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VBBSM Chapter 8.2

“Just had breakfast,” Xu Shuangrong pointed to the room: “In the flower room, you can go.”

Yanxiao let go of her mother’s hand and ran towards the flower room with her short legs, soaring to the sky.

She entered the house, only the servant was busy in the living room and did not see Qiu Li, she looked upstairs.

Qiu Li’s room is on the second floor. She can’t run upstairs by herself to knock on the door. That is too rude!

As she was hesitating whether to go to the flower room to find Qiu Yan first, and slowly waited for the opportunity to trouble Qiu Li, the door to the eastmost bedroom on the second floor opened. Qiu Li came out of the room wearing a blue sports suit, carrying a plate and an empty milk carton.

Yan Xiao: “!!!”

Qiu Li got up very early today. He got up before dawn. After washing and changing clothes, he took a small bench and sat by the window and stared at the door, for fear he would miss the chance to meet Yan Xiao.

Even for breakfast, he brought it back to the bedroom and ate it by the bay window on the window sill.

The servant came to collect the tableware twice, but he still hadn’t finished eating. He even told the servant that he would bring it down himself after he had finished eating and told her to not worry. The servant was a little surprised that he was so dillydallied at eating today but also didn’t say anything.

——He deliberately, deliberately slowing down, so that when Yan Xiao comes, he can go downstairs by sending tableware.

He ate until the breakfast was cold, and did not care. Just continued to eat slowly.

He waited for a long time when his eyes started to get a little sore, he finally saw Yan Xiao getting hugged out of the car.

He immediately ate the cold omelette in large mouthfuls, wiped his mouth hurriedly, packed the tableware and went downstairs.

Because of his excitement, his hands shook a little with the plate.

Pushing the door open, Qiu Li couldn’t help but raise the corner of his mouth when he saw the little girl standing in the living room looking towards him.

Looking at his room, is she looking for him?

Calming his emotions, he came down with the plate.

The joy in Yan Xiao’s heart was only a moment and was soon filled with a fighting spirit.

The story of this world takes good care of her. She just hesitated for a second and Qiu Li appeared. 007 also said that she had no gold fingers, and she didn’t believe it at all!

She was full of fighting spirit and planned to throw a wave of milk while there was no one in the house. When she saw the empty milk carton on the plate, her small face suddenly drooped: “Did you finish the milk?”

Qiu Li, who was about to say hello, was stopped by Yan Xiao’s phrase ‘you drank the milk’ before he could speak.

He looked at Yan Xiao’s angry little face, and then at the milk carton on the plate. This is what Qiu Zhan kicked open his door and threw it to him after he brought breakfast back to the house, and asked him to drink it all in front of him.

She seems very angry, is she thinking of drinking milk?

This idea was quickly rejected.

She wants to drink milk, her parents and aunts love her so much, she can drink as much as possible, there is no need to come to his house to drink.

Moreover, last week, when he drank milk, she just snatched the milk and threw it away, not to drink it.

When he was thinking of how to explain it, he heard her say another sentence: “Forget it.”

Qiu Li’s eyes were even more puzzled. What does it mean to forget?

Yan Xiao was heartbroken when she missed an opportunity to score points, but seeing Qiu Li frowning at her, and was not very happy, and she felt a little more balanced.

He doesn’t seem to want to see her, that’s good.

“For you!!”

Yan Xiao took out a candy from her bag, because Qiu Li had a plate in both hands, she made her own way and stuffed the candy into his pocket.

Seeing that she suddenly became happy again, and also stuffed him with a candy, Qiu Li was even more at a loss. But it doesn’t matter, it doesn’t prevent him from being in a good mood.

“Good morning,” he said tightly. (TN: the author meant like not openly and loudly)

He was so unwilling to say hello, so Yan Xiao smiled and said loudly to him: “Good morning to you too!”

Qiu Li: “…”

She smiled and told him morning.

Qiu Li’s eyes widened slightly, even his eyelashes were trembling.

Yan Xiao wowed in her heart, very satisfied that a single candy can bring such a big effect.

Qiu Li was a little cautious. He had never had friends or little friends that others had. He didn’t know how to get along with Yan Xiao at this moment. Finally, he stared at the dinner plate in his hand and said, “I will first go to the kitchen to put the plates…”

After speaking, he walked towards the kitchen with his plate.

Yan Xiao was happy and didn’t pay much attention to his tone, thinking he was saying that he was going to the kitchen to put the plates, and he didn’t want to waste time with her. Seeing Qiu Li’s fast walking back, Yan Xiao worked hard in his mind and called the system.

After shouting for a long time, 007 finally appeared.

[How much is the bad feeling? Has it reached the displayed magnitude? ]

After a while, 007’s emotionless mechanical voice replied to her in his mind: [No. ]

Yan Xiao, full of joy, was splashed with cold water by 007.

Not yet?

007: [Yes. ]

Yan Xiao frowned and even pursed her mouth.

Since it hasn’t, it means she hasn’t worked hard enough. Today is a rare opportunity, she must reach the value of the displayed value! This is her goal today!

