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TVLMS Chapter 13

The villain is the scheming boss (13)

Translator: Prakriti Bhatta

The atmosphere in the office was already tense. When Director Li who was the only one speaking also became silent, Ji Chen’s voice became clearer.


“Yes, we just got the certificate not long ago.”


“He is very good-looking. He is a cute type of man. At first, he didn’t want to directly announce that because he was worried about it affecting his life. And the day before yesterday’s incident suddenly happened. I will simply use this press conference to clarify the situation.”


To the general public, Ji Chen was a familiar but hardly impressionable existence. He has always been low-key in dealing with things and has always left no room for the paparazzi trying to obtain information about his private life. A reporter who was fortunate enough to obtain a frontal photo of him refused to delete it and then he completely disappeared from the industry. Since then this kind of thing has never happened again.


So strictly speaking, today was the first time that Ji Chen had reappeared under the camera after twenty years.


The drowsiness caused by work was completely wiped out. The colleagues in the office stared at Gu Xiyu incredulously and then looked at the live news broadcast on the computer with their mouths open enough to fit huge eggs.


The owner of the computer paused it in a hurry. The office instantly returned to its original quietness. Everyone dared not speak out but they made crazy eye contact, silently asking, “What’s going on?”


Gu Xiyu silently looked at Director Li, who had walked up to him and had grabbed his work permit. The scene was extremely awkward.


Of course, it was Director Li who was feeling awkward.


He held the work permit in his hand for a long time and gradually calmed down. He then asked: “Is it you that Mr. Ji just mentioned?”


Gu Xiyu replied: “It should be me………”


If Ji Chen didn’t know the second ”Gu Xiyu”.


“…” Director Li took a deep breath and said, “Even if you have this level of identity, there is no guarantee that you are not the one who had sold the Fengming’s internal information.”


They originally came over in a hurry to arrest a person but suddenly they realized that it was the president’s ‘Mrs.’ that they wanted to arrest. In this case, even if they have evidence to prove that the person who had sent the email was Gu Xiyu, they will have to wait for Ji Chen to return before making a decision.


So Gu Xiyu was forced to stop what he was doing. He was taken directly to Ji Chen’s office, waiting for him to return.


On the way here, they also met a few big people who seemed to have come over to find Ji Chen.


Gu Xiyu didn’t know their identities until Director Li greeted them with a smile. He didn’t know that those people were members of the Liyang Group.


Speaking of it, the relationship between Liyang and Fengming seemed to be good. There seemed to be a lot of business cooperation going on between them.


Gu Xiyu, who was going to be sent to Ji Chen’s office as a prisoner, stayed quietly by the side without disturbing their conversation. Among the people from Liyang Group, the middle-aged man who was surrounded by other people saw him and greeted him: “Xiyu !!! Long time no see. I didn’t expect that after you left, you were accepted by Fengming.”


Gu Xiyu was a little surprised, but it didn’t show up on his face: “Long time no see.”


That person with the temperament of some presidents of the big company walked up to him. He took a look at him through his glasses, and patted him on the shoulder with a smile, and said: “Not bad! You little brat!!! You actually became the employee of Feng Ming. And now, your whole person seems to be different. Your temperament is much more mature.”


“Thank you for the compliment.” Gu Xiyu’s response was still very reserved.


The man looked at him again with a smile and then said to Director Li: “Okay, I happened to be passing by and wanted to have a cup of tea and a good chat with Mr. Ji. Since he is not here, I will leave first. I have to hurry up and board the plane.”


Director Li smiled and said, “Okay, okay President Lan. Please go slowly and take care. I will tell President Ji about you.”


Gu Xiyu frowned slightly as he watched the few people passing in front of him and leaving the top-level office.


Originally, he was just a small clerk in Liyang Group. But how come he knew the president of their company so well?


After sending these people away, Director Li pushed Gu Xiyu into the meeting room next to Ji Chen’s office with a dark face. He ordered the secretary outside to take good care of him before leaving.


Gu Xiyu watched the secretary close the door carefully and walked out of the meeting room, before asking: “System, can you connect to Fengming’s data system to find out the whole story?”


The system’s response was quite quick, but it was not very reliable: 「?」


「Check what?」


Gu Xiyu sat in a chair with his legs folded and pondered for a long time. He couldn’t stand this system at all. : “YOU SAY IT AGAIN!!!!”


The system repeated very obediently: 「What to check?」


The ”obedient” system probably became aware of his temper. Before Gu Xiyu could explode from anger, it immediately corrected its mistake:「I can only monitor the situation of the panel. I cannot directly detect and see the changes in your surroundings and what you are experiencing.」


Gu Xiyu was confused.


The limit of the originally intelligent system was actually so big.


When Ji Chen received Gu Xiyu’s explanation through the system, Director Li’s call happened to come.


He had finished the press conference and was on his way back to the company. He quickly connected to the phone to learn what had happened. He probably knew that this was someone deliberately trying to frame Gu Xiyu, but he did not explain for him on the phone, only saying, “Wait for me to go back and deal with it.”


Ji Chen was about to reply to Gu Xiyu when the mobile phone received another call, which was a foreign mobile phone number.


“Good morning, President Ji.” On the other side of the call, there was an agent of a foreign branch. “The young master of the Ji family met Andre this morning. It is said that they have signed an equity transfer contract.”


Ji Chen knew that the Ji family had also been staring at this huge opportunity for a long time but he hadn’t expected their movements to be so fast.


