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The villain is the scheming boss (2)

  ”Who are you?”

  Gu Xiyu sat in the taxi and stared at these three words for a short while.

  He knew that he was carrying the latest researched and developed, a super-intelligent system that had never been used by other staff but he had never thought that this system was so smart that he needed to go through the process of introduction as if making some friends.

  Gu Xiyu was in a daze for a long time before replying in his heart: “I am the task performer this time, Gu Xiyu.”

  After a while, the mechanical sound of the system sounded again: “What is the task?”

  ”?” Gu Xiyu almost suspected that the system was joking with him.

  However, his system really had been silent for a long time.

  He replied with a complicated mood: “To stop the target from destroying the world and if necessary, eliminating him instead.”

  After waiting for a long time, the intelligent system finally responded.


  ’So’ What ? ? ?

  The systems that the administration assigns to task performers are all so sma…smart? Explaining task, things like this has evolved to the point where the executor needs to explain it?

  Seeing that the system didn’t speak any more, Gu Xiyu had to ask again: “Regarding the target, do you have any information you can give me?”

  After a while: “No more.”

  It was not an unexpected answer at all. humph!

  Crossing world is the biggest golden finger that their administration can provide. Except for the things that cannot be provided due to the bottom line of the world law, otherwise the tasks of the performers was not too much difficult.

  Gu Xiyu looked down at the phone in his palm. The navigation interface showed that he was still more than an hour away from his home in this world.

  An automatic notification sound suddenly appeared in his head.

  ”The target’s risk value increased +5. The current risk value is 70.”

  Gu Xiyu’s finger dragging the map on the screen paused: “What’s the matter?”

  The cold answer came after a few seconds.

  ”Do not know.”


  It was early in the morning when Gu Xiyu arrived home. After he had completed the fare payment with his mobile phone, he found that the remaining balance in it was only two yuan.

  ”Talking about socializing all day long, in fact, what else did you do to find a woman besides drinking? How could I be blind and marry you in the first place!”

  As soon as he sent off the taxi master, Gu Xiyu heard a woman shouting from the small villa behind him.

  He glanced at the villa’s number plate and walked silently towards the door of the villa. The door of the house was not closed tightly and the light from the crack shone a line on the path.

  As soon as Gu Xiyu opened the door and stepped in, out of the corner of his eye, he saw a dark figure slamming in his direction. Even though he reacted quickly and turned sideways to avoid, the corner of his forehead was still scratched.

  The dragon designed ashtray fell to the ground and smashed into pieces. The angry woman on the sofa stopped her mouth suddenly and looked up in his direction. Her black shoulder-length hair swayed with her movements.

  She quickly retracted her gaze again and continued to point at the drunk man on the sofa and yelled: “Gu Xun, you speak! The company has been running down by you but you still go out all day to spend a lot of money. Are you really waiting to declare bankruptcy?!”

  Gu Xun frowned and pushed her hand away and clumsily stood up in his feet. After a hiccup, he said intermittently, “What are you anxious for? If I said I went out to deal with things, I must have gone to deal with it. It is just that the second son of the Chen family is too difficult to deal with. It took me several days to finally get him to agree to help our family…”

  When the woman heard the words, her face looked a little better: “Chen Jin is so stingy, how could he help us for no reason? You make it clear, on what terms did you persuade him?”

  Gu Xun suddenly chuckled. He raised his hand in a less serious manner and nodded at the woman in front of him: “Hey, you should be thankful for having a baby son that Chen Jin can admire.”

  ”You also know that he is a huge player. He made a huge mess and almost made a headine news a while ago, which made his dad anxious. His dad then threatened him to take away all the properties he gave him if he didn’t find a reliable partner to get married. This second young master Chen came out of the closet publicly when he was young. He definitely won’t marry those young ladies. Those who stay with him now are men who are not influential and who are only staring at the Chen family’s properties. The real young masters, even they are bent ones[gay], they only love to have fun, how many are willing to come out to the public?”

  ”It just so happens that he is very anxious now. I somehow finally managed to recommend him our Ah yu[nickname of Gu Xiyu]. Second young master checked Ah yu’s background and knew that our family was still clean. Ah yu’s pureness and handsomeness suited his liking. For the sake of having a little friendship with me, he said that as long as we are willing to help him through his dad’s condition, he is willing to help our company unconditionally.”

  ”Think about it, if Chen Jin really got the marriage certificate with Ah yu, he will be our son-in-law by then. Will we still be worried about not being able to find a backer?”

  The woman didn’t think this condition was absurd. She just subconsciously ignored them and looked at Gu Xiyu, who was about to go upstairs.

  Gu Xun followed her sight and saw Gu Xiyu who had just returned. His misty eyes suddenly lit up. He waved at him and said, “Ah yu, you came back just in time. Dad will tell you a happy news.”

