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ARC 1 The villain is the scheming boss (1)

“The system numbered W-XH3771 is activating…The automatic program is online.”

“The state of the host’s soul is being checked…it is in good condition. The damaged host’s body is being repaired…”

The unwavering mechanical sound awakened Gu Xiyu’s heavy consciousness.

The suffocating pain in the back of his head was fading at a rapid rate. As his body gained it’s perception ability, his nose and mouth were filled with the smell of fishy dampness.

“…Is the person dead?”

“I just confirmed it. Breathing has already stopped.” The person who responded seemed to have something in his mouth. The words he spoke seemed a bit greasy.

Gu Xiyu opened his eyes slightly.

In his sight, an orange-yellow lamp stood upright at the entrance of the alley far away, which looked a little lonely under the backdrop of the dark night.

“Don’t worry, this place is out of monitoring area and he also drank alcohol. We have arranged the venue. If they really want to check it, it will only be concluded that he was drunk, bumped and killed himself.”

“Loading the data of this world…”

The mechanical sound continued. People around him didn’t seem to notice that he was awake.

“Very good ! When money arrives in my hand, I will go to the casino again. This time I must reverse the situation and be proud!”

“Did you forgot about you almost being chopped off last time?”

“Exactly, I would rather take it to buy a luxury car and mansion to enjoy my life…”

The voice of speaking gradually faded away. Gu Xiyu coughed hard at the unpleasant smell mixed with the smell of wine on his body in the alley. This sudden cough was like a mysterious stop button and instantly stopped other sounds in the alley.

“…Fuck.” The three of them turned stiffly. The shorter man among them saw the boy who was originally lying on the floor with his head full of blood now standing leaning on the wall, causing the cigarette from his mouth to fall out of surprise.

The man with a small belly next to him raised his hand and slapped him hard on the head. He angrily asked, “Didn’t you say that person was dead?”

  ”I, I…” He clearly confirmed that person was already dead!

  Gu Xiyu got up very steadily. He bowed his head to tidy up his messy coat and finally frowned in disgust. He didn’t look like a person who had just received a heaving beating and had a big hole in his head at all.

  ”What to do?!” The short man slapped himself again on his bald head.

  Failure of the mission meant that they could not get money from their client and they may even be silenced. Dreams were already within their reach, how could they allow anything to go wrong?

  Several people exchanged glances and then rushed toward the thin and tall boy who had just got up.

  Since they had not dealt with that boy properly, they could only do it again!

  Their first action was very smooth. Moreover, the appearance of the boy gave them the illusion of him not even being able to withstand their oneblow. So all three of them thought that this was just something that could be solved by moving their fingers.

  They didn’t realize that things might be a bit tricky until they found that the boy who had just woke up was able to avoid all their attacks and also was able to kick their strongest companion.

 That companion did not get up again after he fell to the ground, but laid and wailed: “My ribs are broken, my ribs are broken…”

  ”What are you joking about? Look at his thin arms and legs. If he really can get you kicked and break your ribs, Lao Zi [arrogant way of saying I] will chop off my head and use it as a stool for you—” The man with the small belly hardly got to finish his words when his head was punched hard. The strong after-power of the punch directly dragged him and made him hit the brick wall next to him.

  The short man dumbfoundedly watched the man who had been bossing around him arrogantly, slowly collapsed on the ground and didn’t get up again.

  When looking at the boy who slowly turned his head to look at him, the short man’s face had already lost the initial arrogance. He even took a step back subconsciously after meeting the other’s eyes.

  ”Buddy, I’m.. I’m sorry, I didn’t expect that you were also from the same business…” the short man said with a smile. But when the boy in front of him lowered his eyelids, he quickly pulled out the knife hidden behind him and accurately stabbed him in the stomach.

  The tip of the knife stopped just before piercing the opponent’s abdomen. The short man gritted his teeth and exerted all his strength. His wrists were still so tightly held that he couldn’t move. Even the second hand he wanted to attack with, was pulled and dislocated by the opponent.

