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TVITC Chapter 3

Little fool and middle-aged version of Long Aotian[3]

  Before dinner, the group of people speeded up and finally arrived in the village. The program crew breathed a sigh of relief.

  The city’s other main guest, like Yin Minglu, also had started today. The other side of the mountain road was also bumpy and difficult to walk.

  This was planned by the program team at the beginning. They gave the two young masters a whole day to climb the mountain road. The time period of one day was more than enough to climb these few kilometers of mountain road. But even though the program group allocated enough time, the two young masters still failed to keep up with the time.

  Yin Minglu was very cooperative on this side but lacked ability. On the other side, the other guest had enough ability but his attitude was extremely uncooperative. He would rather sleep on the street than cooperate, which led to the same result of time delay.

  After the people behind these two brats met, they only needed one look.

  Because of the ongoing shooting, the village was very lively and crowded with the villagers. Seeing the people from the program group came over, many people who had already started eating dinner also came out to watch with their bowls.

  The roads in the countryside are not easy to walk. The dogs are not tied with the chain and they only know how to bark. Under the dim lights of the warm dusk, the villagers’ had curiosity in their eyes. Because the city was too far and desirable, everyone wanted to see the children of the city. There were many people watching the excitement. So Yin Minglu and another city child were surrounded by people like a gorilla in a zoo. The scene was noisy for some time, “I see! They are really worthy of being children from the city. They look really good!”

  ”Yes, Yu Sheng is going to be a son to a rich family in the city. I heard that the family is not only rich and powerful but also has a very strong background. The Luo family is going to prosper!” The other people’s voices were full of envy.

  They also went to the village chief to register, but Luo family was selected by the program group, saying that there were children and daughters in that family. The children also met the conditions of exchange for their ages. This made many families with only one child feel upset.

  After finally waiting for the show crew to clear the road and drive the villagers away, the filming returned to normal.

  As soon as the villagers approached, the other city child showed disgust. He was disgusted by these people’s behavior of eating rice while talking while holding rice in their mouths. So instead of waiting for the action of the program group, he strode forward on his own, leaving everyone far behind.

  Yin Minglu took a step slower and quickly followed up with his suitcase while humming.

 As mentioned in the discussion of the villagers, the family who exchanged this time on ”The Metamorphosis” was the Luo family. The Luo family is considered rich in this small remote county town, but in the eyes of well-informed people, there is still an unconcealed taste of poverty from head to toe.

  In addition to the village chief’s house, the Luo family’s house has the best housing conditions. They have several acres of fertile land and a tractor at home that can travel to and from the county. There are pigs, chickens, etc., which can ensure self-sufficiency. Their living conditions are quite well. The couple usually farms at home. Their ancestors have been farmers for three generations.

  Father Luo also went out to see big cities when he was young. He was different from other honest farmers, and his brain cells were active. When the ”The Metamorphosis” program group was looking for exchanging family, he immediately realized that this was a good opportunity to change his own destiny. So he actively recommended his family and went to the village chief’s home to give gifts to his[chief] family members from time to time to coax, and finally stood out from the competitors.

  His family was also eligible for exchange. Not only there were three children in the family but there were also “backstories” that the show team liked to talk about. After he was determined to win this chance, he began to decorate his house and told his children to perform well in order to make a good impression on the national audience.

  When the first young master entered the Luo family’s yard, the people in the courtyard immediately stood up to greet him. They were all amazed by the appearance of the visitor.

  He was a black-haired teenager who was about fourteen or fifteen years old. He was handsome and fair-skinned. He was wearing a set of expensive casual clothes. He was tall and thin. He had slightly raised eyes and resentment between his eyebrows. At first glance, it was a child from the city, with an extraordinary temperament.

  The Luo family had never seen such a glamorous person in their entire life, so they couldn’t help but become more cautious.

  Even if the program team said that they were ordinary people, they couldn’t help lowering their voices and greeted him politely.

  This rich second-generation child was called Yuanfeng. He is the prince of the Yuan family in the capital which is rich and powerful. He eats, drinks, and plays like a good-for-nothing young master on weekdays. Because he is loved by his elders, his life has always been smooth. But he was framed by his father’s illegitimate son and stepmother and was sent to the countryside cruelly on the grounds that he didn’t take responsibility well for his early love.

  According to the plot, even if he participated in this show, Yuan Feng, who was spoiled for lawlessness since childhood, still had a willful and arrogant personality. He was a ”my life my rules” type of “bad boy” and the guest that made the least effort in the history of the show. After returning to the Yuan family, the young man even took away his father’s power with a resolute and domineering attitude, turning the entire capital upside down, fully demonstrating his level of hatred.

  According to the plot, this prince Yuanfeng, who was calculated by his stepmother to join the show, did all sorts of disgusting things in the countryside to offend the national audience. But he looked more outstanding than celebrities, he had a strong family background and his behavior was also quite charismatic. As a result, many girls regarded him as a dream lover, and also created a lot of internet stalking group. Therefore, although he was still arrogant and domineering, netizens didn’t hate him at all. They even turned him into a small well-known Internet celebrity, which face-slapped his stepmother’s calculation of wanting him to lose face in front of a national audience.

  The other city’s main guest Xia Ming was equally popular, which face-slapped the original intention of the program group.

  The genius Xia Ming was pampered, and the bad boy Yuan Feng was the center of attention. Only the original owner, Yin Minglu, could not get anything. He was instead given a derogatory nickname “rich second generation fool”.

  Yin Minglu must avoid getting this nickname this time.

