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TVITC Chapter 24

Little fool and middle-aged version of Long Aotian[24]

Translator: Prakriti Bhatta

Because there was no man holding the VCR, the next shots were all fixed in one direction.

The child’s mother was sitting on the sofa. Her beautiful face was obviously exhausted as if all her strength had been consumed by socializing outside during the day. But she still cheered up and waved to the child who was sitting obediently at the table: ” Minglu, come here, have you finished your homework?”

The little guy on the stool nodded when he heard the mother’s call. He ran over immediately.

The child’s appearance while running was too cute. But his little face was slightly wrinkled. When his mother was checking his homework, he lowered his head and picked up the corner of her clothes.

The expression of the beautiful woman was obviously ugly. She weakly pointed to the topic on the paper and said, “Didn’t mom already teach you this before? Why did you do it wrong again? Can’t you even do this simple topic? Promise your mother, you won’t do it wrong again! You… if you continue being like this…… when your mother gets old in the future, who will protect you? ”

The woman didn’t say what she meant by ”if you continue being like this” but her voice was getting louder and louder as if she was trying to vent the exhaustion of the day’s sufferings. As she talked, tears filled her beautiful eyes.

Seeing his mother who was suddenly crying, a beautiful little doll-like boy bowed his head and looked confused. From time to time, he glanced at his mother’s face and blinked innocently with those big black delicate eyes as if he didn’t understand what wrong thing he had done again. How can I make my mother cry again?

But even though he didn’t understand, the little guy still apologized obediently. Those little hands gently shook his mother’s hand and said tenderly, “Mom, don’t cry. It’s all my fault, don’t be angry~” The innocent child didn’t know that this was his mom’s anger due to her powerlessness. But he still used childish language to comfort his crying mother.

Faced with such a cute little angel, the beautiful woman cried out even more loudly. She must have thought obviously she was suffering but her child didn’t know why she was hurting.

This scene made netizens feel uncomfortable. For no reason, they were stung in their heart by the phrase “If you continue being like this, when your mother is old, who will protect you”. Many people who have already become parents feel the same. Only after having children can they better understand what it means to “love their children and wish for their better future.”

As time passed, the child grew up a few years old. But now, he was in a van. The wind whistling outside the window was very noisy. But the child was quiet all the way. His small face was silent. His mother was crying beside him but he still didn’t say a word.

During the driving, Lin Shuwu, a mother who was sad for her son, negotiated with the staff from time to time, asking whether she could bring fruit snacks or the calcium tablets that the child was used to eating before going to bed, etc. into the village. Every time, she was “coldly” rejected by the staff claiming that this was the rule of the program group and each guest had no privileges and they could not make an exception.

After getting off the bus, the beautiful woman wanted to be with her child a little longer. Seeing that the child could not lift the suitcase, her heart seemed to hang in her throat. She took a few steps to help but was rejected by the staff. They said they hoped that every family member will not spoil their children too much because this is not love but harm.

Under the rigorous guidance of the staff, the beautiful woman had to grit her teeth and turn her heart out. In front of them, she could not say anything.

And the child stared idiotically as if he really did not expect that his mother would really leave him. He stayed where he was, forgetting the other actions. His little face was weeping like an abandoned baby bird that didn’t want its mom to leave. He looked extremely pitiful.

Following the action, such a line appeared on the screen:

【When we were children, it was always difficult for us to learn new things by ourselves. The persecution of our parents might have been severe, but it makes us a better version of ourselves. If parents don’t force their children to learn 72 changes today, who will bear the 72000 difficulties for their children in the future? 】

【If you love your children, you must learn to let go. In the future, you might not be with them. Sooner or later they must learn to face everything by themselves. 】

【If a chick doesn’t experience these, how can it grow its own wings? 】

As if in order to strengthen the persuasive power, in the next few seconds, a wonderful animated scene was shown. In the desolate wilderness, on the steep cliff, an adult eagle cruelly took its child away. Pushed down from the warm nest, The young eagle was caught off guard and let out a stern and tender cry when it was suddenly pushed down from the warm nest.

The scene was so cruel that the audience in front of the TV couldn’t help covering their mouths and exclaiming.

