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VBBSM Chapter 6

Although Qiu Li was in a bad situation in the Qiu family and he was not treated badly, people like the Qiu family take reputations seriously, and the Qiu family did not treat him badly in terms of what outsiders could see. Therefore, the kindergarten that Qiu Li went to is the most famous and the most difficult kindergarten for the international aristocracy in Rongcheng. It receives not many students every year, and all of them are rich or expensive

The admission procedures are complicated and not complicated, and simple but not simple. Yan Xiao finally completed all the formalities on Friday and was sent to the kindergarten by her mother.

It turns out that Yan Xiao’s family in the world is not good, and has never been in contact with such an international school.

Before, she had always been repelled from going to kindergarten because of ‘humiliation’, but now that she is here, she is very curious.

Chen Ziyi has heard a lot about her child’s first day of school, and all kinds of reluctance to adapt, her best friend also sent her a video of her child crying on the first day of school. She came with a heart ready to cope with her daughter’s crying.

As a result, she took her daughter by the hand and walked to the gate of the school. She had just said a few words to the teacher who led the class. The daughter said “Goodbye mom,” with her little smiley face. She carried her small schoolbag and rushed in proudly into the school, she was as happy as a bird entering the forest, leaving the old mother Chen Ziyi, who was preparing to hug and hold her, to wait.

Looking at her daughter who didn’t look back, Chen Ziyi suddenly felt a little stunned, but because the class was about to start, she could only say goodbye to the teacher and agreed to pick her up after school in the afternoon.

The kindergarten is very big.

It’s bigger than the elementary school that Yanxiao went to before because she is new, the teacher specially introduced to her what each building of the school does – mainly introduces the activities of the kindergarten class.

Yan Xiao is very satisfied with the school, but when the teacher says that the small and large classes are not in the same building, she is not so satisfied.

The school has three grades: small class, middle class, and large class. Each grade has a small building, and there is only a recreation area and a dining hall together.

This means that she can’t see Qiu Li all the time, so she can’t always use the bad feeling value.

The two people are three years apart, so there is no way. Yan Xiao thought about it for a while and then stopped worrying, anyways now in kindergarten, the chance to meet has greatly increased. During class and lunch break, I can go to the first building of the big class to find him.

There are new classmates in the class. The children in the small class are very curious about Yan Xiao. She is beautiful and has a good relationship with the little genius of the Qiu family. Just after coming for a long time, Yan Xiao has become the most popular child in the class.

However, it can be said that Xiaoman’s heart is always–

What is Qiu Li doing now? What class is he taking? Haven’t seen me for so long, does he remember me?

She pondered for a whole morning, and finally caught the opportunity during her lunch break. She acted like a baby and asked the teacher to allow her to go to the dining classroom of the next big class.

Originally, she thought it would be particularly difficult to find, but as a result, she pretended to hold her small meal tray. As soon as she entered the dining room of the large class, she saw Qiu Li who was sitting in a corner with his head down and eating.

Especially conspicuous.

She looked at Qiu Li, who was exuding “No one else enters” all over, and only felt that he and the empty area around him were screaming at her frantically: Brush me! Come and brush me!

Sitting across from him with a dinner plate, and squeezing him behind a table, seeing the undisguised unhappiness on his face and the surprise flashed in his eyes when he saw her, Yan Xiao was still very satisfied. Surprise

He still remembers her! Great!

All the efforts she did last weekend were not in vain!

Seeing Yan Xiao with her big eyes suddenly flashing and her face full of joy, Qiu Li was shocked and at a loss, but there was a bit of joy.

She, how could she appear here?

Qiu Li’s gaze stayed on Yan Xiao for a while, then looked behind her. There was no one, only the curious eyes of the classmates.

He was a little puzzled.

She is so small and no one is following, why did she come here?

Since knowing her name is Yanxiao last weekend, he has noticed that she does not go to kindergarten, but her parents teach at home.

Looking at Yan Xiao, who was still staring at herself so happy, Qiu Li, who had always been calm in front of outsiders, suddenly became a little nervous.

Thinking that he had wrongly blamed her last week, he hesitated for a moment, wondering if he wanted to be kind to her?

But he hadn’t smiled at others for a long time, and he was afraid that he would not smile well and frightened her, his mouth moved around, and finally, he just tugged stiffly.

Yan Xiao could see all of his facial expressions clearly. Seeing that he was so angry that he couldn’t say anything, even the corners of his mouth began to twitch. Yan Xiao was more satisfied with her operation.

“You…” After a while, Qiu Li suppressed his joy, pretending not to care, and coldly asked: “Why are you here?”

It wasn’t that he wanted to keep this face on purpose

Because someone had teased him under the banner of playing with him, although…Although he thought that this very cute female doll in front of him would not, he was still very vigilant.

