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VBBSM Chapter 8.1

When Qiu Zhan got home with his classmates, he saw the lights in Qiu Li’s nasty room when he got off the car, and he sneered.

After entering the house, he casually responded to the servant and went straight upstairs and kicked the door.

Qiu Li is doing the homework left by the teacher. Yan Xiao will come home tomorrow. He will find her during the day. The homework can only be done at night. However, this week is a handmade pictorial. He has done it many times before and is skilled, so he doesn’t find it bothersome.

Under the warm yellow table lamp, Qiu Li was cutting paper with his small face pulled. Today, I am cutting a little sheep, a black little sheep…The light of velvet fell on his serious face. In the quiet night, it was a little bit more gentle.

But this silence was quickly broken by the earth-shattering kicking.

When he heard this movement, he knew right away it was Qiu Zhan.

He unscrewed his eyebrows, looked at the scissors in his hand, put them down amidst the annoying kicks, and walked over to open the door.

“Pretend to die,” Qiu Zhan stood at the door and said coldly, “Why did it take so long to open the door!”

Qiu Li didn’t understand. He just stayed quietly in his room. Why does Qiu Zhan always come to find fault?

Qiu Zhan looked at him condescendingly with contempt at the corners of his eyebrows and eyes: “You will stay in your room tomorrow, don’t come out to embarrass yourself!”

Qiu Li’s eyebrows moved, and he bit his mouth and said nothing.

Qiu Zhan, who didn’t wait for a response, cursed, “Mute?”

Qiu Li still didn’t speak.

Qiu Zhan was bored looking at him, and he was impatient to talk nonsense with him, and only left one sentence: “Remember it for me, stay in your room tomorrow!”

After the warning, he turned and left.

If he dares to come out, he knows the consequences.

Forgive him for not having the guts to take his words off his ears!

After Qiu Zhan left, Qiu Li stood at the door for a while.

The light in the living room downstairs has been turned off, making the villa more and more empty and gloomy. In the darkness, his eyelashes trembled lightly, and a bit of suppressed dissatisfaction appeared in his eyes.

He hasn’t done anything, why should Qiu Zhan demand him like that?

He clenched his fists, this time he won’t compromise!

Influenced by this physical function, Yan Xiao went home and took a shower, and then talked to her parents about what happened at school on the first day of today. She started yawning. She was picked up by her mother and kicked up shortly after she was taken back to the room. Snoring, fell asleep till morning.

Thinking of going to Qiu’s house today to continue her work, she was not even lazy bed, crawled out of bed and ran to the washroom.

Chen Ziyi, who came to call her daughter to get up, saw her daughter who was washing on her special washstand, and smiled and rubbed her messy hair: “Today you woke up so early, and even brush your teeth and wash your face, so good…”

Yan Xiao spits out her mouthwash, looked at her mother in the mirror, and happily said, “Can I go to Qiu’s house later and find Brother Qiu Yan to play. I want to go early…”

She didn’t tell her mother that she was in a hurry to hang out with Qiu Li, looking for a chance to score points. Although she explained yesterday, her mother still misunderstood, of course, she must make another round again today.

She has never been this active when going to Qui’s house in the past. Today, she brushed her teeth, washed her face, woke up so early, and told her seriously that it was because I was going to play with Qiu Yan. Chen Ziyi secretly thought it was pretty funny. At a young age she still wanted to cover it up, she was obviously anxious to find Qiu Li to play.

Although she didn’t know when the relationship between her daughter and Qiu Li was so good, she didn’t expose her daughter, and just nodded following her words: “Then later you must drink milk obediently.”

This week she has been fighting, not to drink milk powder, let alone drink it from a milk jug.

But today…

She sighed into the mirror: “Okay.”

Chen Ziyi sometimes feels that her daughter does not look like a three-year-old child, so she joked: “You can’t drink your milk even when looking forward to playing with your friend?”

Yan Xiao was stumped.


Brushing the sense of evil value is related to your own life. Is there anything in this world that is more important than life and death?

After being pointed out by her mother, Yan Xiao realized her problem. She didn’t pay enough attention to it, so until now, the ill-feeling value has not reached the level of the displayed data.

It can be seen how low this value is, even if the system wants to display it can’t …She has to work harder and be more active!

She made a deep reflection in her heart. After she made up her mind, she looked up at her mother with a serious face: “I will drink up milk in the future!”

Her expression was too determined and serious, Chen Ziyi couldn’t hold back her laughter and gave her daughter a thumbs up: “Awesome!”

……Although she made up her mind, Yan Xiao still didn’t agree to drink from the milk bottle. In the end, she had the milk steep in a cup.

After drinking the milk powder, Yan Xiao couldn’t wait to go back to her bedroom and change clothes.

She pulled out a pair of overalls, a small coffee-coloured cardigan, with a white undershirt…

Chen Ziyi found it pretty funny watching her daughter drink the powdered milk in big gulps before running to her room, so she didn’t intervene and just watched to see how impatient her daughter was. After waiting for a while, she saw her daughter with dishevelled hair, holding a comb, and came to her with a look of displeasure.

Chen Ziyi almost laughed out of her image. Thinking of the little guy’s weird self-esteem, she only smiled and asked: “What’s the matter?”

Yanxiao was irritated.

She just wanted to tie a ponytail. It’s not a big project. She tried tying it for a long time but was unable in the end. Her inflexible hand was like two artificial hands. As she was struggling more and more, she got more and more frustrated, competing with the hair. She just didn’t believe she could not tie her hair nicely!

Sadly, the hand is too short, and can only go downstairs to ask for help from my mother.

After tying the pigtails, Yan Xiao is weirdly in a good mood again. She grabbed her little bag and was prepared to leave.

In the voice of her daughter’s urging, Yan Hao had no choice but to quickly finish her breakfast in a few bites, and the family of three drove to Qiu’s house with gifts.

Qiu Yan’s work won the gold medal in the children’s competition. Although it is only a domestic competition, the Qiu family attaches great importance to it. The celebration will be held at the star-rated hotel under the Qiu family’s name and will not begin until 6 pm However, the few families that have a good relationship with Qiu’s family specially went to Qiu’s family to congratulate them in the morning.

Because of Xiaoxiao’s urging, the family of three came first.

Xu Shuangrong came to greet them in person. She went to Lin City yesterday to attend an elder’s birthday banquet. She didn’t get home until midnight. Today is the first celebration of her younger son, she looked radiant, not a single fatigue was displayed.

“Xiaoxiao also came so early?” Xu Shuangrong asked Yan Xiao after greeting Yan Hao and his wife.

She quite likes this little girl from Yanjia. She is pretty, well-behaved and smart, and most importantly, she can play with Xiao Yan.

“Hello, Auntie,” Yan Xiao played the child seriously: “Auntie is pretty again today.”

Xu Shuangrong squeezed her face: “The mouth is still so sweet…”

“Since she woke up, she has been chatting about coming to find brother to play with” Chen Ziyi explained on the side: “There is no way with her.”

The adults were talking, and Yan Xiao was unable to contribute to the conversation, her eyes were only focused on the backyard, shining brightly.

Last week, Qiu Li was drinking milk in the yard, but today she saw no one. Looking around, Xu Shuangrong noticed her gaze and asked her with a smile: “Who is Xiaoxiao looking for?”

Xu Shuangrong doesn’t like Qiu Li. Of course, she knows it. She definitely can’t say in front of her that she is looking for Qiu Li. Moreover, when she came, she told her mother that she was looking for Qiu Yan brother (TN: brother here is a title, it’s like Oppa)

Both of them stared at her, she had no choice but to smile: “What is Brother Qiu Yan doing?”

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