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TVITC Chapter 20

Little fool and middle-aged version of Long Aotian[20]

Translator: Prakriti Bhatta

After a few days, the child looked even better.

He is worthy of being the descendant of a handsome man and a beautiful woman. This child inherited all the good genes of his parents and got such an outstanding face. Because he was still young, he looked pretty and lively like the tender lotus root making people’s hearts feel itchy.

Han Shihao himself did not expect that the person who usually looked like a little quail in front of him would have such a lively and lovely side in the show. He secretly wondered whether his stepson had been suppressed in the mansion for a long time, so when he was exposed to nature, he got his freedom and got this lively side of him?

The more he watched the child, the more his eyes turned darker. His throat was rolling as well.

Han Shihao himself was lustful. Seeing the village girl bending in the field, he thought of different dirty scenarios in his mind while still maintaining his usual expression.

There is no shortage of people who have unique tastes in their circle. It’s not that no one likes that kind of village girl who comes from a rural area and has a strong personality. If they want to get these kinds of girls, it’s very simple. All they need to do is to trick the people in this village into money schemes. After the villagers who don’t know much about the cities enter the devil’s plan, it is not surprising that they will sell their children to people like him.

There will also be a guarantee that from the beginning to the end, it will be a fair transaction between the two parties. He won’t have to get involved in any kind of fraud or sexual crimes for it.

Looking at the boring scenes in the show, Han Shihao could only be patient. After watching the short introduction of the parents and the conflicts between the members of the small family, he only felt better after his stepson appeared.

While watching the program, he didn’t know how many times he got hard. He felt a little reluctant to send his stepson to heaven so quickly.

Maybe he should not rush for now… He’ll enjoy with this child before he dies.

There are many ways to deal with this child……. such as putting some kind of drugs in the child’s juice. The child loves the sweetness and no one can stop him from eating it. The kid is also easy to coax and then he will be able to do whatever he wants to do with that child.

Just as Han Shihao was feeling itchy, he received a call from his niece. He turned off the TV for the time being and picked it up.

A charming young girl yelled on the other end, “Uncle, my self-study is over. Will you come to pick me up?” The background on the other end of the phone was a bit noisy as if she was on a street outside the campus.

Han Shihao said: “I’m already at home. I’ll call Uncle Li to pick you up.”

This was a disguised refusal but the girl refused to comply and continued: “I don’t want Uncle Li to come. I want you to come here in person. I’ll wait for you here. Otherwise, uncle, when can you take control of the Jin family? I really hate that bastard Jinhong. He is merciless and stupid. He is full of fat in his brain. He does me ”that” all day long. I can’t wait to kick him and teach him how to be a man! What else that Mrs. Jin had said, “Jin Hong” is similar to “Jing hong”(beauty and lightness of human body)…. yuck! Is that fat guy worthy of that name?”

The girl’s voice was already clear and sweet. Moreover, the person she was speaking to right now was her dear ”uncle”. So even if she was complaining like a baby, she sounded very much like a girl in love. She sounded very cute and pleasant.

Han Shihao didn’t have the slightest sympathy. He said: “Who told your stupid father to exchange you with the Jin family for only one million.”

The girl’s name was Han Tianyu. She was Han Shihao’s relative.

As the saying goes, when one person succeeds in his life, his entire family succeeds too. After Han Shihao succeeded in his career, he also took care of all the Han family, including his elder brother’s family. It is a pity that after he became rich, his attitude was still poorer than anyone else. After Brother Han entered the city, he relied on his excellent brother to mix with the local rich children who were ignorant and pampered. He didn’t fall behind in eating and drinking, betting, gambling, and smoking. He lost everything to the Jin family.

The eldest son of the Jin family, Jin Hong, saw that his biological daughter was beautiful. So he immediately fell in love with her.

Since then, Han Tianyu has become Jin Hong’s fiancée. The two families have already announced to everyone saying that they will get married as soon as she graduates.

Seeing she was graduating soon and Jin Hong’s actions becoming more and more presumptuous, the girl panicked. She was depending on her wise and handsome uncle to quickly destroy the Jin family. She really couldn’t stand Jin Hong, that disgusting fat man.

