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TVLMS Chapter 26

The villain is a rebellious stepson (1)

Translator: Prakriti Bhatta

Hello guys! This arc is so fluffy and cute. Hehe

“…He is dead, can’t you fulfill his last wish and let him do the funeral at home?”

“They just signed a certificate, and their Lu family didn’t really want to recognize this ‘daughter-in-law’, why should you rush to send him home?!”

When Gu Xiyu woke up, his head was still dizzy. The state of his soul also showed that he was stabilizing. The feeling of wanting to vomit was faintly rising again.

「The system automatic program No. W-XH3771 has been online in advance. The data of this world is being loaded…」

After Gu Xiyu returned from the previous world, his soul was brought back to the central site. There he saw the main system again, which was a huge white light group surrounded by many servers and data lines floating in the air.

It might have been a long time since he saw it. He felt it was a little brighter than when he had first seen it.

The communication between him and the main system was less than with the intelligent system. After confirming that there was no major problem with the data and the state of his soul, he said to it: “Let’s go to the next world.”

Then he came to this place.

There was a pungent smell of disinfectant around.

It took a long time for Gu Xiyu to open his eyes. He was caught off guard from colliding with the sight of the little nurse who was packing things by the bed. Then she let out an exclamation of shock.

The noise in the room stopped abruptly.

The little nurse was stunned for several seconds and suddenly ran out screaming: “Doctor, the patient who was just declared dead in Room 301 is alive again——!!!”

Gu Xiyu turned his head and found that the one who was arguing in the room was a middle-aged man and a woman.

The woman wore a dirty floral short-sleeved shirt and trousers. Her curly mid-length hair was randomly tied with a rubber band, which looked a little messy.

Seeing him wake up, the woman was overjoyed and rushed to the bed: “Ah yu, you, you are not dead?!”

“It’s great, you scared your mother to death…” Gu Xiyu smelled the oily smoke mixed with sweat from the woman who hugged him. It smelled bad, but he didn’t push the person away.

He opened his mouth to speak but found that his mouth was so dry that he could only make a hoarse voice.

The woman who was apparently his mother in this world immediately poured him a glass of water, with concern in her eyes: “Don’t worry, moisten your throat first.”

“Good boy, next time you can discuss anything with your mother. Just stop doing such stupid things, okay?”

Gu Xiyu touched his neck while drinking water. It hurt a bit and there should be bruises on it.

On the other hand, the fat man with big ears and a small beard not only walked to the bed and snatched half of the water he had drunk, but also grabbed him out of the bed: “It’s just right that you haven’t died. I have packed everything for you. Alright, now get the fuck out and go to the Lu family!”

“Fortunately, I haven’t told them about Xiyu’s this matter. Otherwise, they would have asked me to return that money.”

The woman’s emotions finally broke out. With her red eyes, she pushed him hard and angrily said: “You sold our son to an old man for one hundred thousand yuan. Do you still have a conscience?!”

“What’s wrong with one hundred thousand yuan? With just your little stall, you may not have made this one hundred thousand yuan for decades!” The man’s authority was challenged. So he rolled up his sleeve and raised his hand to give the woman a slap.

But when he was about to slap, his hand was grasped by a hand whose skin was so white that he could clearly see the blue veins. He couldn’t move once even with all of his force.

The man looked at his child who was as thin as malnourished, incredulously.

Gu Xiyu’s eyes were very indifferent: “Just speak, don’t use your hand.”

Hearing only these few conversations between them, he knew that he seemed to have been forced to ‘marry’ someone again and that the other person was also a man.

The intelligent system hasn’t been online yet and he has no one to complain about the plot. So he could only say quietly to his father in this world: “It’s just marriage. There is nothing for you to be so noisy.”

It’s not the first time anyway.

When Gu Xiyu thought that the old man they were talking about was the target of this mission, the notification from the automatic system suddenly sounded.

