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TVITC Chapter 9

Little fool and middle-aged version of Long Aotian[9]

Translator: Prakriti Bhatta

  When Xia Ming arrived, he was welcomed by everyone. Let alone the Luo family, the program team was also pleased that this young master didn’t look like someone who would lie in bed and make excuses for laziness.


  Luo Cuimiao curiously gathered around the door. She was blushing while looking at the city’s third elder brother. She was really young. So even when she was directly staring at the opposite sex, it didn’t provoke any gossips.


  To her surprise, the third elder brother from the city was also very good-looking. She had originally thought that the first two brothers were already good-looking enough, but the elder brother in front of him was not inferior at all. He had a kind temperament and looked easy to get along with.


  She was bewildered and said: “Hello, brother.”


  In front of the camera, her excited little face tried to burst out a shy smile. A row of neat white teeth made the little girl look extraordinarily simple.


  Xia Ming politely smiled back, “Hello, I will trouble you to take care of me for the next three months.”


      In his memory, the youngest daughter of the Luo family has always been untalkative. She habitually avoids seeing the camera. Unexpectedly, she was both shy and brave at this moment. It seems that he really had missed too much in his previous life.


  With just a few short greetings, Luo Cuimiao was already too excited to speak. Seeing that smile, a group of village women who were watching the lively scene from the field also blushed. For a moment, they even forgot their actions of drying the grains.


  When her sister returned to the house, Luo Cuihua stopped her and asked her about Xia Ming. Just now, a female photographer was taking pictures of her studying, so even when there was a small commotion outside the door because of Xia Ming’s arrival, she pretended to be serious and didn’t dare to move.


Of course, Luo Cuimiao knew every trick used by her sister. But she was a little girl after all. She only spoke a few words from her mouth, such as “the third brother looks good too”, “These brothers, each of them are really good-looking. They are more handsome than the most handsome guy of our village.” Instead, she even stupidly asked, “Are every people in the city so pretty?” There was no useful information at all. Luo Cuihua could only send her sister away. She was complaining in her heart, how stupid and idiot her little sister was. After all, according to her, girls shouldn’t just see the men’s faces. They should see some other things such as money, fame…….


Can that face provide her luxury?


That was what she said. But in the next moment, she herself stood at the door, carefully observing the new guest.


Xia Ming comes from a big city. Of course, he is different from young people of the same age in the village. The skin of the people in the village is yellow and rough, and sometimes the cheeks still carry the red color endowed by the geography and climate. On the other hand, Xia Ming is thin and graceful. He is handsome, wearing a thin black sweater and a pair of thin silver-rimmed glasses. Moreover, he smiles every time when he is meeting new people. That warm and familiar attitude makes it easy for people to feel good at first sight.


The teenager was surrounded by a crowd of people watching the excitement. He was also extremely dazzling. He was confident and calm in his gestures, abruptly standing out from the people around him.


At the first sight, Luo Cuihua’s heart also throbbed a bit. She felt that Xia Ming was like the kind of gentle and elegant noble protagonist, described in romantic novels. At first glance, his temperament was not something that ordinary people could cultivate.


Luo Cuihua was different from her younger sister. She studies in a town and has watched popular TV dramas in her free time. The heroes and stars from the entertainment industry may not be as good-looking as those boys from the city. But her silly sister naively thought that the big city was a paradise and each and every person there also looked good. What a good joke!


But if some people are stupid then they are easy to control and manipulate. For example, for many things that she is embarrassed to ask, she can completely encourage the other person to ask.


Luo Cuimiao wanted to know about her own brother’s situation from Xia Ming. After pouring a glass of warm water for the guests, she raised her face eagerly and asked, “How is my brother??? Is he used to living in the city?”


At home, she and Luo Yusheng were a little closer in age and had a better relationship. So she was a little more concerned about her brother’s recent situation.


But she didn’t know that Luo Yusheng had gone to the Yuan family. So Xia Ming was not the right person for questioning.