  ”It’s Chen Jin, the second youngest of the wealthy Chen family in this city. He has a lot of money in his family. His dad has several large companies left to him, including shares in some major foreign companies. Dad thinks they are reliable. As far as I know they seemed to have a good impression of you… Isn’t same-sex marriage legal now? Dad thought that such a good partner was hard to find, so I decided to arrange this marriage for you.”

  Gu Xun said without blinking his eyes. When he was drunk, he seemed to treat others as deaf. He didn’t hear what his wife Xu Caiting said to him and he didn’t ask whether his son liked men or not.

  He even patted Gu Xiyu on the shoulder: “There is no need to do a complicated wedding banquet. Dad has made an appointment with him. In a few days, you can go directly to the Civil Affairs Bureau to get the certificate.

  Xu Caiting behind Gu Xun had a worried expression on her face.

  This son’s temper has never been very good. He must have heard the truth that Gu Xun told her just now. Will he still agree under this situation?

  The more she thought about it, the more entangled her face became. She rubbed her mouth with her thumb for a long time, determined to think that if Gu Xiyu refused to agree, she would use hard means to make him compromise. She then heard a peaceful voice saying, “Okay.”

  Xu Caiting looked at Gu Xiyu with a look of surprise. Even Gu Xun hesitated.

  But Gu Xun’s drunkenness was still on his head, and he was happy to say: “Good, good, you deserve to be Dad’s good son!”

  ”I’m going upstairs first. You can tell me the exact time and place.” Gu Xiyu nodded at them and disappeared calmly at the corner of the stairs.

  Xu Caiting stared at the stairs for a long time and finally exhaled slowly.

  Unexpectedly, things went so smoothly. It seemed that after throwing him out for a while, he finally gained his temperament like an adult.

  Gu Xiyu found his room, closed the door and stood by the door for a long time without moving.

  A yellow toy ‘Shiba Inu'[shown in the picture above] was squatting in the corner behind the door. The dog with its tongue out and making faces seemed to have a mechanical spring installed under its head. It was swaying against him.

  It is said that the body arranged by the Administration for them is the most suitable for them among all the bodies of dead people at the moment. At the beginning, he didn’t understand why he would get such an identity that was neither too ordinary nor very special.

  He probably knows it now.

  This is just a mission world. He doesn’t care what kind of identity he got or whom he’s gonna get married with.

  His goal is very clear, which is to complete the tasks set by the Administration.

  Gu Xiyu locked the door with a click and took out the business card and USB flash drive from his trouser pocket.

  There was a laptop lying on the unorganized desk. He walked over and opened it’s cover. He didn’t expect to see a screen, cracked like a cobweb. Without saying a word, he stared at the laptop that seemed to have been violently smashed. He then extended his hand with disbelief and pressed the power button.

  Even if it was plugged in, he tried several times but still couldn’t turn on the laptop. In the end, he could only open the drawer and throw in the things he was holding.

  Gu Xiyu rummaged in the room for a while. After getting some life information about the original body, he went to take a bath with his exhausted body. He dug out a bandage and stuck the scratched corner of his forehead.


  At night, his thoughts were still a bit active and energetic.

  Lei Lina and Ji Chen’s meeting date was tomorrow. If the other party really wanted to marry, won’t he recognize him at a glance?

  There was silence in his mind. Gu Xiyu thought it hadn’t heard it. So he cried out patiently, “System?”

  A few minutes later, he received a response.


  Before he had time to say what he wanted to say, the emotionless voice sounded again.:

  ”The system is going to sleep. Let’s talk about it tomorrow.”

  Gu Xiyu: “?”

  What? What? What?

  ”Automatic reply: Hello, your little cute smart system is temporarily offline~”

  Gu Xiyu: “…”

  For the first time, he had the idea of ​​wanting to complain about a system.

  Embracing shocked, unbelievable, and slightly angry emotions, Gu Xiyu strangely began to feel a trace of sleepiness.

  Forget it ! W H A T E V E R ! ! !


  When he woke up the next day, there was no one in the house. The leftover breakfast was scattered on the dining table, all of which were already cold. Gu Xiyu didn’t even look at it. He put on the long coat he found in the closet and went out.

  The meeting place was arranged at a restaurant in the city center.

  There was only Gu Xiyu sitting at the table. The waiter in red and white uniform was packing up the empty plates in front of him.

  He idly swiped the news page on his phone and said to the waiter before he left: “Please give me another piece of grilled fish.”

  ”Okay.” The waiter smiled and left.

  The mobile phone’s notification sound suddenly sounded.