『The data is loaded. 』

『Mission World Two, The original body is the cannon fodder that does not appear much in the subsequent plot. He is 21 years old this year. He is studying environmental studies at Jingjiang University. He has a father named Gu Sichang, who is a gambler, loves to drink, and is lazy. All of the family’s livelihood depends on mother Xie Chunhua’s food stall. Due to financial difficulties, the original body used his free time to work as a game anchor after entering university to maintain his daily expenses and tuition.

His father is a gambler. Not long ago, he sold his son to 43-year-old Lu Mingren for 100,000 yuan. Lu Mingren, who was born in the Lu family, has a wealthy family background. He also recently served as the chief executive of a branch operated by the Lu family. The reason was that Lu Mingren’s elderly father, Lu Nan, suddenly fell into a coma a while ago. After a doctor’s examination, the doctor said that he was not in a serious condition. So the specific reason for him falling into a coma was unknown. Some of the Lu family members claimed that Lu Nan might have offended some evil spirits. So they proposed to get someone in the family married. [In some Asian countries such as China, India, Nepal, etc, there’s a belief that the illness of patients can be cured by getting someone in the family married because the “happy event” will lead to losing bad luck.]

Among the close relatives of the Lu family, only the divorced Lu Mingren was a single person of marriageable age. After the religious predictor observed for them, the original body was the only person who could complete this ceremonial ceremony, so they found Gu Sichang. Gu Sichang had no culture and had only money in his eyes. Knowing that his son could be exchanged for 100,000 yuan, he happily agreed.

The original owner, who was forced by his father and had received a certificate from a man who was more than 20 years older than himself, was found hanging at home not long after receiving the certificate. He was sent to the hospital as soon as he was found, but he was already unable to recover. 』

That’s why he transmigrated to this body.

When Gu Xiyu was in a trance, the task page was loaded again with the sound of the system.

The information given this time seems to be more complete.

『The mission target in this world is called Lu Ziqing, an 18-year-old sophomore in high school. In the original plot, his targeting and resentment of the protagonist came from the protagonist’s mother.

The protagonist Xu Chengxuan’s mother Zhou Tianyi is Lu Mingren’s ex-wife and Lu Ziqing’s biological mother. Although Lu Mingren liked Zhou Tianyi’s senses, Zhou Tianyi actually had a long-time lover and was forced to marry Lu Mingren due to her family pressure. After marriage, she really couldn’t accept living with someone she didn’t love and didn’t like the pressure from the Lu family. So she decided to divorce Lu Mingren and left with her first love. And that first love was Xu Chengxuan’s father.

Zhou Tianyi didn’t have a good impression of the Lu family, so she resisted coming back to meet Lu Ziqing these years. Lu Ziqing, who had lost his mother since childhood, hated Xu Chengxuan and felt that he had robbed his mother. Without him and his father, he would have had a happy and complete home. So when Xu Chengxuan accidentally transferred to his school and when he was always compared with the protagonist Xu, he began to work with his friends around him to target Xu Chengxuan and make him trouble.

Because Lu Ziqing’s personality was affected by the target, Xu Chengxuan, who was supposed to be able to crush him in all aspects, was not able to complete the plot because the ability of the target was far beyond himself. At the same time, according to the calculation of the destiny system, the target was very likely to ruin Xu Chengxuan and his family after experiencing the later blackening plot. At the last moment, he killed Xu Chengxuan, the protagonist, leading to the collapse of the world.

Therefore, the task of the host in this world is to prevent Lu Ziqing from growing into a heinous villain and killing the male and female protagonist. 』

『The target’s current risk value is 60. Host, Fighting!!! 』

Gu Xiyu stared at the task interface in silence for a long time. He even raised his hand to his mouth and fell into a long period of contemplation.

He thought he was going to be a little petite wife for the big devil again, but he hadn’t expected to be his………….stepdad directly this time?

Gu Xiyu suddenly looked forward to it.

This guy poisoned him without warning in the last world. In this world, he deserves to be that devil’s father.

