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The villain is the scheming boss (3)

  Gu Xiyu had finished three individual meal sets in the restaurant but Ji Chen did not show up.

  It was when he called in the waiter to prepare to check out, the waiter told him: “Sir, you can leave directly if you are full. The bill for your table has been settled.”

  ”Has been settled?”

  The waiter replied politely: “A gentleman with the surname Ji told us that he will be responsible for all your expenses in this restaurant today.”

  Gu Xiyu didn’t have much money left in his mobile payment software. Worried that he would have no money to pay, he deliberately brought all the cash he could find at home.

  He confirmed to the waiter: “It means that no matter how many things I order today, that Mr. Ji will check out for me?”


  A few minutes later, Gu Xiyu ordered all the different set meals on the menu and said: “Please pack all of these, thank you.”

  Waiter: “……..Okay.”

  Of course Gu Xiyu couldn’t eat it himself. He gave most of the lunch boxes to the sanitation workers who were busy all day along on the road as well as an old gentleman who happened to be collecting papers.

  The old man, who was leaning over to pick up the papers, looked at him excitedly: “Thank you, young man, you must be a very good child.”

  Gu Xiyu said warmly: “Don’t thank me, it was a gentleman named Ji Chen who treated this.”

  He had been working in the bureau for so long but never had he once been ditched by someone.

  Ji Chen was the first ! ! !


  ”Pre… President Ji, our Chen family recently accepted a construction cooperation case. There should not be any commercial conflicts with Fengming, you…”

  Chen Jin had just ended his party with a group of friends and happily came out of the nightclub with two enchanting boys in his arms. However, before he had time to take them to the room to enjoy the midnight pleasure, he was forcibly taken away by a group of people in black who suddenly appeared. After a severe beating, they dragged him who was feeling dizzy to death to their boss, in front of the current president of the Feng Ming group.

  The man in the chair watched him without saying anything. He had a faint smile on his face and he seemed to be in a good mood.

  Sweat dripped from under Chen Jin’s blue-dyed hair. He knelt down on the floor with confused eyes. He was so nervous that he forgot the pain when he was watched by the person in front of him.

  He thought for a long time but still couldn’t figure out where he had provoke Ji Chen recently.

  Jin Ke on the side smiled warmly: “Second young master Chen, don’t be nervous. President Ji invited you over today to just discuss something with you.”

  Chen Jin rubbed his aching arms. He was wondering if it looked like he was inviting someone to discuss something???

  Jin Ke put a piece of information in front of him: “I heard that the Second Young Master will get a marriage certificate with this person soon?”

  Chen Jin glanced at it and immediately understood everything.

  Wasn’t this Gu Xiyu, Gu Xun’s son?


  ”It’s better to wear a gray suit. It’s brand is of high quality. It’ll give second young master Chen a better impression.”

  On the day when Chen Jin agreed to go to the Civil Affairs Bureau to collect the certificate, Gu Xun and Xu Caiting looked even more excited than Gu Xiyu. They came to his room early in the morning to ”help” him.

  Gu Xun took out the key to the only car left at home: “I’ll lend the car to you for a day today. Remember to serve him well. Do what he says, don’t try to use your brain!”

  Xu Caiting gently pulled the Gu Xun’s arm and whispered to him: “Should we first confirm that he has received the certificate and then go to see Boss Yang?”

  ”How can we do this?” Gu Xun frowned. “Boss Yang is notoriously impatient. Many people can’t meet him even if they want. This time, he is willing to take a look at our plan. I must hold this big thigh firmly[ holding thigh means to free-ride on someone’s authority or power]!”

  ”Ah yu is in his twenties. I think he should be able to distinguish the importance of things. He will never do anything that disappoints us, right?” Although Gu Xun said this to Xu Caiting, his eyes fell on Gu Xiyu.

  Gu Xiyu took the key in his hand and replied calmly: “Don’t worry, I will do what you have explained me to do.”

