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VBBSM Chapter 9

Qui Li, who has not played with others for a long time, is very cautious after joining the soccer team. In addition, he has to pay attention to Yan Xiao, so he always wants to pass the ball to her, making it even more rigid and awkward.

After kicking it for a while, Bai Xiaozhou and the others were dissatisfied.

They didn’t like Qiu Li in the first place. If it weren’t for Yan Xiao, who was beautiful and cute and didn’t want her to be unhappy, they wouldn’t play with Qiu Li.

Now Qiu Li is clumsy and stiff, they can’t bear it even more.

“Why are you so stupid!” Bai Xiaozhou stepped on the ball with a look of disgust: “You can’t even kick the ball! Are you a pig?”

“Hahaha, Qiu Li is a stupid pig!”

“It’s a stupid pig!”  

“Stupid stupid stupid!”


A group of children echoed Bai Xiaozhou, the kid king.

Yan Xiao didn’t expect things to develop in this direction. She looked at Qiu Li, who had a sullen face and a pale face, and felt a little sad. In fact, Qiu Li played better than her. After all, she has short legs and can’t run fast.

“You will be the goal for us,” Yan Xiao thought for a while, and pointed to a pole not far away: “Just stand there!”

Qiu Li definitely didn’t want to play with them, his face even turned pale, if he continues to play, she must be retaliated by him in advance, right?

But she didn’t want to let go of this rare opportunity, let him stay away from everyone, and stand far away on one side, just a compromise.   

Her proposal made Bai Xiaozhou and the others very satisfied, and Bai Xiaozhou smiled very happily: “Yes, you are so stupid, just stand there and be a goal, you can also be a goal!”

Qiu Li had his fair share of playing roles like goalie because no one wanted to play with him. At first, when someone called him to be such a role, he was very happy, but then he realized it. Now, they are teasing him, mocking him, bullying him in this way, not really wanting to play with him.

Even now, he can still remember the pain when being hit by the ball and various homemade darts, and how happy those people laughed seeing his embarrassed look

But now…

He glanced and blinked his big eyes, looked expectantly at the female doll, and nodded without hesitation: “Yeah.”

Yanxiao: “…” Why does she think something is wrong?

Before she could understand, Qiu Li turned and walked quickly in the direction she pointed.

Yan Xiao smiled.

Walking so fast, it seems that they are really annoyed by them, this time must have scored a lot of points!

Qiu Li, who walked to the designated position, had a much softer face than before.

He could see that Yan Xiao was not teasing him but really wanted to play with him.

Arrived at the designated location, turned around, and saw Yan Xiao still staring at him, smiling like a sunflower in full bloom.

He blinked, and the corners of his tight lips overflowed with joy – she was different from others.


[Congratulations! The value is displayed! ]

Just as Yan Xiao stood there thinking to herself, the long-awaited value was finally brought by the system.

Her eyes widened and her face was full of surprise:

– Really? How many???

[2 points. ]

Yan Xiao curled his lips, a little disappointed:

– So little?

System: [Accumulate less into more. ]

Yan Xiao thought, yes, if it was that easy to accumulate, then her life is too worthless.

– How much is it full? 100 points?

System: [It’s 999 points. ]

Yan Xiao: “…” So high?!

System: [No, now you have brushed 2 points in a week, and the full brushing is 499.5 weeks, less than ten years, very soon. ]

The system does this calculation, Yan Xiao thinks, it seems to be the so.

In less than ten years, you can get another life, it was indeed very fast.

Moreover, it was said that it was a week, and she and Qiu Li got along for three days at most. If you add up the time again, that is five years…

Five years!

Yan Xiao suddenly got spirit and energy.

If she works harder in the future, the efficiency will definitely be higher!

System: [Fighting. ]

Yan Xiao squeezed her small fist and was excited by the mechanical sound of the system ‘Fighting’, and she herself didn’t think about whether she would have resistance to this level of ‘disgust’ all the time.