“Xiyu, if you don’t want to, you can tell mom. What matters most to mom is that you are happy and satisfied!” Xie Chunhua might have been worried that he just promised in order to save her from Gu Sichang’s violence.

Gu Xiyu patted her shoulder sensibly. His tone sounded gentle and patient: “Mom, don’t worry, you can finally rest assured. I will never do anything that will worry you again.”

The doctor, who was panicked by the little nurse, hurried into the room and saw him standing in the ward and talking to his parents safe and sound. His eyes almost fell off.

The doctor performed an examination for him and after confirming that there was nothing serious about his body, he was amazed: “Impossible. Just now I had confirmed that you have stopped breathing and the heartbeat shown on the heartbeat monitor had stopped. And you have come back to life again, amazing! ”

Gu Xiyu: “…”

Gu Sichang told him that he had made an appointment with the Lu family to pick him up tomorrow afternoon. So he must be prepared at home in advance. Then Gu Sichang went to who knows where with all that money.

After Xie Chunhua sent him home, she took out a few crumpled banknotes: “Take these and when you get hungry, go out to buy something to eat.”

Gu Xiyu refused: “It’s okay. I have enough. You can keep it for yourself.”

Xie Chunhua looked back after walking three steps to confirm that he could take care of himself and then went out to do business again.

They lived in a two-bedroom rental house. The home was very small. With a small tea table and sofa, the living room almost had no place to move around. Calculating the time, it must be spring now and the weather was good. The house should be very hot in summer.

Gu Xiyu closed his eyes on the sofa for a while and opened his eyes after the dizziness and nausea disappeared.

The smart system was still offline and the sky outside was approaching dusk. He just felt a little hungry. After checking the balance in the mobile payment app, he went out to buy dinner.

The house was in a relatively quiet and remote old community. Gu Xiyu rode a bicycle for a long time before finding some noodle shops selling hot food. He didn’t rush to buy dinner. After all, it was the first time he came to this world and he should be familiar with the environment first.

Gu Xiyu hadn’t decided what to eat. When he was passing by a deserted basketball court, he accidentally saw a few high school students beating up a student.

Even if the student who was being beaten was surrounded by four or five people, he didn’t shrink back. He clenched his fist and punched everyone back. Gu Xiyu saw that the others were not very strong, but being beaten by four or five people at the same time isn’t something anyone can endure.

The boy who was previously just seeing the scene leaning on the dilapidated basketball hoop with one hand in his trouser pocket, suddenly pulled his companion away. Then he kicked the boy who was being beaten up mercilessly.

His strength should not be light. The boy who was kicked immediately collapsed to the ground, giving a few people around him a chance to beat him.

When Gu Xiyu walked over, he saw the face of the kicker. His profile was very beautiful. He was very tall and handsome. The bangs on his forehead might not have been combed for a while. A few strands fell slightly on his eyes, making his eyes look more sinister.

His clothes were unexpectedly neat and tidy. The white school uniform was neatly ironed and his pants were not too gray or wrinkled. When he stood there quietly, he did not look like a student who was the boss of a high school gang. He looked like he was a disciplinary committee member instead.

This boy seemed very cautious. Gu Xiyu was spotted by him as soon as he stepped into the range of the basketball court and his cold eyes fell directly on him.

When he met those eyes, his heartbeat stopped suddenly.

This look subconsciously reminded him of Ji Chen, who was in a bad mood. This dark and deep feeling was particularly similar.

Gu Xiyu shook his mind for a moment, only to find that the boy was still holding an unlit cigarette in his mouth. He didn’t know if this guy was too lazy or just wanted to pretend to be handsome.

The corner of the other party’s lips suddenly rose slightly. After taking away the lonely cigarette that was in his mouth, he asked him: “This big brother, do you want to be nosy?”

Although he seemed to be just a high school student, his voice was very mature and low, with a cold voice, giving people the feeling of a cold spring flowing through a mountain stream.