  Gu Xun had forehead wrinkles due to worrying. After he spoke a few words in a harmonious and kind voice, he took Xu Caiting and hurried out to take a taxi. Gu Xiyu changed his clothes as requested by the couple and set off an hour earlier, planning to take the laptop to someone to repair before going to the Civil Affairs Bureau.

  ”You must have slammed it in the ground ninety-nine times to achieve this level of damage? I can try to repair it for you but there is a high probability that it can’t be repaired. Even if it isn’t repaired, you’ll still have to pay the same amount. Are you sure you want to repair this?” The owner of the repair shop repeatedly checked the laptop that seemed to have crushed by a car in a complicated mood.

  Gu Xiyu did not reply. He took out the banknotes in his pocket and directly paid for the maintenance.

  He checked his bank account last night. There was a deposit of more than a few thousand yuans in it, which should be enough before he found a job.

  This laptop was a personal belonging of the original body. There might be some useful information in it. He has to try it no matter what. If the contents can be retained, he might still know the reason why the original body was hunted down and whether it really has something to do with the target.

  The information provided by the system shows that there is no intersection between the original body and the target, which is unreasonable. If the person who wanted to kill him was not the target, things seemed to be more complicated.

  After confirming everything with the shopkeeper, Gu Xiyu picked up the phone and entered the address of the Civil Affairs Bureau in the navigation. He then left the repair shop.


  ”This is definitely the best photo I have ever taken in my life!”

  ”What …? I think they deliberately made me fat. I didn’t wear the makeup well…”

  ”It’s enough to have me and you inside the pic…..”

  In front of the Civil Affairs Bureau, a pair of young lovers who had just obtained the marriage certificate passed by Gu Xiyu flirtingly.

  He stood incongruously among the crowds of people coming and going in pairs. The screen on the phone was the chat history between him and Gu Xun. He stared at the time above and the address of the Civil Affairs Bureau and checked it back and forth several times before confirming that Gu Xun hadn’t even given him Chen Jin’s contact information.

  Gu Xiyu didn’t care about this matter and his family seemed to be even more casual with their son.

  It may also be because they felt that he should know Chen Jin in person.

  He just wanted to use his mobile phone to see if he could find some photos from the Internet, when suddenly a pair of black leather shoes appeared under his sight.

  ”Gu Xiyu?” Before he could see the person’s appearance, the other party’s low and somehow recognizable voice jumped into his ears first.

  To find a simple and rude word to describe it, it was quite an ”aggressive” voice.

  Gu Xiyu raised his head.

  Chen Jin’s personal appearance was unexpectedly very different from what he had imagined. Although from Gu Xun’s description, the other party was a middle-aged man who was aging fast and loved to drink and make fun. But the guy in front of him was in a straight suit, neatly combed hair and meticulously dressed as young as in his early thirties.

  His facial features were so exquisite and beautiful that Gu Xiyu couldn’t connect him to the person that Gu Xun had explained for a while.

  Especially when he has been in a high position for many years. He could clearly feel that this person still carried a kind of aura called the ‘superior’.

  ”Mr. Chen Jin?” Gu Xiyu quickly managed his mood and spoke tentatively.

  The man’s brows seemed to be raised slightly. He glanced at the watch on his wrist and said to him: “Let’s go, I have a meeting to be held later, so let’s not waste time.”

  The registration procedure was very simple. Gu Xiyu only concentrated on what the staff explained, without any resistance from beginning to end.

  Ji Chen’s gaze flicked over Gu Xiyu’s emotionless eyes and stayed on his lighter pupils for an additional second before turning towards his lighter lips.

  Sure enough, he was a person of low sentiment.

  ”Congratulations to two of you for officially becoming legal partners. I wish you get happiness and wealth. And a long life together!” The girl who helped them with the registration process was very enthusiastic. When she talked to them, her eyes were bright. Gu Xiyu couldn’t tell the light pink color on her cheeks was whether the blush or blood?

  ”Thank you.” Gu Xiyu smiled at her.

