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VBBSM Chapter 7.2

When Qiu Li came out of the classroom with his schoolbag on his back, the classrooms in Building No. 3 were already locked, and there were no children. Even if he knew that the small class was early to end school, he still stared at Building No. 3 for a while.

I heard from the servant last night that Qiu’s family is going to hold a small celebration party for Qiu Yan on the weekend. He used to be not interested in everything about Qiu Yan, especially the celebration party, but yesterday he heard from the servant that the Yan family would also go there.

As he walked to the school gate, the corner of his mouth was pursed.

For the first time, he had expectations for the weekend.

With this expectation, he was not upset when he watched the children being picked up by their parents, and he was the only one left in the end.

He waited and waited until the sun went down, the teacher did not even know how many calls were made, the driver still did not come to pick him up.

He looked at the clock on the wall, seven twenty.

After a long while, he got up and walked to the teacher, lowered his eyes, and said, “Teacher, I can go home by myself.” Qiu Zhan had left him at the door of the hotel before and he just took a taxi home by himself.

No one answered the call again, and Meng Jing was helpless. This is not a matter of once or twice. She glanced at Qiu Li, who was calm and said after thinking about it: “Wait, maybe it’s coming. On the way.”

One time the driver came at 8 o’clock, and right now it is 7:20. Anyway, she had already waited until this time, and it was not less than half an hour. If the person hasn’t come at 8 o’clock, she will send the person back personally.

Qiu Li agreed, sat back, and continued to wait.

At 7:40, the call was not connected again, and Meng Jing couldn’t wait.

It’s not that it’s irritable, it’s just a waste of time to wait so meaninglessly. She put away her phone and said to Qiu Li, “Teacher will take you home.”

Qiu Li raised his head and glanced at the teacher: “It’s okay, Teacher can go back if you have something to do, I can just wait by myself.”

Meng Jing: “…”

“It is convenient for Teacher,” Meng Jing smiled: “Just to take you home.” If I knew earlier, it would have been better to take you home at six o’clock, and I can get home from work earlier too.

Qiu Li blinked. No one knew. In fact, he was still very sensitive to other people’s emotions. For example, he knew right now that the teacher was not very happy, although she was smiling.

If I wait longer, maybe the teacher will be even more unhappy. Qiu Li could only stand up and follow the teacher out.

After dinner in the newly opened alien-themed restaurant, Yan Xiao was happily holding the chocolate mousse bought by her aunt and looked out. When she passed the kindergarten, she saw Qiu Li walking with her teacher. She thought she saw wrong…

“Auntie—” After the reaction, she struggled to look back and yelled anxiously as she watched: “Auntie, stop, stop!”

Chen Zilu was startled by the shout of her niece, thinking she was uncomfortable, and hurriedly parked the car on the side of the road and flashed a double flash.

Chen Ziyi was also busy checking her daughter’s situation.

“what’s wrong?”

As soon as the seat belt was unfastened, Yan Xiao crawled in the middle of the back seat and looked back through the glass. It was Qiu Li!

It’s so late, is he still at kindergarten? Is no one from Qiu’s family coming to pick him up?

“I’m fine,” she said to her mother and auntie while looking at Qiu Li who was standing at the gate of the kindergarten with the teacher waiting for a taxi, “I didn’t feel uncomfortable, just saw a…friend.”


Both Chen Ziyi and Chen Zilu looked at their niece strangely.

Both of them saw Qiu Li.

The sisters glanced at each other, and the two of them understood at a glance what was going on.

Yan Xiao bit her lip, the villain’s life was so miserable when he was a child? It’s so late, and no one came to pick him up. People like the Qiu family will definitely arrange drivers to pick up and drop off the children in the family. This situation is naturally not forgotten, it is definitely deliberate.

She personally guessed that it was the work of Qiu Zhan.

Knowing the plot, she really guessed it correctly. It was Qiu Zhan who left the driver and told the driver that he had asked another driver to pick up Qiu Li, so let him leave it alone.

The driver knew the old man’s attitude towards Qiu Li, so he didn’t dare to ask, let alone say anything more. He was just working with money. How could he dare to ask about the Qiu family? Furthermore, Qiu Zhan is the son of Qiu Zhan, so he opened one eye and closed the other as he didn’t know anything.

It’s pitiful, Yan Xiao muttered in her heart looking at Qiu Li who was standing on the side of the road with his head down.

