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TVLMS Chapter 25

The villain is the scheming boss (25 The End)

Translator: Prakriti Bhatta

On Sunday, outside the white ancient European-style hotel, the magnificent limousines were parked in front of the gate one after another, sending the distinguished passengers off the car.

Gu Xiyu wore a black mask with a bunch of flowers in his hand and walked through the gorgeously dressed crowds to the hotel counter.

He clenched his fist to his mouth and coughed pretendingly before taking out his ID card.

“Please wait a moment.” The young lady at the front desk quietly glanced at the rose in his arms when she received the ID card.

The room registration was processed quickly: “This is your room card, the room number is 1321…”

Since he almost died of embarrassment in Ji Chen’s office that day, Gu Xiyu hasn’t seen him much. Ji Chen went out to work directly in the next few days, occasionally sending him a few messages on his mobile phone to show his presence.

Gu Xiyu once asked him what he was up to, but every time he either deliberately broke the topic or said: “Don’t worry, no matter what happens, I won’t hurt you.”

Otherwise, he just asks: “If one day, I will do something that you can’t forgive, what would you do?”

Gu Xiyu replied with heavy sarcasm on the message: “I will personally send you to jail.”

The prison of the Time and Space Administration.

Then Ji Chen said in a daze: “You are so ruthless.”

Gu Xiyu had to book a room in advance at this hotel where Ji Chen might bury explosives. He prepared to monitor the progress of Ji Chen’s plan in real-time.

“Are you sure he is in the hotel?” Gu Xiyu did not forget to confirm with the system that Ji Chen was in the hotel when he took the elevator upstairs.

The system’s answer was very certain: 「Yes.」

The great demon was not on the list of invitees. It is impossible for him to simply come here to enjoy his vacation.

Gu Xiyu wanted to ask the location of Ji Chen from the system, but the system responded to him: 「Guess.」

Before he was about to press the report button, the system honestly said: 「I really don’t know. You have to find it yourself.」

There are hundreds of rooms in this big hotel. It is obviously unrealistic to find him by searching them one by one. The people at the front desk will not easily betray the personal information of their guests.

When Gu Xiyu was just feeling troubled, he arrived at the floor where the banquet venue was located. Outside the promenade, one could hear the sentimental background music from the open door of the venue. He watched in the corner for a while and suddenly saw a team of security personnel rushing to the venue from the stairs, with a solemn expression, whispering something beside Lan Yue at the entrance.

Lan Yue’s expression became a little ugly after listening. Only after explaining that they were paying attention to the suspicious personnel, did he hurriedly return to the venue.

When Gu Xiyu saw that those people received the order and began to strictly arrange guards around them, he left before they found out.

Ji Chen never responded to his messages. He originally planned to wander around the nearby floors, but when he passed the elevator door that just opened, a white shadow suddenly rushed out of it and ran in front of him to stop him.

The staff in the elevator shouted anxiously but they were quickly separated by the elevator door.

“… Xixi?” Gu Xiyu never thought that he would see this lazy cat in the hotel.

After Xixi yelled at him, it turned and ran in the direction of the stairs, stopping to wait for him before going upstairs.

Gu Xiyu followed Xixi who seemed to want to take him somewhere. He climbed up several floors and finally saw it sitting down outside one of the inconspicuous doors.

The door was not closed tightly, leaving a small gap.

He was still hesitating when Xixi at his feet slammed the door open for him and slipped in.

Only a small lamp on a low table was lit in the room. Through the dim light, he saw the man sitting by the window and staring at the night view outside the window. Half of his body fell into the shadows, and the expression on his face was not very clear.

Gu Xiyu walked to him and saw that Ji Chen was sitting in a wheelchair. He frowned and asked wondering: “Have you hurt your leg?”

Ji Chen smiled: “No, I just wanted to recall the days when I couldn’t walk in the past two years.”

Gu Xiyu: “…?”

Who will want to remember this kind of unpleasant thing?

“In this way, every time I feel weak or tired and want to give up, I will be encouraged by anger again.”

Gu Xiyu didn’t say a word and put the 99 rose bouquet in his arms directly into Ji Chen’s arms.

Ji Chen stared at the big red roses in his arms. His grievances did not seem to have been eliminated and he went on to say: “The incident back then was thought to be an accident caused by Fengming’s enemies and the perpetrators were also sent to prison.”

“But in fact, my legs and my life were almost ruined by my own biological father.” His voice became lower and lower and Gu Xiyu could hear the uncontrollable anger. “He had asked someone to make the accident. Even if I won’t die, at least it will make me unable to stand up again.”

