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VBBSM Chapter 3

Chen Zilu pulled her niece around the corner and stopped where Qiu Li could not see.

She squatted down in front of her niece, and said sternly: “Xiaoxiao, I have something to ask you.”

Yan Xiao is applauding her perfect performance in her heart, and happily fantasizing about how much bad feelings she can exchange for these two actions. Just now, she secretly glanced back. Qiu Lizheng stared at the marshmallow she gave him with an ugly face. He must have been scolding her secretly… Hearing her aunt’s words, when she raised her head, she didn’t even hide her smile and asked, “What?”

When Chen Zilu saw her niece didn’t care, and she didn’t feel that she had just done something wrong, and she was heartbroken. Xiaoxiao in her family is so smart, cute, cute, and polite… how did it suddenly become like this?

This is something she will never allow!

Thinking about this, Chen Zilu’s face became more serious again, and she said: “Xiaoxiao, you did a mistake just now, you know?”

Yan Xiao tilted her head and looked at her aunt, thinking, I know, I did it on purpose, but she said: “Oh.”

Seeing her niece looking ignorant of her innocence, Chen Zilu was a little worried that she would be too serious and would let her niece cast a shadow. After a moment of silence, she changed her soft expression again and whispered softly: “You can’t throw other people’s milk, because It’s rude, you know?”

She deliberately didn’t mention Qiu Li, lest her niece would wear tinted glasses like others, specializing Qiu Li. If you can’t understand it, you can stay away or ignore it, but if you don’t understand it and still hurt Qui Li, then the problem is serious. She can’t control others, but she still has to guide her own children.

Yan Xiao thought for a while, she still has the hope of living well and will continue to be a child, because the identity of a child is convenient to approach the villain, so she must play the role of a good child, so she pursed her lips with a solemn expression. Nodding: “Yeah, yeah.”

Seeing the niece listened, and nodded, Chen Zilu was finally relieved. Regardless of her niece’s youngness, she was a very clear promise. (so basically don’t overlook her young age)

“Then you promise Auntie,” Chen Zilu squeezed her face and said with a smile: “I won’t throw other people’s milk in the future.”

Yan Xiao bit her lip. She felt that her aunt was making a fuss a bit, but she couldn’t help it. She is still a three-year-old kid now, so she nodded under the aunt’s expectant eyes: “Okay.” I will secretly throw it away to prevent you from seeing it!

After speaking, she said again: “I was wrong just now. Don’t be angry with me, Auntie.”

In front of adults, she wants to be a good child and can’t leave a bad impression. Just… it was the first time she did a task. She was too nervous and didn’t pay attention for a while, so she had to be more careful in the future.

Seeing her niece confessed her mistake, Chen Zilu’s heart melted. She hugged the villain in front of her, and said softly: “As long as Xiaoxiao is polite, my aunt will not be angry.”

All settle!

Yan Xiao laughed and followed the simple aunt into the house to find the male lead of the book, Qiu Yan.

On the lawn, Qiu Li stood for a while with the cotton candy in his hand. Cherishing the cotton candy he put it in the pocket of the little vest. He looked at most of the milk dripping on the ground, squatted down to pick it up, took out a paper towel from his pocket, and carefully wiped the milk on the grass…

Yan Xiao followed her aunt into the room, called someone, and ran to the studio to find Qiu Yan.

She likes Qiu Yan very much because Qiu Yan is not like a child. She doesn’t have to do some childish actions and say childish things when playing with him. Of course, she also appreciates Qiu Yan’s talent.

At a young age can draw highly praised and highly sought-after artworks, which is beyond her reach. Look how strong he is, she wants to be like that too.

In the book, the relationship between Yan Xiao and Qiu Yan is very good, and now she wants to have a good relationship with the male protagonist. In this case, when she is full of bad feelings and returns to the original world, her parents can still rely on the male protagonist. Friendly relations, better off, she can rest assured.

Yan Xiao is very satisfied with her proper and comprehensive arrangement.

