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VBBSM Chapter 5

On the way back from the Qiu’s house, Yan Xiao sat in the back seat, smashing her fingers and calculating how long she would be able to swipe like this every day…

“Why are you so happy today?” When waiting for the red light, Chen Zilu looked at her niece who was sitting in the back seat from the rearview mirror, a small group of smiles, her heart was filled, and she asked with a smile: “You like Brother Xiao Yan so much?”

“Huh?” Yan Xiao was calculating, she was startled when she heard her aunt’s words.

With her small round face, she narrowed her smile and blinked her big eyes blankly. It was in the middle of Chen Zilu’s heart, and it was more than twenty seconds before the red light. She turned around and stretched her arms, squeezing her niece’s face: ” Ah what? Playing with Brother Xiao Yan so well? I forgot my aunt.”

Yan Xiao has long been accustomed to her aunt pinching her face from time to time, as if she were a cat, she would grab her and take a breath from time to time.

She didn’t hide, so she smiled at the auntie: “No! Auntie is so beautiful, I won’t forget it!”

Chen Zilu was coaxed to smile, rubbing her small face, and asked, “Is my mouth so sweet, is it too much sugar?”

“No!” Yan Xiao said seriously: “I just ate one!”

Chen Zilu was just teasing her. Anyway, the weekly supply of candies has become a habit. 

Outsiders also know that their family has strict control over Xiaoxiao’s sugar consumption, and no one will secretly give her candies. She still feels relieved.

“So good,” Chen Zilu tidied her crooked collar, the green light was on, she turned and started the car: “Then my aunt will take you to the aquarium tomorrow and reward you, okay?”

She has been busy for more than half a year, and it is rare to take vacations these days, but she has to accompany her niece.


Yan Xiao has no interest in the Aquarium at all.

But since my aunt said to reward herself, then…

“Auntie!” She excitedly said, “Will you take me to Qiu’s house tomorrow for fun?”

In this way, you can get a day’s evil value!

Chen Zilu glanced in the rearview mirror, looking at her little unscrupulous niece whose eyes were filled with hearts towards a genius little brother, and said leisurely: “But tomorrow Xiaoyan brother will go to Master Lin’s house for class, even if you go to Qiu’s house, you won’t be able to see him.”

She didn’t care where Qiu Yan was going. She stretched out her arms to try to pick up the front passenger seat, but her hands were too short. She struggled for a long time and couldn’t get enough, so she had to withdraw her hands and grab the seat belt instead.

“I’m not looking for Brother Xiaoyan,” she was a little excited. Just now, she was thinking about how to let her mother and aunt bring themselves to Qiu’s house tomorrow. Auntie proposed it by herself, and she was indeed her own aunt! She stammered with excitement: “I, I am going to play with Qiu Li!”

“Qiu Li?” Chen Zilu raised her brows.

In the rearview mirror, the little niece nodded earnestly: “Uh, uh, I’m going to find Qiu Li.”

Naturally, Chen Zilu couldn’t think of so much, but when his niece was a child, she asked her with a smile on a whim, “Why did you want to play with Qiu Li again? What did you play with your little brother today, so worried?”

Playing to deliberately provoke him!

Yan Xiao replied to her aunt in her heart, but she said: “He is also good-looking, I want to play with him!”

Chen Zilu laughed out loud. He is really a child, and he looks good. No one in their family is Yan Kong. Who does the little niece follow after? (yan kong means simply obsessed with the looks of others) 

Seeing her aunt only smiling but not speaking, Yan Xiao was a little anxious, for fear that her aunt would regret it and delay her great cause, she hurriedly asked: “Auntie, okay?”

“Auntie can bring you to Qiu’s house tomorrow.” At the intersection again, waiting for the red light, Chen Zilu turned her head and smiled and looked at her: “But even after you go, you be able to see Qiu Li’s little brother.”

The smile on Yan Xiao’s face suddenly stopped, and she looked incredulous: “Why?!”

Could it be possible that the Qiu family’s maverick did not follow the script to send Qiu Li away?

Chen Zilu was almost laughed to death at her niece’s small-expression that changed for a while.

“Because tomorrow is Monday,” she said with a smile, “Qiu Li is going to school, of course you won’t see him…”

Yan Xiao, who had just thought about it happily, was smashed into pieces by the skinny reality at that moment, and she stared at her aunt, like falling into the abyss.

Chen Zilu was hysterically laughing, she took out her phone and took a photo of her stone-faced niece, and sent it to the family group:

–Heard that the beautiful little brother is going to school tomorrow and can’t play with her, directly became  petrified, hahahaha

In the next second, the family group will be filled with hahaha and kiss my Xiaoxiao baby.

After dinner that day, Yan Xiao made a major decision——

She is going to kindergarten!

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  1. Avatar Daikon says:

    Aw yeah! I can’t wait to see what mischief she’ll bring with her~

  2. Avatar Daikon says:

    Aw yeah!
    I can’t wait to see what mischief Yan Xiao will bring with her~

    Thank you for the translations!

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