She thought for a while, then turned her head and said, “Mom, let him get in our car. It just happened to be on the way and put him at the door of Qiu’s house. We can go home after, it just so happens that I want to take a drive again.”

Of course, Chen Ziyi is responsive to her daughter except for sugar and ice cream.

“Okay,” Chen Ziyi was so happy that her daughter was so righteous. She squeezed her face: “Mom will go over and bring your friend here.”

“It’s not a friend, it’s not a friend!” Yan Xiao explained hurriedly. She made a mistake just now, so she has to change it quickly.

Chen Ziyi questioned in doubt: “It’s not a friend, why should he let him sit in our car?”

This question stumped Yan Xiao. She thought for a while and explained: “It’s classmates. We are from a kindergarten. We must have the love of classmates. The teacher taught me today.”

Chen Ziyi smiled, this ghost and spirit, with such sophistry?

“Good, good,” she smiled: “It’s a classmate, mom will go and pick up your classmate.”

Yan Xiao said anxiously: “Me, me and you! Let’s go together!”

Chen Ziyi didn’t doubt her this time, and only thought her daughter was playful, she unfastened her seat belt, took her out of the car, and walked towards the kindergarten gate with her hand.

Yan Xiao was very excited.

The big villain is a paranoid and self-respecting arrogant. She hates others to look down on him the most. She must use the most contemptuous and supreme attitude to call him to ride in her car together.

In this way, not only sending this poor child home but also making him sick of her, she could kill two birds with one stone. She couldn’t help to applaud herself in her heart.

The Friday night rush is the worst time to take a taxi, especially in this area, where there is a lot of people, and it is not easy to take a taxi. Meng Jing watched the taxi-hailing software displayed more than 20 numbers in order to get her turn. Can’t help but feel helpless.

Just thinking about whether to bother her girlfriend who was eating nearby, she heard someone calling her.

Seeing Mrs. Yan who was walking with Yan Xiao, the teacher didn’t realize what was going on for a while, and she didn’t understand until she heard the wife explain her intention.

Yan Xiao didn’t care what her mother and teacher said, she only held her chin up, exhausted all her strength, put on a posture that looked high and looked down on Qiu Li, and said, “I’m passing by after eating and just about to go home, so I’ll let you sit in my car, I’ll take you home.”

The implication: you are not picked up, I think you are pitiful, let you sit in my car and take you back! I pity you!

Qiu Li was stunned, he didn’t expect to see Yan Xiao today.

Hearing that she told him to let him go home in their car, he was surprised at first and then went to see Chen Ziyi. He was a little happy to see that there was no expression of disgust or reluctance on her face.

Of course Meng Jing knew Yan Xiao and Chen Ziyi, and also knew the relationship between Yan Jia and Qiu’s family. She thought about it and asked Qiu Li’s opinion: “Would you like to take Mrs. Yan’s car home?”

The teacher waited with him for a long time, and he didn’t want to trouble the teacher any more, and…

He glanced at Yanxiao and nodded: “Yes.”

Meng Jing also breathed a sigh of relief. He was willing. After all, the Qiu’ house and her house are one city east and one city west. After sending him off, it will be more than ten o’clock when she returns home.

Seeing Qiu Li get into Yanjia’s car, Meng Jing called her best friend, she was starving to death, and planned to go for a meal.

Because only one special child seat was installed in the car, Chen Ziyi asked Qiu Li to sit in another seat in the back seat. She first carried her daughter into the car, fastened her seat belt, and was about to hug Qiu Li. Qiu Li got into the car by himself, fastened his seat belt, and sat happily.

Chen Ziyi thought, quite sensible, and smiled and praised him.

After the car started, Yan Xiao remembered that it was almost eight o’clock, Qiu Li was still at kindergarten, and he definitely hadn’t eaten yet.

She looked at the chocolate mousse in her arms and then at her side. Qiu Li, who was sitting quietly and upright, bit his lip tangledly.

This mousse is very delicious, she is a little bit reluctant, but the poor little child is hungry…Forget it, she will be able to eat it often in the future anyway.

She didn’t hesitate anymore, and passed the cake in her arms directly, with her small chin open: “Are you eating it?”

After getting into the car, Qiu Li was very cautious. Although the two aunts Chen treated him very well, Yan Xiao was still sitting beside him, but he did not move and just sat quietly.