  He could only watch as the person who grabbed him unhurriedly took away the knife in his hand with the other hand. That was a hand knife that made his world plunge into darkness in an instant.

  The dim alley returned to silence again.

  Gu Xiyu stared at the three men he had knocked to the ground. After throwing away the knife in his hand expressionlessly, he suddenly turned around and ran to the side to lean on the wall. He then bent over and vomited.

  ”Cough…cough cough!”

  He had expected that the crossing the mission world would not make people feel good but he hadn’t expect to have to clean up such a mess as soon as he arrived. Moreover, the momentum of the fusion of the soul and the body after crossing was too great. The dizziness in his head had not disappeared yet and his eyes were full of overlapping shadows.

  Fortunately, those who came to beg for help were the ones who were easier to deal with.

  It took a long time for Gu Xiyu to finally adapt to the current world and body. He searched the body of the three men for a long time, only to find a black U disk and a black and golden colored business card.

  With the light coming in from the alleyway, he finally saw a few bright golden characters on the card.

  Ji Chen.

  Fengming Group.

  Was the owner of this business card, the hirer that sent those men to kill him?

  ”The initial data has been loaded.”

  ”The host’s body was a cannon fodder defined by the world before his death. His parents are alive, his family background is decent, and his father has a company. He was a martial arts student and he always used this advantage to intimidate and beat his classmates during his rebellious period in middle school. He was forced to quit this art by his family and moved to City Z. After graduating from university, his grades and abilities were mediocre. Relying on his personal connections, he entered the branch of Liyang Group, one of the best in China and became a newly recruited office worker. He was fired not long ago, so he got drunk.

  Age: 25

  Name: Gu Xiyu (modified with the host’s identity)

  Education: Bachelor of Business School Graduate


  After reading it roughly, he was about to ask some questions about the system, when the picture on the screen suddenly changed, updating the content displayed.

  ”Mission target:

  Ji Chen, the youngest son of one of the famous domestic patriarchs of China’s Ji family, is 31 years old this year. After graduating from university, he did not take over or participate in any Ji family’s business but went out to start his own business. ‘Fengming Group’ established by his ambition, has now quickly made the high list and has become one of the business giants. It is still developing at a considerable speed. ”

  Gu Xiyu picked up the business card he was going to put into his trouser pocket and looked at it again but he didn’t make any more movements.

  ”The target’s current risk value is: 65

  The host should work hard to prevent the growth of the target to reduce his danger value and threat to the protagonist’s team.

  Due to the restrictions of the world law, the host cannot annihilate the target before his danger value reaches 100, otherwise you will get punishment of exile.

  The host’s first task is to prevent the target from business marriage with Lei Lina, the only daughter of the Lei family.

  The target’s goal of this contact is to plan to take advantage of this relationship to design and hollow out the rich family of Lei Jia, who is also one of the business giants. The heroine of this world is actually the real daughter of the Lei family, who will become a major boost and turning point in the development of the hero’s career in the future. The target definitely must not get profit from it first, through it’s collapse.

  According to calculations, the success of this mission can reduce the target’s risk value by 10 points (equivalent to the threat value).

  Regarding task guidance…”

  After reading it, Gu Xiyu waited for a long time. After confirming that the system did not provide him with more information, he asked slightly, “Only these?”

  A loli sound suddenly appeared in his head.

  ”The main system has not yet completed the binding to the information transmission hub, and your little cute smart system is not online yet~”

  Gu Xiyu: “…”

  So those were just the data that was set at the beginning and automatically released when they arrived in the mission world?

  Little bit of coldness suddenly fell on the tip of his nose. He lifted his eyes lightly and through the light from the street lamp in front, he saw many things as thin as cotton wool falling from the sky, turning into water stains on the ground and dyeing the sidewalk with different shades of color.

  Gu Xiyu stared in the air for a long time before taking off his dirty cotton coat. He threw it into the huge trash can and then left the alley and walked into the nearest toilet.