She was excited like a pony just out of the lap, chasing the ball and playing happily.

Qiu Li, who was standing on the edge of the lawn, looked at Yan Xiao from a distance. Seeing that she was so happy, he straightened his back unconsciously and became more serious when it comes to goals.

Bai Xiaozhou was eight years old, and his foot strength was not light. Qiu Li kept staring at Yan Xiao and was knocked to the ground unprepared.

“Yeah!” Bai Xiaozhou cheered: “Goal!”

The other kids also yelled: “Goal scored! Goal scored!”

Yan Xiao was still immersed in the excitement and couldn’t help herself, but the sudden change made her stunned.

Why, why did you knock people down?

With her dazed skill, Bai Xiaozhou ran towards Qiu Li with a group of little kids, and shouted around him: “A goal was scored, a goal was scored—”

Because he was standing on the edge of the lawn and was unprepared when he fell, Qiu Li scraped his hand on the brick, which hurt.

The laughter surrounded his ear, ridiculing him. Even if you listen to it a lot, it is still very annoying.

He frowned, his little face became cold.

Just when he was about to stare at Bai Xiaozhou…

“What’s the matter? Why did you fall?”

The crisp milk sound of the girl doll came over, and Qiu Li, who had just raised his head, lasted only for a moment with a gloomy expression.

Bai Xiaozhou and the others were crowded and ran fast, they quickly surrounded Qiu Li. Yan Xiao couldn’t get in at all and could only shout outside.

Seeing Qiu Li didn’t react, Bai Xiaozhou and the others felt bored. They left a few words of ‘stupid’, ‘pig’, and ‘idiot’, and ran away.

The nasty ghosts are gone. Qiu Li’s face looks better. Seeing Yanxiao looking at herself anxiously, just about to ask her if she was having fun, she suddenly frowned and pointed at his hand, curled her lips and said:

“Why are you so stupid!” He hates others saying he is stupid.

Qiu Li: “……”

Yan Xiao: “The ball is here, won’t you hide?” He hates others lecturing him.

Qiu Li: “………………”

Is she caring about him?

Qiu Li blinked. His big dark eyes seemed to be studded with stars. The strange warm joy made him a little bit at a loss. He pursed his lips: “I didn’t see it.”

Yan Xiao: “Go to the servant to disinfect and rub with medicine.” He hates others teaching him how to do things.

“It’s okay,” Qiu Li wiped the dirt off his hands: “It will be fine in a few days.”

Yan Xiao looked at him suspiciously, isn’t this too stubborn? Just because he hates others educating him, he doesn’t care about his hands? The skin is torn!

Qiu Li really didn’t care. Before, the torn skin on his knees was bigger and more painful. No one cared about him. He didn’t disinfect or apply medicine. The scabs healed within a few days.

Yanxiao looked at his small face that had been strained, is this unhappy again?

“Are you not playing soccer?” Qiu Li looked up at her. The bottom of his eyes even flashed with joy, but he was slightly embarrassed to show it, and his small face was still a little stretched.

This word fell in Yan Xiao’s ears, but it was–

Go kick your ball, don’t dangle in front of my eyes, I am so annoyed with you.

Thinking of people like the Qiu family, let alone the medicine cabinet, there are a lot of family doctors, so she no longer talks about it, in case she irritates him too much.

She nodded: “I will go now.”

When she was about to leave, she took out a band-aid from her bag and handed it to him, and said with a straight face: “Here, for you!”

Seeing him frowning disgustedly at his pink band-aid with a lamb pattern, Yan Xiao was very happy, haha, I know you definitely don’t like it.

She stuffed the band-aid into Qiu Li’s hand, turned and ran.

While running, she asked the system:

– What is the value now? Has it gone up?

System: [No…ah, it’s up, it’s 3 points ]

Looking at the band-aid in his hand, Qiu Li really felt that his broken skin didn’t hurt anymore…

His eyes bend slightly

Band-aids are cute.

it is as cute as her.

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