He was hesitating to speak, how to speak, and suddenly a piece of cake with a beautiful package was handed over in front of him, and it also exudes a sweet chocolate aroma.

He subconsciously said: “I am not hungry.”

As soon as the voice fell, his stomach screamed suddenly.

He was a little embarrassed, his face flushed immediately.

Looking at Qiu Li, who was embarrassed and blushing because of her “charity”, Yan Xiao’s heart was finally balanced. She gave up the dessert and caught the wolf. She didn’t lose in this wave. She put the cake on his neat hand, with an arrogant expression: “I have eaten, give it to you to eat.”

The rounded little chin and the arrogant little expression are so cute.

Qiu Li looked at her, then at the cake in his hand, his lips curled up.

“Thank you.” He said.

Seeing him saying thank you so reluctantly, Yan Xiao waved his hand grandiosely: “You’re welcome.”

After speaking, she glanced at him secretly and saw that he was looking down at the cake in his hand, his jaw was tight, he looked very unhappy, and a little dissatisfied. This is her favorite cake. , Is he so unhappy?

But it was all given away, so Yan Xiao had to force herself to turn her head and look outside, pretending that she couldn’t see it, and she would feel sorry for the cake if she could see it…

Qiu Li stared at the cake for a long time before unpacking it.

It is in the shape of a little sheep, which is very cute and looks delicious.

In the past, Qiu Zhan was targeted by Qiu Zhan occasionally. He had no food to eat and he was too hungry, but he could bear it. Today I don’t know why he looked at the cake in front of him and he felt extremely hungry.

After watching for a while, he picked up the spoon and dug a foot of the little lamb. It was soft, sweet, and delicious. For the first time, he felt that sweets could be so delicious…

When approaching the Qiu’s villa area, Qiu Li had already finished the cake.

He looked at the buildings and road signs outside on the roadside, and said to Aunt Yan Xiao who was driving: “Auntie, can you stop here?”

Chen Zilu glanced outside: “I haven’t arrived at your house yet.”

Qiu Li: “…Well, I want to look at the trees on the side of the road.”

Obviously lying.

Chen Zilu didn’t ask too much. She had seen it a long time ago. Qiu Li is very sensitive and the situation at home is so complicated. Maybe he was worried about something and didn’t want them to send him to the door. She glanced at the entrance which was not far away, smiled, and stopped on the side of the road.

Chen Zilu got out of the car and let Qiu leave the door.

“Thank you, Auntie.”

Chen Zilu smiled: “No need to be polite, it was Xiaoxiao from my family that saw you.”

I haven’t seen him for a few days. The boy talks a lot. I have never heard him speak before.

Qui Li’s head and heart moved, he didn’t guess wrong, she really asked her parents to send him home.

But Qiu Zhan is so grungy, last week she only gave herself one candy, and he bullied her. If he saw him back in her car, he would definitely bully her even more. It was not far anyway, and he was home after a short walk.

Hearing what her aunt said, Yan Xiao hurriedly pressed down the car window, held the window, and emphasized to Qiu Li on the side of the road: “We are on the way!” Not deliberately sending you home!

The two of them do not live in the same villa area, although they are both in the east of the city, it still wasn’t very convenient.

How could Chen Zilu hear the deep meaning of her niece’s words, only thought it was the way of communication between children.

“Quickly go back,” she said to Qiu Li, “walk carefully.”

When he turned to leave, he remembered something and looked up at Yan Xiao in the car: “Are you coming for Qiu Yan’s celebration tomorrow?”

Under the street lamp, the little boy’s dark eyes flashed with stars.

Qiu Li was expecting, but what fell in Yan Xiao’s ears was that he didn’t want to see her. In this way, he told her not to go to Qiu’s house and bother him.

Yan Xiao raised her brows and said arrogantly, “Of course I am going!”

If you don’t like seeing me, I just want to go! I want to dangle in front of your eyes!

Qiu Li pursed his lips, pressing his joy to the bottom of his heart without showing it.

“Oh,” he said.

The voice is still faint, but with excitement that no one can hear.

Yan Xiao: “?”

Are you unhappy now?

This is too easy to brush!

Did the system give her cheats?!?

The system that hadn’t appeared for nearly a week flashed at this time, returning her in her mind–

[Not really. ]

Qiu Li carried this sudden excitement and walked home carrying his schoolbag. As he walked, he suddenly stopped and the corners of his mouth raised slightly.

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