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TVITC Chapter 14

Little fool and middle-aged version of Long Aotian[14]

Translator: Prakriti Bhatta

With Luo Cuihua leading the way, everyone quickly reached their destination. After stretching their limbs and flexing their muscles and bones, they went down to the field one after another.

The Luo family had several acres of field. They have planted a lot of vegetable crops. Our young masters who lacked even a basic knowledge of plants and crops naturally couldn’t distinguish the seeds of different crops. Now guess what???………..It’s the showtime for our dear Luo Cuihua where she will show off her agricultural skills. She snorted: “This is a cucumber seedling, this is a tomato seedling and this one is a potato seedling. And this is a small pepper seedling. The one that ripes quickly is the summer cabbage. It is planted in May and June and can be picked in July and August. It’s just the right time to bring it to the market……. “

The girl talked freely in front of the camera as if the sole purpose of her existence in this world was to teach the mortal world about the things related to crops, such as the planting date of the crops, when to harvest, the temperature, and climate, and the market price of vegetables. At that moment, her performance was very charming and she could see that everyone was seeing her as a vegetable goddess.

This was also a girl Xia Ming was familiar with. She was like a little teacher when she arrived in her own field. He couldn’t help but smile. He put down the basket behind his back. His eyes were quite encouraging.

Yuan Feng, the not-so-stingy boy, also listened intently. Several photographers felt that this scene was very valuable.

“Of course, the people of our village also eat wild vegetables. They grow in the mountains, no one grows them, and they are native to our village only. They are very delicious when cooked, whether they are stir-fried or stewed.” The corner of the girl’s mouth rose slightly. At this moment, she couldn’t wait to dance in Gangnam style. Seeing everyone’s focused faces and the cameras aimed at her, bursts of joy emerged in her heart.

She continued to yell quickly: “Don’t underestimate these wild vegetables. They look wild because they grow on the roadside and are drenched in wind and rain, but they freely absorb the essence of the sun and the moon. Also, they have a lot of nutrition in their bodies. They are the favorite dishes of the people of our village..”

The girl was very impressive. She also described how to make some table dishes during the New Year. In a few short sentences, she provided all the information about the dishes’ colors, fragrances, and flavors.

Forget about others, even Yin Minglu’s saliva was about to come out.

In the camera, the child was holding a hoe in one hand and an unfinished sweet potato in the other. With his small mouth slightly open, he was staring at the girl blankly. He was slobbering from time to time looking very cute.


The little guy stuffed a piece of sweet potato into his mouth like a little hamster. With bulging cheeks, he was eating sneakily. It’s a pity that one of the photographers who wasn’t understanding the fuck about Luo Cuihua’s lesson had been watching Yin Minglu’s movements with piercing eyes as if he didn’t want to miss any shots of him. It included the scene of him drooling quietly and sneakily eating his food.

The other staffs standing on the edge of the field also stared at him distractedly. They only remembered what the director had said about paying more attention to this kid. But they didn’t know that they had also mistakenly entered the camera screen. As a result, in the eyes of others, under the sun, each of them was wearing a sun hat, facing a particular shadow. Their eyesight was aimed at a particular boy which made people feel like the boy was the center.

The child is twelve years old and has a delicate face, like the ripe fruits and vegetables grown in the field that are full of life, fresh, and very likable. At this moment, his head was lowered and he looked a bit awkward. He seemed to be feeling very uncomfortable because of being stared at by so many people. He could only look at the director pitifully.

No matter who saw him like that, they all thought he was really pitiful.

【I’m crying! Isn’t this me who was found stealing the food in class? 】

【I salute him! He could digest his food even while being stared at by so many people.】

【 Being stared at by a group of stupid staffs.jpg】

Luo Cuihua talked for a while and stopped. In fact, she herself wasn’t still done showing off yet. She enjoyed the gaze of the people around her. She talked for so long but she still didn’t feel her throat dry at all.

But Yuanfeng was tired of listening to her. He screamed saying he was thirsty, which interrupted the other party’s long talk.

He, the young master, has already learned enough! The director also felt that although the sun was not too bright at this time, it was not good for a few city’s teenagers to work under the sun for so long. So he made a few gestures and stopped Luo Cuihua’s teaching. He had to let these teenagers avoid being lazy, encourage them to work fast, and finish the work before the sunset. When the director spoke of someone being lazy, everyone instantly knew who he was talking about even though he didn’t mention the lazy guy’s name and surname. Who could it be other than that eldest young master? Humph!!!

Hearing this, Yuanfeng vomited the water he had just drunk. The water was boiled water, not cold mineral water. It was stored in a kettle provided by the farmer.