After Han Shihao threw Yin Minglu over here, he didn’t plan to take another trouble back and work hard to act well in front of the national TV. He also didn’t want the media to dig out his dirty affairs. So naturally, he would not take over the Luo family’s kid.


Meanwhile, there were too many family members in the Xia family. A bunch of messy things was going on inside the family. So, it was not suitable to put that family in front of the TV. Xia Ming’s those brothers and sisters mostly clapped and applauded when they heard about Xia Ming’s three-month torture in the rural area. But in exchange, letting them take over another child from the village was a bit too ”hard” for them.


So no surprise, Luo Yusheng finally went to the Yuan family. Except for this scandal of the Yuan family’s father Yuan marrying another woman right after his good wife died, which was quite not a scandal, the roots of the family were fairly clean. After all, they belonged to the old aristocratic family.


But Xia Ming indeed knew about the current situation of Luo Yusheng. After all, he had experienced everything in his previous life.


“Uncle Yuan is very good to him. He will also soon go to Beijing High School.” Beijing High School was one of the best high schools in the capital. The admission was naturally something that not everyone could get. The outside world calls it the elite seedling cultivation base of Qingbei University.


If Yin Minglu was not lying on the bed but was at that scene, he would have been able to sense the conservativeness in Xia Ming’s answer. He only talked about the treatment the other party received but didn’t say the situation and mood of the other party. Luo Cuimiao could only rely on her own brain to make up for it.


How on earth was he actually feeling? When he first arrived in a big city, was he happy, excited, or upset? Was he happy, uncomfortable, or comfortable after staying for a few days?


But the Luo family’s two sisters didn’t hear it out. The younger sister Luo Cuimiao was very envious of her brother being able to go to the big city to experience new things, “My brother is so smart, he can definitely live well in the city. I hope Uncle Yuan can like our brother.” In this way, the burden on their family will be much less and the elder brother can also get very good opportunities. The little girl was full of longing and hope.


But her sister Luo Cuihua was full of jealousy. She couldn’t help but saying: “Yes, Yusheng has always lived a good life. This is the only reason he had such a chance.”


Actually, that was not the real reason! It’s because their parents were partial!


That was the capital, the political and cultural center of the country. It was the most prosperous place that she had never been to in her life. She has studied a lot, no one knows the backwardness of education resources in rural areas better than her. It is considered a blessing for the whole village if even one child of the village can get admitted to a college. But in the cities, even those bad guys throwing stones in the street are college students with diplomas and academic qualifications.


Not to mention the enrollment rate of the capital’s famous high schools, everything made her jealous.


In terms of grades, her resume and position were obviously better than those of her younger brother’s; in terms of being a human, she was more talkative and pleasing than her younger brother; in terms of ability, she was also more diligent and sensible than her younger brother. But her parents were partial and gave the city’s exchange quota to her younger brother instead. And she had to stay in this small place to serve these few young masters who were not working and who were very indifferent towards her.


A few days ago, the program team had asked her to work hard. They wanted to make a set of comparisons. For example, the rural area’s children take responsibility of their families from the very beginning of their life. They chop the woods, plow the field, and repair pigsty carrying the burden of life. Meanwhile, in comparison when these jobs were carried out by the city’s children, all of them were weak and delicate, unable to carry on their shoulders, and unable to lift their hands. They started complaining just after a few minutes.


Moreover, rural girls love to study. Even when they are doing the toughest works, they don’t forget to study and race against the time. They were compared with the city’s teenagers who slept till noon and only woke up to eat when they were hungry.


The result was pretty good. The two young masters didn’t cooperate at all. After painfully repairing the pigsty once, they never repaired it twice. They said that they felt like vomiting when they smelled dung.


Fortunately, the little one does not know how to lie at all. She, just at a glance, knew that his lies were taught by someone else. The big one was extremely weird. He is usually very energetic but once you mention the word pig in front of him, he hides aside very quickly. Whenever he sees her, he says: “Don’t come near me!” to her.


