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VBST Chapter 3

Tang Zhou likes men

In his dream, he worked as Fu Shen’s assistant for a period of time. Through this, Tang Zhou is now familiar with cleaning the house.

After tidying the coffee table and opening the window for ventilation, he took a comfortable bath.

Since he made up his mind to break free from the shackles of the Tang family, Tang Zhou’s whole mind was much broader.

Whether in dreams or in reality, he never had any ambition to take over the estate of the Tang family. He was merely upset by the indifference and even malice from his relatives.

However, his good mood disappeared when he heard his cell phone ring.

He gazed at the caller ID with cold eyes. He didn’t answer the call and waited for more than ten seconds before it stopped. However, after the ringing ended, it started to hum again not long after.

Tang Zhou pressed the button to respond and turned on the hands-free. His distinguished eyebrows were slightly cold.

“Tang Zhou, there is a banquet in the evening. You go with me.”

The one who spoke was Tang Zhen, his biological father.

A father who only communicates with his son by name and surname is in itself a kind of indifference and alienation.

Tang Zhou opened his notebook and said in an absent-minded tone, “No, I don’t like that sort of occasion.”

Tang Zhen said: “It was your grandfather’s order. The granddaughter of your Grandfather Du will celebrate her 18th birthday today. You come over.”

It’s a blind date in disguise.

Tang Zhou carefully analyzed the stock market today and coughed lightly: “I have a cold, and I’m not feeling well.”

If he remembered correctly, this Miss Du in his dream was standing in the same boat as his illegitimate brother. Whether the dream was true or not, he did not want to wade in this muddy water1to get involved in an unsavory enterprise.

His voice was slightly hoarse. He didn’t know whether Tang Zhen believed his words but his father didn’t force him anymore.

It didn’t take long for another call to come in. It was his grandfather.

When facing Tang Zhen, he didn’t feel the slightest fluctuation in his heart. However, in the face of his grandfather who taught him since childhood, Tang Zhou couldn’t calm down.

For more than twenty years, in Tang Zhou’s memory, Old Father Tang was counted as his only warmth. Yet in his dream, his grandfather, whom he had always respected and revered, gave him a fatal blow, revealing a hideous side he had never seen before.

“A Zhou, I heard your father say that you are sick, have you seen a doctor? I’ll ask Dr. Li to go over there.”

The old man’s kind voice didn’t make Tang Zhou feel warm, on the contrary, his back went cold.

He was very confused. If the old man’s love was sincere, or merely the value he could bring for the Tang family.

“No, it’s only a minor illness. I’ll be fine after I sleep.” Tang Zhou lightly chuckled, “On the contrary, it’s you who always coughed a few days ago. You must pay attention to your health.”

Old Father Tang laughed, “It’s just a little cough. I’m in good health. I went to the countryside to do farm work for several years and did no worse than others. Now life is getting better and better. I’m afraid that the health of your young people may not be as good as our old people.”

He turned to the topic, “However, if your health is not a big deal, you have to go to the party in the evening. Grandfather Du has been talking to me about you. Even if you don’t like his granddaughter, go and see him.”

It’s all about the previous persuasion. If Tang Zhou refuses again, it’s easy to arouse suspicion.

“Okay, I’ll be there tonight.”

Tang Zhou is now a fourth year student at Jiangcheng University, and he has been living in a house near the school since he enrolled in his freshman year.

Jiangcheng is very big. It’s about an hour and a half drive from the venue. The banquet began at six o’clock in the evening. Tang Zhou didn’t have enough time. He somewhat sorted out his things at once, he wore formal attire and drove to the banquet place.

The Du family has a little bit of popularity in Jiangcheng. Many celebrities came to Miss Du’s birthday party. There are a lot of people outside the banquet hall. Many of them are prominent figures in their circle and some were familiar to Tang Zhou, but he cannot remember their names.

Among the younger generation, Tang Zhou’s reputation is considered outstanding. As the successor of the Tang family, he became the focus of the crowd as soon as he got out of his car.

With his noble and handsome appearance, tall and straight figure, including his enviable family background. He is a winner in life in the eyes of men, and in the eyes of women, he is a young man from a wealthy family with gold and sparkling light.