She curses him but he still smiles and flirts with her. Tonight, he actually wanted to take her to the bar. If it wasn’t for the friendship between the two families, she would have given him a kick on his crotch long ago. She really wants to completely castrate him. She couldn’t wait for that little fool to come back and blame him for everything. The girl who was thinking so viciously completely forgot that the other party was her fiancé and the extravagant pieces of jewelry and beautiful clothes and bags on her body all came from the same man.

But she already had thought of long-term plans in her mind. According to her, when Lin Shuwu married her uncle, the Yin family already belonged to the Han family; and the Jin family now depends on the Han family for economics. Sooner or later it will belong to the Han family as well. These pieces of jewelry can only be said to be her getting her own property in advance. How can it be said that it is a gift from her fiance?

What’s more, she never wanted this marriage! That thing naturally doesn’t count as a gift!

Han Shihao said: “That kid from the Jin family is a reckless man. You are clever and smart. You will play with him for a few more years. I will arrange for you to go abroad for a few years after graduation.” He hasn’t finished digesting the Yin family now. How can he spare his efforts to clean up the Jin family which has a profound background and a great family history? It’s extremely hard to destroy this family.

“I don’t want to go abroad. What should I do if I miss you after going abroad.” The girl said softly. “My dear uncle, do everything faster ah.”

Han Shihao couldn’t say much on the phone, so he could only agree to it. He put his lips on the side of the phone and said ambiguously: “Just wait and see how I’ll ”do” you after you come back.” The man smiled weirdly as if he was giving a certain kind of special hint.

The girl couldn’t help laughing. She replied, “Then you come and pick me up. I’ll wait for you in our usual place.”

The phone was stuck to his ear. Han Shihao immediately began to change his clothes. He changed his clothes while throwing some sweet words. At this moment, a mature female voice sounded, “Shihao, who are you calling?”

It was Lin Shuwu. She walked into the door, frowning slightly. She looked suspiciously at the man in front of her who was changing his clothes. As she walked up the corridor, she had overheard a few ambiguous words from the man. She couldn’t help but walk in and question the other party.

The woman stared at her husband unblinkingly at this time. Her eyes already had a trace of suspicion.

Han Shihao who hadn’t expected his wife to come back home so suddenly almost broke into a cold sweat. But facing the woman’s gaze that seemed to see through everything, he still smiled calmly and said: “It’s not someone else. It’s Tianyu. She just finished her class and called me to pick her up.”

The man didn’t mean to avoid the answer. He even showed his wife the phone screen. The word “niece” was indeed written on it.

On the other end of the phone, there was a tacit voice from the girl who said, “Hello auntie.”

The man thought he was being clear and frank, but he didn’t notice that when the woman saw the name, her pupils shrank suddenly. Fear of being caught, he hung up the phone.

Lin Shuwu stayed quietly in the room alone, thinking about everything just now. Her beautiful eyes were horrifyingly bright.

Since the last two days, she has received a series of text messages and emails with photos. The photos are all of Han Shihao being intimate with different women. The photos were not that clear but one can easily identify people in the photo at a glance. There is an indescribable ambiguity in it.

She felt ridiculous at first, thinking it was a photoshopped photo. She guessed in her heart that it was an infamous method used by a business partner of the Han family to ruin their relationship. She didn’t know who got her private mobile phone number and sent her these photoshopped photos every day.

She was also worried that Han Shihao’s reputation would be ruined when the photos will be revealed and she would also be implicated as his wife. But the strange thing is that every time she places her finger on the delete button, there is another voice in her heart telling her, don’t delete it and first see the sender’s purpose.

Does that person want to use these photos to irritate her, who has been emotionally unstable recently? That person wants to provoke a conflict between a pair of husband and wife?

Until yesterday, the picture made her tremble all over because it was her husband and his niece! She inexplicably thought that in the past few months since she married into the Han family, she has been able to feel the hostility in the eyes of Han Tianyu. She always thought that this child could not accept the marriage of an affectionate uncle, so she rejected her aunt.

Because the girl is only seven or eight years older than Minglu, she still belongs to the category of children in her eyes. So she has been trying to influence her, but the ice still cannot melt. She sometimes heard the girl curse her a few times by saying “old bitch”, without any respect in her words and deeds. She often trembled with anger but remembering that the girl is her husband’s family and her husband loves and cares about this niece, so she tolerated everything.

