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TVITC Chapter 15

Little fool and middle-aged version of Long Aotian[15]

Translator: Prakriti Bhatta

Han Shihao had the idea of ​​interfering in the affairs of the Yin family. He was interrupted by a sudden change. Having to withdraw his plans quickly to save the media from exposing him, made him feel extremely embarrassed.

But after all, he is the son of luck in this world. Most of the time, he lives soberer than anyone else and he is smarter than anyone. Soon he calmed down, dealt with his subordinates, and wiped out the traces of his intervention.

Before leaving, he remembered Lin Shuwu. Yesterday he was impulsive and lost his temper to her again. So he went back to the room and coaxed in a good manner: “Baby, I’m sorry. Too many things happened yesterday. In my heart, I was under too much pressure. I didn’t control my temper for a while. I didn’t mean to lose my temper at you.”

The man’s eyes showed distress and regret as if he felt guilty for his behavior and impulse for hurting his beloved one last night. He kissed the woman’s hair intimately and wanted to use this kind of affectionate action to awaken the other’s good memories.

It is true that he loves Lin Shuwu. Otherwise, he would not want to give the other party a costly and dreamlike wedding of the century, so that this woman who was marrying the second time could marry himself gracefully. He can guarantee that this wedding will definitely impress all the spectators who will come to attend.

It is a pity that the planned wedding has not yet been held because Lin Shuwu was sentimental and worried that her child will not be able to accept it. She was worried that the relatives and friends around her will also not be able to accept it.

Thinking of this, Han Shihao had a glimmer of thankfulness in his eyes. Fortunately, this wedding was not held.

Originally, he didn’t want to hold the wedding so early because he hadn’t been able to fully control the Yin family yet. Fortunately, he hadn’t succeeded. If he hadn’t been able to control the Yin family while his high-profile wedding with Lin Shuwu had been exposed in the media, it would have been even more difficult for him to seize the Yin family’s properties in the future.

Whenever he will try to do things, all the media will stare at him.

However, even if their affairs are exposed. He still has a chance to save those properties. For example, if he lets that brat Minglu have an unexpected accident before he reaches the age of legal property inheritance, the Yin family’s properties will become Lin Shuwu’s alone. Then the child he and Lin Shuwu will give birth to will naturally have the right to inherit the Yin family.

With his gentle comfort, Lin Shuwu leaned quietly against the bed. Her beautiful face was very sad as if her thoughts were flying.

Upon seeing this, the man took the woman into his arms with pity. He skillfully comforted her, “Don’t think too much. We will be fine. I promise never to lose my temper at you again, okay? You also have to maintain a good mood. Only in this way can we successfully conceive a healthy baby. That will be the crystallization of our love. Aren’t you expecting our child as well?” As he said, the man’s thick palm slid onto the woman’s flat abdomen, rubbing gently on it. His words seemed to have boundless expectations.

He chuckled, “This will also give Minglu a younger sibling. That little guy will definitely be very happy.”

It was unknown which sentence touched the woman, her body shook, and the pupils which had lost their focus gradually became more attractive. Han Shihao thought that he had aroused the motherhood in Lin Shuwu’s bones, and was overjoyed. He couldn’t help but say a few more words and even imagine the beautiful future of the child with the woman in his arms.

Even though the child wasn’t born yet.

But Han Shihao firmly believes in his own charm. He has married a woman who is beautiful enough and he himself is smart enough. He believes that his next generation will inherit the excellent genes of his/her parents. From appearance to mind, they will be beyond ordinary people.

Although Lin Shuwu’s blood was mixed in that kid Yin Minglu as well, the genes that he got from his father Yin Huaye were already destined to make him a failure.

Otherwise, that loser wouldn’t have died so early leaving his cheap wife and properties for others. He even left the child who was a fool.

The man smiled triumphantly. But he didn’t notice that the woman’s eyes in his arms were much clearer, and her mind that was blinded by love was gradually cooling down.

