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TVLMS Chapter 10

The villain is the scheming boss(10)


  In the car, the conversation between Gu Xiyu and Ji Chen was like this——

  Ji Chen: “You went to live back at your house these few days. I felt really uncomfortable for not being able to see you every day. Did you miss me too?”

  I didn’t———–” …..Miss you” 

  Ji Chen: “Please come home with me after the party, ok??”

  I don’t want to———–”….go”

  Ji Chen: “Come and kiss me.”

  This time, Gu Xiyu didn’t answer Ji Chen but clenched his fists. The sound of his knuckles rattling was heard very clearly.

  Ji Chen laughed silently and finished the trick alone: ​​”It’s really soft.”   T/N: Gu Xiyu’s lips 🙂

  Gu Xiyu’s expression was fairly calm.

  He was not angry.

  Why would he want to mess with this pig?    T/N: hahahaha

  The Si Ji Hotel, the venue of the party, was the number one luxury hotel in China. It was said that the event venue and hotel rooms only allowed people with higher status or wealthy backgrounds to enter. Without their special VIP ID card, even if you have cash in your hand, they will refuse to serve you which was very willful.

  But it was also because of this special willfulness that made it one of the internationally renowned hotels.

  Ji Chen and Gu Xiyu arrived at the hotel and parked the car. Ji Chen got out of the car and called back the phone calls he had missed several times during the drive. Gu Xiyu didn’t pay attention to him. He lowered his head and took out his phone. After opening a certain interface, he stopped moving for a long time.

  ”He won’t attend? Okay, I see. Handle the rest of the thing as planned before, especially the media.”

  In fact, Ji Chen’s mood now was not too good.

  He had re-appointed an earlier meeting with Mr. Andrei, one of the major shareholders of PAP in private, which was two days ago. At that time, he had already come to the meeting place that Mr. Andrei had arranged abroad. Unexpectedly, the other party called in and said that his daughter was rushed to the hospital because of asthma. So the contract was still not signed.

  He has been planning the equity of PAP since a year ago. It is also a part of Fengming’s future development plan. He cannot easily let it go. Fortunately, Mr. Andrei will be absent from this party because of his daughter’s physical condition.

  Ji Chen raised his head and glanced at Gu Xiyu who was quietly waiting for him on the other side of the car. He then locked the car.

  Fortunately, luck was on his side otherwise he would have had to ‘wrong’ him[GXY].  T/N: He could not show up at the party with Gu Xiyu in front of Mr. Andrei.

  Many guests had already arrived at the venue. It might be because Ji Chen himself was a bit too dazzling in this circle, so they received a lot of attention when they first came in.

  Gu Xiyu soon saw Lin Fangru and others near the door. When her eyes fell on him, she was surprised for a moment, as if she didn’t expect Ji Chen to show up with him. He only glanced at them once and withdrew his gaze. He freed his hand that was held by Ji Chen when they had first entered.

  He wanted to confirm the location of Lei Xixi and Lei Lina first.

  Gu Xiyu quickly found them standing in two different corners. Lei Lina and her friends were happily gathering together to chat. His gaze drifted in a certain direction from time to time and he found Lei Xixi, who is now Cheng Qianqian.

  She was wearing a white long dress with a simple and generous design, which matched the makeup on her face very well. She was holding a piece of cake standing alone in a corner that would not be noticed. She was eating it like a hamster in small mouthfuls. Maybe she was a little nervous. So she looked a little uncomfortable.

  It wasn’t until Fu Nian, who was nearby, found her and came to chat with her in a friendly way, that she was finally relieved. 

  When Ji Chen realized that Gu Xiyu was looking for something since entering the venue, he followed the final landing point of Gu Xiyu’s vision and saw Fu Nian who was talking to a girl.

  Gu Xiyu opened his mouth before he could say anything: “You should have a lot of people to socialize with? Then I won’t bother you, just call me if you need me.”

  Ji Chen paused. He watched his legal partner really leaving him without looking back and walking towards his crush……. no towards the dining table with food.

  ”President Ji, it’s really you. I didn’t expect you to appear…” As soon as Gu Xiyu left him, people began to come to him to greet him.

  There was a blond foreigner standing next to that person, speaking in unskilled Chinese: “They said you hadn’t attended the party in the previous two years. I thought I wouldn’t see you tonight!”

  When Ji Chen nodded to greet them, the waiter who was holding a plate full of wine glasses handed him a glass of wine.

  He did not refuse, nor did he took a look specifically.

  ”Huh? Weren’t you that handsome dude…… umm cough cough, that gentleman I met in the cafe that day?” Lei Lina had just left her friend’s group. She was picking a cute snack at the table and suddenly met Gu Xiyu.

  Gu Xiyu smiled and said, “Miss Lei, hello.”

  Lei Lina returned him a sweet smile. She picked up the wine glass on the table and gently rubbed her fingertips on the glass: “So you are also a businessman running a large business?”

  Gu Xiyu pondered for a moment and replied: “I am here today as a family member.”

  Lei Lina did not think strangely: “Understandable, I also came with my dad today. Uff, these adults always love to bring us juniors to participate in this kind of activities of their adults. Fortunately, I have other friends to accompany me. Otherwise, I would have been bored to death.

  With that, she inadvertently glanced at a corner of the venue. Her expression seemed a little unhappy.

  ”The first time I saw you in a cafe, I thought you were a very cute girl.” Gu Xiyu suddenly said.

  Lei Lina did not expect that he would say such a straightforward compliment. Before she had time to blush, she heard him continue saying: “Occasionally, unexpected accidents occur in life. When they are encountered, most of the time we do not know how to deal with them..”

  ”There are many ways to deal with it. It should not necessarily be dealt through the worst way, right?”

