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VBST Chapter 14

T/N: Thanks for the ko-fi Allison >.<

Translator: wicianiel

After notifying Lu Ye on the phone, Tang Zhou and Fu Shen returned to the hotel, express delivered the half-human sized teddy bear back to Jiangcheng, and left with their luggage.

Jiangcheng and Fancheng were connected by high-speed rail, and they quickly arrived at Jiangcheng Station.

Tang Zhou needed to go to the hospital. It was inconvenient to push the suitcase, so he said, “Assistant Fu, please bring it back for me.”

Fu Shen looked at him and smiled, “It’s not a working day, I don’t have a rest?”

“I’ll double your salary.”

Fu Shen didn’t continue to make things difficult for him, took the pull-up bar, and blurted out, “What do you want to eat tonight?”

“Huh?” Tang Zhou was puzzled.

Fu Shen was helpless, “I’ll cook.”

Tang Zhou suddenly remembered that during the time Fu Shen asked him to be his assistant, he did eat a lot of food cooked by Fu Shen.

Just a dream for several years, he had forgotten all about it.

Thinking of it, when he worked as an assistant to Fu Shen, it was much easier than when Fu Shen was his assistant. At least he didn’t have to cook, and he could often eat a big meal made by his “financial backer”.

There was a trace of shame in his heart, Tang Zhou gazed gently and said: “No need.”

The two parted ways and Tang Zhou took a taxi to the hospital.

His maternal grandfather’s family name was Zheng. His mother, Zheng Qiuyi, was the youngest girl in the generation of the Zheng family. Because she was born prematurely and her health wasn’t very good, she had been pampered since she was a child, but even so, she couldn’t escape the fate of marriage.

Zheng Qiuyi was still somewhat looking forward to the marriage at the beginning. After all, Tang Zhen was the only son of the Tang family, plus not bad looking and seemed to be a pretty good match on the surface.

But life after marriage wasn’t as good as it could have been.

Zheng Qiuyi hadn’t suffered any hardship. In the face of Tang Zhen’s indifference and cheating, she almost collapsed.

Tang Zhou appeared under such circumstances.

Giving birth to an heir to the Tang family was a heavy burden that was placed on her and she had to do it. Under the strong reaction during pregnancy and the severe pain during labor, she no longer had any attachment to the Tang family.

Although her natural maternal instinct made her somewhat look forward to this little child, Tang Zhou was raised too calmly and indifferently by Tang Zhihua. That even she, this child’s mother, wasn’t even close to him. With a cold heart, she gave up completely.

Tang Zhou grew up rarely seeing her, unless there were some formal occasions where the family needed to be present.

He stopped outside the ward and didn’t knock on the door for a long time.

In fact, he didn’t know how to get along with Zheng Qiuyi.

Suddenly the door of the ward was pulled open. A 13 or 14-year-old little girl poked out her head. When she saw Tang Zhou’s eyes, she looked away for some reason, lowered her head and whispered, “You… come in.”

Tang Zhou’s expression was stiff.

“I won’t go in.”

The little girl pursed her lips, “Then, then I’ll come out.”

She closed the door carefully, hanging her head and not daring to look at Tang Zhou.

Tang Zhou wouldn’t go as far as to argue with a little girl, he asked, “What happened?”

The little girl glanced at him secretly and said honestly: “Mom, she… quarreled with Uncle Tang. Uncle Tang pushed her down, and hit her head.”

“What did the doctor say?”

“Mild concussion, she just needs to recuperate.” The little girl inclined her head and pulled the corners of her mouth down, looking aggrieved.

Tang Zhou observed her, remaining calm and collected, “What’s the reason for the quarrel?”

The little girl lowered her eyes, “It seems to be Grandpa Tang’s birthday.”

What does this have to do with the old man’s birthday? Tang Zhou thought for a while and immediately understood.

He was silent for a short period of time, then whispered, “I’ll go in and see her.”

The little girl’s eyes lit up, “Okay!”

Tang Zhou: “…”

He remembered that this girl’s name was Zheng Xue and she was adopted by Zheng Qiuyi from the orphanage. She was treated with affection and was raised as her biological daughter.

He used to envy Zheng Xue, but it didn’t really matter now.