  His stained hands and face were finally cleaned. After rinsing his mouth, he put his hands on the edge of the sink and looked at the mirror in front of him calmly.

  The man in the mirror was white and pure, with dark brown slightly curly hair. The two eyes were of different colors and the one on the right was much lighter.

  This feature, it was same as the original him.

  Gu Xiyu is a subordinate to the Time and Space Administration. He is the commander of a certain time and space administration sub-bureau of the twelfth level. Generally speaking, it was not necessary for him to go through the adjustment of the fate line of the small world or to maintain the operation of the world… until there occured an accident not long ago.

  A mission executor under the management bureau encountered a lot of trouble but the rescue team who went to the rescue were also entangled in the same problem. In the end, it was Gu Xiyu who rescued everyone by himself.

  ”Send the person to the medical clinic immediately. His vitality has been greatly affected and urgently needs medical treatment.” When the person was rescued, not only was he unable to recognize the companions who came to his rescue, he also refused everyone’s touch. Like a lunatic who lost his mind he kept yelling and screaming and the whole person went into a state of complete collapse.

 ”Which small-world’s mission was he performing?”

  After the female deputy in the control room called up the data, she was embarrassed: “…It’s the cultivation world numbered 1385.”

  Before Gu Xiyu could reply, he heard the colleague on the side saying in an awe-inspiring tone: “Isn’t that the world where one of the fragments of the ‘Great Demon King’ is?”

  In the realm of time and space under their jurisdiction, there is a fellow who is called the ‘Great Demon King’ by everyone, who existed before Gu Xiyu was appointed as a commander. It was said that he was a dangerous person who sneaked in from a higher dimension. He was powerful and couldn’t be driven away unless someone beat him head-on.

  In the end, it was the Administration Bureau that used the power of the Lord God and spent huge manpower and resources to successfully restrain him. His primordial spirit was broken into pieces and scattered in different small worlds. As a result, the energy of the ‘Great Demon King’ was weakened and he could barely be managed by the administration.

  Those fragments replaced the identities of the villains in the small world. Even though it was just primordial fragments, their comprehensive capabilities exceeded the level originally set by the small world for those villains. According to the calculation of the system based on his growth data, it may eventually lead to the protagonist failing to successfully defeat the villain, but instead being suppressed by him. As a result the collapse of the world’s line of fate could occur.

  The primordial fragments that successfully suppressed the protagonist and took away his luck can also condense part of the energy of the small world. The Administration predicted that when they reach a certain level, these fragments will have the opportunity to be out of control again. Over the years, in order to prevent the small world from becoming the big pot of medicine for the big devil’s comeback, the authority has frequently sent people out to obstruct or kill him before this legendary BOSS grows up and destroys the world.

  Unexpectedly, this task was more difficult than breaking the opponent’s soul into small pieces.

  ”The energy of 1385 fluctuates too much, no one has ever entered, how daring he was?”

  Later, Gu Xiyu was called into the office by the director.

  ”You want me to go to the world where that fellow’s soul fragment is located as a mission executor and restrict his development?”

 The man with sparse and half-white hair on the office chair looked at him with regret: “This is the decision of the Lord God. You have also seen the situation of the task performers these years, especially the fragments of the 1385 world have been aware of the administration and it’s rules. And the consciousness of his master soul has recently shown signs of intelligibility.”

  ”If we can’t stop his growth, the disaster that happened that year may happen again.”

  Gu Xiyu was silent and did not speak.

  After a long time, the director finally sighed: “The Lord God said, as long as you can complete this task, he will approve the request you have been applying for several years.”

  The expression on Gu Xiyu’s face fluctuated slightly.

  The director folded his hands on the table. He stared at him and said, “That box is very important to you, isn’t it? If it is, then the Lord God will help you.”

  ”The Lord God’s rarely so generous.”

  Like this, Gu Xiyu came to the first world of his mission.