She knows why this man wanted her to get pregnant. Yin family’s accumulation in the past few years has a very good image in the field of daily necessities for the common people. Han Shihao wants to enter the domestic baby industry and infant milk market. He naturally took a fancy to the Yin family’s appeal and good reputation. So he wanted to cooperate with the Yin family. After all, what better advertisement would be more convincing than when the family members drink their own milk powder and use their own baby toys?

This man, who can always mix feelings and interests together, was frighteningly cold.

What’s more, when he mentioned her son’s name, Lin Shuwu’s heart was filled with sorrow and grief.

At first, she had felt that she was wronged. Her husband wronged her by passing away too suddenly, almost without any preparation, leaving behind a huge Yin family letting her face a group of harsh directors all day long. No one was helping her; She, the wronged widow’s life was already very difficult, she even had to deal with that noisy child, especially when that child was extremely weak and couldn’t understand anything. He often cried and was noisy. So he used to distract her to take care of him when she was busy with her affairs.

Over time, she was also tired, always turning over and over in the middle of the night. She had difficulties sleeping. And she wanted someone to take her away from these miseries again.

Han Shihao’s appearance was too timely. He said that the child would never grow up like this. She was so cruel that she threw her child in that broken place and comforted herself that it was good for the child.

T/N: I don’t know if the author is trying to make the mother good. But I really don’t like her. I don’t know how many of you think like that?

After all, when a mother begins to think that her child is a burden and waste of her time, the child is helpless, everything the child does becomes wrong in the mother’s eyes, even the child’s silent protest becomes wrong. But when the child really went far away from her, her heart felt like it was missing a piece and was empty. She often cried missing her child and she sometimes couldn’t breathe.

She completely understood the meaning of that saying: Sometimes, you’ll never know the value of a person until they’re gone for real.

While missing her child to death, she saw her child in the program, including the scene where he was singing that nursery rhyme song. When she saw her child shedding drop of tears that night, she cried even more violently.

She very much regretted her decision since she and her son had supported each other in their most depressing times. It was her and her late husband’s fault to educate the child in this way. However, when things went worse, she started to feel that the child was not her sole responsibility. In fact, the most guilty one is she herself.

She taught Yin Minglu that way while she herself blamed him for not meeting up to her expectations. She must be the cruelest mom.

Therefore, she accepts all the accusations and doubts on the Internet without complaints. It was indeed all her fault. She couldn’t teach her child properly. She was the reason he became a fool in front of everyone.

She wants to accept the invitation of the program group to make a video to let everyone know her child better. His behavior is childish because he is a child who is weak in intelligence and who is lovely but a pitiful person.

On the other side:

Several people were still working in the fields. Xia Ming took a pipe and went to find a faucet to collect water. Standing on the edge of the ridge, he sprayed water on the crops in the field.

The water shined through the sunlight almost making several gorgeous little rainbows.

The boy was tall and slender. Even his simple “watering” action was very pleasing to the eye.

After the child finished eating, he also wore a straw hat and went down to the field.

There was bright sun above his head. His two arms were like lotus roots exposed under his shirt. Looking at it, it was exceptionally white and tender, making people want to take a bite. He took the small hoe and he hadn’t even dug the soil twice when he began to babble and gasp, fully showing people what it means to be “spoiled” and “pampered”.

In the end, he dug the wrong field and dug on the other people’s land.

Yuan Feng was speechless. He adjusted his big straw hat and rolled his eyes. He said, “You little fool! Hurry up and come back here. You don’t even know that you’ve dug on the other people’s land.”

The child obediently came back but he didn’t forget to defend himself “I’m not stupid. Dad said I am the smartest, most talented, and the most gifted child in this world!”

“HOHO, That’s a weird thing to say.” Aren’t these words used to coax children? Yuan Feng raised his eyebrows, “Where’s your dad? It feels like there has been no news about him for a long time?”

He had just asked casually. Who told this little guy to always keep blabbering about his mom every time he opens his mouth. He spoke so much about his mother that Yuan Feng almost thought that this little guy had a bad relationship with his father. But it turned out it wasn’t like that.

Hearing the chatter between the two of them, the rest of the others looked over with helplessness and listened to them at the same time.

