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VBST Chapter 13

Translator: wicianiel

Lu Ye saw Qiao Chengan cheating with his own eyes, which was a good thing for Tang Zhou.

Otherwise, Tang Zhou didn’t know how much effort it would take to convince Lu Ye that Qiao Chengan was a scumbag.

If he believed it, it will be easier to handle it.

In Lu Ye’s eyes, anyone or anything that could hurt Qiao Yuan was rubbish.

Qiao Chengan cheated and was already flourishing on the edge of Lu Ye’s anger. Tang Zhou once again proved that he was aiming for the Sheng family’s property twenty years ago, and Lu Ye would only be more afraid of the consequences.

A deep scheming hypocrite, with his and Qiao Yuan’s current abilities, it was not easy to deal with him.

In the presence of a crisis, Lu Ye would definitely try his best to change the current situation in order to protect Qiao Yuan from as little harm as possible.

But Qiao Chengan had been pretending to be a perfect father for all these years. This incident would have been a great blow to Qiao Yuan. Lu Ye’s hesitation was normal.

“You go back first, let’s talk about it after the outing.” Tang Zhou patted him on the shoulder.

Lu Ye’s expression was heavy, “I know.”

The rain stopped at nine o’clock in the evening.

After a day of tossing, Tang Zhou was already sleepy and couldn’t hold on. He fell on the bed and closed his eyes. He greeted Fu Shen, who was still leaning on the sofa, and quickly fell asleep.

As for sharing the bed with Fu Shen, he didn’t care very much. Anyway, it wasn’t that they hadn’t slept together in his dream.

His calmness made Fu Shen feel at a loss.

Since he was a child, he had never slept with people his own age, and he thought that Tang Zhou should also not be used to sleeping with others like this.

He originally wanted to enjoy Tang Zhou’s embarrassment, but he didn’t expect him to fall asleep directly.

The orange wall lamps rendered a warm and peaceful atmosphere. The light fell on the bed, outlining the slender and thin figure of the young man.

He was lying on the side, occupying only one-third of the bed, and he would fall if he turned over slightly.

The temperature in the room was obviously not low, but the young man wrapped the quilt tightly. Perhaps it was the strange smell of the hotel quilt that made him frown slightly.

Fu Shen quietly looked at him for a while, and couldn’t help sighing. He grabbed his collar, lowered his head and sniffed. There was no odor. He simply gave up the idea of taking a bath.

Subconsciously, he didn’t want to wake up Tang Zhou with the movement of him taking a bath.

After changing into a set of pajamas, Fu Shen turned off the light and lay sideways on the other side of the bed.

The two of them were back to back, and one more person could be stuffed in the middle.

When he lay down, the collapse of the bed alarmed Tang Zhou. Tang Zhou turned over and stretched out his arm to Fu Shen, just in time to touch his back.

The slightest touch produced an infinite itch.

Fu Shen moved a little further to the side.

The itching disappeared, but the sleepiness never came.

Unable to sleep and maintain a posture for a long time, half of Fu Shen’s arms were already numb with pressure. He sat up, turned cautiously and lay down.

The hotel curtains were quite covering the light. He couldn’t see Tang Zhou’s face clearly. The obstacles in his mind were much smaller. He closed his eyes and waited quietly to fall asleep.

The night in early spring was a bit chilly.

Tang Zhou’s arms occupied half of the bed, almost naked. When he was exposed, he noticed the cold, and took the quilt directly in his sleep.

Fu Shen:…

He tried to grab the quilt back from Tang Zhou silently.

Tang Zhou held it so tightly that he couldn’t even drag it.

He changed his strategy, pinching Tang Zhou’s fingers with one hand, and began to pull the quilt out little by little with the other hand.

With this pinch, he found Tang Zhou’s hand to be very cold.

Tang Zhou was dreaming himself in the cold wind, his hands and feet were ice-cold, and he looked around and couldn’t find any clothes to wear. Suddenly, a heat source appeared on his hand. He couldn’t wait to follow the heat source and cling to it, holding it tightly.