Ji Chen’s tone gradually became confused: “When I was young, I didn’t understand, thinking that I was not doing well enough. So I desperately hoped that he could look at me more, even if it was a compliment from him.”

“When I grew up, I still couldn’t understand but I also knew clearly that no matter how much I will do in my life, I will never be able to make him like me. On the contrary, my achievements will only make him more angry and hateful, to the point where he wants me to die. ”

Ji Chen said and laughed: “Maybe it’s because I am not the protagonist of this world.”

When Gu Xiyu heard these words, he almost thought that Ji Chen had discovered everything. He even prepared to knock Ji Chen out at any time to brainwash him or clear his memory.

Seeing his surprise, Ji Chen tilted his head slightly and asked, “Isn’t it? Look at Ji Zixuan. He was held in the palm of everyone’s hands since he was a child. Even if he encounters any difficulties, he can always find someone who will do his best to help him.”

“Obviously, he took the script for the protagonist.” Ji Chen was amused by his own words.

“…You are right.” Gu Xiyu replied.

Ji Chen propped his head with one hand and said to him: “Today is just right. All the people I hate against me are here. You tell me, if I blow up the hotel directly, will I be able to do it once and for all?”

Gu Xiyu: “There are other innocent people in the hotel.”

Ji Chen’s eyes dimmed: “I don’t care.”

“Since the world never cared about me, why should I be merciful to other people?”

With the movement of spreading his hand, Gu Xiyu discovered that a rectangular remote control with a red button was lying on the palm of Ji Chen’s hand.

Ji Chen asked him: “Do you think I should press it?”

Gu Xiyu looked at him for a while before replying: “Okay, you can press it.”

Ji Chen squeezed the remote control in his hand. After a long time, he got up and walked in front of him. He lowered his head and smiled and asked, “Gu Xiyu, are you so confident in me?”

“I am not afraid of death at all.”

Gu Xiyu’s eyes were calm: “You wouldn’t do this.”

After a few seconds, he heard the soft click of the button being pressed.

There was no movement in the hotel building, but there was still the sound of something exploding in his ear.

Ji Chen watched Gu Xiyu’s stunned gaze fall on the brilliant fireworks outside the window. He said with a bit of resentment in his proud tone: “Look, I prepared more than you did.”

“…” Gu Xiyu stared at the firework rain outside the window that was bigger than the New Year’s celebration. The stone hanging in his heart finally really fell.

He had just done a little bit of gambling.

Ji Chen asked him: “How did you know that I won’t do it?”

Gu Xiyu faced the window out for a moment before he said softly, “Because Xixi is also here.”

Ji Chen really cared for very few people around him. Apart from the old housekeeper, there was only Xixi, the white cat, who would not be the existence he wanted to hurt. If he really wants to be buried with everyone in the building, he will most likely give Xixi to the old housekeeper to take care of him before that, instead of bringing it over as if he was preparing for a surprise.

Ji Chen raised his hand and stroked his face and asked, “Why don’t you think it’s because of you?”

Gu Xiyu sensibly said: “Although you have shown me that you like me and are greedy for my body, with your personality, I don’t think you love me that much hard in this short period of time.”

After listening to his answer, Ji Chen laughed. His expression was a little unpredictable: “My mind tells me that it is interested in you, but my soul tells me it truly loves you.”

“I have been living in the days of anger and hatred all my life, and my hatred of Ji Family and Ji Zixuan also stems from the partiality of my biological father. What I did was simply not wanting to make his arrangements as he wished. ”

“I haven’t tried the feeling of being liked or liking a person.” Ji Chen said, suddenly pressing him to the window and hugging him from behind. He then lowered his head in his ear with an affectionate gesture and tone. “I want to try it now, will you help me divert the attention of my life?”

Gu Xiyu looked at the silver flowers gradually falling outside the window and whispered softly, “I haven’t tried it either.”

He can’t feel the happiness and sorrow of others. He only knows that he should laugh with them when they are happy and give some comfort and sympathy when they are sad.

Therefore, he has no idea what Ji Chen said is like. If he can do things that can make Ji Chen happy according to the system’s suggestions and can meet his requirements outside his bottom line, then there is no reason for him to refuse Ji Chen.

In Ji Chen’s eyes, Gu Xiyu’s silence was his agreement.

Ji Chen took out a box of things from who knows where and put it into Gu Xiyu’s hand. Under Gu Xiyu’s stunned gaze, he bit his ear and said, “Help me put it on, I will definitely not fall asleep today.”