The waiter immediately greeted him with a respectful smile, “Mr. Tang, please.”

Tang Zhou handed the car key to him. His voice was cold but somehow gentle, “Thanks for your hard work.”

The waiter smiled and bowed. He watched as Tang Zhou’s back disappeared at the entrance of the banquet hall, then he thought: Mr. Tang is not as arrogant and indifferent as the rumors said.

After entering the banquet hall, several people took the initiative to greet him. Tang Zhou responded one by one. He looked around the hall and saw Tang Zhen talking with his shushu2father’s younger brother / uncle and bobo3father’s elder brother / uncle.

Tang Zhou never liked this kind of occasion and sat down in an inconspicuous corner. He wanted to have a peaceful time, however, an unexpected guest arrived.

Tang Zhen held his glass of wine and looked down on him.

“Didn’t you reject coming here?”

Tang Zhou’s appearance inherited the best genes of his parents. As his father, Tang Zhen’s appearance is naturally not bad. A man of nearly fifty looks only in his early forties because of proper maintenance.

It’s just that the aura of the person with a large amount of money can intimidate others. Still, it doesn’t work at all in front of Tang Zhou.

Tang Zhou leaned on the sofa and looked at him lazily, “Grandpa asked me to come.”

Those eyes were calm and indifferent. He didn’t even pay attention to him at all. This is one of the reasons why Tang Zhen doesn’t like Tang Zhou.

He could not find a little sense of achievement and satisfaction as a father in Tang Zhou. The child seemed to be born to restrain him.

A child who oppresses his father is doomed to lack his father’s love.

Tang Zhen’s eyes flickered in disgust, “The granddaughter of your Grandfather Du is beautiful and well-educated. You do it yourself.”

Tang Zhou’s eyes filled with a smile, making people chill for no reason, “She is Tang Tianyang’s person. I don’t have the hobby of wearing a green hat.”4to cheat on (one’s spouse or boyfriend or girlfriend)

Tang Tianyang is Tang Zhou’s illegitimate brother. He is currently a freshman at Jiangcheng University.

“What are you babbling about!” Tang Zhen glared at him, “You are a member of the Tang family. Pay attention to your words outside and don’t let people mock us.”

Tang Zhou suppressed his smile, and hid the blade in his words, “It’s not me who will make the Tang family subject to ridicule.”


Tang Zhen was too angry to speak. He shrugged it off and walked away.

As soon as he left, Tang Zhou’s cell phone rang. It was Lu Ye.

“Tang Zhou, did you go to the Du family banquet?”

“Hmm.” Tang Zhou casually rested one of his hands on the armrest of the sofa, “Why didn’t you and Qiao Yuan attend?”

“I’m tied up with something. I can’t go. Xiaoyuan is accompanying me.” Lu Ye changed the topic, “I heard you and Miss Du…”

“No.” Tang Zhou gazed randomly at the people who came and went in the banquet hall. His eyes abruptly paused, and said to Lu Ye, “Something’s up, let’s talk again later.”

He hung up the phone and got up. He walked after the familiar figure he saw a while ago.

The man in front of him was tall, with long legs and walked in big strides. Tang Zhou almost didn’t keep up and had to speed up his steps.

His back disappeared around the corner. Tang Zhou swept a glance at the sign. This side was the lavatory. He didn’t think much and leaned over directly.

Just after he turned into a corner, a hand suddenly struck him and quickly grabbed his throat. He pressed him against the wall.

The man was so strong that Tang Zhou frowned in pain, “Let go!”

“It’s you.” The assailant’s tone was low, showing a hint of surprise.

He loosened his hand, his tall figure covered the entire stature of Tang Zhou and half concealed the lights of the corridor. Under the interweaving of light and shadow, his distinct angular face added a bit of charm.

Tang Zhou’s skin is very white, and he has the delicateness raised in the nest of wealth. The blow just now left a shallow mark on his white neck, as if he suffered an abuse.

Fu Shen averted his gaze, as if he felt sorry.