Qiu Li’s phrase, ‘why did you come here?’ was obviously a concern, but when it fell in Yan Xiao’s ears it became—who allowed you to come here! Don’t touch my table! leave me alone!

Yan Xiao blinked, and it became clear in her heart that his loneliness was indeed in his bones. Since he was a child, he was very wary of the outside world and would not let anyone approach him.

However, his voice is pretty good.

Crisp and cold, just like the soft sound of the dew drops on the leaves falling into the deep pool in the early morning.

This is the first time she has spoken to him. Yan Xiao thought while saying: “I’m here to go to school, our class is so noisy, it’s quiet here, I will eat here in the future.”

Qiu Li was startled.

He was so surprised just now that he didn’t notice that she was wearing the school uniform! Doesn’t that mean you can see her every day in school from now on?

Outside the window was the bright sun, and there were big smiling eyes in front of him. Qiu Li suddenly felt that this kindergarten seemed to be good too.?

Seeing the big villain’s stagnant expression that she would come and squeeze on his table for lunch every day, Yan Xiao was already adding hatred to herself in her heart.

According to this rhythm, she will be able to brush it all back soon!

Yan Xiao’s small face was filled with joy.

Qiu Li glanced at the female doll who was sitting across from him and smiled that her eyes were crescent-shaped. He was also very happy. After looking at it for a while, remembering that he hadn’t responded to her, he lowered his head and gave a slight hmm in response.

This sound is different in Yan Xiao’s ears.

Such a cold and casual cry, perfunctory and strange, but she likes it!

After a wave of brushing, Yan Xiao ate her lunch happily, and as she ate, she saw Qiu Li secretly pinching a corner of his dinner plate, moving his plate out slightly and slightly, and the two of them were eating. The distance between the two rice bowls was quickly increased.

Yan Xiao: “…”

Are you so resistant to contact others? Can’t even stand next to each other?

This big guy is really antisocial.

Yan Xiao muttered in her heart for a while and no longer got closer to him. The child was young and had some personal preferences. It was normal. Anyway, she squeezed onto his table and ate with him. She has successfully achieved the goal and brushed the hate value. It isn’t necessary to kill a little friend.

…If she really annoys him and he kills her now, wouldn’t she have really become a cannon fodder?

Step by step, slowly figure out, is the kingly way.

Qiu Li, who secretly moved his rice bowl out and wanted to give Yanxiao more space. He saw Yanxiao that didn’t notice it and was happily eating fishball. He pursed his lip and said to himself that it’s okay, after a long time, she will definitely notice… and she is so cute, and eating fish **** is so cute too!

After the meal, Yan Xiao’s teacher came to look for her. Just now Yan Xiao came over with the meal tray, and she was observing from outside the classroom.

They are teachers here, they have seen many wealthy families, and are very clear about the affairs of the Qiu family. The children in the school do not like to play with Qiu Li, and the teachers have no choice. They are all the apple of one’s eye in their families, and their backgrounds one more Niu than the other ( Niu means unbelievably awesome), they can’t force these children to play with Qiu Li, plus Qiu Li…

The teachers could only open their eyes and closed their eyes.

Therefore, she was really surprised to see that Yan Xiao was looking for was Qiu Li in the big class dining room.

If the kids don’t play with Qiu Li, they can’t control it, if Xiao Xiao wants to play with Qiu Li, they can’t control it either.

Seeing that the two were getting along well, she said to the teacher in the big class and went back to see the children in their class for dinner.

“Nap?” Yan Xiao blinked his big eyes and looked at the teacher, repeating the same trick: “Teacher, can I not take a nap?”

The teacher picked up her small plate and said with a smile: “No, the kids have to take a nap. Go back with the teacher. Your friends also want to take a nap.”

Yan Xiao wanted to say that Qiu Li is not my friend, but she if says this, she won’t be able to lie to the teacher to come back to the big class next time. She was quiet for a while, and nodded dejectedly: “Okay, then.”

In order to make the teacher believe it more and make it easier for her to come to the big class in the future. When she left, she waved her small paw at Qiu Li, “Goodbye!”

Today is the first day for Yan Xiao to enroll in school, and the teacher doesn’t know her temper and preferences, and only assumes that the relationship between her and Qiu Li is good. After all, Yan Jia and Qiu’s family are good at each other.

“That’s right, come see your friends again tomorrow.”

Qiu Li stared at the little figure taken out by the teacher holding hands and forgot to say bye. Only the words “your friend” that the teacher said to Yan Xiao just now were in his mind.

It took a long time before he recovered. In his large blinking eyes, something was melting…


It turns out this is how it feels to have friends…

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