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TVITC Chapter 17

Little fool and middle-aged version of Long Aotian[17]

Translator: Prakriti Bhatta

Luo Cuihua’s sudden intrusion shocked everyone in the room. The people who were in the room of the city’s boys were all-male staff members. They were all sitting, chatting, and joking. So the room was full of male hormones. Anyway, the main protagonists of the shooting were these three city’s teenagers. They were the people working behind the scenes, so they naturally could come here at will.

But they all could act so freely based on the fact that there were no women in the room. After all, Yuanfeng himself was still naked. After Luo Cuihua came in, the faces of the people in the room were a little ugly.

After Luo Cuihua screamed, she stayed on the spot at a loss. She had her head lowered. She had a bit embarrassed expression on her face.

Yuan Feng also was scared because of her ugly scream. His hands that were holding the hairdryer almost fell to the ground. He really hated this annoying ndndjfhdjsbd. He directly scolded: “Why didn’t you knock on the door when you came in?”

He has become accustomed to being domineering since he was a child. He knows very well that although this is the Luo family’s house, now the three of them were the owners of this room. This kind of coming in without knocking, what if you see something you shouldn’t see? He usually doesn’t pay much attention to so many things in his own place. Sometimes he needs to change several sets of clothes a day; That guy Xia Ming also has the habit of sleeping naked, not to mention the little fool, who sometimes pees in the bed.

Excluding the cameras shooting them, this room was like a standard male dormitory.

The staff members going there was nothing bad. They were all men after all. They won’t lose anything even if these male staff members see some parts of their bodies. But Luo Cuihua is different. She is a young girl. How can this idiot girl just enter the boys’ room as casually as entering the vegetable markets? Even if she is shameless, she can’t just fool around making others feel ashamed too.

Yuan Feng was extremely dissatisfied. But Luo Cuihua was the owner of this place, after all, so he restrained himself from swearing at her.

He wanted to say a few more words but when he saw the expression on Luo Cuihua’s face which was covered with red blush, he was speechless. Even the roots of her ears were red. When looking at him, a pair of watery eyes showed a bit of shyness. This made him stunned for a moment. The swear words were immediately blocked in his throat.

He couldn’t help but want to ask the girl in front of him, what the fuck is wrong with your expression? But he really felt this girl’s stupidity was not something he could cure with his swear words. So he chose to remain silent over swearing to this pig girl.

Just when he stopped talking, the director came in. He deliberately knocked on the wide-open door to attract the attention of everyone in the room. Then he looked at Yuanfeng seriously and said, “You put your clothes on first.  You come out with me and the rest of the people will go to dinner after they have cleaned up.”

The director had the face of a class teacher who wanted to have a serious talk about life with Yuan Feng.

The director spoke and the others had to go out one after another, leaving behind a few city’s teenagers. Xia Ming obviously guessed something. He glanced at Luo Cuihua, then at Yuan Feng, and smiled a bit. Seeing the child sitting on the bench curiously, he held his hands and took the person away.

He naturally understood what the director was going to talk about because this kind of thing had happened in his previous life too. The director had found that there were signs of ambiguity between the teenagers and Luo Cuihua, so he had educated them with earnest words and stated the dangers of underaged kid’s love and its adverse effects on the show.

At that time, Xia Ming had listened to the director’s words. His childhood education also told him that if you like a girl, you should be respectful, polite, and restrained, so he kept a little distance from Luo Cuihua. Yuan Feng had also said that he’ll be careful but he actually didn’t take it seriously. He turned around and continued to fight with Luo Cuihua, without caring.

Now he thinks about it, maybe he had lost from the beginning. He thought he was being gentle and considerate to the girl, but in fact, that girl did not appreciate it at all.

But he doesn’t know why in his previous life, they were ”educated” by the director about a month later.

He was thinking when the child in his arms raised his face and said: “Are sister Cuihua and Yuanfeng falling in love?”

Xia Ming was shocked and came out of his thoughts. He didn’t expect the two of them to be so obvious that even a kid could tell that they were falling in love.

The little guy blinked his eyes, “My mother said, Dating without the purpose of getting married is a hooligan behavior ~” That’s what Lin Shuwu herself had believed in her entire life. So she will naturally teach her children the same way.

Although she is not sure whether there will be a girl who will not mind the idiotic behavior of her mentally unable child, it does not prevent her from educating him in advance and taking precautions.

This idea was similar to his. Xia Ming smiled, his eyebrows were sharp and compelling, enough to fascinate many girls.

If he educates his sister in this way when she is still young, then even if she only listens halfway, she would not be easily fooled by Han Shihao and she will simply abandon him. Naturally, there would be no tragedy of her jumping out of a building when she is pregnant in junior high school.

He said: “Your mother is right. So you have to be obedient.” This life has been different and he also hopes to see Yin Minglu and his sister both reach the day when they grow up and become adults.

