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VBBSM Chapter 4

Yan Xiao, who thinks she has successfully brushed three waves of bad feelings, is very happy.

Her efficiency is simply too high, so she only met once, and after half a day, she swept three waves, then she could finish brushing up the bad luck and return to her original world soon.

Thinking about it this way, Yan Xiao was more happy and proud. She opened her small backpack and took a marshmallow to reward herself.

She peeled off the sugar paper, happily shaking the short legs while eating.

As she ate, she noticed the unusual sight next to her, and she looked at it suspiciously—

The little boy sitting next to her, staring at the cotton candy in her hand and licking his mouth.

Yan Xiao: “…”

She just froze for a while and put the marshmallows into her mouth in twos or twos, chew it-swallow it.

After swallowing the marshmallows, she seriously said to the little boy: “I’m done!”

The little boy’s eyes fell on her little bag.

Yan Xiao: “!!!”

Yan Xiao was about to face the enemy, and hurriedly moved the small bag behind him without showing him, but also solemnly emphasized: “There is no more in the bag, I have finished eating.”

There was a very clear regret in the little boy’s eyes, and finally, he had to look away reluctantly.

Although he stopped staring at his bag, Xiao still didn’t dare to relax.

The bag is her life!

She especially loves eating marshmallows. People like Yanjia certainly don’t lack marshmallows. But parents and aunts are afraid that she will eat too much and her teeth will break. They don’t let her eat too much, so they only give her one every day. Pieces. She had made trouble, but it didn’t help. They still didn’t give it. Not only did they not give it, but they also put marshmallows on the top of the refrigerator, and installed a camera very excessively to shoot at the refrigerator to prevent her from eating.

For this reason, she went on a hunger strike for a long time, and finally, the aunt negotiated with her, giving her ten pills a week, and let her arrange how to eat it herself. If she couldn’t help eating it out in one day, she would have no food for the next six days.

Yan Xiao always thinks that Auntie is her nemesis, and she specifically treats disobedient children like her. This method not only controls the quantity but also subtly cultivates her self-control and self-discipline ability.

You could say her tricks are quite high. 

Then Yan Xiao nodded. Because she couldn’t deal with the auntie, if she didn’t nod her head, the three extra ones would definitely be taken back, and then she would lose out.

Ten is ten. She is only at a disadvantage at a young age. When she grows up, she buys it herself, and she can eat a lot every day!

But now, when she hasn’t grown up and can’t buy herself marshmallows, the bag is her life! Just now, she had already given Qiu Li one for the evil value, and if she gave it again, she lost two of them this week, so what’s the point of being alive?

When she secretly moved the bag from behind to hide in front of her while the little boy was not paying attention, Qiu Zhan and his friends entered the studio.

Qiu Zhan was holding an enamel fruit plate in his hand. He was no stranger to the small peas like canned sardines in the studio.  He walked to his brother and said in a soft voice: “Xiao Yan, take a break and eat some fruit. ”

Qiu Yan, who had been obsessed with painting, heard his brother’s voice and stopped the pen in his hand. He glanced at the fruit plate, the big and moist cherries.

“It just arrived by air,” Qiu Zhan smiled very mildly, with a gentle tone: “I just washed it for you, eat some fruit and rest before painting.”

Qiu Yan put down the pen and nodded with a straight face.

Don’t say, his looks, although he doesn’t speak, still has a small face, just likable, don’t mention how cute, Yan Xiao couldn’t help but look at it a few more times.

Qiu Zhan put the fruit plate on the table, took a wet towel, and wiped his brother’s hands just like an old lively mother.

But everyone is not surprised, Rongcheng, who else doesn’t know that Qiu Zhan, the eldest son of the Qiu family, is a super invincible brother?

Yan Xiao had come to Qiu’s house several times before. She didn’t know that the world she lived in was a book. She thought Qiu Zhan was a very good brother, Qiu Yan was very happy, he was born well, and was a genius, father. Mother loves him, and there is a brother who loves him so much. He is simply a winner in life.

But now, watching this scene, she has other ideas.

Qiu Zhan hates his father Qiu Chengyi. According to his cognition, Qiu Chengyi betrayed them. His father’s derailed mistress also brought his illegitimate son to the door, causing a lot of noise and leaving a huge shadow in his young mind. Because of this incident, his mother has for a long time moved her hatred towards his father to him. He is still young and doesn’t know what to do. For fear that his mother will hate him forever, then he will have no family. That’s why he hates Qiu Li.

Without Qiu Li and Qiu Li’s Xiaosan mother, their family would always be happy.

Later, with the younger brother Qiu Yan, Qiu Zhan found his way like a lost lamb and poured all his feelings on his younger brother.

In Qiu Zhan’s world, his younger brother Qiu Yan is all he has.

Originally, based on the foundation of the Qiu family for several generations, just relying on Qiu Li, you can’t defeat. Even if he could make them stumble, he would not be able to bankrupt the Qiu family and force Qiu Chengyi to commit suicide, thanks to Qui Zhan.

Qiu Zhan hated his dad. He started to work against his dad in adolescence and became more and more fierce as an adult. How could Qiu Chengyi tolerate his son like this. The father and son were once intolerant, but Qiu Zhan was the eldest son and the family business always inherited. …This gave Qiu Li a chance.

It can be said that Qiu Li has been blackened step by step, and Qiu Zhan has made great contributions.

Qiu Li was able to bring down the Qiu family, and Qiu Zhan’s reverse assist was even more indispensable.

