Gu Xiyu was taken aback when he heard the words. When he moved, his foot accidentally touched the frame of the bed, and the sound of something falling from the bottom of the bed was heard.

  He bent down and took out an old book from underneath, with a lot of adhesive stickers on it that had lost its stickiness.

  When he opened it, he found that it was the original owner’s diary.


  The author has something to say:

  Ji Chen: I am a good citizen who obeys the law.

  Gu Xiyu glanced at his ‘villain’ label: Do you think I believe it or not?

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