While talking, he rubbed the child’s forehead. But suddenly he couldn’t help but stop because he found that the child’s hair was extremely soft and smoother than anything.

But still, he couldn’t hold back. So he touched it a few more times.

When they returned to the room again, they saw Yuanfeng sitting on the bed, wearing a shirt and half-pant. His two long legs under the pant were stretched out wantonly. His left leg was pressed under the right leg, just casually squeezing the spider-man pillow in between.

The boy had used great strength. So the soft pillows had been squeezed into different shapes, looking extremely distorted.

His expression was cold and he looked extremely angry.

As soon as the director told others to go out and left him alone, he had already realized that this director will be scolding him again. Sure enough, the other party first asked him to get dressed and told him not to act “inappropriately” in the future. He then warned him to keep a distance from Luo Cuihua, saying that they were here in the countryside to receive education, not for him to engage in a romantic relationship with girls.

When did he engage himself in a romantic relationship with girls? Obviously, that pig girl had opened the door and came in by herself. But the director thought he was the first one to provoke the other party.

Yuan Feng was so angry that he almost wanted to hit the director. Anyway, there had been some guests in the past seasons who had beat the shit out of the director. If he will beat this director in this season then it won’t be anything new.

But in the end, he held it back. He explained: “I just had taken a shower. Of course, I didn’t wear any clothes. It was Luo Cuihua who had pushed the door in by herself and screamed out in an ugly voice. Where the hell am I wrong?” He admits that he has the habit of drying his hair without wearing outer clothing. But he was doing it in front of his own roommates. What’s wrong with that? In his home city, he has played shirtless on the basketball court thousands of times. How come no one came to warn him that he was doing something wrong.

What’s more, when he went to work in the field today, many farmers working in the other fields were sweaty and weren’t wearing any clothes except for underwear. Luo Cuihua looked at them and didn’t bark, but when she saw him, she barked. How can he himself be blamed on this? It sounds like he was deliberately seducing that girl. WTF?

Thinking of this, Yuan Feng was full of anger. He felt that this world had no sense of justice at all.

Regarding this point, the director said faintly: “She naturally can come in without knocking because she feels that she has a good relationship with you. After all…humph! you guys are too close.” Otherwise, can people who are unfamiliar with you enter your room casually like this? Fortunately, he hadn’t heard Yuanfeng saying he will drink water from Luo Cuihua’s kettle this afternoon.

He firmly believes that it must be Yuanfeng’s casual attitude that provoked a girl to come into the room casually.

Anyway, for him, Yuanfeng was the unreasonable one no matter what. Yuan Feng couldn’t listen anymore, so he angrily slammed the door and left.

Yuan Feng has become used to it. No matter what happens, everyone subconsciously thinks that he provoked the other parties first. In the beginning, when the rumor of him impregnating a high school girl started to spread, everyone firmly believed that he was an asshole. Then when his half-brother Yuan Jing framed him and tried to ruin his reputation, he had beaten the shit out of that stinky brat. Then again, without understanding him, everyone accused him of beating his brother indiscriminately. Even his biological father scolded him for being cold-hearted and scornful.

He didn’t do anything. He just has to sit and everyone will accuse him of breathing and existing. Whatever he does, he naturally is accused of doing something wrong.

Seeing him angry, Yin Minglu stepped to the bed. He threw off his shoes and then climbed onto the bed, leaning to Yuanfeng’s side.

The little guy murmured a few times and said kindly: “Yuanfeng, you don’t want to eat food or drink water. Are you angry?”

Yuan Feng twitched the corners of his mouth and said, “Who said I was angry? I’m not angry.” As he said this, he tried to give a weird and fake smile to the little guy, which made Xia Ming know that the other party was holding fire in his stomach. How can he not be angry?

However, the little idiot couldn’t see it. So he “believed” that Yuan Feng wasn’t angry. He held his chin and said: “Then can you let go of my pillow? It’s so pitiful. After all, it also has life.”

After all, it was a limited edition Spider-Man pillow that the original owner had bought in the United States. It costs 20,000 yuan.

Is this little fucker kidding with him? Does this damn pillow have a life? Yuan Feng sneered and shouted loudly: “TO PUT IT BLUNTLY, YOU JUST LOVE THIS PILLOW AND DON’T LOVE ME!!” Who comforts a person who is angry like this??? A little fool is a just little fool. He just cares about his pillow. HUMPH!

Humph, he will squeeze this damn pillow a few more times. What can you do you fool! At this time, the little fool also saw that Yuanfeng was angry.

He tilted his little head and childishly said: “Then let’s go to eat. I usually don’t get angry after eating.” What’s more, the Luo family was still waiting for them to eat.