Gu Xiyu unpacked the package and took out the balloon-like thing from the box. He stared at it as if he was a scientific researcher who was studying that thing seriously.

Ji Chen grabbed his hand: “I heard that feelings can be cultivated as soon as people ”do” each other.”

“If it still doesn’t work, we’ll just have to do it a few more times.”

“I won’t let you leave the hotel until we finish this box.”

Gu Xiyu: “…”


Gu Xiyu was tossed by Ji Chen all night and he only got up at noon the next day. His body was indeed aching but for him, that much exercise was not enough to make him unable to get out of bed at all.

Ji Chen was wearing the bathrobe provided by the hotel. He was standing by the window and talking with a person. Gu Xiyu didn’t know who the person on the other side of the phone was. Ji Chen’s expression was plain and his tone was not too enthusiastic, but he still refrained from speaking in a friendly tone with the other party.

Gu Xiyu felt that Ji Chen was right. ”Doing” each other several times really helped him to cultivate emotions.

For example, he is very angry now.

Even though he had clearly indicated to him that he didn’t want it in the middle of the night, this person still quarreled with him until daybreak. There were too many things in that box. Had it not been for the fact that Ji Chen’s cell phone started ringing continuously at dawn, he reasonably suspected that Ji Chen would have done what he had said and let him go only after all the things in that box were used up.

In terms of experience, except for the first time that neither party knew what to do, after a little bit of practice, the rest of the time, it was quite enjoyable.

No wonder there are always so many couples who don’t get tired of doing such unscrupulous things together even after doing it 1000 times.

He buried his head in the pillow for a while before grabbing the phone. The moment he was connected to the Internet, an overwhelming amount of news popped up instantly, full of the latest news.

He clicked and saw that when he was entangled in bed by Ji Chen, a big incident had occurred in the evening banquet hall.

According to the original plan, at the beginning of the banquet, a short film elaborately produced by Liyang Group about the construction of the entertainment|music|city was supposed to be broadcast.

As a result, what was broadcasted was all kinds of dirty deeds that Lan Yue had secretly recorded, including the beating and submission of company leaders who were weaker than him and his chaotic private life. In addition to brazenly talking about encouraging several big companies to profit from each other and framing Fengming Group, there was also a video of him standing in a corner of the street, watching a car crashing to death with indifferent eyes.

Then, Fu Nian directly played audio evidence of Lei Zhenting’s plot to kill his grandfather at the venue. He lost control of his emotions and broke the shocking news that Lei Lina was not Lei Zhenting’s biological daughter.

What happened at the venue was recorded by the media reporters present. Fu Nian in the video said: “It’s really pitiful. Back then, Lei Lina’s biological mother happened to live in the same ward with your wife. She knew she was the wife of a wealthy family. In order to let her child live a better life, she entrusted her sister who worked in the hospital to help secretly replace the children.”

“You still don’t know that Cheng Qianqian is actually your biological daughter, right?”

Obviously, Lei Zhenting couldn’t accept this astonishing truth. He grabbed the placket of his chest and gasped for breath and was held by others. Fu Nian also made a phone call to Lei Zhenting, so that he could only save one person’s life between Lei Lina and Cheng Qianqian. Lei Zhenting was unable to elect for a long time, so he directly ordered Fu Nian in the phone to kill both girls.

Lei Zhenting collapsed to his knees and wept bitterly, fainting several times during the period.

When Gu Xiyu saw this, he almost jumped out of bed to understand what had happened. But later he thought that the main system hadn’t notified him of the collapse of the world and that others were lying here intact, indicating that the heroine was not dead yet.

Sure enough, when Ji Zixuan in the video rushed up and punched Fu Nian, Cheng Qianqian and Lei Lina suddenly ran in from outside the venue. There was also a hotel security guard who followed them. That security had accidentally found the people locked in the hotel warehouse and had rescued them.

Gu Xiyu looked at Fu Nian who was smiling at the chaos from the high platform. And when he was smiling and laughing, he suddenly cried, covering his face and shouting like a madman.

The grandfather he loved and cherished for many years turned out to be a murderer. The elders he had trusted for many years turned out to be the murderer of his grandfather and the girl he wanted to protect was the biological daughter of the murderer of his grandfather.

Gu Xiyu seemed to be able to understand his entanglement and despair a little bit.

There were a few more messages in the chat software. He clicked on it and found that it was a Haozi.