And what happened next made them stare in disbelief, because the little young eagle struggling to shake his wings at the critical moment when he was about to fall to the ground finally learned to fly after exhaustion—

The little wings fluttered messily in the air but they flew higher and farther from time to time. The little eagle finally fought the sky and became a qualified eagle in the clear sky.

This “mother eagle” is a classic film of CCTV’s animal world. Many people have seen it before. They had even read it in kids’ Chinese textbooks and composition materials. But under this situation, combined with Lin Shuwu’s cruelty in front, the similarity between the two was even more moving!

Even Yin Minglu, who was watching the video with his mobile phone, had to sigh thinking that the ”Metamorphosis” is worthy of being an educational program. They use very handy materials to teach. The program team knows what kind of picture can accurately capture the viewers’ hearts, move them, and make them cry.

And Lin Shuwu’s acting skills are also at the award-winning level. Many of the shots were completely made up later. So after editing, there was no shadow of Han Shihao, that stepfather of her child at all. From start to finish, Lin Shuwu was the only one who had been negotiating with the show crew. Obviously, the program team also knew that the second marriage of “Sister of the Republic of China” was not suitable for publicity. Especially after showing how much she has ”suffered” alone. T/N: You guys don’t know how much I hate this Lin Shuwu despite how hard the author is trying to whitewash her!

Lin Shuwu herself also knew that the weaker she acted in front of the audience, the more sympathy they would get from them. The world’s doubts about Yin Minglu would be much less. Coupled with the fact that the grievances in the past few years are real grievances, her acting skills naturally were natural, almost oscar winning acting.

If it wasn’t for Yin Minglu who knew the plot well and knew clearly that it was because of Han Shihao’s instigation that Lin Shuwu, who was dazzled by love, cruelly had sent the original owner to the mountain, after reading this version, he definitely would have been brainwashed. It can be seen that the editing and recording were excellent.

However, the effect of such acting was very good. Lin Shuwu, who cooperated with the filming of the program group, became a representative of the “kind mother” and conquered everyone with the boundless performance of maternal love. Whether it’s “My sister of the Republic of China is old, but she is more beautiful”, “The truth behind the sister of the Republic of China sending Yin Minglu to the program”, “Mother eagle’s cruel love” or topics such as “the secret greatness of a mother” all set off a high degree of popularity on the Internet.

The popularity remained high and a win-win situation was achieved. This season, the ratings of this program soared like a rocket. The program crew applauded and couldn’t help but celebrate with wine and food.

They didn’t have any loss. On the surface, the program crew’s attitude was somewhat ruthless, ignoring a mother’s plea, always saying “no exceptions”, and rigidly teaching “no spoiling”. But under such a cold face and selflessness, doesn’t it appear that the program group is fair and just? So after this, the netizens who had previously insulted the program began to praise and completely destroy the topic of “this program has a script”.

As one of the protagonists of the program, Yin Minglu has received widespread attention. The audience has shown pity and love for his experience. He has completely gotten rid of his reputation as a rich second-generation fool. But instead, people who hated him became a fool. His supporters spontaneously helped him to speak and defended him, “he is not a fool, okay? he is just a special child sent by the god.”, “you are willing to call this child a fool? are you even a human?”

Over time, everyone knew that this pair of orphan and widow occupied the hearts of many people. It’s not that no one suspects that it is a scripted thing but there is no evidence. And people who think like this are very few. Neither Lin Shuwu nor the program team would allow leaking anything for their benefit anyway.

However, the turmoil on the Internet has not affected the small mountain village that has no Internet access. The teenagers were still working hard. Today, they are going to donate goods and go to the market. Tomorrow, they will help fellow villagers build houses and strive to be good socialist boys.

During this period, probably because everyone knew her schemes, Luo Cuihua ignored her parents’ instructions. So her attitude towards the teenagers became even colder, waiting for them to beg her. After all, Father Luo and Mother Luo often went to town. So she was the owner of that house. The teenagers always needed to ask her for everything. Haha, only she knows the shortcut to study in the town.

