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TVLMS Chapter 18

The villain is the scheming boss (18)

Translator: Prakriti Bhatta

Lan Yue’s words were a bit too informative.

First of all, the relationship between Lan Yue and Ji Zixuan or the Ji Group was definitely not very friendly. Their bad relationship had reached the point where he needed to kidnap people and make trouble.

Secondly, Lan Yue was also definitely not as friendly to Ji Chen as he had actually shown that day. When the original owner used to work in Liyang Group, he didn’t seem to have been just a simple worker. In private, he and Lan Yue must have secretly cooperated and agreed to deal with Ji Chen or Fengming Group, but they suddenly chose to withdraw midway for some reason.

As for the last sentence……………. he couldn’t tell whether it was Lan Yue’s casual ridicule or……… there was some kind of ambiguous relationship going on between the original owner and him.

“You were the one that had sent men to kill me?? And you were also the one that had my house burnt that day?” Gu Xiyu did not answer Lan Yue’s question.

Lan Yue shook his shoulders. He stared at Gu Xiyu with cold smiley eyes and said: “Xi Yu, you know my request is very simple. I just want to get back the thing that you had stolen from me.”

He was probably talking about that U disk.

Gu Xiyu asked back: “Let’s say I gave you that, but then you might kill me because I already know your secret?”

Lan Yue squinted his eyes: “When you had betrayed me and betrayed the company, you should have expected such consequences, right?”

Gu Xiyu knew it well: “So about my father’s company going bankrupt….you were behind that too.”

Some automatic programs set by the system were triggered suddenly and things related to the original body and Lan Yue jumped out of the panel.

「Lan Yue is a person who loves beautiful people. He is a bisexual man. He loves both men and women and after some nights of pleasure, he kicks them out of his life. But, surprisingly, he really liked the original owner. The original cannon fodder naturally looked outstanding. Lan Yue accidentally caught a glimpse of him through the photo on his resume. Then, he made an exception to let him enter the company.

Compared with others, the original owner’s working ability was somewhat lacking. So he had to work overtime until late at night to complete the work, giving Lan Yue, who also had to work till late because of his busy schedule, the opportunities to get closer with him. The original owner only liked Fu Nian. But due to his cowardly character and the extreme pressure from Lan Yue, who was his boss, he could only try to pull some small tricks to prevent Lan Yue from doing some bad things to him.

After some time like this, Lan Yue handed over the original owner some work so that he(the original owner) could help him handle things well. When the original body went to Lan Yue’s office to deliver him the documents, he accidentally discovered his plan to deal with Ji Chen and Fengming secretly. His cooperating partner also included the Fu family, which was the family of Fu Nian. In order to avoid being murdered by Lan Yue for knowing his secret and in addition to his fondness of Fu Nian, he chose to stand on the same line as Lan Yue, occasionally using his father’s company to help Lan Yue get some convenience.

Until one day, the original body accidentally discovered that the cunning Lan Yue was not only planning to deal with Ji Chen. He was even planning to deal with Fu Nian, who was cooperating with him. The original owner was worried that Fu Nian would be harmed because of this, so he pretended to compromise with Lan Yue for fulfilling his desires. Then he drugged Lan Yue while he was relaxing his vigilance, causing him to fall into a coma. Lan Yue didn’t expect that the little beauty who usually looked very timid and obedient to himself and who was always grateful for his support, would one day scheme against him. He had almost believed and loved………….

The original body used this opportunity to copy the evidence, plans, and materials from Lan Yue’s hands. He then deleted all the original files and fled from the company. He wanted to give those things to Fu Nian, but Fu Nian was abroad. After waking up, Lan Yue was looking for him overwhelmingly, and he couldn’t leave the country at all. In the end, before he could hand over the things to Fu Nian, Lan Yue’s people found him and murdered him. 」

Gu Xiyu suddenly felt a strong sense of danger coming from his behind. Although Gu Xiyu’s mind was on the content of the panel, his body still subconsciously moved to the side.