Yuan Feng glanced sideways and said with disgust, “Do you think I am you???” Is he so easy to feed? Can that damn meal extinguish the fire inside his heart?

Yuan Feng said this, but in the next moment he put down the pillow that he had desperately crushed with his hand and followed the little idiot out of bed “very reluctantly”.

The people around couldn’t help but smile.

On the other hand, Luo Cuihua, who was immersed in her own emotions, actually didn’t realize that the director had ”educated” Yuan Feng. She walked to the courtyard in front of Luo’s house in despair. Only when she saw the young widow who was collecting the quilt in the courtyard, she regained her consciousness. She said hello politely, “Hello Aunt Mei.”

In fact, she didn’t want to associate with this widow surnamed Mei. This widow was less than thirty. She and her husband had married early and the man died later. She couldn’t help being lonely. So she tries to relieve her loneliness by doing dirty things with many men of the village. Luo Cuihua was sensitive to the fact that this widow might have relieved her loneliness by doing the dirty things with her father too.

But after all, they were neighbors to this lady. They will inevitably meet with each other. So Luo Cuihua is usually indifferent to this aunt Mei and it was the same today. She wanted to withdraw after a few words.

Seeing that the girl’s pretty face was still red, how could this lonely woman stop herself?

The young widow immediately realized something. She teased Luo Cuihua making weird expressions: “I saw those extremely handsome boys today. Which one did you choose, huh Cuihua?”

That handsome and noble group of people, in addition to the city’s handsome boys, the few staff members were also tall and well-shaped. Of course, the lonely lady will praise them this way.

This topic obviously hit the girl’s heart. She pursed her lips and denied: “Aunt Mei, what are you talking about? It’s nothing.”

Widow Mei smiled as soon as she heard it. The smile went from the corner of her eyes to her lips. She said: “Haha you stupid girl. Your aunt is an experienced person. It’s impossible for me to not know it. Tell your aunt honestly, was it the guy who was walking with you and was soaked all over? I think among the whole crowd, he was the most handsome one.” In fact, Yuanfeng had walked fast. So she hadn’t seen his face clearly, but it’s always right to compliment someone this way. HEHE!

T/N: Oh god How much lonely this aunt is? LOL

Her lonely aunt had already guessed it, so it would have been boring to deny it again.

So Luo Cuihua didn’t shake her head or nod. Widow Mei knew she was talking about the girl’s heart, so she praised Yuanfeng a few more times and the two chatted on the spot.

Although Widow Mei is not close to the Luo family, people in the village have heard about the fact that children from three large families are coming to film the show. She had heard that all of these three are rich and noble and they have high-profile backgrounds.

Rich people like to do charity the most. Their children might be unwilling to live here at first but when they will get used to this place, they will start to love this place over time. Then they will talk to their parents about the development of the village. So the village’s development has some hope.

This is the same case everywhere. If you love something, you will definitely want to change it for the better.

Widow Mei is very keen on matters of men and women and she is extremely experienced too. According to her, a woman must use her body to chase a man. When you are close with a man, you should let a man know the taste of your body to let him not forget your body, so that he’ll remember you for a lifetime even when you are far away. Otherwise, every year, there will not always be so many men who abandon their wives and children because of their love for other woman’s bodies. If a woman doesn’t use her body, would a man be so affectionate for you?

T/N: I’m speechless. Guys, please don’t take this widow’s ”teachings” seriously!

She wanted to persuade Luo Cuihua to chase a boy, no matter which one, as long as they were from the city. Anyway, this girl Luo Cuihua wasn’t that ugly. In her opinion, she was not much worse than the little girls in the city. These young boys who are used to seeing the “high profile and well-maintained girls” in the city might like this new type of “rough and unmaintained girls”? What’s more, these boys are living in Luo Cuihua’s own house. If this stupid girl won’t use her charms to get one of the guys, then she will regret it for her entire life.

She talked a lot. She didn’t know how much Luo Cuihua had heard. She only heard Luo Cuihua saying, “He is a city person. Will he like me?”

Widow Mei said, “tsk tsk tsk you are stupid. Those people in the city are the most generous. If you’ll be with him for several months. Even if you will not be together romantically, you’ll still be able to get some benefits from him.”

This widow is the type who likes new and entertaining things. She does not ask for permanent things. She will just use every second to seize the benefits using other’s feelings. Naturally, she has a lot of real experience in that. And in her opinion, young guys are much more foolish than adults who have some real social experience. When these young kids fall in love early in their life, they will love you for your entire life.

OHH! So you are a type who only seeks benefits by accompanying a man to bed. Humph! I’m different from others. What I want is a person who can be with me for my entire life: Luo Cuihua thought.

Luo Cuihua cursed this widow in her heart. She looks down on such a woman from the bottom of her heart. However………………. she still remembered the shameless methods that the other party had talked about.

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