007: [Fighting. ]

Just when she was gearing up to do something big, Qiu Zhan came out of the bedroom.

“Oh,” looking at her holding her small fist and a face full of fighting spirit, Qui Zhan laughed “What is this for?”

As he said, he also pulled the soaring braid on top of Yanxiao’s head.

Yan Xiao hates people pulling her hair the most. She clutched her head and said to Qiu Zhan unhappily: “Don’t pull my hair!”

The little girl was puffed up, and was like a little hamster protecting its head. Seeing this made Qui Zhan laughed in happiness, “okay, okay, don’t pull it, don’t pull it.”

When the words fell, seeing Qiu Li coming out of the kitchen, the smile on Qiu Zhan’s face instantly turned into frost.

Obviously, he smiled kindly just now, only his eyes changed, and the corners of his mouth did not move, the smile became gloomy and cold.

Seeing Qiu Zhan, Qiu Li’s face also sank.

He still couldn’t beat Qiu Zhan now, and Qiu Zhan would bully Yan Xiao because she was friendly to him. He had to pretend to be unfamiliar with Yan Xiao, only glanced at Qiu Zhan and turned to the stairs without saying a word.

Qiu Zhan let out a cold sneer from Qiu Li’s act of being so acquainted, then retracted his gaze and continued to tease the little girl in front of him.

Qiu Zhan is twelve years old this year. Yanxiao can only reach Qiu Zhan’s chest, and he can’t see his expression at all. In addition to his cold sneer and low voice, Yanxiao did not hear clearly. She noticed just the confrontations between the two people and thought Qiu Li didn’t want to see her, so he left without saying a word.

“Xiao Yan is in the flower room,” Qiu Zhan changed his face and said to Yanxiao, “I will take you to find him.”

Qiu Li had already returned to the room, and she had no reason to catch up. Yan Xiao had no choice but to nod her head: “En.”

Across the door, Qiu Li, who listened to the conversation between the two, curled his eyebrows and stared at the sunlight on the carpet, before returning to sit by the window for a while.

Qiu Yan did not paint at this moment, but sat quietly in the flower room, staring at the sunshine outside.

The glass flower room in the early morning was enveloped by the bright red sunrise, and the delicate eyebrows of the young man in the flower room were clearer and more profound, covered with glow, and it was as beautiful as a painting.

Yan Xiao couldn’t help but sigh in her heart when she saw this scene before her: As expected of the hero!

Qiu Zhan has long been accustomed to his younger brother’s appearance. He walked over and snapped his fingers in front of his younger brother: “Xiaoxiao is here to find you.”

Only then did the little boy withdraw from the nature. Under the sun, his eyelashes blinked, like a butterfly waking up in the morning lazily flapping its wings. The beauty makes people unable to disturb the beautiful picture.

He turned his head and looked around, his beautiful facial features were still cold, he looked at Yan Xiao and said, “Hello.”

Although he looked deserted, he sat quietly early in the morning, always giving people a very well-behaved look. Yan Xiao always admired him very much. It is rare to see him so behaved, so he smiled and waved at him. Paw: “Morning, Brother Xiao Yan.”

Qiu Yan nodded at her.

There is only Yan Xiao, Qiu Zhan sighed in his heart, tther children came, and his younger brother ignored others. In order to help his younger brother maintain his only friend, Qiu Zhan asked Yanxiao in a gentle and indulgent manner: “Xiao Xiao wants to eat and play, tell me, I will help you get…”

Yan Xiao glanced behind her, did not see her mother, and whispered to Qiu Zhan, “I want to eat marshmallows.”

“What about eating blueberries instead?” Qiu Zhan hesitated and said, “There is also a small cream cube, okay?”

Yanjia does not allow Yan xiao to eat sweets outside, they all know it. Although the children have to be pampered, they can’t be too much. When the time comes, the uncles and aunts will be angry. What if they don’t bring Yan xiao anymore?

The wish was not fulfilled, and Yan Xiao was disappointed.

She hadn’t eaten marshmallows for nearly a week, and she had gathered up and waited for the points to be scored. She thought she could pit a few here in Qiu Zhan, but she did not expect him to follow the principle so much.

But it’s not bad to have small cream cubes.

After Qiu Zhan left, Qiu Yan suddenly remembered something. He touched the pocket of his coat, hesitated for a moment, took out the contents of the pocket and handed it to Yan Xiao.

It was a lollipop.

Yan Xiao: “?”

There was no expression on Qiu Yan’s face.

This lollipop was stuffed by a little brother during dinner yesterday, he would have forgotten it if Yan Xiao hadn’t just said that she wanted to eat candy.

She has known Qiu Yan for so long—more than a year since she could walk. Although everyone said that the two of them had a good time, this was the first time Qiu Yan offered her something.

She raised her finger and pointed at herself: “Is it for me?”

Qiu Yan nodded: “En.”

Yan Xiao took the lollipop, peeled the candy paper and stuffed it into her mouth, muttering, “Thank you.”

Qiu Yan didn’t speak, and turned his head to look at the scenery outside.

