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VBST Chapter 5

Back at his residence, Tang Zhou opened the chat software and contacted a person named “Mouse loves Rice” on the Internet.

【Sweet Porridge】: You’ll accept the job?

【Mouse loves Rice】: I’ll pick it up.

Tang Zhou sent him two photos, made clear his requirements and said: Can you do it tomorrow morning?

【Mouse loves Rice】: No problem, pay the deposit first.

【Sweet Porridge】: There is one more order.

After he sent the photos and the request, there was a delay in response from the opposite side.

As soon as Tang Zhou was about to ask, a message popped up in the dialog box.

【Mouse loves Rice】: It was difficult to track the things twenty years ago. I can’t do it tomorrow morning. The price is also higher than before.

【Sweet Porridge】: This is one week. Money is not a problem.

【Mouse loves Rice】: Ok.

After the two ended the conversation, Tang Zhou turned off the chat software. He felt that something was wrong. But thinking of the reputation of “Mouse loves Rice” in the industry, he waved the idea in his mind.

Male dormitory of Jiangcheng University.

Fu Shen came out after taking a bath and was surrounded by his two roommates.

“Liang Chen said that Tang Shen has agreed to talk to us again?” Fatty had an excited look on his face.

“Yeah, tomorrow night at six o’clock, let’s go together.”

“Okay, okay, I have to check what I’ll wear tomorrow!” The other person took out a sweater with a Pikachu printed on it, and asked them, “How about this one?”

The fat man looked down at him, “It’s too childish and you look unreliable at first glance. What if Tang Shen dislikes it and quit.”

“Where is the childishness!” The Pikachu boy said angrily, “You’re the one who’s unreliable!”

Seeing that the two were about to quarrel again, Fu Shen casually said, “Don’t be too formal. Tang Zhou… probably won’t care about this.”

Liang Chen, who was reading a book, glanced up at him and pushed his glasses.

The message prompt sounded, Fu Shen clicked on it, and stopped suddenly.

【Mi Shu】: [Image]

【Mi Shu】: Is this a photo of you?

【Fu Shen】: It’s me. Why?

【Mi Shu】: Someone wants to check your affairs.

【Fu Shen】: Who?

【Mi Shu】: According to the rules, I cannot disclose it.

【Fu Shen】: Won’t disclose according to the rules?

【Mi Shu】: I owe you three favors, do you want to use this one as a payment?

Fu Shen hesitated for a few seconds and replied: No need.

He put down his mobile phone with a serious expression. He opened the computer under the stunned eyes of the three people, and quickly pressed the keyboard with both hands.

Liang Chen glanced at it and then turned his head again.

The other two were startled by the situation and immediately were as quiet as chickens.

The sound of the keyboard crackled, like a continuous stream of notes, echoing in the quiet dormitory, and moments later, the definitive answer was intersected.

Fu Shen raised his eyebrows slightly, and leaned back on the back of his chair. His hands naturally fell on his legs, and his fingers tapped softly.

The familiar IP address is somewhat unexpected and makes sense.

The next morning, Tang Zhou washed up, ate some bread, and opened his mailbox.

There is a new email from Mouse loves Rice.

After clicking and browsing the information, he couldn’t help but sigh in his heart.

Tang Zhou only knew that Du Ruoyu and Tang Tianyang had a relationship, but he didn’t know that these two turned out to be so popular in high school.

His illegitimate younger brother was a school male god in high school, with good grades and speak well. Hooking up with a few beautiful girls is not a problem.

Du Ruoyu was just a young girl at that time. Under Tang Tianyang’s brainwashing, she believed that Tang Tianyang and his mother had been suppressed and bullied by Tang Zhou. She believed that Tang Zhou’s current achievements were only because she occupied all the resources of the Tang family——and part of those resources should belong to Tang Tianyang.

Beautiful and miserable, is an unrivalled weapon that inspires little girls’ love in this era.

Tang Zhou glanced at it and he couldn’t help laughing.

First of all, he hadn’t even spoken to Tang Tianyang, how could he bully him. Taking the resources of the Tang family as an example, did Tang Zhen spend less effort on Tang Tianyang?

What an oppressed and resilient little white flower.

Tang Zhou now relies on his mood to do things. If someone makes him unhappy, he must retaliate by using the past.

The phone rang suddenly, and he casually answered it.