The huge man who had been lying near him had recovered. After avoiding the attack, Gu Xiyu took the time to glance in the direction of Lan Yue, then turned around and easily stopped the attacker’s attack.

Lan Yue stopped tapping his hand on the table. His eyes looking at the person in front of him gradually became sharp.

His movements were as proficient as a thug who has been fighting for many years. It seemed so skilled that people couldn’t see the flaws. Lan Yue couldn’t see the cowardice and timidity in that person’s body like before and there was a kind of arrogant self-confidence under those unwavering eyes.

Lan Yue felt that he had loved this guy for real but he could never make this person love him back.

“You look very different from before.”

Gu Xiyu glanced at that huge foreigner who had completely collapsed under his feet. He replied: “People are mean to change.”

Lan Yue laughed out loud as if he had heard something interesting: “I almost thought that you, of just now was the real you.”

Gu Xiyu calculated the time in his heart. He felt that Ji Chen and the others should almost be there: “You don’t have to be nervous. If I had really wanted to betray you and leak the information to Ji Chen, do you think you could have still been able to sit here safely now?”

Lan Yue didn’t reply.

Gu Xiyu said again: “I’m still carrying Ji Chen’s tracker device. He will find us in about five minutes.”

“What do you mean?” Lan Yue asked.

After several seconds of silence in the cabin, a man’s painful cry suddenly sounded.

Gu Xiyu’s black boots stomped heavily on the back of that man’s hand. One could even hear the sound of that man’s hand bones breaking. The small knife that the man had grasped in his palm for a sneak attack fell to the side. He was then kicked by Gu Xiyu’s other leg.

“My purpose is the same as yours.”

Gu Xiyu retracted his gaze looking down at the man at his feet. He did not move his one leg but took a step closer in the direction of Lan Yue with another leg.

“So as per your plan, let’s continue to work as collaborators.”


When Ji Chen and Ji Zixuan finally arrived at that location, only Gu Xiyu and Cheng Qianqian were left in the room.

Gu Xiyu was sitting with his back on the wooden stake. One of his legs was bent slightly. He glanced at them calmly when he saw them coming in. Cheng Qianqian was lying not far from him. The blindfold on her face had been removed but she had not yet come to her senses.

Ji Zixuan was obviously relieved.

When he lifted the person up, he accidentally noticed a strawberry hairpin hidden in her hair. In addition, there was a fingernail-sized micro tracker under the clip.

This should be Gu Xiyu’s masterpiece.

Gu Xiyu said: “The people in the room were beaten away by me after I woke up. I don’t know their identities. The person they wanted to arrest was originally you. They mistook me for you when I was with her.”

Ji Zixuan was startled. He earnestly said: “Thank you.”

When Gu Xiyu finished speaking, Ji Chen, who hadn’t spoken much since entering the door, walked up to him, looked down at him for a while, and then faintly threw two words: “Let’s go.”

There was neither joy on his face that should have been there after finding someone nor the irritability that should have been there for Gu Xiyu causing him trouble. He seemed cold and in a not-so-good mood instead. Gu Xiyu was not good at analyzing other people’s emotions, so he didn’t notice in-depth. He simply got in the car to leave this place with Ji Chen.

When this kind of thing happens, it is impossible to continue to relax.

Ji Chen bought a plane ticket and took a long-distance flight back to China with him the next day.

“Drive to the hospital.” Ji Chen said to his driver after getting in the car at the airport.

Gu Xiyu, who was initially feeling a little sleepy, became energetic and asked him: “Are you feeling sick?”

Although Ji Chen’s mood was not very good, he still had to answer his questions: “I had been injured before. I re-examine it every once in a while.”

“If you don’t want to follow, I can ask the driver to take you back first.”

Gu Xiyu had just tied his seat belt when he heard him say this. He pursed his mouth and untied the seat belt: “Okay, you go by yourself.”

Ji Chen didn’t let him take the suitcase. He drove the car away directly after Gu Xiyu got out of the car.

Gu Xiyu watched the car gradually turning into a smaller one. The automatic notification of the system suddenly sounded in his mind.