In response, the three teenagers rolled their eyes and were even more lazy to care about her. If they lacked something, they would go to the next door to borrow it. There were a lot of people who were willing to give it to them. If there is nothing to eat, they will go to the village to have a meal and most of them are willing to entertain them for dinner. As for the shortcut, she stubbornly refused to speak but her good schemes had already “betrayed” her.

They could do everything they wanted without the help of that girl. So naturally, they didn’t understand what Luo Cuihua was trying to do with all that ”give me your attention” kind of things. She always has an expression of “You don’t pay attention to me today, sooner or later I will make you unable to climb high”. She often accuses them of being rich and domineering and doing whatever they want; saying that they have nothing but money, and if they don’t have money, they are nothing; She also said that they just had a good pair of parents. If they joined the farm, they would definitely be inferior to her, and so on.

The little guy was aggrieved. Yuanfeng wanted to hit that bitch but he didn’t understand how come such an unreasonable woman existed in this world. Their fate of the last life was completely broken.

After inquiring about the mountain road, the three teenagers, under the leadership of the villagers, walked the mountain road for more than an hour before they finally reached the middle school. The few elders who almost broke their legs after walking so long were still complaining and cursing. But they were soon greeted by the teachers and students of the school which made them both surprised and shocked. They were so “moved” that they were speechless.

Eighty percent of the people in this school were from nearby rural areas. Their family is poor and they usually cherish reading and writing. Faced with the three city’s brothers who donated a bunch of books and stationery to them, they all spontaneously smiled on their dark and simple faces. They appeared extremely sincere and happy.

All the teachers and students held a program. Everyone surrounded three star-like teenagers and everyone clapped their hands and sang folk songs. Then a group of young boys and girls in ethnic costumes came out together, singing and dancing with them around the bonfire, pushing the atmosphere to a higher level.

Three teenagers and a group of people held hands, surrounded the fire, kicked and jumped circle after circle, with the happiest smile since entering the mountain on their faces.

This has also become the most impressive scene of this season. It was full of warmth. At this moment, the three city’s teenagers have realized the truth, goodness, and beauty of the countryside slowly getting rid of their bad memories of here. They are slowly becoming friendly, kind, and considerate.

Yuanfeng has changed the most. Seeing this group of children welcoming him, he actually ”cried” with excitement! Netizens sighed, saying that they couldn’t tell that the softest heart among the three teenagers turned out to be of Yuanfeng.

In front of everyone, Yuan Feng rubbed his red eye sockets and said to Yin Minglu with some wonder: “Their dance is so strange. They kicked the sand under my feet and now my eyes are all red because of it. It hurts. You help me to blow.”

Yin Minglu was about to stand on tiptoe and his little red mouth was already bulging. When he was about to blow, he heard Yuanfeng say again, “Forget it, you’re short, I’ll do it myself.”

He: “…” Fuck you!

[Are you seeing the big knife in my hand???!!! I will give you a chance to reorganize your language.jpg]

Because it hurt to face the wind directly , Yuanfeng had hidden himself and wiped his tears caused by the sand. He didn’t know, the moment when he lowered his head and wiped tears with red eyes, it happened to be taken by a photographer who was “ill-intentioned”. The young boy had bowed his head and wiped his tears because of the sand that went into his eyes but it was interpreted with other meanings.

If he knew that the program group misinterpreted him in this way, Yuan Feng would have cursed “Fuck You”.


The author has something to say:

Cp is Yuanfeng, it’s so obvious.

Thank you guys for reading. Please feel free to comment your thoughts. 🙂

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  1. bliss says:

    Man now I understand why people hate the mother. Wow she acts as the miserable victim… And a kind mother.
    I won’t say she didn’t try being a good mother but she really is not a good mother.
    She should have already fucking divorced that pedo but it doesn’t seem like she did?
    Like what the fuck? If anyone finds out their husband is a pedo just fucking divorce him and report him.
    I mean I understand being blinded and manipulated but she has to understand she is responsible for the safety of her child not just herself.

  2. Baldingère says:

    Basically, everybody here has a messy family that pretends to be nice outside.
    MC and the two rich boys, and the cute little sister and the brother in the city. Sigh. I hope they stop interacting with their mean family members.
    Thank you for the chapters!

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