【Haozi: Hehehe, I can finally talk to you! 】

【Haozi: I’m exhausted during this period of time. I was arrested by your man to do hard labor. His technical team is really good and they are among the best in the world! 】

【Haozi: I can make money by working with them! 】

【Haozi: And your man also said that he has taken a fancy to my technology and is willing to hire me to join his team. He’ll also give me a lot of money, wohooo! 】

Ji Chen, who had walked to his side, suddenly took away his mobile phone and rubbed the top of his head: “Tired?”

Gu Xiyu raised his eyes and looked at him: “It’s okay. You are older and I am more worried about your situation.”


After the intense exercise yesterday, Ji Chen’s risk value dropped from 80 to 30. He remembered that in the vague, he could always hear the automatic notifications from the system intermittently.

He was suddenly at a loss.

It turns out that those task performers did not succeed because they used the wrong method?

But this way is too, a little bit sloppy.

Gu Xiyu looked at Ji Chen who was blindly talking on his phone, and suddenly understood: “You…lied to me?”

Ji Chen paused and hooked the corner of his mouth: “How can my surprise for you be a lie?”

Gu Xiyu pushed him away when he lowered his head: “Have you cooperated with Ji Zixuan?”

What happened last night was undoubtedly Ji Chen’s behind-the-scenes work. But since he was with him, there must have been someone in the venue who was helping him do these things, including all the preliminary preparations. Such a complicated matter is somewhat difficult to rely on Fengming alone, so Ji Chen must have received help from somewhere.

Looking at the entire incident, only the Ji Group was not affected among several large groups and companies. If Ji Chen wanted to take ‘revenge’, then the Ji group should have been on his top list. How was it not affected at all?

The only explanation is that Ji Chen has reached an agreement with the Ji Group.

“I was actually still very upset.” Ji Chen’s eyes were somewhat dissatisfied, but all those dissatisfaction disappeared when he looked at him. “But if cooperating with him by letting my previous grudges go is the price of your love, then I’m unhesitantly willing.”

Gu Xiyu was taken aback by his serious tone. Ji Chen went on to say: “Zixuan is more reasonable than that old man. He will not be like him targeting me for no reason, so I am willing to take a step back and cooperate with him.”

“The operation of the group also needs a stable period of time. I will plan as much as possible and try not to let the follow-up development have too much conflict with the Ji Group…” When Ji Chen was halfway, his face was suddenly poked.

Gu Xiyu’s eyes were still very indifferent, and there was no emotional fluctuation, but there was a slight gentleness in the reflection that wrapped him.

“You don’t have to wrong yourself so much.” Gu Xiyu said.

In fact, he has been thinking about whether there are any loopholes in this task these days. Now that the way the task is completed has deviated from the original trajectory, there may be a balance that can be maintained between the target and the protagonist.

Later, he thought of a way that he might try.

“What do you think about Fengming and Ji Zixuan working together for a win-win situation?”

If Ji Zixuan’s achievements can be maintained at the same height as Ji Chen, there will be no talk of being suppressed. In this case, the world’s line of fate will not collapse because of the impact and Ji Chen doesn’t need to make unnecessary moves, right?

Ji Chen pressed his head lightly and hummed softly: “The stinky boy who hasn’t even grown his feathers is qualified to talk to me about cooperation?”

“But since it’s his little aunt’s opinion, I will reluctantly consider it.”

The relationship between Ji Chen and the Ji family has not yet been fully eased, but fortunately the protagonist Ji Zixuan is a rational and independent person. He has always been unfamiliar with Ji Chen in business, so he can sit peacefully with Ji Chen who has calmed down to talk together.

Perhaps it was because the temporary cooperation at the previous dinner made them understand each other a little bit and found that the other party was not as bad as expected, so they started tentative contact.

The gala became a joke. Lan Yue, who had done a lot of bad things, was taken away at the dinner along with Lei Zhenting, who was suspected of killing. The Lei family fell into chaos for a long time after that, and the one in power was suddenly charged with guilt. The eldest lady was not a real daughter and Cheng Qianqian, who was shocked by her real identity, also fell into a very difficult period of time.

Later, it is said that Lei Lina took the initiative to leave and return her daughter’s position to Cheng Qianqian and went to live and work in a small city by herself. But during this period, Cheng Qianqian was taken care of by Lei Lina, who suddenly became more sensible, and had long established a friendship with her. And Lei lina’s biological mother who had secretly changed her child was also thrown into jail. Cheng Qianqian, who has the kindness of the heroine, couldn’t bear it. After Lei lina refused to go back to Lei’s house with her, she would go to visit her from time to time. The relationship between the two was better than that of the sisters.