Ji Zixuan, the newly appointed official, is under pressure from other side branches of the Ji family. He really, urgently needs to use his actual performance to prove his ability, so that those who question his ability will shut up.


“It is said that Mr. Ji guessed your plan before he passed away and paved the way for Ji Zixuan’s succession in advance.”


Ji Chen didn’t say anything and hung up the phone.


Before he died, the old man didn’t forget to suppress him with the last manpower and resources he could use. If Ji Yan hadn’t been obstructing it in secret over the years, Fengming’s achievements would have been much more than that.


Obviously, he was his biological father, but he was more indifferent to him than to outsiders.


「Central Notification: The new mainline mission has been calculated and the mission is being released.」


The notification coming out of the panel reminded him of the reason for Gu Xiyu’s appearance and his mood instantly dropped to the worst point.


He almost forgot that even his legal spouse came to prevent him from hurting and suppressing Ji Zixuan.


Ji Chen even wondered whether Gu Xiyu and this so-called system were super-technical products that Ji Yan had secretly found before his death. The reason was that even after his death, Ji Chen would not have the chance to take over the Ji Group and suppress Ji Zixuan.


He is not a god but an ordinary person. How can he be free of grievances in his heart?


The more Ji Yan wanted to protect Ji Zixuan and the more he wanted to ruin him, the more he wanted to destroy.


Ji Chen concealed the dark color under his eyes. He tapped his finger on the phone for a long time and sent a few messages to the contacts on the list.


Although he has no say in the Ji Group, this does not prevent him from knowing that the current Ji Group needs a major rectification. If a group has been in business for a long time, the middle and high-level leaders will always be corrupt on the outside and inside.


It is a good opportunity to exploit loopholes.


Gu Xiyu was right. He really didn’t need anyone’s charity. But the things that should belong to him have to be taken back no matter what.


「Automatic notification from the center: The target’s risk value is detected to be unstable. The target has begun to plan the next step to deal with Ji Zixuan and take away the Ji family industry. The target will use his own connections and all means available to suppress Ji Zixuan, who has taken over all of the Ji family’s properties for the first time. When he is most helpless, Ji Chen will offer help to gain Ji Zixuan’s trust in a good disguise and take this opportunity to reach into the Ji family’s industry.」


The smile on Ji Chen’s lips was very cold. The system has always been very accurate in grasping his whereabouts. He doesn’t know how Gu Xiyu will stop him this time.


The anger and the expectation of pursuit of excitement were intertwining and rolling in Ji Chen’s heart. His eyes gradually became cold but he suddenly stopped after seeing the next sentence of the system. He was stunned.


「So, the host’s third main task is to spend a honeymoon with the target.」


Ji Chen, who had temporarily lost the right to speak in the system, stared at the last message and fell silent.


He suddenly determined that this would not be something that Ji Yan had made. After all, the old man was pretty reliable in doing things and he probably wouldn’t launch such a mentally retarded system.


In the office of President of Fengming, Gu Xiyu sent out to the system for the third time: “?”


Because with such a serious task, he almost didn’t recognize the word “honeymoon”.


The content of the task and the summary of the situation can’t be said to be closely related. It was simply irrelevant.


As if detecting Gu Xiyu’s momentary collapse and shock, the system prompt quickly popped out again.


「Central automatic notification: All tasks issued by the main system are calculated based on background data. They have the greatest instructions that can reduce the risk of the target and help promote the adjustment and stability of the world’s fate line. This is the best advice currently available. !」


This means that he and Ji Chen will have to go out to ”play” together and it’ll help to prevent Ji Chen from dealing with Ji Zixuan???




Gu Xiyu even suspected that the system was planning him a trap.


Is there really a technical error in this advanced system? He remembered that the system should have a way to contact the administration through the hub and perhaps he should find time to ask the administration about the system.


「Heh.」 A chuckle suddenly sounded from his head. But because it was a mechanical sound with no emotional ups and downs, it sounded more like a sneer.


Gu Xiyu sat on the edge of the chair dully and said: “I don’t think I want to understand but how the hell is a honeymoon and the main task even related? I think I should just stab Ji Chen in the body and let him lie down in the hospital for a few months. This effect should also be very good, right?”


For some reason, the intelligent system chuckled at him again.


He was stunned when he heard a bit of pleasure mechanical sound from the system.


Then, it said to him, 「Maybe it means if the target will be happy and too busy ”playing” with you, then he might not have time to destroy anything.」


Gu Xiyu: “?”


Later, for almost a minute, the system didn’t talk to him again. When he thought the system was not going to answer him, he suddenly heard its voice again.


「Ji Chen wanted to deal with Ji Zixuan because he was very unhappy. Everyone around him stood on the opposite side of him, fighting him for Ji Zixuan, including his biological father.」


「Actually, he is also very tired to live like this.」


「Perhaps if you can make him happy, he might not deal with the Ji family.」




The author has something to say:


Big Devil: This is the strategy for myself.


Thank you guys for reading. Please feel free to comment your thoughts. 🙂

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  2. Avatar Blank0_0 says:

    「Ji Chen wanted to deal with Ji Zixuan because he was very unhappy. Everyone around him stood on the opposite side of him, fighting him for Ji Zixuan, including his biological father.」

    「Actually, he is also very tired to live like this.」

    「Perhaps if you can make him happy, he might not deal with the Ji family.

    shameless!! this guy is selling pity for himself! shameless!!!! 😂😂😂

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