  He took the marriage certificate handed by the staff. He even opened it to check whether there was some information in it or not before confirming there wasn’t. He then put it away directly. This indifferent appearance made people feel that even if it was a pig, he was getting certificate today, he will directly agree.

  After sending off Gu Xiyu and Ji Chen, the staff at the counter couldn’t help but pat the desk of the colleague next to him and exclaimed: “Sisters, have you seen it? They should be the most handsome pair of husbands I have ever dealt with! ”

  ”They’re really eye-catching and a good match.”

  Their senior colleague glanced at the backs of the two people and added in a low voice: “It would have been better if their relationship was better.”


  ”Then I’ll go back first. You can contact me again if you need anything.” Gu Xiyu walked out of the Civil Affairs Bureau with the man beside him. He clicked on the contact interface just added on the phone and saved the man’s name as the lonely letter ‘C’ as in’Chen Jin’.

  The man suddenly gave him a bunch of keys and a note: “The key and address of the new apartment.”

  Gu Xiyu’s eyes were blank for a moment. The man who was slightly taller in front of him calmly said to him: “When you get married, of course you must have a new house.”

  After separating from the man, Gu Xiyu sat in the car without saying a word for ten minutes.

  He glanced at the little red notebook[chinese marriage certificates are red] he had thrown into the passenger seat casually. With a slight movement of his fingers, he was about to reach for it, when a phone call came in suddenly.

  After the call was connected, Xu Caiting’s anxious voice sounded: “Come fast at the People’s Hospital of Traditional Chinese Medicine. Your father had a car accident!”

  When Gu Xiyu hurried to the hospital ward, he was still outside when he heard Gu Xun and Xu Caiting yelling at each other.

  ”…Why are you ordering me? No, I have to meet Boss Yang!”

  Xu Caiting cursed and said, “Why do you have to meet? You have fractured your leg. Are you even able to get out of the bed?? You still want to meet some boss !!!”

  ”Still I must inform him about how it was driver’s fault while driving the car!”

  ”Wasn’t it because you had been arguing to make the driver go faster and forcing him to run through the red light? This is good. You actually almost went to the heaven even faster!!!”

  The appearance of Gu Xiyu temporarily interrupted the quarrel between the two of them. When Xu Caiting saw him, the first sentence she asked was: “Have you obtained the certificates for you and second young master Chen?”

  He touched his pocket but then remembered that the certificate was still in the car: “I got it.”

  Gu Xun and Xu Caiting had a not-so-serious car accident on their way to meet their boss. The car they were driving into ran through a red light and it accidentally collided with a turning car. The head of the car hit the place where Gu Xun was sitting. Xu Caiting was okay but Gu Xun’s leg was broken because of the hit.

  Gu Xiyu glanced at his casted leg. This level of injury won’t get better in just few months.

  After hearing the answer, Xu Caiting was a little relieved. But her face didn’t look good: “Your brother was killed not long after you were born and now your dad was injured when you got married. Sure enough you were born as a jinx.”

  Gu Xiyu was startled.

  It turned out that this was the case.

  Xu Caiting became more irritable as she spoke: “Just hurry up and pay your dad’s medical bills.”

  Gu Xun’s face on the bed was not as bad as Xu Caiting’s face. Instead, he looked at Gu Xiyu’s direction like a savior: “Ah yu, help your dad. Tell second young master Chen about today’s affairs and let him help me to apologize to Boss Yang…”

  After Gu Xiyu silently paid for Gu Xun’s medical expenses, he never went back to the ward.

  The atmosphere inside was a bit suffocating, which reminded him of unpleasant things.

  He drove the car to an unfamiliar place, wandered the streets nearby, trying to integrate himself into the crowd. He used the hundreds of yuans left in his pocket to buy a lot of food that seemed appetizing. But he only carried them around without eating them.

  When he was passing by an alley, he saw a big yellowish-black dog lying on the side of the big blue-gray colored trash can. Most of its head was buried in the trash can. After kicking the bucket a few times with its legs in the air, it dragged a bag of garbage out of it and threw it on the ground.