Qiu Zhan is twelve years old this year, six years older than Qiu Li. His facial features are exquisite, but he is not as exquisite as his brother Qiu Yan. In his exquisiteness, he is surly and crazy. Qiu Yan is an untouchable artist, and  Qiu Zhan is an unruly youth.

Yan Xiao looked at Qiu Zhan, and tsk tsk in his heart, this wealthy dog blood drama, don’t say, the logic is quite reasonable.

In front of his younger brother, Qiu Zhan is always an impeccably good brother. He looked at his younger brother who quietly eats Cherries, then looked at the drawing board and asked, “What did you paint today?”

Qiu Yan raised his head and glanced at his brother, and said lightly: “Sunrise.”

Looking at the paintings on the drawing board that was superimposed with paint and had nothing to do with the sunrise, Qiu Zhan smiled and praised sincerely, “It’s so good!”

Although he can’t understand, his younger brother’s painting is good! The younger brother is the best!

Qiu Zhan boasted that his gang of friends, no matter what they understood or not, they followed the words and started blowing rainbow farts like crazy… 

“I haven’t seen Xiao Yan for a few days. He really getting more and more handsome, and he has become more and more like an artist. Looking at this painting, it is so beautiful!”

“Isn’t it? Teacher Zhen has personally praised Xiao Yan as a rare genius…”

“Yeah, Xiao Yan will definitely become an internationally renowned artist in the future, unlike Qiu Li.”

Qiu Zhan’s originally smiling face turned black when he heard the word ‘Qiu Li’.

He glanced behind him warningly, and said coldly: “where is he worthy to be compared with my brother?”

The man realized that he had said something wrong and immediately apologized: “Yes, my language is not good, and I made a mistake. Our Xiao Yan is the cloud in the sky, and the mud on the ground can’t reach it…”

Qiu Zhan’s face looked good now.

Qiu Yan seemed to have not heard the whole time, only eating cherries quietly.

Yan Xiao looked at it for a while and sincerely felt that geniuses are indeed unique. Like this and can still ignore it, just like never hearing them. She admires it, so she is not a genius.

Qiu Zhan, who watched his younger brother eating cherries, noticed Yan Xiao who had been staring at them. When she looked up, the girl was slightly opening her mouth with a look of yearning.

Qiu Zhan was amused by her appearance.

When he came, he knew that there were many children in the studio, and he took a lot of cherries. The other children had gathered around to eat fruit, and only Yan Xiao was still holding his face to look at it, and he didn’t know what she was looking at.

Qiu Zhan also knows Yan Xiao’s name. He also thinks that Yan Xiao is very cute. She is the most beautiful and adorable of the little girls he has ever seen, and his younger brother seems to be willing to play with her, even the gaze he looked at Yanxiao was milder.

Snatching a plate from a friend and handing it to her, Qiu Zhan smiled and asked, “Should Xiaoxiao eat it?”

Yan Xiao was thinking about the entanglement between the three giants, the sudden appearance of a plate of red cherries startled her. When she looked at Qiu Zhan who was smiling and asking, she waved her hands almost reflexively: “No, no, no, no, no, no, no eat……”

Qiu Zhan is the craziest and most extreme person in the book. Although she knows the plot and knows that Qiu Zhan will not treat her harshly, she still feels a little scared.

In particular, Qiu’s tragedy, Yan’s family, and her tragedy are all operated by Qiu Zhan which made her even more afraid of Qiu Zhan.

Qiu Zhan thought it was the little girl who was shy, so he handed the fruit plate to him again.

Yan Xiao’s face turned pale, and she waved her hand with the afterimage, and couldn’t help hiding behind.

She forgot that she was sitting on a small bench without a backrest, and she was only three years old, and her small body was very inflexible. She hid, and her center of gravity was unstable, so she turned over from the small bench and fell firmly, like a dot eating ****…



Yan Xiao’s sudden fall was beyond everyone’s expectation. In addition to her being young, this behavior was particularly childlike, and there was a burst of cheerful laughter in the studio.

Even Qiu Zhan was happy.

It can be said that Xiao is ashamed. Although she is a child’s body, she has a mature heart. So embarrassed, how can she look up to see people in the future? She lay on the ground, burying her head in her arms, her hands clenched into small fists. Qiu Zhan was amused for a while and didn’t have any malice. When she saw her fall, he put down the fruit tray and went to help her…

Yan Xiao didn’t want to get up, she felt very embarrassed, but how strong Qiu Zhan was, when she stood up, her face was flushed, she bit her mouth, and did not dare to lift her head.

Qiu Zhan was afraid of where she fell, and said to her, “Look up and see…”

Yan Xiao really couldn’t hold back Qiu Zhan, so she had to raise her head, but was stunned when she saw Qiu Li at the door.

When did Qiu- Qiu Li come?

Oh my god, he must have seen that her just embarrassingly and shameful fall. Why would she provoke her chin in front of him in the future?

Yan Xiaoru was struck by thunder and froze for a while, the shame and anger on her face grew stronger and stronger, and finally she really didn’t know what to do, so she simply turned around and turned her back to everyone.

There are many guests because Qiu Li was called down to eat fruit by the servant because of Gu Quan’s face. After going downstairs, he deliberately passed by the door of the studio. Originally, he only wanted to take a peek at the girl doll, but he saw the villain Qiu Zhan bullied her, forced her to fall off the stool, and laughed at her in public.

He was stunned at the door.

Qiu Zhan must have bullied her when she saw the doll gave him a candy.

Looking at the bullied female doll who turned around angrily, Qiu Li twisted his eyebrows, the hand hanging beside his side slowly clenched into a fist…

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