Fu Nian, who was hit hard, was released after the investigation was clear because he did not really kill any of the girls. He went out of the country but did not go back to the Fu’s house, and went to live alone. He didn’t contact anyone, so Gu Xiyu and Ji Zixuan didn’t know where he went or how he was doing.

It’s just that Gu Xiyu occasionally remembered that old residential building. So when he went back there, he found that it was still clean and tidy at the beginning, and there were obvious traces of someone returning.

Ji Chen’s risk value had already dropped to zero with him accompanying him over the years. The main system immediately notified him that he could leave after completing the mission. But the intelligent system reminded him that if he left rashly because of Ji Chen’s mental state it might cause a big explosion of risk value again, so he simply stayed and accompanied him through his life in this small world.

According to the regulations of the Administration, if this cycle ends and the Great Demon King’s primordial energy shows signs of being weakened, it should be recovered by the Administration, waiting for the final integration to be completed before taking him into prison.

Gu Xiyu sometimes thought, if the big devil still remembered all the things of the small world after he will recover, then he will probably be furious.


Gu Xiyu was sitting at the desk holding a foreign language book. Suddenly, he heard Ji Chen’s voice.

He has stayed in this small world for more than 20 years.

Last week, when he accompanied Ji Chen to the hospital for a physical examination, it was confirmed that his physical condition was a little bad. It seems that it was because he had overworked a few years ago, so his liver was particularly bad now. He can leave this world anytime.

Ji Chen’s mentality was much better than he expected and when asked, he also said to him: “It’s okay, it’s already enough that I could live these years with you.”

The current relationship between Ji Chen and Ji Zixuan is still awkward but in a good way, probably because the well water does not disturb the river. Ji Zixuan is a very good person. After Lin Fangru’s death, he mentioned that Ji Chen, who had been expelled from his family tree should be put back, but Ji Chen refused.

Ji Chen said to Ji Zixuan, “Even if I die, the Ji family will not be my home, so there is no need.”

Gu Xiyu didn’t know where his confidence came from but what he said was indeed correct.

Ji Chen put the serving plate with the freshly brewed scented tea on the table. He didn’t cough a few times in the beginning and then asked him: “What are you thinking about, you haven’t heard my call several times.”

“It’s nothing. I’m in a daze because I’m old.” Gu Xiyu said sarcastically.

“I found another scented tea with a good taste today. You can try it.” After Ji Chen handed him a cup, he took the remaining one and drank it.

Gu Xiyu doesn’t like hot drinks but never refuses what Ji Chen gives him.

“It’s really sweet.” The cup of tea was unexpectedly delicious, with a sweetness that he had never felt before.

Ji Chen habitually rubbed his head again. His eyes curled slightly while looking down at him: “Right? The first time I drank it, I was amazed by it. It has an unforgettable taste.”

“At that time, I was thinking that such a good tea must be kept until this time.”

Gu Xiyu was a little puzzled when he heard these words after drinking.

When? Is today a special day?

Just after thinking about this, a very strong sense of dizziness suddenly surged in his head and his heart shrank suddenly. The pain was so painful that he could not hold the porcelain cup in his hand, causing it to fall to the ground and become torn apart.

『The host’s soul is detected to be unstable, the host’s body is severely damaged, and the soul stripping process has been initiated. 』

He raised his head to look at Ji Chen, but his eyes were deserted.

Ji Chen stretched out his hand and hugged him into his arms. He sat on the floor with him, leaning against the table’s legs and whispering on top of his head: “There will be no pain anymore.”

Gu Xiyu was expressionless.

This crazy guy actually got poison in the tea.

Ji Chen also seemed to be uncomfortable, probably because he drank the same tea with him, his voice became lighter and lighter, but he said with a smile: “Sorry, but I cannot accept that after I leave, you may have new relationships and new contacts with other people.”

Gu Xiyu wanted to curse but his body didn’t allow it.

He really couldn’t think of anyone besides the mission target Ji Chen, who could give him a reason to stay here and deal with him in this way.

“Even if I die, I will take you away.” Ji Chen’s voice was soft but indifferent.

“I don’t want to leave you to anyone in this world.”

This was the last thing Gu Xiyu heard before losing consciousness.

Ji Chen forcibly endured the pain from his body and opened the panel that only he could see except for Gu Xiyu for the last time.

{You…if…also, want to.. meet……again, just don’t…speak…this…secret…}

The latest message on the panel was this bright red reminder.

Thank you guys for reading. Please feel free to comment your thoughts. 🙂

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