  The other two medium-sized dogs that had been rummaging around heard the sound and surrounded them. A few cats followed behind them, one of which seemed to be only a few months old. It was meowing as it ran.

  The meat that fell out of the bag was rotten and smelly. The big dog lowered his head and sniffed but did not move his mouth. He also pulled away the kitten who wanted to bury it’s head and eat.

  Gu Xiyu walked into the alley. Several cats and dogs that were scared back by him were attracted by the food he put on the ground and started eating. The white cat with a lot of gray fur on it’s body plunged into the warm-looking coat that was just removed from him. It then flicked its tail comfortably.

  He looked at the big dog rubbing against his palm. His eyes curled shallowly.

  Even the weak and small creatures in the small world were working hard to live.

  ”It is detected that the target has lost the possibility of marrying the daughter of the Lei family. The host’s first mission has been completed and the target’s current risk value is 60.”

  The automatic notification of the system came suddenly. Gu Xiyu frowned suspiciously.

  He went to find Ji Chen in vain. He even wondered if the other party had noticed something and didn’t show up on purpose. So he was ready to smash him.

  Unexpectedly, this task was suddenly completed?

  ”The target will secretly sign an equity transfer contract with a shareholder of a foreign company called PAP in a month. The host needs to prevent this from happening.”

  The system quickly released the second main task based on the background data.

  ”PAP was established by an overseas Chinese family decades ago. It focuses on the production and sales of beauty makeup and is now an international first-line brand. This company was framed by opponents two years ago and caused a disturbance of product failure. Although it was finally investigated and the truth was cleared, but the stock market was still falling severely. The target, in order to obtain 20% of the shares, in exchange sent a highly capable R&D team to their company to develop a new series of products. The product quality was very high and the market also responded very well. The new sub-products have been continuously launched until now and it has always been the top three in sales of the same type of products.

  The protagonist of this world, the nephew of the target, Ji Zixuan, who was practicing in Ji’s foreign branch should have received this honor. There is also an elite-level R&D team under Ji Zixuan. It’s just that the target’s vision is too vicious. All the members he enters into the team are top candidates with extremely high talents and strong capabilities. After PAP’s assessment at the time, they finally chose the target’s team, causing Ji Zixuan to miss this opportunity.

  The target has also acquired many shares of PAP intermittently over the years. Once the contract is successfully signed this time, he will become the largest shareholder of PAP, which means he has the power to take over the board of directors. With the help of PAP, it will be easier for the target to destroy the Ji Group that the protagonist will take over at that time. So the host must find a way to reduce the threat value of these 20 points. ”

  Gu Xiyu read the mission description roughly. The summary is that he has to either find a way to reach Fengming headquarters to contact Ji Chen or hinder his cooperation with PAP or directly become a superior member of PAP to cancel the contract.

  To be honest, he didn’t understand why the Lord God sent him over.

  What he is best at is fighting. He thought that after seeing the target he needed to fight him for three hundred rounds. Fighting and using their strength till one of them were dead.

  The result was now that he needed to be involved in business. What was even more exaggerated was that he couldn’t directly stab the target to end the mission with a single knife.

  He was feeling distressed about this when the sound came from the phone again. It was different from the sound of the incoming message.

  It was a message notification of new mail in the mailbox app.

  Gu Xiyu hadn’t unlocked the phone yet and could only see part of the title through the external push.

  [Congratulations, you have been successfully accepted by Fengming Group (Head Office)…]

  Fengming Group?

  Wasn’t it Ji Chen’s company?

  His finger hesitated on the screen for a long time before clicking on it.

  It was a letter of employment from the Personnel Department of Fengming Headquarters ! !


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  1. Avatar Sekstifire says:

    “PAP was established by an overseas Chinese family decades ago. It focuses on the production and sales of beauty makeup and is now an international first-line brand. This company was framed by opponents two years ago and caused a disturbance of product failure.”

    So basically a smear campaign?

    1. Avatar prakritibhatta says:

      maybe hihihi

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