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TVITC Chapter 8

Little fool and middle-aged version of Long Aotian[8]

Translator: Prakriti Bhatta

 After working for nearly a day, the two spoiled young masters wanted to lie down as soon as they returned to the room after taking a shower.


  In the camera, the young boy’s hair was dripping with water. He was a small boy with fair skin and a little thin body. Although he had taken the medicine, his illness hadn’t been completely healed. His hoarse voice was a bit broken when he spoke, mixed with some small unnoticeable baby sounds. It sounded tickling to the ears.


What a beautiful child!!! But it’s a pity he is a fool.


Yin Minglu seriously couldn’t hold it anymore. Just yawning few times made his tears come out. He looked too pitiful.


He hadn’t even dried his hair but his little head dropped as if he was too overwhelmed.


When taking a cold shower yesterday, Yin Minglu had a premonition that he was going to be sick. He couldn’t help it. The original owner’s physique was too delicate. He felt even more sleepy after taking the medicine and working all day.


Yuan Feng didn’t pay attention and found that the little idiot had gone directly to the bed. He walked up to see and yes, the child was sleeping soundly. The whole person was quiet, sleeping well, and his face was red as an apple.


He couldn’t help but squeeze the young guy’s face gently. The young guy’s skin was tender like tofu. Looking carefully, the child’s facial features really weren’t the ordinary kind of tender and delicate. He had a snub nose. His lips were pale pink in color. At this moment, a sleepy face, set against a wet hair, looked quite affectionate.


At the same age of twelve, the little idiot is much better than his half-brother who is full of schemes. He doesn’t remember how long ago it was. It was so long ago that Yuanfeng himself had forgotten how old he was when he and his younger brother also had such a relaxed relationship. The other party once used to sleep next to him, in a defenseless position.


But every time Yuan Feng showed his kindness to his brother, Yuan Feng would get horrifying looks from his stepmother as if she was wary of the knife behind his kindness. Then she used to take his brother away somewhere far from him.


Gradually growing up, the two brothers had more schemes and calculations under the fake show of harmony. Those warm relationships have long since disappeared.


This time he was sent here as a result of the joint instigation of his half-brother and stepmother. Of course, he knew what schemes the two had played. Didn’t they just want him to completely lose his favor in front of his father? It’s a pity that these two people have narrow vision and shallow knowledge. They don’t even know how mediocre, incompetent, and easily manipulated his ”beloved” father was. Apart from showing off his ”prestige” to his wife and children, in front of the entire Yuan family, what can he even be counted as? The entire Yuan family was not ruled by him. If someone wants to mess and ruin this prince Yuanfeng by relying on such a dumb idea, it depends on whether that person has that ability or not.


However, Yuan Feng had to admit that he was indeed careless this time.


The other party caught his weakness of not going against women and he miserably fell into that trap. At first, a beautiful girl from the Bei Jing followed and stalked him. From time to time, she stalked and tracked him down like a queen of idiots, which made him very impatient but he couldn’t beat a woman. So he had to let the other party follow him with a cold face. After all, for a teenager of his age, having such a beautiful admirer can also be said to be a very proud thing. But apart from letting her follow him, he hadn’t touched her at all but behind his back, the news of his secret puppy love came out.


Before he could even react, rumors about his puppy love causing his lover to have an abortion had spread all over the place. As evidenced by the photos that resembled him as much as 70%, the rumors became more and more intense. This rumor became a huge matter and even his middle school heard of it. The school even gave him a notice about punishment. The school’s attitude towards him confirmed the authenticity of the rumors.


After being punished, Yuan Feng, with his own eyes saw that the beautiful school girl who had lied being pregnant, smiling and hugging his twelve-year-old but already tall half-brother. The two of them were so intimate that they kissed as if there was no one around them. And the good brother who grew up with him[half brother] was broken.


This blatant betrayal made Yuan Feng become extremely disgusted. He hated them so much that he wished to slash these three people thousands of times. As a result, the violent scene of him beating his half-brother happened to be shot by the crew of The Metamorphosis and became one of his dark materials.


All of these events were interlinked with one another. They completely targeted him by using his weaknesses and he, without defense, fell miserably into the trap.


After taking a nap for a while, Yin Minglu woke up. After all, his hair was still wet. After waking up, he said to the boy sitting beside the bed: “Yuanfeng, your whole body stinks.” Can you stay a little bit away from a sweet-smelling person like me? Hah!!! (showing-off emoji)


The teenager’s mood which was already bad suddenly turned worse.


Who on earth had deliberately let go of the bathroom to give this little idiot a bath first, for fear that he was gonna caught cold like yesterday, huh??? And now this little dude was abandoning him because he smelled bad???


The eldest master’s extremely dark pupils glared dangerously at the little idiot who was “babbling childish words” as if he[YF] wanted to eat him alive, but the other person looked back at him with a careless look as if the kiddo was not afraid of his cold face at all. Yuan Feng swears that those innocent little eyes of this fool kid can kill people. Ugh!!!


The little dude urged him to take a bath.


The door closed with a “pah”.


Luo Cuimiao, who was passing by, fearfully watched Yuan Feng, the great devil king, going out of the room holding his clothes with a fierce expression on his face and stepped into the bathroom.