  Lei Lina’s hand holding the cup suddenly turned white.

  The look in Gu Xiyu’s eyes was as gentle as she first saw, but it seemed to see through something.

  ”I…” Lei Lina was a little nervous. Gu Xiyu smiled at her again and turned away.

  She was still wondering whether to catch up with him and ask about the situation. Her friends who had just chatted with her gathered around and asked her excitedly: “Lina, who is he?”

  ”You were friends with such a nice little brother and didn’t tell us!”

  After Gu Xiyu and Lei Lina separated, he walked in the direction of Cheng Qianqian.

  Fu Nian was still talking to her. The two people had a smile on their faces and they were talking happily.

  Behind Cheng Qianqian, was a long table with desserts. A glass of half-drunk orange juice was placed near her. A waiter holding a freshly baked small cake suddenly walked there. His body blocked the glass of juice. His actions looked like he was adding food to the small shelf that was several stories high. He left after a short while.

  The glass of orange juice stayed there intact.

  Gu Xiyu glanced and another waiter with a serving plate happened to pass by. There was only a cup of drink that looked very similar in color to Cheng Qianqian’s cup. He stopped the person and took the last cup on the plate.

  ”I’m pretty good now. I am a full-time employee of the Lei family’s LS Group.  President Lei always recognizes and appreciates my ability, so today he made an exception and gave me the opportunity to attend this party.” Cheng Qianqian’s voice sounded very energetic, a little different from the gentle aura she gives on the surface.

  Fu Nian smiled and wanted to say something to Cheng Qianqian. Out of the corner of his eye, he accidentally saw that the person standing behind her was Gu Xiyu. He hesitated for a while but still called him.

  ”Good evening.” Gu Xiyu turned around, holding a glass of orange drink in one hand and a biscuit in his other hand that looked like he had just gotten from the table.

  Cheng Qianqian blinked curiously. Fu Nian introduced Gu Xiyu’s identity to her again.

  ”Wow, Fengming’s president’s … wait, Fu Nian, President Ji hasn’t announced this matter yet? Is it really okay for you to tell me directly?” Cheng Qianqian asked in a low voice in shock.

  ”It doesn’t matter, I believe in your character.” Fu Nian smiled, “Besides, President Ji should also be planning the announcement.”

  Fu Nian looked at Gu Xiyu with a somewhat apologetic look in his eyes: “Did I speak too directly that day? I didn’t have a chance to say at that time, I actually didn’t care about it. Even if you are alone today, I won’t abandon you as a friend. I’m telling you, the most important thing is that we should be as frank as before without leaving any grudges.”

  Gu Xiyu breathed a sigh of relief. If Fu Nian thought this way, he would feel more relieved.

  Seeing Cheng Qianqian just picking up her drink, Fu Nian raised his cup and touched the cup in her and Gu Xiyu’s hands: “I am very glad to meet my two old friends this time when I return to China. I toast you a drink and celebrate the longevity of our friendship.”

  Gu Xiyu’s hand holding the wine glass paused for a few seconds before he drank the drink in the glass.

  After dealing with Cheng Qianqian’s affairs, he exchanged a few words with them and then left with an excuse.

  As soon as Fu Nian took his gaze away from Gu Xiyu, he saw Cheng Qianqian frowning at her empty wine glass. He asked, “What are you thinking about?”

  ”No, I’m thinking that if you left wine for a long time, will the taste of alcohol disappear? I just left it for a while and now it only tastes like juice.”

  For convenience, the hotel had arranged a resting room for everyone who held the invitation card tonight. Gu Xiyu knew that Ji Chen also had one. He felt that he needed to rest. He swept his eyes around in the venue but couldn’t find Ji Chen.

  In the hotel’s beautifully decorated, clean, and tidy toilet, Ji Chen stood by the sink without saying a word. His expression was not very good.

  Water stains on his wet face slowly dripped. It slid over his neck and sneaked into the place that was hidden by his clothes.

  He noticed something was wrong as soon as he took a sip of the drink in the cup. It was a pity that the waiter who brought him the drink had already escaped his sight. He couldn’t find him for the time being.

  He looked at himself in the mirror and muttered in his heart: “Ji Chen, why were you so careless tonight?”

  The phone’s ringtone suddenly rang. After he glanced at the caller’s name, he moved his finger and connected the call that he was about to refuse.

  His voice was a little hoarse: “What’s the matter?”

  ”Where are you?”

  Ji Chen chuckled, “Aren’t you having your moment with your crush? Wouldn’t it be inappropriate to find me?”

  The other side was quiet for a few seconds before saying: “I feel uncomfortable and want to go back to the room to rest. I need a room card.”

  Just as Ji Chen opened the door of the toilet and walked out, the words on the phone suddenly overlapped with the voice of the person coming from outside.

  He subconsciously grasped the opponent to prevent him from crashing with himself. But he felt a trace of extreme warmth from the wrist touched by his palm.

  Ji Chen quickly realized what trouble Gu Xiyu might be having. Seeing the gradual reddening of the skin of the person who was usually very normal, a teasing maliciousness suddenly appeared in his heart: “What if I don’t give it?”

  When Gu Xiyu looked up, he was struggling to become sober. The gentleness of his eyes was covered by a layer of coldness. He raised his hand to grab Ji Chen’s collar and easily pulled him[JC] in front of his face.

  He leaned in Ji Chen’s ear and said in a deep voice: “Feng Ming’s and your reputation or your room card, which one do you choose?”


  The author has something to say:

  Ji Chen: What if I choose you?

  Gu Xiyu: I’ll blast you mf!

Thank you for reading. Please feel free to comment your thoughts.  : )

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