Gu Xiyu glanced at the guy who beat off the other students while their boss was distracted and got up from the ground. He looked handsome and young. Then Gu Xiyu calmly replied, “What if I say yes?”

The delicate-looking boy shook his shoulders and said with no emotion: “Then we can only deal with the trouble first and then continue.”

Gu Xiyu sighed softly when he saw the other school students walking towards him with a smirk, clenching their fists.

Well, it is time to give these children who have never experienced severe beatings a taste of the sins of society.


“Even if you’ll get up a hundred times, it will end in the same way.”

Only a very shallow orange light remained on the horizon. The old basketball court without lighting became increasingly dim. A few high school students with disheveled clothes and a lot of bruises retreated silently to the bottom of the basketball hoop, standing stiff, like children being physically punished.

The boy who had just been besieged by them picked up his schoolbag, wiped the blood from his mouth and did not leave immediately, but stood alone on the other side, watching the two people in the center of the court.

Gu Xiyu looked at the boy who stood up again with stubborn and hard eyes after being put down by him. He stepped back and said, “I’m hungry and don’t want to fight anymore.”

He did not miss the name embroidered on the opponent’s left chest.

Lu Ziqing.

The target of this world is a high-spirited 18-year-old boy. Lu Ziqing didn’t expect to be defeated several times by this thin-looking boy. He kept telling him ‘come again’. Lu Ziqing’s try to teach this thin boy a lesson abruptly turned into a fighting competition.

The target was still small. It was impossible for him to be his opponent.

Lu Ziqing was wearing a school uniform and it seemed that there were no injuries on his body. But only he and Gu Xiyu knew that those injuries were left invisible. Seeing that he didn’t want to continue, Lu Ziqing didn’t force him. But his eyes seemed to have him firmly in his heart. Sooner or later he would recover the losses he suffered today.

Gu Xiyu didn’t care either. He calmly said to him: “Study well, don’t gang up and bully your classmates.”

Lu Ziqing frowned lightly and asked in a cold voice, “Do you think you are my dad?”

Gu Xiyu: ”Well………………………”

Gu Xiyu didn’t answer him, but smiled at him with his eyes bent.

Lu Ziqing felt that he was being ridiculed but couldn’t beat him again. So he could only watch him take away the boy who was besieged by him. He did not take care of the few people shrinking under the basketball hoop. He drank the water in the water bottle he took out of his schoolbag and took his fingers together. He squeezed the bottle so that it was smashed and threw it into the trash can more than ten meters away. Then he left alone.

“Thank you.” Compared with Lu Ziqing, the boy Gu Xiyu ‘rescued’ was much more polite and calm.

He accidentally saw the words ‘Xu Chengxuan’ on the other party’s clothes. He then stopped and said to him, “It’s okay.”

Gu Xiyu didn’t say much to Xu Chengxuan and separated from him after instructing him to take care of himself. Finally, he bought two packs of beef noodles and went home.

Gu Sichang, who had taken the money, did not come back all night. Xie Chunhua ate the beef noodles he bought for her. Her tears couldn’t hold back and flowed down. She kept apologizing to him: “It’s all my fault that I was blind when I was young and married a man like your dad…”

Gu Xiyu had to comfort her in turn.

The next afternoon, Lu Mingren personally drove to pick him up. Gu Xiyu took the original owner’s clothes and daily necessities, as well as the things that would be used in the live broadcast, and returned to another home with Lu Mingren.

Lu Mingren was a mature looking middle-aged man with neatly combed hair, a pair of silver-framed glasses on his face, and a few conspicuous wrinkles at the corners of his eyes. Although he was getting older, it could still be seen that he was a handsome guy when he was young.

He may belong to the more serious and unsmiling type of person. Gu Xiyu didn’t see him laugh and talk a lot along the way and his attitude towards him can only be said to be neither warm nor cold. In particular, his sexual preference was still a girl so far. Because of the pressure of his elders, he was forced to obtain a certificate from him.