「The target’s risk value is +10. The current risk value is 55.」

Gu Xiyu: “…”

What risk value, this obviously meant Ji Chen was unhappy.

He thought for a whole day trying to understand why Ji Chen was unhappy. He called the system to have a talk about it.

As a result, the system said: “?”

Gu Xiyu looked at the question mark. He instantly lost interest in chatting: “Forget it.”

He was taken back to the main house of the Ji family.

“Fifth Young Master will live here these days, so I brought you here.” The driver explained to him.

Ji Chen doesn’t live in the big house of the Ji family now. All his things are in the small courtyard next to him. The courtyard was quiet and there was no servant. When he entered, only the old housekeeper he had seen before was cleaning the table.

The old butler was also a little surprised to see him come back: “Didn’t you guys say you will be back next week?”

Gu Xiyu explained to him about the accident in Country F. The old butler was full of pity: “You should choose a good day to enjoy next time.”

“Where is the young master?”

“He said he was going to the hospital.”

As soon as he heard the word hospital, the old housekeeper understood everything. He continued his work, saying: “He suffered a very serious injury more than two years ago, especially on his leg. He had to be in a wheelchair and couldn’t walk at that time. Even doctors had thought that he will have to rely on a wheelchair to move in this life. But he refused to surrender to his fate. He clenched his teeth and insisted on rehabilitation, enduring the pain. He really worked hard and finally recovered.”

“But his hands and legs had been injured seriously. So the doctor still asks him to go back to check regularly to confirm the situation.”

Gu Xiyu’s eyes dazzled. After a while of silence, he asked again: “Did he hurt his eyes too at that time? I accidentally saw the medicine he was taking once.”

“Oh, that’s because the doctor had said that he had a small defect in his eye, which was relatively weak and easy to get infected. So he needed to pay attention to it. Therefore, the doctor prescribed him the eye protection medicine.”

Living right in front of the Ji family, Gu Xiyu and Ji Chen slept in the same room at night. But in fact, Ji Chen was very busy until late at night most of the time and he got up very early the next day to go out. For some time, Gu Xiyu and Ji Chen maintained a strange atmosphere that seemed like a cold war.

Until this evening, when Gu Xiyu was alone in the room using the new laptop sent to him by the old housekeeper, the system that he hadn’t paid much attention to for several days suddenly spoke: 「Since Ji Chen is your mission target, Lan Yue is also someone who is targeting him, will you cooperate with him?」

“I think co-operating with him is the best choice.”

Gu Xiyu stopped typing: “I did say the same thing to Lan Yue that day.”

The system was quiet for a long time before giving a monotonous response: 「.”」

Gu Xiyu looked at the information about Fu’s enterprise that he had searched. While flicking the page, he continued to say, “But I didn’t plan to seriously cooperate with him.”

People like Lan Yue, even Fu Nian, who had provided him a lot of help and support at the beginning, only wanted to scheme against people. They obviously were extremely unreliable people. Especially when Lan Yue was the one who had killed the original body. Not only would he not help him, but he would also find a way to send him to prison.

「………….You lied to him?」

Gu Xiyu said: “If I hadn’t said that, how could I have gotten such peaceful days? Maybe, he would have let someone blow up my car this time.”

The scrolling page of the browser happened to show the names of Fengming Group and Ji Chen. Gu Xiyu dragged the arrow on the screen and turned around those two words for a few times. He then whispered: “He is my target. Only I have the right to do both bad and good things to him. I’ll never allow anyone to come between us.”

The system laughed mechanically: 「You are right.」

「He is your target. Only you can bully him.」

Gu Xiyu’s paused his movements.

He had just acted according to the command line of the task, why was this system saying things as if Ji Chen was a little pitiful soul being bullied by him?

Ten minutes later, the phone vibrated. He picked it up and saw that the person sending him the message was the ‘big devil’.

[Big Devil: I have booked a restaurant. Let’s go and have a meal together tomorrow night. 】


How come this person changes his affections so easily?


The author has something to say:

#The fool’s way of coaxing someone#

Thank you guys for reading. Please feel free to comment your thoughts. 🙂

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