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VBST Chapter 15

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Translator: wicianiel

When Fu Shen found Tang Zhou, the young man was squatting at the foot of the wall and he resembled a homeless stray cat. His light brown eyes were staring blankly at the camphor tree on the side of the road and he was thoroughly a bit dazed.

His heart suddenly softened a bit.

He went in front of Tang Zhou and his tall figure blocked the sun. It seemed that because the spring sun was too warm, his expression was very gentle.

“Get in the car.”

Tang Zhou stood up with his hands on his knees and took a step forward. The numbness swept across his calves in an instant, and he staggered forward.

Fortunately, Fu Shen’s eyes and hands were quick, and he caught him fully.

Tang Zhou’s legs were unconscious and he had no other choice but to climb on Fu Shen to prevent himself from falling to the ground.

Fu Shen put his arms around his waist helplessly, “How long have you been squatting?”

“I don’t know.”

Tang Zhou’s eyebrows frowned slightly because of the sudden numbness, and he couldn’t really endure it. He could only hold Fu Shen with one hand and knead his calf with the other.

A pedestrian passed by and cast a meaningful gaze, but Fu Shen didn’t see it.

He helped Tang Zhou to the camphor tree and let Tang Zhou support the trunk by himself. He then squatted down and stretched out his hand to hold Tang Zhou’s calf.

“What are you doing!”

Tang Zhou jumped in shock. Due to his soft and numb legs, he didn’t move. He could only stare at Fu Shen with two frightened eyes.

Fu Shen didn’t say anything and pressed down hard.


Tang Zhou took a deep breath, it was sore and refreshing.

Fu Shen paused and continued to ease him.

His warm palm was against his thin casual pants, clearly tracing the shape of his slender and proportional leg.

Tang Zhou leaned against the trunk of the tree, and from his angle, he could only see the back of the guy’s head and the wheat-colored neck. The hands holding his leg were slender and strong, transmitting a reliable temperature through his pants.

It’s not that he hadn’t experienced his legs getting numb, it’s just that he had never received such concern from others like this.

His legs gradually recovered. Tang Zhou, however, didn’t utter a word.

Fu Shen estimated that it was about time. He raised his head and asked, “Can you walk?”

The sunlight’s sort of fragments of gold penetrated through the gaps of the leaves and fell on his amber eyes, like a bright meteor in the sky. It was beautiful but short.

Tang Zhou drifted back to his senses and said indifferently, “Mn, thanks.”

The two sat in the car.

“What happened to your hand?” Fu Shen turned his head and looked at his red joints.

Tang Zhou fastened his seat belt and said lightly: “I beat up a scumbag.”

He didn’t want to say it, Fu Shen also didn’t ask much. He started the car and joined the traffic.

Not far from here was Tang’s enterprise. If he guessed correctly, Tang Zhou should’ve gone to the company earlier. As for who was beaten up, this kind of thing wasn’t a secret, and it should be very easy to find out.

However, Tang Zhou didn’t seem to be such an impulsive person.

Seeing that Tang Zhou was in a bad mood, Fu Shen didn’t do an inauspicious thing, and picked a common topic: “What do you want to eat tonight?”

Tang Zhou didn’t have much appetite, but he felt that staying with Fu Shen wasn’t bad. A scene suddenly flashed in his mind and he couldn’t help but curl the corners of his lips.

“It’s almost evening.”

He exclaimed without thinking and then said, “Osmanthus glutinous rice balls are quite good.”

Fu Shen was stunned and a smile appeared in his eyes.

“Then let’s go to school.”

When he drove to Jiangda, the food stalls outside weren’t set up yet.

The two of them couldn’t just wait in the car. Fu Shen suggested, “It’s better to go to the dormitory and stay for a while, just in time to chat with Liang Chen and the others about the project.”

Tang Zhou nodded in response.

It’s about a ten minutes walk from the school gate to the boys’ dormitory building.

Currently this weekend, there weren’t as many students in the school as usual, but dozens of them could be encountered along the way.

As the school grass figure of Jiangda, Tang Zhou had always been eye-catching.