Zheng Xue obediently fell behind him, her round apricot eyes showing a bit of joy and admiration where Tang Zhou couldn’t see them.

Tang Zhou stood beside the bed and looked down at Zheng Qiuyi who was sleeping on the hospital bed.

The woman was in her forties and was well maintained with no wrinkles visible. Her head was covered with a layer of gauze, and her complexion was a little pale.

When he was a child, he didn’t understand why his mother, who looked so gentle and beautiful, would be so indifferent to him.

Growing up, he understood her situation, but remained somewhat resigned.

Zheng Qiuyi never cared about anything regarding him, except for the inheritance rights of the Tang family.

It seemed that in her eyes, since she had worked so hard to give birth to such a “tool”, then this “tool” must do what he should do, otherwise she would be sorry for all the years of endurance.

The quarrel with Tang Zhen this time was probably because the old man had the intention of accepting Tang Tianyang.

Probably because he didn’t sleep well last night, his eyes unexpectedly became a little sour, and Tang Zhou’s voice was hoarse. “Take care of her, I will go back first.”

He turned around and left the ward, but stopped again.

“In the future, there’s no need to specifically inform me of such things.”

His thin back disappeared outside the ward. Zheng Xue was stunned, her eyes were red, and she subconsciously went to see the person on the hospital bed, only to see that the person on the hospital bed had opened her eyes.

“Mom, you’re awake.” She hurried over and inquired, “Does it still hurt? I’ll call the doctor.”

“No need.” Zheng Qiuyi stopped her and her gaze fell on the corridor outside the door.

Tang Zhou left the hospital with a gloomy expression on his face, and his steps were getting faster and faster, as if a fire was burning in his heart, which made his internal organs boil.

After waking up from his dream, he had been suppressing all of his indignation, all of his resentment, and all of his uneasiness. They were all kept in the bottom of his heart.

He always thought that he was rational, but was his f__king rational intelligence eradicated?!

Zheng Qiuyi, who was on the hospital bed, seemed like a match. All of her emotions instantly ignited inside, swelling and clamoring to rush out of her chest.

He called a taxi, dialed a number, and asked in a low voice, “Is Tang Zhen in the company?”

Although it was a weekend, it’s normal for such large companies to work overtime.

Opposite was Tang Zhen’s secretary, who naturally recognized Tang Zhou’s voice. Although he didn’t understand why Tang Zhou called Tang Zhen’s full name directly, he still said conscientiously: “Mr. Tang is in his office, do you want to talk to him?”

“No need.”

He hung up directly and squeezed the phone tightly in the palm of his hand. His face was frighteningly cold. The taxi driver didn’t dare to come out. He hurriedly sent the evil spirit to his destination and escaped in an instant.

Tang Zhou raised his head and glanced at the towering commercial building. Without stopping, he went straight to the general manager’s office.

Old Father Tang still didn’t delegate his authority, and Tang Zhen was only a general manager to this day. He had suffered frequent setbacks in his career. How could he like Tang Zhou, who was better than himself and set himself off like a useless person?

He was looking at the business statements of the previous quarter, and the declining range on it made him frown.

What does the sales department do for a living? How come sales continue to be low?

“Young Master Tang! I’ll go ask, you can’t just enter directly——”


The office door was rudely pushed open, hitting the door suction with a strong crashing sound.

Tang Zhen was shocked, scuffed his head and looked up. Before he could see clearly, he was grabbed by the collar and picked up. His tough fist instantly hit his cheek. The sharp pain made him cry out in surprise and fell to the ground.

He covered his face and stared at the audacious perpetrator, “Tang Zhou you’re crazy!”

Tang Zhou let out a sneer. He lifted him up and ruthlessly punched him again.

“Cheating, domestic violence, a useless society scum like you would only make people sick.”

The suffocation in the dream gushed out, making Tang Zhou unable to bear it anymore when confronting the face that made him vomit. He firmly punched him a few more times before being forcibly pulled away.

He had wanted to beat up Tang Zhen for a long time.

In the dream, to help fill the debt, he had already endured again and again.

Zheng Qiuyi was injured and became a fuse. It became a trigger, an excuse to vent his anger and stifled frustration.