Luo Cuihua didn’t know that this sentence was slang on the Internet. ”Don’t come near me”! was the slang that was used when a person sees a ghost in an exaggerated expression. When she knew, she only felt very embarrassed while the camera was shooting. But inside she was so angry that there was a fire in her heart.


Especially that Yuanfeng, who usually doesn’t give her a fuck. Even when he needs something, he just asks arrogantly instead of begging. In the middle of the night, they even have to soak their feet in hot water and she has to burn the woods for them. The two pots of hot water that she had painfully brought were exchanged for a fake smile of the other party.


She asks him to chop wood and burn the fire but he roasts sweet potatoes. She asks him to feed the chickens but he feeds those chickens too many grains as if it was bought with his own money. He was so generous that the distressed old grandma Luo quickly grabbed the basket and told her granddaughter not to let the other party feed the chickens. The other party even smirked and asked when were the Luo family treating them to the chicken feast. He was greedy, stubborn, and shameless than anyone else in this world! His trip to the countryside to receive an education seemed more like he was taking a vacation.


The photographer really liked to shoot the interaction between the two of them. But one was a bully and the other one was being bullied. What was so good about it?


Luo Cuihua thought she could threaten and control them to be obedient using foods. But when the little one heard about it, he showed a weeping face, as if she was a wicked witch. Not only her own little sister persuaded her not to do it, but even the old lady Luo who always liked her felt bad for that child.


There was no way for her to control these two young masters.


Moreover, in the countryside, the three city’s guests were the main protagonists. No matter how bad they behave, they were well-deserved protagonists; and no matter how well Luo Cuihua and the others behave, they were just cannon-fodders. In the later period, when the part where she had seriously acted like studying hard was broadcasted, it was unknown whether it lasted more than three minutes.


But in the city, Luo Yusheng was the only protagonist. As long as he performs well, he has already appeared in front of the national audience, he definitely will have a bright future. Maybe he will be adopted by wealthy parents. Perhaps in the future, he will meet a wealthy lady with a lot of money.


But she still has to stay in this small place, study hard, and finally marry an ordinary man of her age. After marriage, she may have to rely on her younger brother of the city to fight for some right to speak in her husband’s house.


Thinking of this, Luo Cuihua’s heart was unwilling and resentful. Her heart was beating loudly and her teeth creaked. Of course, she was not willing to have such a future.


Since she couldn’t get an exchange quota to go to the city, she will take the second way. It’s okay to shoot in the countryside. She must cherish these three months of opportunity and leave a good impression on the national audience.


The angry Luo Cuihua didn’t notice that Xia Ming’s gaze staying on her was too long. And that gaze was implicitly mixed with indescribable nostalgia and affection as if years-long love.


Once again, he came to this small village according to the original trajectory. He was inexperienced and had to obey the arrangement in the face of the pressure of his elders.


The Xia family was like a muddy place. Although he doesn’t ask for their support, the family needs his honor. This time he won’t let them go easily, so he still doesn’t have the ability to break free from them for now.


He came here, so he naturally will see his first love again.


Since she married Yuanfeng as his wife in her last life, his feelings for many years remained unexpressed. Although if calculated according to time, now she and Yuanfeng have no secret feelings.


But once again, he didn’t plan to take the other party as his own. After all, he himself and she were never meant for each other. She and he had matching temperaments which made him a good match for a best friend. If it was the time when she had just got married, he might still have been unwilling to let her go.


Although he has already experienced a lifetime now, he has long since given up the idea of ​​having her. He’ll just give them his blessings.


  The only person he owed was Yin Minglu.


  The author has something to say:


        Xia Ming: In this life, I will still… ? ? Why are you fighting? ?

  CP is not Xia Ming.

Thank you guys for reading. Please feel free to comment your thoughts. 🙂

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