  He carefully put down the sleeves, which he had folded up to wash his hands. He tidied his body before leaving the toilet and stepping into the snow. He changed the bus and subway several times along the way, and finally came to a city where many people walked around even at night.

  Passersby in cotton jackets and puffer jackets always looked at him when they passed by.

  ”sssss[shivering from cold]… It’s winter, isn’t it really cold for him to wear only a shirt?”

  ”But he looks so good-looking…”

  Gu Xiyu finally walked into a cafe with exquisite decoration.

  ”A glass of iced Americano, thank you.”

  Standing in front of the counter was a female customer who was sorting receipts and bags. When she heard the sudden sound next to her, she subconsciously looked down.

  The female clerk raised her head and looked at Gu Xiyu for a moment before regaining her senses. She glanced at the snowy weather outside the window and confirmed: “A glass of iced Americano?”


  When Gu Xiyu walked to the side with the receipt, he saw a girl who was standing in front of the counter just now. She looked like she’s in her twenties and was talking on her mobile phone now. She permed her long black curly hair. The makeup on her face was just right and her eyes were beautiful peach-blossom eyes which made her movements emit a graceful aura.

  ”…Is it not good at all??? I wouldn’t want to go to this blind date if my dad hadn’t forced me.” The complaint was not too loud but it happened to be heard clearly by Gu Xiyu.

  He didn’t know what the other person said, the girl rolled her eyes and replied: “What about the youngest and promising child?? Did you see what his dad gave him? Even before, while facing the media, he didn’t spoke a single word about his this son as if he didn’t exist at all. He doesn’t like this little son of his at all. Even if he dies, he will not leave him anything.”

  ”Furthermore, he[the son] has never appeared in front of the media since his accidental injury a few years ago. I heard that he was seriously injured at the time. He was not only disfigured, but also became lame and seemed to have lost that ability… Cough… you understand. If he really had the ability, how can he still be single now with his achievements?”

  While playing with the curly hair on her chest, the expression on her face gradually became irritable: “Oh, to be honest, I am more interested in his nephew. He is handsome, talented and lovable. What do you think I should do? I really don’t want to go to this blind date…”

 Halfway through her grievance, the handsome man she saw at the counter suddenly appeared in front of her.

  The girl was stunned and hung up the phone. After meeting the other’s slightly narrowed eyes, she subconsciously said in a soft voice, “hel, hello…”


  At this time, the time and space management sub-bureau far away from the other side was in chaos.

  ”Currently trying the seventeenth time, the recovery of the system numbered W-XH3771… the recovery failed!”

  The people in the control room were busy. The female voice of the system was broadcasting data feedback over and over again and everyone’s expressions became more and more anxious.

  But the more anxious they were, the worse they handled the things.

  The cause of all this came from the thunderous exclamation in the control room after Gu Xiyu set off for a while.

  ”…Fuck, the system that issued instructions to the commander was accidentally bound to the target!”

  The director jumped up from his chair in shock: “What does it mean to accidentally bind to the target?”

  What they arranged for Gu Xiyu was the latest intelligent system which downloaded basic data about the target and his world before departure. Then it calculated the most suitable follow-up instructions and help, based on the current world and the execution of his tasks. The host that the system was initially bound to was Gu Xiyu, how could it be possible to bind the wrong person?

  ”I’m… I’m not talking about the secondary system on Commander Gu, but the main system that was originally set up to be connected to the E hub station, responsible for loading all the back-end data and maintaining the connection between the administration and the commander… I don’t know what’s going on. It suddenly changed its orbit when it was sent to the station E.”

  The staff’s head lowered and lowered, and the tone of his voice was almost like crying: “When we were waiting for the data feedback obtained by the control panel to update the connected hub station to the code of the X station, the main system had already begun to connect and bind to the X station.”

  There are twenty-six places called information transmission hubs in the time and space domains under the jurisdiction of the sub-bureaus. They are similar to the data sub-stations of the bureau. Each sub-station has a main brain that can be connected to the bureau.