Fu Shen, who had been hugged by Tang Zhou, stared dumbfounded.

Although he couldn’t see clearly, Tang Zhou fumbled along his hand. The process of enthusiastically throwing his arms around him was still vivid.

The young man’s soft hair was rubbed against his neck, his forehead was against his chest, his arms were across his waist, and the fragrance of shower gel lingered on the tip of his nose. Fu Shen didn’t know how to react for a while.

He felt that he was frightened because his heartbeat suddenly became very fast.

It keeps thumping, won’t it wake Tang Zhou up?

If Tang Zhou was awakened, what kind of expression would he show when he saw this posture?

Fu Shen actually had a bit of weird expectation inwardly, as if he wanted to see Tang Zhou suddenly change color. It’s also like making excuses for not wanting to push Tang Zhou away.

Perhaps it was the fragrance of the shower gel that caused his drowsiness, and Fu Shen gradually felt sleepy.

The world fell into silence.

Tang Zhou was awakened by the heat.

He slept with the heater on and never got this hot, as if he was surrounded by a large stove. He was sweating from the heat, but unable to move.

Opening his eyes with difficulty, it fell on the collarbone, straight and tough, with implicit sharpness.

His short-circuited brain began to function normally. He blinked and was about to move away quietly. His slightly hoarse magnetic voice vibrated slightly as it passed through his chest cavity and penetrated into Tang Zhou’s ears.

“Did you sleep well?”

With a slight laugh of teasing, Tang Zhou woke up in an instant. He pretended to be calm and got up, both hands propped down indiscriminately…

Fu Shen gritted his teeth and stifled a grunt. Tang Zhou quickly retracted his hands. In a moment of desperation, he counterattacked, “That’s something very normal in the morning, you don’t have to feel embarrassed.”


Tang Zhou looked away guiltily and stumbled out of bed. Coincidentally, someone called. He didn’t even look at his phone and pressed the answer.

“Tang Zhou, get up and come out for breakfast. Let’s go play together after eating.” Lu Ye hung up after speaking.

Through the gap of the curtains, Tang Zhou saw a ray of sunlight.

Today’s weather was good, suitable for an outing.

Lishan Scenic Area could be regarded as a business card of Fancheng. It not only had charming natural scenery, but also had complete amusement facilities and leisure places.

Although Fu Shen’s three teammates were not familiar with the people in the travel agency, they were all of the same age. From unfamiliar to familiar was just a matter of a few words.

After a night’s rest, Qiao Yuan was revived. He himself had a playful temperament. He wanted to try everything he saw. Lu Ye also let him play with him. No matter how childish the game was.

In front of outsiders, Tang Zhou had always behaved coldly. No one dared to play with him. He really didn’t like to play those games, so he just enjoyed the scenery by himself.

Because of the awkwardness in the morning, Tang Zhou never talked to Fu Shen. Fortunately, neither of them had a talkative personality, and everyone didn’t see anything strange.

He greeted the other people playing games and walked aimlessly into the distance.

Passing by a shop playing an archery game, Tang Zhou couldn’t help but pause, his gaze glued to the stuffed toys hanging in the shop and didn’t move.

Although these stuffed toys look a bit inferior, they’re cute ah!

Tang Zhou had a hobby for stuffed toys, and once he saw them, he was motionless.

The boss hurriedly solicited business, smiled and said, “Young man, would you like to try? Twenty chances for ten yuan!”

Tang Zhou couldn’t help but take out his phone and scan the code to pay. He knew he had no talent for shooting, but what if? What if he hit the target?

He wanted the biggest one!

The owner enthusiastically handed him a bow, and the arrows were in the basket, ready for use.

Tang Zhou stretched out his bow and arrow, and his posture was quite sufficient.

He felt that he had aimed at the bull’s eye, and as soon as he loosened his hand, the arrow shot out and slammed into the wall with a pop.