The surface of the kettle was pitted, rusty, and not clean at all. It made him disgusted. But he was really thirsty, and the little idiot and Xia Ming had also drunk it. He didn’t want to appear too squeamish, so he could only bear it. He held the mouth of the pot and drank with his eyes closed to momentarily forget those dirty marks on the kettle.

It’s just that when he finished drinking, he found that the little idiot was looking up at him with his little face up. His eyes were staring at him, dumbly as if he had sneakily drunk his milk.

He burped and said, “What are you staring at?”

Xia Ming walked over, frowning. He said, “You drank all of his water. What do you think he’ll drink now?” Yuan Feng had drunk the water in a very vengeful way making people feel that he was deliberately messing with Yin Minglu.

“?” Yuan Feng found out that the word “Lu” from Yin Minglu was really crookedly written on the kettle. He was speechless for a while. These kettles were all of that old style and they were all earthy green in color. They were all placed in the shade of the trees. It was normal for him to take the wrong one when he wasn’t paying attention.

He said casually: “I carelessly took the wrong one. You can drink mine when the time comes. I will drink from Luo Cuihua’s kettle.” He wanted to tell the little idiot that it was not a big deal. So don’t wrinkle your face like that as if he had deliberately bullied him.

As soon as this remark came out, several people had different thoughts.

Yuan Feng actually didn’t mean any harm. He isn’t someone that doesn’t understand the limitation of intimacy while exchanging things between a girl and a boy. But where is he now? He has been living roughly these days and he has never been so particular about gender things. Anyway, he didn’t treat Luo Cuihua as a girl but he treated her like a pig. In fact, there was another reason for him to take her kettle. He is a cleanliness freak and that girl’s kettle was the cleanest among all. It was a pink and blue colored kettle with some stickers too. It seemed as if it was newly bought.

But for other people, Yuan Feng’s words were taken more precisely.

Luo Cuihua was showing an angry expression because of Yuan Feng’s behavior of not asking her in advance. But inside her heart, she was quite flattered. Her heart was pounding so much as if the noble prince of a fairy tale book was holding her hand.

Yin Minglu was thinking: as expected of these two jerks! They really are worthy of being the male and female protagonists of the novel. They just randomly keep spreading their ”love” in front of everyone. They are ”flirting” so much as if there was no one around them. Humph!

Xia Ming’s eyes flickered slightly. He sighed in his heart. The scenes that flashed in his mind were scenes where they had been arguing and bickering from the countryside until they were admitted to college. No one else could get in between the two of them. Finally, they also walked into the hall in a wedding dress. After they got married, they had nothing to do with him but he didn’t know why after she got married, the smile on her face was not as much as before. She often cried and called him in the middle of the night. She had made him feel robbed several times.

He thought to himself that this fellow Yuanfeng had told her to give her happiness before marriage. But why did he often made her cry after marriage? She was originally a simple and stubborn village girl. If Yuanfeng hadn’t deliberately provoked her, she would have had her own life trajectory. She would have had no link with Yuan Feng. Then she wouldn’t have had to deal with those upper-class people. Maybe then she could have had a happier life.

But in the end, for love, she sacrificed her happy life and entered that dark circle of rich people.

T/N: WTF! What is this dude Xia Ming thinking? HAHAHA 

And once again, the two people’s way of getting along remained unchanged. But it has got nothing to do with him. He is no longer a young man who was impulsive and desperate for love. For love, he had missed too much in his previous life. He doesn’t want to spend his whole life with hopeless feelings for the rest of his life.

And although Yuanfeng and she were just continuously arguing, when he seriously asked the girl whether she was willing to give her kettle to Yuan Feng, the other party cried and said: “I am willing.”

Yes, she was willing from start to finish. There was no place or reason for him to intervene.

Xia Ming sighed. There was a faint melancholy in his chest. But he was happy for this couple and he gave them his blessings.

When the director and the staff heard this, this group of middle-aged people frowned and looked at each other a few times, hoping that it was them who were too sensitive. After all, these children are just fifteen or sixteen-year-olds. And adolescences are always restless and curious. If something really happens between them, that will not be something that they would want to see.

At the same time, some people from the program group approached Lin Shuwu, hoping that the other party could make up a shot of Yin Minglu’s life in the city. It doesn’t matter if she herself is not present in that video, but the amount of information must be enough.

Who told Yin Minglu to be the descendant and gather the halo of the internet celebrity who was married into a wealthy family. Yin Minglu being the heir of a huge company, being the only child of an extremely wealthy family, and his other auras could completely satisfy the public’s desire to know more about the descendants of the rich.