On the contrary, Gu Xiyu felt that this was good. At least he didn’t need to perform any strange obligations with Lu Mingren. He can just be a named family member with him.

Thinking of this, he couldn’t help but be a little lost.

Obviously, in the last world, when he knew that his partner was the target, he had felt relief and had no objections to being intimate with him. But now…..he can’t even imagine himself being with this guy. Let alone being intimate……….

“This is the guest room I had asked to tidy up yesterday. You can live here.” Lu Mingren had picked him up during the company’s lunch break. So he was in a hurry to explain things. “There is nothing to pay attention to at home. There is an aunt who cooks. If you are hungry, you can let her get you something to eat.”

Lu Mingren looked at the room opposite him and said after a pause, “That is my son’s room. He will come back later. He doesn’t have a very good temper and personality. If he’ll say something nasty, don’t take it to your heart.”  Of course, it’s okay if you are angry and want to teach him a lesson.”

Gu Xiyu: “………okay.”

Lu Mingren left after talking about these things. It took Gu Xiyu some time to sort out the things he brought. He looked at the live broadcast tool he had just set up, and thought of himself, who usually doesn’t talk a lot. So he logged into the original owner’s live broadcast platform to check the previous videos to get an idea.

Fortunately, the original body does not seem to be a talkative person. He was a game anchor for competitive mobile games, with hundreds of thousands of fans. He spent most of his live streaming time playing games seriously, explaining his operations and awareness from time to time. He didn’t interact much with the viewers in the live broadcast room.

It was within the acceptable range of Gu Xiyu.

He had just watched a few videos when he heard a notification in his head.

『Your smart and cute system is online! 』

Gu Xiyu greeted it smoothly: “Long time no see.”

After a few minutes, the system answered him coldly.

“Who are you??”

Gu Xiyu: “…?”

He couldn’t tell if it was a joke made by the system for a while. After confirming that it really didn’t have the memory of the previous world, he reluctantly introduced himself to it again in accordance with the process.

No one told him that the latest intelligent system will reset every time it travels through a small world.

Is this a bug? Should he find time to contact the branch office?

Although the data of the intelligent system has been reset, the only thing that has not changed is its cold and arrogant personality. It is still very cold and very reluctant to speak. After a little grasp of the situation from him, it stopped talking.

In the evening, Gu Xiyu and Lu Mingren were already sitting at the table and started eating dinner before Lu Ziqing came back.

Lu Ziqing probably had never expected that their next reunion would be in his own house. After closing the door, Lu Ziqing looked in the direction of the dining table for a long time before asking Lu Mingren, “Why is he here?”

Lu Mingren didn’t know that they had met before and had grievances. He pushed the frame of the glasses off his nose and said, “His name is Gu Xiyu, he is……………..” He stopped after a few words, apparently entangled. How should he introduce Gu Xiyu’s identity?

Lu Ziqing’s attention seemed to be on his name. He glanced at him with a gloomy look and asked in a deep voice, “Your name is Gu Xiyu?”

Gu Xiyu nodded gently: “Hello.”

It was unknown what Lu Ziqing was thinking. He only whispered something no one could hear clearly in an unpredictable tone.

Lu Mingren slowed over. With a stern face stretched out, he introduced: “He….. now can be regarded as your other father in name. You can call him…little dad.”

When Gu Xiyu heard these words, his fingers still couldn’t help but curl up slightly.

He actually wanted to be the father of the Great Demon King when he was only three years old. Although it sounds cool, it’s a bit uncomfortable.

Lu Ziqing came to him with a black school bag on his back. He looked down at him in the chair for a moment and suddenly smiled.

His thin lips were slightly opened and his voice was light, deep, and charming: “Oh, little…Mom.”

『The target’s risk value is +5. The current risk value is 65. 』

On the first day of staying at the Lu family, Gu Xiyu wanted to choke his target to death on the spot, once and for all.

Thank you guys for reading. Please feel free to comment your thoughts. 🙂

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