He didn’t care if this matter would affect the Tang family’s prestige and become a topic of idle conversation to the company.

If this incident could make Tang Zhen more hostile to him, made Old Father Tang more disappointed in him, and made Tang Tianyang appear on the stage of seizing power, why not?

He was already fed up with those false face-saving projects and wasn’t willing to continue to pretend that everything was going well.

The company’s security guards came quickly, and many employees secretly hid outside to enjoy watching a bustling scene.

Tang Zhen was beaten with a bloody nose and a swollen face. In a rage, he wanted to beat Tang Zhou back when he was captured, but he was kicked over by Tang Zhou again.

“Are you crazy, Tang Zhou! You dare to hit me?!” Tang Zhen couldn’t believe that this was his cold and arrogant son.

This is the f__king company! He’s shameless!

Tang Zhou broke away from the person dragging him, his hands trembled slightly, as if he was exasperated, and his words were trembling.

“If you dare to hit my mother, I won’t be afraid to hit you.”

Although this was Tang Zhou’s fake anger, it’s also his sincere words.

Just because he and Zheng Qiuyi weren’t close to each other, it didn’t mean that there’s no affection at all.

The Tang family of three had always maintained a harmonious family atmosphere in the eyes of outsiders. Tang Zhen and Zheng Qiuyi looked affectionate and close when they appeared at the wine receptions or in the media, so everyone thought that Tang Zhen and Zheng Qiuyi had a deep relationship.

Unexpectedly, Tang Zhou’s words broke the deep-rooted concept.

He hit his wife? D__n, the seemingly graceful general manager is actually a domestic violence man?

The probing gazes of everyone made Tang Zhen’s face red all of a sudden. He got up sullenly and bellowed at Tang Zhou: “What are you babbling about?! When did I hit her?”

He and Zheng Qiuyi didn’t see each other a few times a year. How could he have the time to hit her?!

Tang Zhou’s face was as sunk as water. The young man who was like the flower of Gaoling seemed to be overwhelmed with anger, “Concussion, do you want to see the hospital’s injury report?”

He was already handsome and his eyes looked fierce with anger, but in fact, he interpreted a high-profile image of fighting for his mother.

The spectators thought that they had figured out the causes and consequences, and they didn’t hate Tang Zhou, but they had an ill feeling for Tang Zhen.

Anyone with empathy wouldn’t have a good impression of violent men.

It’s inevitable to lament a few times. Tang Zhou’s trouble might turn the father and son against each other and affect the status of him as the heir.

The security guard dispersed the employees and stayed awkwardly in the office waiting for instructions.

Tang Zhen’s face was swollen like a pig’s head. There was resentment in his eyes when he looked at Tang Zhou.

Tang Zhou turned a blind eye to his viper-like gaze, sneered, turned and left.

“Lunatic! Lunatic!” Tang Zhen slapped the table with a bang, but didn’t dare to move Tang Zhou.

Tang Zhou can be shameless, he can’t.

Amidst the peeping of the employees, Tang Zhou stepped out of the company.

The sun pierced through the dark clouds and shone brightly.

He had never punched anyone before and he didn’t expect to be so happy. He should have known that when he dreamed, he should have beaten him up several times to avoid himself in an arduous and thankless task.

There was a faint pain in the joints of his right fist, he guessed that he had beaten him too hard a moment ago.

The phone in his pocket buzzed continuously. Tang Zhou hung up directly.

It must be the old man. He didn’t want to be scolded yet.

Walking aimlessly along the street, the early spring sun was warm, but it made people’s hearts sour.

He had nowhere else to go and no place was his home.

The phone rang again and he was about to turn it off. He cast a glance on the call ID in his peripheral vision and involuntarily pressed the answer.

“Still in the hospital?”

“Not at all.”

Fu Shen seemed to hear a bit of choking of emotions, paused, and his voice became softer.

“Back home?”


Tang Zhou raised his hand to wipe the corners of his eyes. Why was the sun so dazzling?

“Where is it? I’ll pick you up.”

Tang Zhou said hoarsely.

“Nanjiang road.”

Fu Shen’s voice through the earpiece was partly solemn.

“Wait for me.”

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  1. lightmoon says:

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