Yan Xiao doesn’t know what he is looking at. Anyway, she can’t enter the world of artists, and the world of genius has nothing to do with her. She is just a cannon fodder who just wants to survive.

At ten o’clock, several family members came one after another. Each family brought their children. Even if they did not have one, they also brought children from relatives in order to communicate more with Qiu Yan. The Qiu family became lively when there were more children.

Yan Xiao waited for a long time but didn’t see Qiu Li come down. Knowing that Qiu Li is a disinterested person and a crowded temperament, Yan Xiao felt that she couldn’t wait and had to take the initiative.

“Everyone is playing soccer,” she said to Qiu Yan, who was reading the painting book, “Are you going?”

Qiu Yan glanced: “Not going.”

“Then I will go,” Yan Xiao said, “It looks very fun.”

Qiu Yan didn’t speak, and the expression on his face did not change. Yan Xiao knew that he could not wait for a response, so he got up and ran out.

After she left, Qiu Yan stared at her back for a while, and his small brows were gently furrowed.

He remembered that she didn’t like playing such childish games before…

It is true that Yan Xiao rarely plays games with children of the same age, but she is going to have a task today. After joining the soccer team, she only thought about finding an opportunity to call Qiu Li over.

Qiu Li dislikes noise the most, and he doesn’t like playing with others, and even less like being with people who don’t like him, so because of these three reasons, she has to pull him over.

As Yan Xiao was wondering how to ask, she turned her head and saw Qiu Li sitting on the steps playing with a Transformer.

Yan Xiao was overjoyed, stopped chasing the ball, turned and ran towards Qiu Li.

Qiu Li, who had been in the house staring at the outside garden, finally saw Yan Xiao coming out of the house and saw her playing football with a group of people, and was playing very happily. He held the cotton candy in his hand and was a little bit disappointed.

She has so many friends.

It’s just that this loss didn’t last long.

Friends are mutual.

She took the initiative so many times, as a boy, he should take the initiative too.

He rummaged in the room for a while, and finally found this broken-arm Transformer in the drawer—this is what Qiu Zhan threw at him after playing with it until it broke. He hates this toy and always kept it in the innermost drawer.

It just happened to be the perfect time to ask them who knows how to repair Transformers as a reason to get in there.

When coming down, Yan Xiao was playing happily, she didn’t see him. When he was hesitating whether to interrupt her, she happens to see him, dropped the ball and ran towards him.

Looking at the little girl with her pigtails swinging side to side, her eyes smiling like crescents and running towards him, Qiu Li suddenly felt that the weather was particularly good today.

Yan Xiao originally was going to call him to play soccer, but when she ran over and saw the Transformers in his hand, she suddenly changed her mind. She stretched out her hand to grab his Transformer and threw it to the ground.

One of the Transformers’ arms was already broken. If it was thrown like this, the arm separated from the body when it fell to the ground.

When Yan Xiao saw the Transformers that had fallen into two parts, she felt a little frustrated.

It, it broke?

She didn’t use much force, why did it break?

She was a little vacant, glanced at Qiu Li secretly, and seeing him expressionless, a thought arose in Yan Xiao’s heart.

She immediately closed her guilty conscience, and said with a look of disgust: “What kind of Transformers is this, breaks so easily, it’s too bad…”

Qiu Li hated people talking about him the most. Whether it was about him or something about him, he hated it, especially this disgusting tone, which he hated even more.

She secretly observed Qiu Li’s expression, saw his brows wrinkled, Yan Xiao was secretly pleased, and continued: “Forget it, I will give you a better one…”

Qiu Li was seriously thinking about whether she likes to throw things very much, and when he heard this, he looked up in surprise.

Yan Xiao: “!!!”

It worked!

He hates that people look down on him the most, and he is still so yin and yang. He must hate me very much now.

She couldn’t help but ask the system in her mind——

[Is the value displayed? Has it reached the magnitude of the numerical display? ]

She must have scored a lot of points for her flawlessly beautiful operation just now!

After a while, the system responded to her: [The value is not displayed, but the data fluctuation peak is more obvious. It is estimated that it will be soon, Fighting! ]


Yan Xiao cheered to herself in her heart.

The peak of data fluctuation is obvious! It means that the operation she just had just succeeded!

Although she still failed to reach the magnitude of the displayed value, she was obviously satisfied with the fluctuations. If there was one there will definitely be a second, and she just continued fighting!

Thinking so, she added: “I gave it to you, it must be a thousand times better than yours!”

Qiu Li: “…” En!

Because of the excitement, Qiu Li didn’t know how to respond for a while, so he just looked at her directly.

Yanxiao thought he was so mad that he became stupid. She told herself in her heart that this would be fine, so she stopped mentioning Transformers and raised her chin at him: “Come and play with us?”

After speaking, before Qiu Li refused, he grabbed his wrist and strode towards the middle of the lawn.

Qiu Li didn’t expect that she would suddenly invite him to play soccer and only followed her subconsciously. When he recovered, he had already gone far.

looked at the little hand holding his wrist, and then at the little braid that swung as she took a step forward…

So cute.

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