How do those rich and wealthy parents teach their children? Most netizens who were from the middle class were also very curious. This curiousness made them pay more attention to Yin Minglu’s words and deeds. When criticizing Lin Shuwu for not teaching her child well, they actually had a subtle sense of satisfaction in their heart. It was as if they were qualified to comment on the educational issues exposed by the child of a rich and wealthy.

Among the three city’s teenagers, only Yin Minglu had come in halfway. He did not shoot the introduction video before coming to the village. Therefore, after weighing the pros and cons of various issues such as ratings, satisfying the curiosity of the masses, and maintaining the image of public figures, etc., the director’s decision was not wrong at all.

After hearing this, Lin Shuwu was dumbfounded for a long time. She then said in a daze, “Let me think about it. I will reply to you tomorrow.”

After hanging up the phone, she stayed in the room alone. Without thinking of anything, she secretly wept for a long time.

During this time, she was very unhappy. She regretted marrying that man Han Shihao.

She finally understood that there was a huge difference in love and care shown by the other party, before and after the marriage. Before marriage, Han Shihao used to invite her to the most expensive hotel for dinner in the city center. In the romantic candlelight, he used to hold her hand affectionately and confess his feelings. He used to say that she was the goddess of his heart for many years. The affectionate look in his eyes immediately moved her.

In desperation, she agreed to his marriage proposal and put on a white wedding dress again. Only after marriage did she understand that the reason why the goddess is called a ”goddess” is because, the goddess is beautiful when she lives in his memory. She is an unattainable woman in his mind.

But when the goddess marries him and becomes his wife, she descends from heaven to the mortal world and becomes an ordinary woman. This is the case with most of the men. Then their interest is always greatly diminished.

Lin Shuwu has been the obsession of Han Shihao for many years. But when his obsession was completed, it was like half of his life’s purpose was completed making him lack interest in her. And now, he needs to seek fresher excitement in the world and have new obsessions.

After seeing that her son’s identity was exposed, Han Shihao cruelly scolded her, “You were the one who had deliberately exposed his identity, right?? He was obviously sent there for his own good. Why the fuck do you want to act so over-smart?”

Sitting on the bedside, Lin Shuwu remained silent. She hadn’t revealed the identity of her son, but she didn’t want to explain it. Her heart was very cold because this was not the first time Han Shihao had scolded and cursed her so cruelly.

Because of fatigue, the man looked like he was really irritated. He continuously walked back and forth around the room. He had thought that he had finally grasped the mother and son and coaxed Lin Shuwu to marry him. The Yin family’s half of the properties were almost in his pocket. He could be said to have grasped both people and money. Recently, he was planning to gradually transfer the Yin family’s property.

In the end, he hadn’t even acted his plan when Yin Minglu’s identity was exposed to the whole country. His popularity on the internet was not small. Recently, many video websites and mainstream media have approached Yin’s companies.

The entire network was almost staring at the Yin family. He was so frightened that he could only retract his hands and didn’t dare to move rashly for a while. After all, in the eyes of the public, the Yin family’s properties were still in the name of Yin Minglu and Lin Shuwu.

He hadn’t expected that the identity of his stepson would be exposed one day. After all, he was sent there only to ”improve” his behaviors. Moreover, in the past seasons of ”The Metamorphosis”, they had never emphasized the background of any guests.

The media was so enthusiastic that it was only a matter of time before they will find out why he, as a stepfather had thrown his stepson to the countryside.

Thinking of this, Han Shihao regretted it. In order to block the child’s mouth, he had impulsively thrown the person to the rural area.

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  1. Avatar Baldingère says:

    If he’s that disgusting, why did she not act sooner in the 1st life? She should have left the house as soon as her son came back from the program. She realized after her son’s death only?? Did she get depressive? What stopped her from saving herself and her child! ! I hope we will know.
    The guy is really awful. It’s one thing that his goddess became “normal” to him, it’s another to treat his wife like trash and steal from her! Where does he get the entitlement from?? I thought he was a country boy who made it through hard work, but here he is stealing from his idol after scamming her into marriage!
    I wonder when s3cond male lead dude will see through his first love. I hope the little sister has a magnificent life this time. Because her family is sexist, and her big sis probably wanted nothing to do with her once she made it. Maybe her brother took care of her. Anyway, I hope she has an even nicer life this time. Gets to go to university and travel like she dreams of.
    Thank you for the chapters! It’s a nice novel and you’re doing a great job at translating!!

    1. Avatar Rai says:

      This really took my thoughts to words, to a new level lol. I very very very, second your opinion!

  2. Avatar Rai says:

    Thanks for the chapter~! Stay healthy and get enough rest (人*´∀`)

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