The eldest master’s anger came quickly and disappeared quickly. After all, this cute little idiot was much more likable than his bastard brother. At least, he doesn’t have to worry about the other party throwing a slut woman to mess with him, who then will falsely claim that she is pregnant with his child so that she can ruin him.


After analyzing everything, he got out of the bathroom and sat on the bed next to the little fool again. His mood was particularly good. He waved to the little kiddo beside him enthusiastically: “You should come to my bed to sleep. We’ll chat the entire night and talk about your parents.” The handsome eldest master tried to coax the little fool. He patted most of the bed he had specially vacated, with a smile on his face. He was just acting like an energetic showy guy.


Why was this guy suddenly overflowing with brotherly love? Could it be that he wanted to pull him in and beat him up? OMG!! NO! NO! Yin Minglu glanced at him suspiciously and walked over cautiously.


Before the kiddo could walk in, he was pulled over by the strong arms of the boy and hugged into the bed. Yin Minglu tried to break free a few times but he was unable to resist, so he had to lie down obediently.


The Luo family’s bed was small and the quilt was small too. The mosquitoes and flies were too rampant at night and the wooden boards of the bed without mattress underneath were hard. The two young masters with delicate skin and tender flesh had a real experience of what Princess Pea[1] must have felt like. It was hard for them to fall asleep every night. Coupled with Yuan Feng’s tall stature, it was even harder for the two of them to sleep on the same bed.


Yin Minglu thought for a while. For his own comfort, he took the initiative to adjust his posture and crawled into the opponent’s arms.


The eldest master was shocked, “Why are your feet so cold?”


“Well (pout), my feet are really cold ah.” The child curled up, shook his cold feet, and obediently agreed.


So before going to bed, the two of them held up a pot of hot water like an old woman before going to bed. They continuously complained and cursed those mosquitoes. At the same time, they soaked their feet in the hot water and got up late the next day. But the relationship between the two was rather a lot more intimate.


Before coming here, Yuanfeng hadn’t thought much about the countryside. He hadn’t expected that spending days here would be so difficult. He could neither eat well nor sleep well. It was simply miserable. This was the time he realized the benefits of having a companion. He definitely wouldn’t have been able to stand it alone. Thank god!!! He had this little idiot to comfort him. The two people accompanied and complained to each other and they were somehow able to survive the days.


However, it was impossible to expect this young master to work hard and not to be lazy. The next day he encouraged the little fool to sleep together with him until it was already too late in the morning. He wanted to go on a strike to show the director team.


That fucker third city’s guest hasn’t even come yet, so why were they being forced to do all the work not leaving anything for the other party. The subtext was: We are doing everything. What did that guy do? Does he want to enjoy the blessing as soon as he comes? Hehe, how cute his thoughts are!!!


In the name of taking care of the sick little idiot, he deliberately stayed in bed and didn’t get off. He even wanted to get sick together with Yin Minglu. Every night, he encouraged the little idiot to take a shower with more hot water and leave the cold water to him.


Yin Minglu: ….


It’s a pity that things went against his wishes. The young master was strong and he was not ill even after a few days of cold bathing. But instead, he was more energetic and lively. He had to say that he was ill with his healthy mouth. The directors couldn’t help themselves. The girl who came to supervise them was anger to death and gritted her teeth.


But Yuan Feng obediently let her ridicule them. Yuan Feng, the handsome dude, isn’t someone who uses mockery words or any kind of counterattack to these kinds of rude and attention seeker girls. The eldest master is a very chill guy who “doesn’t listen to others’ nonsense”. He ain’t listening to the show of anyone’s attitude. In short, just Shut The Fuck Up!!! Bitch!!! And no one can change his mind.


When the third city’s guest Xia Ming arrived, he saw this scene.


He opened the wooden door with a creaking sound. The cold wind from outside followed in and the two kids, wrapping themselves with a quilt like silkworms on the bed trembled.


A little head with brown hair appeared from the quilt. The boy looked younger. He stretched out his slender and delicate arms and rubbed his eyes. He looked dumbfounded but still stared at him curiously.


The big one turned over impatiently. He didn’t care who the other guy was. He buried his head in the pillow, and said, “Who is there???  Just come in if you want to come in and shut the door. Don’t you know how cold is this damn crappy place???”


Seeing this couple of two young people lying on the bed as if they were in a dazed state, Xia Ming changed his line of sight. He did not say anything. He just closed the door silently and unpacked his luggage.


What the photographer hadn’t noticed was an unnoticeable smile and nostalgia in his eyes.


It’s still the same as in his previous life, Both of them had greeted him from the bed. In the beginning, they were cold and indifferent towards him. After all, he had come three days late in this life as before and the two of them had faintly grouped together. Only that child would greet him with innocence and curiosity, but it was a pity that he didn’t cherish this kindness in his previous life, leaving a lifetime of regret. And Yuan Feng, who was indifferent to him at the beginning, will become his lifelong best friend after just a few months of getting along.


He thought these things had been forgotten long ago. But once again, he found that all these memories were still so clear. He remembered the expressions and tone of his two companions clearly, including his unsuccessful first love of the previous life, Luo Qiaoling.


No, she hasn’t changed her name yet. She should still be called Luo Cuihua now.




[1] Reference to the fairy tale, ”The Princess And The Pea”.

Thank you guys for reading. Please feel free to comment your thoughts. 🙂

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