There are many children who come here to the studio. Although Qiu Yan is only four years old, he is the most popular among children from three to ten years old. However, Qiu Yan never plays with everyone. Indulge in art, expressing the distinctive genius and the non-cannibalistic temperament of the artist

When she came in, Qiu Yanzheng was painting without anyone else. Under the sun, his exquisite profile face looked like a painting.

If one word were used to describe Qiu Yan, it would be noble.

Especially in line with the personality of the romantic hero. Beautiful, rich, talented, not missing anything. Of course, he would not be miserable right now, only beautiful and strong.

The children in the studio had no influence on the focused Qiu Yan, and Yan Xiao did not say a word, only took a small stool and sat aside to watch his paintings.

Yan Xiao thinks she has no artistic talents. She stared at Qiu Yan’s drawing board for a long time, but she didn’t see what he was painting. She only felt that the colors were very comfortable and that it looked strange in a good way. 

After holding her chin and watching for a while, Yan Xiao felt that her neck was a little sore, so she put her hands down and planned to move her neck. As soon as she turned her head, she saw Qiu Li on the lawn outside, bending over and wiping milk with a tissue…

Her eyebrows moved, and there was something new in her eyes. The villain was so civilized when he was a child?

Because the system told her countless times how vicious the villain boss was, and it was the villain boss setting, she was preconceived and subconsciously regarded Qiu Li, who had not been blackened, as a big villain.

She watched for a while and saw that he wiped the milk and threw the tissues and milk into the trash can, earnestly and attentively, and couldn’t help feeling that the big villain who hadn’t blackened was a little white. 

After throwing out the trash, Qiu Li took out a clean tissue and wiped his hands seriously. He was wiping his hands when he suddenly felt someone staring at him.

He is particularly sensitive to inexplicable sight because whether it is Qiu Zhan, his group of friends, or other people in the kindergarten, they love to be behind him, staring at him and pointing. He has caught many times, but those people are simply The embarrassment of not being broken, but even more unscrupulous. So he hates it, hates being stared at because those eyes are not friendly.  He twisted his eyebrows slightly, only hesitated for a while, then looked at the line of sight that stared at him with a cold face…

Yan Xiao was staring at Qiu Li’s small figure. Unexpectedly, she met his cold and slightly hostile sight and was immediately frightened.

Just, just said it was not scary, why did it suddenly blackened?

But then, Yan Xiao was happy. He must have reacted to my unfriendly behavior just now and started to get angry!

If you are provocative when you are angry, won’t the ill-feeling value double? 

Thinking like this, Qiu Li raised his chin, showing a defiant smile.

Qiu Li was stunned when he saw that the person who had been staring at him was the female doll.

Just when he was stunned, he saw the female doll smiling at him.

——Yan Xiao thinks she is showing a provocative smile, but she doesn’t understand it at all. She is only three years old now, a three-year-old child, let alone provocative, just gnashing teeth, in the eyes of others is also naive. She is still recognized as a cute baby, so her provocation, in Qiu Li’s eyes, is a cute smiling face.

The girl doll smiled at herself. Qiu Li felt that he was very unmanly just now. He actually regarded others as bad people when he didn’t know anything. This shouldn’t be the case. He was annoyed and raised his mouth to pay her back a smile, but when he saw Qiu Yan next to her, the corners of his mouth fell back.

Everyone likes Qiu Yan, no one likes him, and the same goes for female dolls.

He touched the cotton candy in his pocket, turned, and left.

Seeing him leave with an unhappy look, Yan Xiao raised her brows. That’s great, he was furious!

The adults all went to the flower gallery to sit and drink afternoon tea, which made Qiu Li who slipped into the house by the wall and let out a sigh of relief. He didn’t have to face so many gazes and was walking upstairs to the room lightly. A question came from outside:

“Zi Lu, where’s your family Yan Xiao?”

“Xiaoxiao? In the art studio probably…”

He touched the cotton candy in his pocket and bit his mouth. It turned out that her name was Yan Xiao…

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