Fu Shen wasn’t bad compared to him. The two were handsome guys with different styles. If you really want to separate them into different levels, it’s really hard to tell.

It’s just that Fu Shen’s family was poor and not as attention-grabbing as Tang Zhou.

Tang Zhou was thinking about things and didn’t care about the gaze of the people around him.

Fu Shen was sending messages in the group, and also didn’t pay any attention to those peeping eyes.

【Fu Shen】 : Tang-shen is coming. Those with smelly socks should collect them quickly.

【Pi Xiu】 : F__k! How long will it take?!!!

【Fu Shen】 : Five minutes

【Li Fengyu】 : F__k!

【Liang Chen】 : Why did he come all of a sudden?

Because of the project, they’re in the dormitory and none of them went home or went out to play, living a life of going bald before graduating.

【Fu Shen】 : Tang-zong will inspect the progress.

【Liang Chen】 : …

Fu Shen raised his lips, looked up at Tang Zhou, who was staring out of the sky, and lowered his head.

【Fu Shen】 : Did the food stalls open last night?

He was worried that the food stalls wouldn’t be open on weekends, so he asked specifically.

【Liang Chen】 : They did open, why?

【Fu Shen】 : Nothing. How are the two doing with their stinky socks?

As soon as the message was sent out, a voice came in: “Have you ever seen the news?”

Fu Shen stopped in his tracks, “Huh?”

Just as Tang Zhou turned his head, he saw Fu Shen lowered his head to send a message, he’s also unable to restrain his emotions and smile. He looked like he was in love with someone, so he couldn’t help but interrupt him.

He knew that Fu Shen hadn’t fallen in love since he became President Fu, but he didn’t know if Fu Shen had a relationship before becoming President Fu.

“There was a girl playing on her phone with her head down and her leg got stuck in the sewer.”

Fu Shen: “… My legs are not that thin.”

Tang Zhou glanced at his legs subconsciously. They were long and straight, with smooth lines, and his loose pants were lined very thinly.

The main reason was that his legs were nice-looking and his bones and flesh were well-proportioned.

Tang Zhou turned around: “Don’t play with your phone while walking.”

Fu Shen smiled and put his phone in his trouser pocket.

“Mn, I’m not playing anymore.”

Thinking of the feeling of helping Tang Zhou to solve the numbness of his legs, Fu Shen couldn’t resist but cast his gaze on Tang Zhou’s legs which were much thinner than his.

Fu Shen’s dormitory was on the fifth floor, and neither of them was physically weak, so it was easy to climb to the fifth floor.

This was the first time Tang Zhou had visited, or visited the door of the freshman students, which was a bit novel.

The door to the dormitory was wide open.

“Tang-shen!” The boy in the Pikachu sweater stood at the door and greeted him excitedly, “Welcome, welcome!”

Tang Zhou: “…”

He had never seen such an enthusiastic person.

The obvious helplessness on Tang Zhou’s face made the smile in Fu Shen’s eyes thicken. He grabbed Tang Zhou’s thin white wrist and whispered, “Come in.”

Tang Zhou set foot into the boys’ dormitory and looked all the way around. It was cleaner and tidier than he expected.

The door closed behind him, isolating the empty corridor, leaving only the narrowness and liveliness in front of him.

Loft bed with a desk underneath, four simple chairs were arranged in all directions, and there were notebooks placed on each table.

Fatty came out of the bathroom, used the stainless steel lunch box to fill freshly washed grapes, brought it over diligently, and handed it to Tang Zhou, “Tang-shen, eat grapes!”

Tang Zhou: “…”

Under Li Fengyu’s expectant eyes, he pulled off one and said gently, “Thank you.”

Fu Shen saw that he was uncomfortable, took Li Fengyu’s grapes, put them on the table, and asked the three of them, “Have you eaten dinner?”

“No.” Liang Chen suggested, “When the night market opens, let’s go altogether?”

“Good ah, good ah, Let’s go eat skewers with Tang-shen later!” Pi Xiu quickly agreed.