  Carrying the suitcase, he stepped into Luo’s house and walked through the high threshold. People there were amazed seeing him too. These two city’s children were really handsome. They were more good-looking than the prettiest girl in the village.

  They rubbed their hands shyly, for fear that they would scare the two guests, “Are you guys hungry, did you eat dinner or not? I’ll call my daughter to give you warm food.”

  ”Wa’er[daughter], talk to these brothers.” The adults desperately winked at the two girls of the Luo family, and signaled them not to stay still, and follow the guests to entertain them.

  The Luo family’s youngest daughter was Luo Cuimiao. She was only ten years old this year. She was in the third grade of an elementary school in the village. It was because the family needed someone to work, she was dragged on for one year, and she was only in the first grade at the age of eight. But compared with the girls from other families in the village, she was already very lucky. Not only could she study, but if she continues having good grades, she can continue to study in junior high school too.

  Luo Cuimiao was very shy in front of these two beautiful brothers from the city. She twisted the corners of her clothes and spoke in Mandarin with a local accent. She said in a very low voice: “Brothers, do you want to eat? I’ll go and heat the food.”

Facing the attentiveness of the Luo family, Yuan Feng’s expression was a little cold. He looked at the furnishings in the room with a deep gaze, from the dusty chandeliers to the tables, chairs, and benches. They were so dirty that people wanted to touch the dirt with the fingernails to know how many years they had used it. He could see it clearly with naked eyes. Not to mention the smell of poultry coming from the backyard, it went straight into his nose, making his stomach tumbling and nauseous.

  His face turned blue and pale. When he thought that he was going to stay in such a disgusting place for three months, he was in a mood to eat his father raw.

  His attitude was no better while facing these people.

  Luo Cuimiao was ignored. She was only a ten-year-old child, after all, she looked around at a loss.

  Unlike her little sister’s enthusiastic posture, her elder sister Luo Cuihua’s attitude was very cold. The corners of her mouth appeared flat in the camera. There was a touch of coldness between her eyebrows. Her hands were clasping her chest. Staring at the two guests, it seems that as long as they express their dislike for her family, she will rush forward at any time to fight for reasons, and use her clever teeth to defend herself and this little poor but warm home.

  It’s best to make these two willful and stubborn young masters speechless. Then she will become famous, and the program group will edit her entry in a timely manner accompanied by the words like [Fourteen-year-old girl, sensitive and stubborn, although born in the rural area but has a strong sense of justice. Her soul is neither too humble nor overbearing].

  They will spread ​​a wave of praise about her personality and feelings.

  Her fake persona was designed by the director team at the beginning. The younger sister Luo Cuimiao didn’t know it. She was a little worried, for fear that her eldest sister’s attitude would annoy the two brothers from the city. After all, in exchange, her elder brother went to one of them’s houses, and that family was very rich. If they were lucky, her elder brother will still have a chance of adoption. Someone will support her elder brother’s studies. Even the two of the sisters can get help. Then they can go out of the mountains and change their fate.

  She wants to go to high school after junior high school. If conditions permit, she still wants to go to university in a big city. She wants to go to the capital Tian Anmen. She wants to go to the Guilin landscape mentioned in the elementary school textbook. She wants to go to too many places. The two elder brothers in front of her and the third elder brother who’ll come a few days later, as long as the family behind them is willing to provide a little help, the dreams of her and her parents can be fulfilled.

  She knew that these two elder brothers from the city were forced to come here by the program crew, and they didn’t like their home at all, but Luo Cuimiao didn’t dare to offend them. She always had to maintain a good temper.

  It was good for her mom and dad, her brother and sister, and even herself. She hopes that this somewhat fierce brother will not mind her sister’s attitude.

  Luo Cuimiao pulled the corners of her elder sister’s clothes secretly, hoping that she would restraint her attitude. If they won’t treat the guests properly, the guests will be angry. The old man in the room also noticed that his eldest child’s attitude was wrong, and his eyes were inquiring.

  Luo Cuihua pushed her little sister’s hand away, snorted coldly, and continued to embrace her chest on the sidelines, maintaining her personality, not only towards Yuanfeng but also towards Yin Minglu.

  Yuan Feng’s extremely dark and bright eyes stared at the girl for a few seconds, and then looked away.

  Let’s not say that Luo Cuihua’s appearance was just like the typical beautiful young lady from a small family. Even if she looked like a flower, when any woman inexplicably gives him cold eyes and cold eyebrows, the young master[YF] hates that. So he did not want to care about her.

  If she gives him a cold face, he will only give her a colder face.

  Was it him who wanted to come to this small chaotic place as a guest willingly? Who was she giving this insulting face?

  After discovering that Yuanfeng was not easy to serve, Luo Cuimiao became anxious. She was sweating on her forehead. The people from the show crew only cared about filming. They just took the shot, taking pictures of their embarrassing stalemate at the moment and her embarrassed appearance. The show team was happy to see such a confrontation between urban children and enthusiastic and concerned rural children.

  Luo Cuimiao eagerly persuaded: “Brother, eat something.” She knows that people in the city lead a good life. So, these two brothers are very indifferent to the roasted sweet potato and bran for dinner in the countryside. She can also realize that the two new brothers are in a bad mood, and this move is nothing but anger. But now that they are all here, the fact that they will live in the village for three months in the future cannot be changed, and stubbornness will not help. Anyhow, it’s better for them to eat a bite to fill their stomach.

  ”I won’t eat.” The young master said coldly.

  The voice just fell.

  At this moment, the young boy’s belly made a grunting sound, which was extremely loud, which instantly broke the silent air and attracted the attention of everyone in the room.

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