The owner comforted him: “It’s normal to be unskilled for the first time. Just shoot a few more times.”

Tang Zhou: “…”

That’s right. It’s just where it’s weird.

He nodded and picked up the bow and arrow again.

Nineteen times in a row, none of them hit the target, let alone the bull’s eye.

Tang Zhou almost wanted to give up the last arrow, when a familiar voice suddenly came to his ears: “Senior, can you let me shoot once too?”

Tang Zhou didn’t look back, and said indifferently, “Buy it yourself.”

Fu Shen approached his ear and whispered a word. Tang Zhou glanced at him and then at the owner before he opened his mouth to discuss with the owner: “Boss, he is my friend. Can you let him play this last chance?”

The owner nodded, “Yes, yes.”

Fu Shen asked, “If I hit the target, can I get the reward?”

The boss didn’t hesitate, “Of course.”

He didn’t believe that this young man could hit the target at once.

Tang Zhou handed him the bow and arrow and stood beside him.

The moment Fu Shen pulled the bow and arrow, his aura suddenly changed. The pair of usually gentle and deep eyes gradually became sharp and cold, as if the target wasn’t in front of him, but his prey.

Tang Zhou had only seen such Fu Shen at the conference table, but that was Mr. Fu a few years later.

Just when he was stunned, an arrow swooshed through the air, rushed towards the target with extraordinary momentum, and embedded itself in the bull’s eye with a clatter.

Tang Zhou’s heart beat violently for a while, and then returned to tranquility.

He watched as Fu Shen narrowed his sharpness, gently took the teddy bear handed by the owner, and walked in front of him.

The tall young man embraced the half-human sized teddy bear, which attracted the attention of many tourists, but he didn’t care at all.


The young man was facing the light, with a handsome facial appearance and just the right smile.

Tang Zhou drifted back to his senses.

“You take it.”

He didn’t want to carry such a big bear around the town, which would damage his image as Tang Shen.

Fu Shen saw his careful thinking and deliberately sandwiched the teddy bear between his arms, “Senior wants to give me a gift?”

Tang Zhou looked askance at him, “Play by yourself.”

“I said, if I want to play, the boss will have to lose a lot.”

This was what he whispered to Tang Zhou a moment ago, otherwise Tang Zhou wouldn’t have given him the last arrow.

Tang Zhou originally didn’t believe him, but after witnessing it with his own eyes, he was convinced.

Meeting such a tough guy like Fu Shen, the owner did suffer.

He complimented him, “You’re very good at playing darts and archery.”

Fu Shen said lightly: “I learned it when I was a child.”

Tang Zhou found it strange that with Fu Shen’s family environment when he was a child, he could still learn these things?

“Who did you learn from?”

Fu Shen lowered his eyes and looked at the ground, “My grandfather.”

Tang Zhou sincerely praised: “Your grandfather is great.”

“Yeah, he’s great.” Fu Shen smiled faintly, with hidden nostalgia in his eyes.

Tang Zhou’s heart softened and tried to comfort him: “You are also very great.”

Fu Shen teased and smiled lightly, “Where’s great?”

He just asked casually. He didn’t rely on other aspects at all, but he couldn’t stand Tang Zhou’s guilt which was easy to visualize.

Thinking about what he accidentally touched when he woke up this morning, Tang Zhou quietly put his hands behind his back, as if this would cover up the black history.

Fu Shen glanced at his small movements in his peripheral vision, and was surprised. After half a second, Fu Shen almost laughed.

The sudden ringing of his phone broke the awkwardness. Tang Zhou quickly took out his phone to answer.

Not knowing what the other person said, he slightly narrowed his brows and his voice was low, “I understand.”

After hanging up, he looked at Fu Shen.

“Help me tell Lu Ye and the others, I have to go back to Jiangcheng first.”

Fu Shen hugged the teddy bear tightly and unexpectedly opened his mouth.


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