Tang Zhou stretched out his hand and rubbed his neck. He stared at him with a cold glint in his eyes, “Why are you here?”

Fu Shen stepped back a little. Tang Zhou was exposed to the light, and the traces on his neck were more obvious.

He knew he was in the wrong, “Sorry, I thought someone was following me.”

He also pointed to the waiter’s uniform on his body, “I work here to make money.”

Tang Zhou: “…”

The waiters here are professionally trained. Fu Shen can mix in, he didn’t know what method he used.

However, it has nothing to do with him.

“It seems useless to apologize.” Tang Zhou went into the bathroom and pointed to the red mark on his neck in the mirror, “I can’t go back like this.”

Fu Shen stood behind him, and his young handsome face showed obvious annoyance: “I’ll go find something to cover up the blemish.”

Tang Zhou looked at him in the mirror, “No need.”

A series of footsteps sounded outside the bathroom, and Tang Zhou’s heart moved at will.

He reached out and pushed Fu Shen against the wall. His long, slightly cool hand cupped his lower jaw and his other hand propped up on the side of his ear. His light brown eyes slowly took advantage of the distance and came closer.

“Cooperate with me.”

A soft breath was sprayed on his face, and Fu Shen seemed to smell a fragrance like bamboo leaves.

They were too close.

The door of the bathroom was pushed open. Tang Zhou firmly leaned close to Fu Shen’s lips. As if he was really kissing him.

Fu Shen subconsciously held his breath. He doesn’t know what Tang Zhou’s intention is, but he doesn’t care about the other person’s opinion. In addition, he just offended Tang Zhou, so he didn’t have the mind to resist.

Being so close to him, he could even see the tiny hairs on Tang Zhou’s cheek.

As soon as the guest entered, he saw two men who appeared to be kissing, and before he had time to react, he saw one of them raise his head and look over coldly.

He was shocked. Isn’t this Tang Zhou!

Tang Zhou actually likes men! He’s in a relationship with a waiter! F**k, f**k, f**k!

Ten thousand grass and mud horses5f**k your mother galloped past in the visitor’s heart. He even forgot to go to the toilet and hurriedly said: “You continue! You continue!”

The door was also thoughtfully closed after exiting.

He covered his pounding heart, as if his feet had wings, and returned to the banquet hall at a chaotic pace. He immediately shared the gossip “quietly” when he saw his friends.

As for whether he will be retaliated against by Tang Zhou afterwards, he doesn’t care.

He’s still going to gossip anyway.

After the man left, Tang Zhou immediately moved away from Fu Shen.

Fu Shen calmly straightened his collar and asked: “Did you do this on purpose just to not get matched?”

“It’s none of your business.”

Fu Shen’s smiling expression is not as good as right in front of his eyes, “You borrowed my body, of course, it has something to do with me.”

Tang Zhou slightly raised his eyebrows, “I’ll pay your rental fee.”

“Senior, if you want to rent for a long time, I don’t mind at all.” Fu Shen paused, “But maybe we can talk about the project investment. They want to invite you to a meal. Would you like to join us?”

Tang Zhou was stunned and looked askance at him through the mirror.

The man wore close-fitting work clothes, white shirt and a black bow tie. His slim waistcoat outlines the perfect shape of his wide shoulders and narrow waist. His legs are long and straight.

Even if Tang Zhou is not good at recognizing beauty, he had to admit that Fu Shen’s appearance was enough to let one’s imagination run wild.

The thing he did just now is not to avoid the blind date. What he wanted to do was to check his grandfather’s reaction after knowing that “he likes men”. Whether the old man would deny his efforts and his existence just like in his dreams or not.

If he wants to be honest about the fact that “he likes men”, he has to admit that Fu Shen is indeed the most suitable candidate.

Although the method is melodramatic, it is useful.

What’s more, he was waiting for Fu Shen to invite him to negotiate again, and now he has no reason to refuse.


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  • 1
    to get involved in an unsavory enterprise
  • 2
    father’s younger brother / uncle
  • 3
    father’s elder brother / uncle
  • 4
    to cheat on (one’s spouse or boyfriend or girlfriend)
  • 5
    f**k your mother
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