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VBBSM Chapter 7.1

Yan Xiao, who walked to the door, remembered what was going on, she turned and ran back.

Qiu Li who secretly hid his joy: “?”

Yan Xiao took out a marshmallow from her small bag and stuffed it into Qiu Li’s hand: “Here, for you!”

After speaking, without waiting for Qiu Li to react, she turned and ran away.

No matter how small a mosquito is, it is meat. A marshmallow every day is a little bit of evil every day, as long as she doesn’t give up, grabbing watermelon and sesame seeds together, over time, will surely be able to drip through a stone!

Seeing Yan Xiao disappearing at the door of the classroom carrying a small bag, Qiu Li’s thin eyelids trembled slightly.

She, she gave him marshmallows for the second time, he has two marshmallows!

Before he could even gaze back, several boys in the same class walked towards him together.

He immediately chilled and endured his joy, he put the marshmallow in his pocket and left with his tableware…

“Hey!” The little fat man Chen Yao stopped in front of him: “What did the girl from the small class just give you?”

Qiu Li glanced at him, ignored him, and planned to bypass him and go out.

“I’m talking to you!” Chen Yao was angry, He couldn’t stand that he was stubbornly ignoring people every day. Isn’t he just an illegitimate child? What are you pulling!

Seeing that he was still silent, Chen Yao stretched out his hand and pushed Qiu Li.

Qiu Li was beaten too much, and when he stretched out his hand, he avoided him. Chen Yao was pushed aside and staggered onto the window ledge, his posture was very ugly, and everyone else in the class burst into laughter.

Chen Yao lost his big face and transferred his anger to Qiu Li. He was about to beat him out. The life teacher saw him: “It’s time for a nap, why don’t you go back to the dormitory?”

When the teacher saw it, Chen Yao had to withdraw his fist unwillingly. Before leaving, he even snorted at Qiu Li: “Isn’t it just a candy, you treasure it so much, so shameful…”

Qiu Li stuffed the marshmallows in his pockets again, ignored him, and just took the dinner plate to the health teacher.

“You brought the dinner plate by yourself again, good job,” the health teacher smiled and handed him a small red flower: “A reward for you.”

Qiu Li took the small red flower, thought about it, and said to the teacher of life: “Thank you, teacher.”

After speaking, he held the little red flower and went to the dormitory to take a nap by himself as usual.

The health teacher was stunned.

She has taught this class for more than two years. She has a deep impression of every child in the class, but Qiu Li is the one she cares most about.

His identity, his character, it is difficult for people not to pay attention.

Qiu Li is very easy to take. This is the consensus of all the teachers because he is very sensible and well-behaved. He never makes trouble and doesn’t have a bad temper.

But he is not so easy to take, because he is too quiet, unlike a child.

The psychiatrist at the school has observed him for more than half a year and determined that he just likes to be quiet, likes to be alone, and has no psychological problems, and the teachers are relieved.

It’s just that his quietness also makes the teachers a headache because he is quiet and almost withdrawn.

Who would have thought that this was the first time she heard ‘thank you teacher’ from him in more than two years?

Of course, the health teacher was surprised.

In the lunch break room of the small class, Yan Xiao lay on the small bed under the quilt, thinking about Qiu Li, while scrutinizing the room.

A room of small beds, a room of children, one by one, just like sitting in rows and waiting to divide the fruit, some are already asleep, of course, there are also people who don’t sleep and make trouble and don’t let others sleep. It’s especially interesting to see, she can’t help but look for a while.

With a gentle opening of the door, Yan Xiao immediately closed her eyes and pretended to sleep.

The teacher came in and took a look, and gently covered the quilt for the kid who kicked the quilt… Of course, the kids pretending to be asleep were discovered by her, especially the few who always did not take a nap and led a group of children to play and not sleep.

“Which kid is asleep?” The teacher whispered: “The sleeping kid raises his hand and shows it to the teacher.”

Yan Xiao: “…” Is it so naive?

Then she heard the rustling raise of hands.

Yan Xiao: “………………”

She closed her eyes and didn’t move. Even her breathing was even. Pretending to sleep is her profession. Not to mention the teacher, even the aunt discover it.

Hearing the teacher coaxing the children, Yan Xiao was a little sleepy somehow. Before falling asleep, she was still wondering if she could catch the opportunity to go to Building One in the afternoon.

Until the end of school, she did not catch the opportunity, and the small class was the first to leave school. She could only regretfully carry her little schoolbag, looking back every step and slowly walked out.

The little niece went to the kindergarten on the first day, but in the morning because she had to go to work, she couldn’t come to send her off, so she finally finished the task early in the afternoon and came to pick up her with her sister.

Seeing her little niece reluctantly turning her head frequently, Chen Zilu laughed. She grabbed her sister’s arm and pointed to Xiao Yanxiao: “Sister, you guess, is Xiaoxiao a kindergarten dessert or a kindergarten toy?”

Chen Ziyi remembered what the teacher told her at noon that Xiaoxiao was very comfortable in the garden and made friends. She looked funny and helpless: “I guess she is reluctant to part with her new friends.”

“Huh?” Chen Zilu was surprised: “You make such a good friend just one day here? It really is my niece!”

Chen Ziyi glanced at her sister.

As the two of them were talking, Yan Xiao was already ahead, and Chen Zilu took two steps forward and took the niece in her arms and rubbed it: “be good be good, did you miss Auntie?”

Yan Xiao had just been looking at Building One, trying to linger and see if she could touch Qiu Li, but she didn’t succeed. Because her attention was always in Building One, she didn’t notice her mother and aunt. When she was suddenly asked, she hesitated very much, and then said, “I thought about it!”

The hesitation was too obvious, and Chen Zilu dissatisfied: “So unenthusiastic, needed to think about it for so long before answering. Where did you think about it?”

Yan Xiao stared at her beautiful face for a while and finally kissed her on the face of her fate. She kissed her very loudly and shouted loudly: “I really did miss! I miss my aunt soo much! ”

At this point, she didn’t know who was the three-year-old between her and her aunt.

After yelling, she stretched out her arms at her mother again and yelled, “I miss my mother soo much too!”

Chen Ziyi smiled and squeezed her daughter’s face: “Good, reward you with a candy today!”

Yan Xiao is truly happy.

One more candy, then she will have one more chance to brush up the evil value in front of the villain! Sure enough, she is a real mother, so she can assist her!

There were more rewards for nothing, and the regret that Yan Xiao could not brush a wave of bad feelings before returning home, even the sadness of not seeing Qiu Li on the weekends despite having no school was washed away by the smiles of mother and aunt.

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