  [Little Sheep: This is the exact restaurant that we decided. The time he and I scheduled is today, at noon. 】

  [Little Sheep: Has he arrived yet? He has no sense of puncutality, right…]

  Gu Xiyu didn’t reply again. When the waiter brought his grilled fish to the table, he took a knife and fork to eat again.

  On the side of the road, opposite the street from the restaurant, a black car was parked in a lowkey manner among the rows of cars.

  Ji Chen was sitting in the back seat. His fingers tapping on the laptop keyboard hadn’t stopped at all. There were a few unfolded papers next to him, with dense English characters on them.

  Jin Ke was sitting in the driver’s seat. He was in a deep thinking as if he was trying to find the meaning of the life.

  As the personal assistant of Ji Chen, he is the person who knows Ji Chen’s life best, including his appointment with the daughter of the Lei family today at the restaurant opposite at 12 o’clock on a blind date. His boss has always kept his promises and punctuality. But now it was already too late but he was still working in the car. And he had no intention of getting out of the car to go to the appointment at all.

  Jin Ke even suspected that the daughter of the Lei family, who could not wait for anyone, might have left the restaurant angrily as early as half an hour ago.

  There is an important meeting at the company headquarters at two o’clock. How long does his boss plan to stay here?

  ”Phone, give it to me.” The person in the back seat of the car suddenly said in not loud but low voice.

  Jin Ke quickly handed Ji Chen his mobile phone.

  After taking the time to take a photo with his mobile phone in the direction of the car’s window, Ji Chen threw it back to him: “Help me check about the person in the photo and then we can go back to the company.”

  Jin Ke lowered his head blankly and saw a boy sitting by the window of a certain restaurant from the blurry photos on his phone. The photo just happened to capture the scene when the boy was looking at the crowd of cars sideways out the window, so Jin Ke could barely see the boy’s fair and handsome features.

  The people under Ji Chen have always been quick. The next day, Gu Xiyu’s hot and latest information was delivered to him.

  ”… Judging from the records of his student period, although his personality and temperament is not so good, his private life is not too chaotic. His family background is fairly clean. He worked in Liyang Group and got in through his personal connections. He was dismissed because of poor business ability. His father’s company was schemed by a partner a while ago. It hasn’t recovered after a major financial crisis. The company’s situation is very bad.”

  ”Because of this incident, his father Gu Xun got on the line of the Chen family. The head of the Chen family recently pressured his second son Chen Jin to find someone who is easy to control with a clean background to get married, so Gu Xun pushed his son to him. Chen Jin seems to have accepted. The day after tomorrow, Gu Xiyu will go to the Civil Affairs Bureau to collect the certificate with him. Tsk, he is really a beggar for glory.” Jin Ke flipped through the documents in his hand and confirmed that everything was ready before putting it at the desk, and let Ji Chen look at it in person.

  Ji Chen moved his mind and turned on the magic panel that was suddenly bound to him. Only he could see the magic panel. The converstation which ended at the middle of the night yesterday was still there.

  A smile of unknown meaning glided quickly under Ji Chen’s deep eyes.

  He didn’t comment on Gu Xiyu’s personality. His temper also… did not look very good.

  ”The second young master of the Chen family is a middle aged man in his forties. His private life is not proper. His parents are really willing to let him marry.”

  After Jin Ke finished talking, he remembered something: “Speaking of which, Fengming Group just received his job application not long ago. It’s just that his education, qualifications and experience did not meet our minimum admission requirements, so the Human Resources Department directly rejected him. ”

  He had just mentioned it, but he didn’t expect that Ji Chen would not look up after receiving Gu Xiyu’s information: “Let Human Resources Department send me his resume. I will approve it personally.”

  Jin Ke was stunned. Just as he was about to answer, his cell phone rang suddenly.

  At Ji Chen’s sign, he connected the phone.

  After hanging up the call, Jin Ke said to Ji Chen sadly: “Boss, Mrs. Ji has already received news of your refusal to marry the daughter of the Lei family. You rejected her arrangement this time causing her anxiety out of control. Someone just called to inquire about your situation. They said that if you are not satisfied with the daughter of the Lei family, they can immediately arrange the next person for you.

  He asked cautiously: “How does Boss plan to reply to the people of the Ji family?”

  Ji Chen focused his gaze on the pale boy in the profile. After tapping his index finger on the smooth table a few times, he closed the folder and said, “Just tell them that I already have a candidate in my heart. If they are worried about the other party’s background affecting their Ji family’s name, just send them his information directly.”

  ”Okay.” Jin Ke nodded. He then asked again after thinking about something wrong, “Boss, whose information will you send by then?”

  Ji Chen sat on the chair and looked at him with a smile. He turned the folder in front of him 180 degrees and pushed it in Jin Ke’s direction.



  The author has something to say:

  Ji Chen: Since I lost my wife, you can make it up by yourself.

  Gu Xiyu: ?

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