“Tang Zhou, I heard that you… were you genuine last night?” Lu Ye’s tone was a bit subtle.

Tang Zhou said wistfully, “Are you against it?”

“Of course not!” Lu Ye quickly clarified, “I just think it’s a bit unbelievable. I always think you have nothing to do with these things.”

Tang Zhou thought: The one before was just the mask of the heir of the Tang family.

“What happened to you last night?” Although Tang Zhou dreamed that he was a character in a book, he only had his own perspective in the dream and did not know the details of other characters, “Do you need my help?”

Lu Ye: “It’s nothing, I just met a few little hooligans, I was beaten up, and went to the police station to make a transcript.”

Tang Zhou secretly sighed. Lu Ye is still a hot-blooded young man now, not the gloomy and cold Mr. Lu in his dream.

He couldn’t bear it, and reminded him: “Lu Ye, what are your plans after graduation?”

“Xiaoyuan said he wanted to travel around the world, so I’ll accompany him.” There was a bit of silliness in the words.

Tang Zhou: “You are the only one in your family, don’t you care about your family?”

“I’m really not interested in those industries,” Lu Ye was a little impatient, “I want to do what I like.”

Those who are favored have nothing to fear, and Tang Zhou sometimes really envies him.

“What if something happens to Qiao Yuan and you’re not able to help him?”

“What can happen to Xiaoyuan?” Lu Ye seemed to think of something after speaking and said, “Are you saying that the surname Fu will hurt Xiaoyuan? If he dares, I will definitely not let him live!”

Tang Zhou was speechless. You and Qiao Yuan in the dream were turned upside down1suffer a crushing defeat by Fu Shen’s wave of operation.

He rubbed his eyebrows. “Lu Ye, don’t underestimate him.”

Lu Ye was quite puzzled, “Tang Zhou, what’s wrong with you? What is he? Just a poor student, how can he compare with us?”

It was he who founded Deep Blue Technology, it was he who defeated Qiao Chengan, and it was he who became an upstart in the business world.

But Tang Zhou couldn’t say this now.

“Lu Ye, if you like Qiao Yuan, you have to face future obstacles.” Tang Zhou could only leave it here.

He had no doubt about Lu Ye’s feelings for Qiao Yuan, but if Lu Ye didn’t have the influence in the Lu family, he would still have to separate from Qiao Yuan under the control of the Lu family, same as in his dream, and he will suffer for several years.

Lu Ye jumped in surprise, “What is your motive! Tang Zhou, don’t talk nonsense, Xiaoyuan and I are friends! On the contrary, you know that Fu Shen might hurt Xiaoyuan and give him funds. If you don’t give him, where can he get the ability?”

“Lu Ye, I invest in any project because it is profitable. As long as it is not illegal or dangerous, I don’t care.”

It’s not that he can’t suppress Fu Shen, but he is more willing to cooperate with Fu Shen than suppress him. He is an investor, not a hero who saves the world.

Instead of suppressing the possibility of the growth of the dark horse in the future, it is better to become the co-helm of this dark horse.

Lu Ye couldn’t help but hang up.

At six o’clock in the evening, Tang Zhou came to Juxiang Pavilion on time.

Before he got out of the car, he received a call from Tang Zhihua.

“You didn’t go to Du’s house today.”

Tang Zhou kicked a straight ball2He said directly.: “Du Ruoyu and Tang Tianyang are a couple, I don’t want to get involved.”

Tang Zhihua: “…”

“I have something else to do, so I’ll hang up first.”

At the same time, Old Father Du looked at several photos on his desk and frowned.

“Who sent this?”

The housekeeper said respectfully: “I don’t know, it was stuffed in from outside the courtyard.”

He glanced at the photo quietly, and said to himself: It turns out that the young lady likes the illegitimate son of the Tang family. What can I do about this?

In the photo, the young man and the young woman are wearing school uniforms and embracing each other in an intimate manner.

Old Father Du snorted coldly, “Go and call the young lady.”

If Xiaoyu really likes Tang Tianyang, it’s not impossible. Anyway, they are the seeds of the Tang family, and Tang Zhou likes to take the dry road3homosexuality. It’s not clear who will hold the Tang family in the future.

Juxiang Pavilion Private Room.

Fu Shen and the three of them arrived early and were playing with their mobile phones in their seats.