Li Fengyu nodded: “It’s been a long time since I had a barbecue. Let’s buy some beer.”

Fu Shen had no opinion, thus all four of them looked at Tang Zhou.

Tang Zhou prided himself on his identity. He had never drunk alcohol and ate skewers at a street stall, but seeing that several of them were eager to try it, he was infected by this atmosphere and couldn’t help but look forward to it: “Yes ah, let’s eat skewers altogether.”

Pi Xiu clapped his hands, “I’ll buy some beer later.”

Fu Shen shook his head, “Buy less, Senior Tang drove here, he doesn’t drink.”

Thinking of Tang Zhou’s alcohol intake, he dared not let Tang Zhou drink again, otherwise Tang-shen‘s reputation would be ruined by alcohol.

Tang Zhou also remembered his embarrassment after getting drunk, and nodded with a faint smile: “Mn, I won’t drink.”

Several of them didn’t force it.

It was still early before the night market opened, Liang Chen proposed: “We might as well talk about the project altogether.”

Everyone looked at Tang Zhou again.

Tang Zhou said with a serious expression, “I have discussed it with Fu Shen before, let him talk about it.”

To be honest, Deep Blue could have that kind of development in the future, Fu Shen would definitely take great credit. Tang Zhou was self-aware. He didn’t understand games or the player market, so there was no need to intervene in these matters.

Fu Shen didn’t refuse, and talked eloquently. This game project was the result of his idea in his mind for several years. His concept of this project was already quite mature, and it’s not obscure.

Tang Zhou didn’t understand some professional aspects such as game architecture. Fu Shen and others would also explain to him patiently, although the explanation didn’t have any significant effect.

But it didn’t prevent him from finding it very interesting.

From childhood to adulthood, the old man’s education for him was that he couldn’t play with objects, so he didn’t even give him dolls to play with, let alone online games?

He wouldn’t be interested if he hadn’t been in contact with it. Now that he had been exposed, he wanted to try it.

“Is the game really fun?” He asked.

Seeing that he was interested in the game, Pi Xiu immediately became high-spirited, “Tang-shen will know when he plays. Whether it’s fun or not depends on the individual. Why don’t you try it?”

He said, turning on his computer and entering the game client.

Tang Zhou caught a glimpse of the word “Chivalry”.

Pi Xiu kept presenting the game to him, and he also controlled his character to kill monsters and upgrade to do tasks.

This was a virtual world, without the interference of the real world, and it was indeed a good place to relax.

Tang Zhou became more and more interested, and tried to control the game character to do various actions by himself.

Li Fengyu also joined the line of leading Tang-shen to astray, and the three of them had a lot of fun.

Fu Shen’s chair was occupied by Tang Zhou. He leaned back in the closet and his gaze fell on Tang Zhou’s side face.

His skin was very white and his eyes were bright.

It’s nice to look at.

Liang Chen walked over and patted him on the shoulder, “Go out and talk?”

Fu Shen followed him to the corridor.

“Something wrong?”

Liang Chen said with a cautious expression: “Shen-ge, I have always wanted to ask, is the photo on the forum real?”

“What photo?”

Liang Chen coughed lightly, “You and Senior Tang.”

Fu Shen was slightly stunned. “What do you want to say?”

“We are worried, are you with Senior Tang because of the shares…”

Fu Shen: “…you guys think too much.”

Regardless of whether he wanted to or not, Tang Zhou would definitely not use money to do that kind of thing. At most, let him be a shield.

Thinking of the shield, his heart was inexplicably blocked.

Fu Shen shook off the messy emotions and said with a serious expression, “Just a personal assistant, clean up the waste in your heads.”

Liang Chen breathed a sigh of relief and didn’t ask why the two of them were holding hands in the photo. Since Fu Shen had denied it, he didn’t need to say more.

“Mn, I’ll have them both clean it up.”

Fu Shen knew they were concerned about him, so he no longer dwelled on this topic. Hearing the sound of fervor fighting coming from inside, he said, “The night market is almost open. Let’s go down altogether.”

Otherwise, someone would be led “astray”.

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