She was still puzzled at first. Why is a niece so possessive towards her uncle?

If those photos are real, then all of this can be explained. She always thought her husband saw his niece as a daughter, but that girl’s relationship with her husband has already surpassed the normal relationship between uncles and nieces.

Thinking of the conversation she had just heard on the stairs, Lin Shuwu’s face was pale. Her heart was beating very fast. She almost became unable to maintain calm and composure. So she could only pinch her palms with her nails to revive herself.

She shook her hands. She saved photos one after another and then deleted the text messages and emails.

In the countryside, inside the old Luo family’s house, a cute little boy was pestering a male staff. He shook the arms of that male staff and told him, “Brother, please give me, please give me. I’ll just play for a while – “

The staff with a big face was speechless and said helplessly: “My little ancestor! I gave it to you for so long yesterday. You lost so many times in the game that my account was reported because they thought I was a bot.” It took him a long time to appeal to get back his account today. Is it that easy to play that game?

But the little guy kept looking at him blankly and calling him softly. His little hands were hooking the staff’s hand. He looked like a baby and was really cute. The staff couldn’t refuse him. He thought it was not the first time anyway. So he secretly took out a mobile phone from his pocket and said, “You can only play for half an hour and you can’t tell anyone.” After all, according to this kid’s technique, half an hour is enough for him to lose 1000 times in the game.

The little guy blinked his sullen eyes. He nodded obediently and took the phone happily.

Seeing the child skillfully open the game, the staff felt painful. After struggling for a while, he forgot about it and prayed to get a good group of children in the next season.

In the dark corner where no one was present, the bright light of the mobile phone in the hands of the young boy illuminated those eyes. There was no joy in his eyes of being able to play the game. Instead, there was a cold and merciless light in them.

Thank you guys for reading. Please feel free to comment your thoughts. 🙂

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  1. Avatar Baldingère says:

    So MC was the one sending the pictures??
    I thought his mom had sobered up, but she needed materials to act it seems.

    The author is so talented at writing vomit-inducing things…

    “There is no shortage of people who have unique tastes in their circle. It’s not that no one likes that kind of village girl who comes from a rural area and has a strong personality. If they want to get these kinds of girls, it’s very simple. All they need to do is to trick the people in this village into money schemes. After the villagers who don’t know much about the cities enter the devil’s plan, it is not surprising that they will sell their children to people like him.”

    Dude, you are supposed to be a honest country boy who made it through determination and hard work. I’m speechless.

    Thank you for the chapters!

  2. Avatar Blibblob says:

    Can a person be more disgusting than Han Shihao? 🤢
    Someone should get a hammer to squash that cucumber brain of his

    Thanks for the chapters!

  3. Avatar bliss says:

    i understand the mother tho. she was essentially manipulated by him so i can’t really blame her too much. yeah she made stupid decisions and saw through rose colored glasses but she was venerable and he took advantage of that.
    i think even in the previous life she might have wavered a bit but the scumbag managed to convince her even more.

    also i feel disgusted by his and his niece’s relationship. he fucking groomed her. i just feel so much pity for her. and i kinda hope this foreshadowing of him liking luo cuihua doesn’t go where i think it’s going.

    many chinese dogblood novels tend to think revenge porn rape is acceptable to the villains…

  4. Avatar Rai says:

    …castrate that man. So disgusting argh! Though, I gotta clap for the author because this really achieve their goal (making people hate a character so much). I’m glad that the mother is realizing that she has been manipulated. I really pity the OG Yin Minglu… Well more than just ‘pity’, I even want the bastard to feel wanting to die but couldn’t. Brutal..? He deserves it very much.

    Anw, I’m back~ Wanted to stockpile some chapters but just couldn’t stop myself lmao. Thanks for the chapters! Take good care of your health and don’t push yourself too hard. Drink a lot of warm water, it’s good for your health! (人*´∀`)。*゚As for the harem offer~ hoho guess I’ll just run

  5. Avatar If My Son is Gay I'ma Ship says:

    Rotten carcass

  6. Avatar Somenonameshit says:

    The niece is so fucking disgusting! Slut! She and her uncle are a perfect pair of disgusting animals!

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