Xia Ming also came over, thinking that the work of digging the field might be too tiring for a child. The little guy kept digging the wrong field and the workload was simply too much. He exchanged with the child, took the other’s hoe, and put the water pipe into the little guy’s hand.

It’s a pity that the little guy didn’t pay attention to it at all. He looked around and saw that no one seemed to be paying attention to him openly. He blinked a pair of dark eyes and said in a tone of sharing secrets between good friends: “I’m telling you secretly. You can’t tell other people, ok? My father is in the sky!”

Yuanfeng’s heart trembled. His throat was dry and it took him a long time to say: “He……he is in the sky?” He seemed to have realized a terrible thing now. It’s normal for him to not know about this as he has always been a relaxed dude in Beijing. He is not keen on family affairs. He often hears the rumors of the upper class and forgets them immediately afterward.

So he didn’t know that the head of the Yin family, that is, Yin Minglu’s father had actually passed away. Maybe he had heard it before, but it had nothing to do with him at that time. So he didn’t take it to heart and forgot afterward.

He didn’t know until today that the father of this little idiot is long gone. Maybe he has been dead for several years. No wonder there was no news, how could the dead people have news.

Others also didn’t know Yin Minglu before this, so they naturally hadn’t cared. At first, hearing this, there was a momentary shock in everyone’s mind. Their heart was beating extremely fast.

They all seemed to have realized something.

The child patted his chest triumphantly. He smiled and said: “Yeah, he himself told me that he was going to the sky. He also told me that he’ll help me ask God, why did he make me less intelligent than other children? Why did he make me a fool?”

He wants to ask why are there so many children in the world who are born with such defects. Had they offended God in any way? or God just hated them, so he made those children fools so that other human beings will hate them too.

The child was holding his cheek. The little face under the straw hat was lovely. He indeed must have been hated by God. Because of that, he became like this. But that couldn’t hide his charm and naivety.

Yuan Feng was already speechless. His thin eyelids were wide open and he didn’t know what to say. The photographer was also shooting quietly, with a flash of wetness in the corner of his eye.

Little children are childish, naive, and funny. The cruel truth contained in them can easily move the cold-hearted people in the world. Even when the child was saying such depressing and deep words, it sounded extremely innocent.

It was also the first time that Xia Ming had heard about his father from this child. Thinking of the things in his previous life, he couldn’t help but feel more guilty and distressed. If he had been patient to learn more about this child in his previous life, maybe the tragedy would not have happened…….

Everyone at the scene was silently immersed in this grand and warm touch. Before they could get rid of their warm feelings, they were suddenly chilled by bursts of cold water. Even the lens of the camera was not spared, but fortunately, it was waterproof.

They were moved for only three seconds and now everyone was blinded by water instantly.

Which god had they offended now? Rain god???? How come they suddenly had to take a cold shower……although it felt quite refreshing.

The culprit was a little dude who was holding the pipe connected to a faucet. The water force was too strong. The young boy was weak and his palms were delicate. He could not hold the pipe properly causing the pipe to be like a slippery snake, spraying water everywhere.


The water pipe bounced on the ground a few times then rushed to the sky again. Then it hit Yuanfeng’s shoulder with a “pop” sound and continued to spray water on his collarbone. He became completely wet.


But before he had time to catch the scurrying little thing, with a “slap”, the pipe hit his face accurately again, leaving a shallow red mark.

Other people:……Well……! ! ! It must hurt a lot! ! !

Thank you guys for reading. Please feel free to comment your thoughts. 🙂

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  1. Avatar Rai says:

    I kind of dislike the mother too ngl. Knowing her child who’s a bit special, she directly trusted a certain outsider (in original YM’s POV) to handle her child. Well, kinda glad her brain is not muddle-headed anymore, but still can’t forgive her because of the original storyline where original YM got r*** by that bastard…

    Thanks for the chapter~! Stay healthy and safe (人*´∀`)。*゚+

  2. Avatar Sofea says:

    Yes yes, i really don’t like the mother. As i said in the previous chap, she was too irresponsible, and she knows her son has a disability, but she still sent minglu to a who knows where village alone

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