  Except for one substation marked X.

  At the beginning, the ‘Great Demon King”s soul was forced to scatter and the fragments were confined in different small worlds. The only main soul who entered the sleep was detained in the X substation. Although he had all the authority of that substation, the weakened main soul couldn’t leave from there. Moreover, the main brain of the X substation has long been offline. It was just an empty prison, so he was unable to do evil things.

  Task executors have always performed tasks through the soul and spirit body. This method requires the executor’s body to be sent to one of the central substations. And the subsequent task data calculation and communication are given to the main brain in the substation which are responsible to assist them in completing their tasks.

  ”Currently trying the eighteenth time, the recovery of the system numbered W-XH3771… the recovery failed.”

  Not long after the notice fell, a lovely and energetic voice suddenly appeared from the other corner of the control panel.

  ”Congratulations, the numberd W-XH3771 system has completed the connection with the target hub station. The binding is successful!”

  The hustle and bustle in the control room stopped abruptly and the surroundings fell into silence.

  ”Uploading background data…Uploading completed! 3771 Smart program is activating…”

  Once the data in the system is set and successfully connected to the central station, it will be automatically loaded into the program. Then the central brain will take over the operation.

  The system sent out is bound to the hub where the big devil is located, which means that the instructions that should be calculated by the central system, including the communication as an intelligent system, will directly fall on the consciousness of the big devil.

  ”Ding Dong! The 3771 smart program has been successfully launched. Your smart small system is online!”

  The director listened to the notice from the control panel as if he was sentenced to death. He fell helplessly on the chair.

  Although the main soul now only has some incomplete consciousness that can’t make moves that go too far, but it was that one part which can unify the whole soul. Even if it is separated from the space and the world, it can have a certain connection and induction.

  Without knowing Gu Xiyu’s presence, they didn’t know what kind of accident would happen…


  The black car was moving steadily on the highway.

  Jin Ke in the driver’s seat took the time to look in the rearview mirror. The man with a black suit on the rear seat had three-dimensional features. He was still looking forward in the same posture. In addition to the rare surprises and doubts in his eyes, there were also some deep and dangerous emotions.

  Simply speaking, it was very complicated.

  Judging from the fact that Jin Ke hasn’t been noticed and warned for the Nth time for stealing glances at his boss, there was indeed something wrong. But the boss didn’t speak. He didn’t dare to ask questions, so he could only concentrate on driving.

  Ji Chen, who just finished the branch meeting, was on his way home.

  Everything was as usual, until there was a tingling sensation in his head like being pierced by a needle. Suddenly it seemed that there was something in his head but it also seemed that there was nothing at all.

  The only thing that he was certain of was that there was a strange pictures before his eyes.

  There was a dense pile of texts in the screen. He saw his name and some basic information related to him. He also saw something strange called ‘task’ there.

  The task even mentioned the name of the person he was planning to marry.

  He has never longed for or thought about starting a family. But if he had to accept it, he would choose to pass this marriage in exchange for the greatest benefit for himself.

  Interestingly, the task requirements on the panel turned out to be to prevent this from happening.

  Ji Chen stared at the panel and fell into deep thought for a long time. Then suddenly a word came out of it like a message.

  ”Are you online?”

  Unlike the rigid introductions above, this sentence was more like from a living person.

  He could also hear the speaker’s voice in his head. It was a boy. He sounded dull and as if he was very patient.

  Looking at this extremely natural greeting, Ji Chen’s thoughts were stunned for a moment.

  ”I have already met Lei Lina. She doesn’t really want to marry the target. I talked to her and tomorrow I will replace her to meet the target and deal with their contract marriage.”

  ”Regarding the target, is this the only information that the database can provide?”

  Ji Chen watched the conversation in front of him intently. He silently picked up the phone beside him, unlocked the phone screen with his fingers proficiently and then locked it again, repeatedly.

  When he finally stopped what he was doing, there was an extra sentence on the panel.

  ”Who are you?”


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