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VBST Chapter 1

Awaken from a dream

The orange morning light leaped into the gap between the curtains. It slipped into the cold-toned living room and crept on the polished floor.

The smoke curled and passed the owner of the cigarette. The mist swirled in the mid-air.

A ringing tone suddenly broke the silent space of the person and made the translucent coffee table whine.

The cold white hand crushes the cigarette butt in the ashtray and his slender finger lightly swipes the phone screen to connect in the call.

“Zhou, I know you’re a very busy person. Xiaoyuan’s birthday is coming. I thought about it all night. I really don’t know what gift I’ll present to him. You give me some advice.”

Tang Zhou turned on the hands-free and leaned back on the sofa. His eyes moved from the wall clock, and gently pulled the corners of his lips.

The same question at the same time.

After he awakened from a dream yesterday evening, he sat on the sofa all night and waited for the outcome.

That dream did turn out to be real.

He followed his own answer in the dream and said in a bored tone: “Just ask him what he wants.”

“Isn’t there no surprise if you ask?”

After smoking for half a night, Tang Zhou lost his voice.

“It’s more terrific if you let it off.”


The other side was silent for a few seconds and sighed, “I shouldn’t have asked you. You need to see a doctor. Why is your voice so hoarse, you didn’t sleep well?”

Hearing a different question than the one in his dream, Tang Zhou felt slightly fresh as he reached up to cover his eyes and block the unsolicited light.

“Lu Ye, if one day you find out that you’re just a character in the virtual world, how would you feel?”

Lu Ye: “Did you watch 《Westworld》 all night?”

This answer has been just how he expected, Tang Zhou lightly laughed and did not speak again.

Lu Ye has long been used to his temperament, and then he said: “What do you really think about the surname Fu? Don’t you always hate that kind of person? Why did you promise to invest before?”

If Tang Zhou did not dream, he probably would have dismissed it casually. But after half a night of contemplation, he said in a serious tone, “I invested because his project has the value of being invested in, and it has nothing to do with who he is. Also, if I remember correctly, the content of your previous investigation only proves that he is related to Xiaoyuan’s father, not that he is an illegitimate child.”

Lu Ye was astonished, “Didn’t you hate him before? And his attitude towards Xiaoyuan is a bit strange, I’m really worried that he will hurt Xiaoyuan.”

Tang Zhou only dreamed of his own ending. He didn’t know what other people in the dream had experienced later. However, at the end of the dream, Qiao Yuan’s family had indeed been destroyed. He was hit hard. Lu Ye was in a mess in order to help Qiao Yuan.

From the perspective of Lu Ye and Qiao Yuan, Fu Shen is indeed a “villain”. He stirred the storm and made Qiao Yuan suffer a series of heavy blows.

As a friend of Lu Ye and Qiao Yuan, Tang Zhou naturally opposed Fu Shen because of Fu Shen’s stand in life.

But from Fu Shen’s point of view, there is no excuse for what he did.

Tang Zhou lit another cigarette. He was choked abruptly and coughed until he burst into tears. After a while, he said: “I haven’t only watched 《Westworld》, but also 《Pride and Prejudice》.”

In one of his dreams, because of contempt and arrogance, he was framed by his illegitimate brother whom he once looked down on, and ended up with a bad reputation.

“Are you okay?” Lu Ye has known him for many years and sensed that something was wrong, “Why are you coughing so hard and talking strangely. It’s your… family matters?”

Tang Zhou laughed and the corner of his eyes was filled with ridicule. “If something happens, it won’t be now.”

“That’s right, after all, you haven’t officially taken over the company.” Lu Ye sighed and advised, “But if you really have a plan, let me know. Don’t carry it alone.”

Tang Zhou’s voice was hoarse, “Yeah. I still have things to do, let’s talk again later.”

“Wait! You’re coming to Xiaoyuan’s birthday, right?”


Ending the call, Tang Zhou extinguished his cigarette butt and opened the curtain by remote control.

The sunshine in early spring was gentle and bright. With the opening of the curtains, they rushed through the transparent glass and caressed his cheek. Tang Zhou was born with cold white skin, slightly deep eye sockets, dense and long eyelashes drooping slightly, and the shadow just covered the dark circles under his eyes after staying up late. Under the tall bridge of his nose, the light pink lips closed tightly.

Like a decadent jade carving.

When Fu Shen came over, what he saw was such a picture. The movement of entering the door disturbed the thoughts of the jade sculpture. The jade sculpture raised his eyes. The light brown pupils were like crystal clear glass balls, they were calm and cold.

He played this kind of glass ball when he was a child. When he first touched it, it was cold and warm up in a short time.

The room was full of smoke and it was very choking.

Fu Shen walked a few steps forward, his eyes swept over the pile of cigarette butts on the coffee table, and voluntarily bent down to clean it up.

He remembered that Tang Zhou usually does not smoke much.

However, whether he smokes or not has nothing to do with him. He’s only responsible for cleaning up.

“I didn’t call you to clean up.” Tang Zhou coughed lightly, his throat was really a bit unbearable, and habitually ordered, “Pour me a glass of water.”

Fu Shen put down the ashtray and picked up the cup to get water under the water dispenser.

The water is warm and just right to moisten his throat.

Tang Zhou drank several mouthfuls in a row, and his dry throat was finally relieved. He looked at the young man who bent over to tidy up the garbage bag and said: “Sit down.”