The door of the private room was suddenly pushed open, and several people looked up at the same time.

The young man stood outside the door, wearing a bamboo-green hooded sweater, with a white and slender neck, and further up, his lips were cherry red, his nose was high, his eyes covered by long eyelashes were quiet and clear, and his whole body was exquisite and perfect.

Except for Fu Shen, the other three had never seen the legendary Tang Shen with their own eyes. Now that they had seen it, they only felt that the rumors were true.

F**k, how can they survive when he was like this!

Fu Shen glanced over the young man’s neck. The trace he had pinched last night no longer existed.

He got up and said unhurriedly, “Senior Tang.”

Tang Zhou entered the private room, closed the door, nodded slightly, and said with a light expression, “Hello.”

Liang Chen took the lead in reacting and stretched out his thin hand, “Senior Tang, my name is Liang Chen, hello.”

Tang Zhou shook his hand gently, “Nice to meet you.”

The other two came back to their senses and rushed to introduce themselves.

“Tang Shen, my name is Pi Xiu.”

Tang Zhou smiled, “Hello.”

Pi Xiu4貔貅 (píxiū) – mythical animal that brings luck and wards off evil, having head of a dragon and lion’s body, often with hoofs, wings and tail is a auspicious beast. He can attract money and treasure. He can only get in but can’t get out. What a good name.

“Tang Shen, my name is Li Fengyu5李丰玉 (lǐfēngyù) – Li means plum, feng means luxuriant, and yu means jade., and I am nicknamed Fatty, hehe.”

Tang Zhou nodded, “Hello, Li xuedi.”

Unexpectedly, this seemingly tough junior still has such an elegant and delicate name.

Several people continued to sit down, Pi Xiu and Li Fengyu were still a little excited, completely forgetting the purpose of today’s dinner.

The food was brought to the table one after another, and the room was quite lively with jokes from Pi Xiu and Fatty.

They were embarrassed to get straight to the business.

After the meal was over, Tang Zhou took the initiative to speak: “Let’s talk about shares.”

Pi Xiu and Fatty stopped talking immediately.

Liang Chen glanced at Fu Shen, pushed his glasses, and said with a serious expression: “Senior Tang, we are very grateful for your generosity, but 40% is too high for us.”

Tang Zhou leaned back in his chair and said solemnly, “As far as I know, the development of a game project can’t produce any good finished product without hundreds of millions of funds. Do you think so much money is not worth 40%? Besides, you are only a freshman and not a senior game researcher. I take a very high risk.”

Fatty and Pi Xiu lowered their heads. Why did they think what Tang Shen said made sense? Although they have the confidence to do this game well, in the eyes of others, they are just making a fuss.

After looking for so many people, only one person, Tang Shen, is willing to invest in the end, shouldn’t they be satisfied?

Fu Shen was not biased and said calmly, “The senior is a famous golden achiever in the industry. Now many people pay close attention to your investment trend. If they know that the senior is interested in this project, even if they don’t agree to invest before, they might be able to invest later.”

If this is the case, then Tang Zhou will not invest in it, and it will be dispensable for them.

There may be people who can’t match Tang Zhou’s strong capital, but what about ten or twenty people added together? It’s always easier to control a decentralized shareholding than one person alone.

Tang Zhou was stunned. No wonder in his dream, he only invested five million, and Fu Shen could support such a large project.

Staring at Fu Shen for a few seconds, he suddenly got up and said, “I’ll go to the bathroom.”

Fu Shen received the signal, then got up and left.

The three of them were left staring wide-eyed in the private room.

Pi Xiu scratched his head, “What are they doing in the bathroom?”

Fatty: “It’s not going to be a fight, is it?”

Liang Chen pushed the glasses that slipped off, “Maybe we should take a step back.”

The two leaned together, “What did you say?”

Liang Chen coughed lightly and joked, “He’ll sell his body once more?”

Pi Xiu & Fatty: “…”

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  • 1
    suffer a crushing defeat
  • 2
    He said directly.
  • 3
  • 4
    貔貅 (píxiū) – mythical animal that brings luck and wards off evil, having head of a dragon and lion’s body, often with hoofs, wings and tail
  • 5
    李丰玉 (lǐfēngyù) – Li means plum, feng means luxuriant, and yu means jade.
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