Fu Shen raised his head and met his gaze, showing a confused look.

He is very handsome. The type of good-looking who’s very manly. His short hair is neat and his eyebrows are very thick, even his eyes are clear and vivid. His lips are well shaped, and his skin color is wheat. He’s wearing an ordinary black sports zipper coat, which is only pulled up by two-thirds, revealing the white T-shirt inside.

It is no different from ordinary boys who have just entered college, just a little more handsome than those people.

If Tang Zhou did not dream, it is estimated that he would be fooled by the false image shown by the person in front of him.

A few years later, the college student in front of him became the biggest dark horse1unexpected winner in the business world and ruined his biological father, which is not ordinary in itself.

Seeing that Fu Shen stayed still, Tang Zhou spoke again: “Sit down.”

Fu Shen no longer hesitated, and sat down opposite of Tang Zhou with a clean smile on his face, which looked like he’s a brother next door.

As a result, he was stunned by the “bomb” dropped by Tang Zhou in the next second.

“What?” He asked in a daze.

Tang Zhou patiently repeated, “The previous agreement is invalid. I can give you the funds immediately. How much you want, I will give, but I have a condition.”

As the successor of the Tang family, Tang Zhou has been famous in the industry since he was a teenager. He seems to have opened the door and invested in what’s popular. Now he is about to graduate from college. He has become a famous wealthy person in the industry. Many people are waiting in line for his favor.

A month ago, Fu Shen, on behalf of his team, came to Tang Zhou to talk about cooperation. Even though he knew that Tang Zhou was biased against him, he could only come to Tang Zhou in order not to disappoint the team and to start the project after meeting him in other places countless times.

Tang Zhou gave him two choices.

He can invest if Fu Shen will work as his personal assistant for half a year. Otherwise, he won’t help.

Fu Shen compromised.

This month, Tang Zhou changed his ways to “enslave” him. He had to do whatever he was asked to do, he’s no different from being a “bully”.

At least Tang Zhou thought so.

But in Fu Shen’s eyes, Tang Zhou’s little tricks had always been just a small fight for him. The young master is born in the nest of wealth and doesn’t know what real human suffering is.

Compared with what Fu Shen experienced when he was a child, Tang Zhou’s way of “making things difficult” is not painful at all.

Working for him as a personal assistant for half a year and getting an investment in return is worth it.

Now, the wealthy person wants to change the agreement.

Fu Shen smiled and his eyes fell on the youthful image of Tang Zhou, as if he did not know how to negotiate. He cautiously said: “Senior, please speak.”

The two people studied in the same university. Tang Zhou will soon graduate and Fu Shen is only in the first semester of freshman year. Generally, he will call him “senior”.

“I want more shares.”

Tang Zhou ordered in his hoarse voice and the room became silent.

Fu Shen’s smile gradually vanished. His amber eyes couldn’t help narrowing. His eyes were against the light, as if they were cold.

In the original agreement, as long as Fu Shen worked as a personal assistant for half a year, Tang Zhou would invest 5 million yuan, accounting for 5% of the shares.

The initial investment of the game project is quite huge. Five million is only a small number, but even a small amount is a huge sum of money for Fu Shen’s team.

Fu Shen has a talent for computers. He has been making money by selling software since high school. However, making money by selling software is an utterly inadequate measure for a game developer.

Five million is not much, and not a lot.

Five percent of the shares are not much, but they are also quite a lot.

Fu Shen wondered why Tang Zhou suddenly changed his mind, and whether this matter had anything to do with his sudden frenzy of smoking.

He stared at Tang Zhou and asked: “How much can you invest?”

Tang Zhou made light of the situation, however, he said in a powerful tone: “To the greatest extent you required.”

He thought about it in the middle of the night and decided to change the outcome of his dream. Fu Shen is a very good partner in business.

After investing for so many years, Tang Zhou’s personal assets have been beyond the reach of many people for several generations. He has good vision and investment talent. The reason why he ended up like that in his dream is that he was blinded by the so-called familial love.

In other words, he bound himself by the shackles of family affection.

Fu Shen smiled and asked: “How many shares do you want?”

“Forty percent.”

Fu Shen: “…” This completely came to the lion’s mouth.

His smile remained unchanged. “Today seems to be April 1st.”

“I’m not kidding.”

Of course, Tang Zhou didn’t really want 40% of the shares. He just wanted to see if the Mr. Fu who was strategizing in his dream would show a different look.

After all, Fu Shen is still not the Mr. Fu from years later. His smile had disappeared. A pair of thick eyebrows frowned slightly, trying to convince Tang Zhou: “I can only offer you the 10% of the shares.”

“It’s too little.” Tang Zhou, as an investor, fully revealed his coldness and ruthlessness.

The fist hanging down on his side clenched in silence. Fu Shen bowed his head and thought for a long time before he said, “I can’t agree to your conditions.”

This was expected by Tang Zhou, he pretended not to care, “Then forget it.”

Fu Shen slowly got up, his tall and upright body made him look superior.

He fixedly looked down at Tang Zhou, and suddenly smiled again, “If you cancel the agreement without authorization, don’t you give an explanation?”

The young man’s body blocked the dazzling sunlight, allowing Tang Zhou to look up at him wantonly.

“Two statements. I can take responsibility for the breach of contract, or you can go back and ask the team if they agree.”

Fu Shen: “…”

Only a fool would agree to it.

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