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VBBSM Chapter 2

When Qiu Li was very young he knew from his servants and Qiu Zhan that he was an illegitimate child, which was a shame to the Qiu family. At that time, he was very young and didn’t understand the concept of an illegitimate child. He just knew that everyone didn’t like him, and no one wanted to play with him.

He innocently thought it was because he was not proactive enough, so no one played with him. In order to play with the children, he secretly learned a lot of games and even took the initiative to join them. 

He took the initiative three times, was scolded twice, and punched once.

Since then, as much as looks forward to it, he never took the initiative to find anyone. 

When he got older, he understood and lost all the hope and expectations in his heart. 

At home on the weekdays, he is in his bedroom by himself playing and writing homework. Unless he has to, he hardly leaves the room.

This weekend, many people came to Qiu’s house. It was very lively. He only glanced down through the window, and then he closed the curtains to do handcrafts in his room – homework assigned by the kindergarten teacher and asked parents and children’s to do it together. He usually can’t even see the face of his dad, even if he saw, his dad would not accompany him to do handcrafts. Aunt Xu is even more impossible. He only has himself, so must start doing it early, or else it would not be finished. 

He was forced out of the room by Qiu Zhan, saying that he wanted him to play games with them.

He knew better than anyone that Qiu Zhan disliked him very much, and he would never take the initiative to invite him to play games. But he couldn’t refuse, because they had more people, were older, and stronger than him.  

The so-called game is to tease him.

The group of people was all sitting in the flower room eating snacks and playing video games, while he stood like a wooden man on the grass outside the flower room.

He didn’t know how long he had been standing, only his feet and legs hurt. 

Qiu Zhan and the others were tired of playing, and so, one person ran out, threw him a carton of milk, and asked him to drink all the milk in one minute in front of everyone. 

Qiu Zhan always throws the milk he doesn’t like to drink at Qiu Li so that he can help him drink it. He didn’t like to drink milk at all and hated to drink the milk that Qiu Zhan threw at him. It felt like he was a trash can. He also disliked Qiu Zhan’s expression when he threw milk at him. He couldn’t describe it, but he knew it was not a good face.

He didn’t want to drink milk for them, but he was still anxious to go back to the room to do handicrafts. If he didn’t drink, they would definitely not let him go.

He did not expect that a female doll would suddenly come over and snatch the milk in his hand and throw it away.

He looked at the female doll in front of him whose face was flushed from running. Because she was gasping for a big breath, the braid on the girl’s forehead was poking her, she looked somewhat at loss. 

What is this girl doing?

He looked down at the milk on the grass, then at the girl doll, the girl doll looked up at him without speaking, as if waiting for something.

He twisted his eyebrows, very puzzled.

Seeing Qiu Li’s small brows wrinkled and the corners of his mouth are pursed. Yan Xiao was overjoyed.

Did it work?

Great, hurry up and hate me!

Milk is not a cherished luxury. People like the Qiu family will definitely provide enough milk for the children – even if it is an unwelcome illegitimate child. She grabbed his milk, he can just go get another cartoon later, even if he doesn’t grab one, it is okay to drink a carton of milk less. The Qiu’s daily diet can certainly provide enough nutrition.

He just drank a carton of milk less, but he could save her life!

Thinking about this, Yan Xiao felt that she was very smart. She didn’t even control the facial expression of this small body, and the corners of her mouth rose.


She called the system in her head.

[I’m here. ]

-Has the dislike value increased? How much did it go up?

The system was silent for a moment and then answered her coldly. 

[The volume is too small to be detected temporarily, and the data will only be displayed when the value reaches a certain level. ]

Yan Xiao was immediately unhappy, but after another thought, she could understand.

After all, she was just throwing away a carton of milk from the villain’s boss. Even if the boss was unhappy for a while, he wouldn’t be extremely disgusted with her because of this trivial matter.

This is like, whoever hits her, although she will be upset, she won’t hate them because of it.

However, if that person keeps hitting her, then she will hate that person very much.

and so……

She has to increase the hatred of the boss villain towards her.

One can be regarded as accidental or careless, twice is also careless… what about a hundred times? As long as she accumulates more, one will eventually get annoyed. As long as she persists in looking for opportunities, she will surely be able to get enough bad feelings!

The fascinating system responded to her with face-saving:

[Yes. ]

Just when she was full of joy and planned a great cause for scouring the evil value, the aunt quickly chased her.

As soon as she got out of the car, Sa Yazi ran towards this side. Chen Zilu utterly admired her little niece. Even at Qiu’s house, she was not at ease. After saying hello, she hurriedly chased after her

“Xiaoxiao, what are you doing running so fast? What should I do if you fall? All…”

Seeing the milk on the ground and the two children who were silently staring at each other, Chen Zilu’s face changed slightly. She squatted down beside her niece and said with a serious face: “Xiaoxiao, how can you throw your brother’s milk? It’s very rude…”

Yan Xiao: I know! I’m very rude! Hurry up and hate me!

But she didn’t say anything, she looked at Qiu Li proudly.

Qiu Li blinked, his eyes drooping slightly, and his long eyelashes cast a shadow.


Yan Xiao bit her lip, a little uncertain, but she couldn’t ask directly, so she was a little anxious.

Chen Zilu knew Qiu Li and knew Qiu Li’s situation in Qiu’s family well. However, the child did not make any mistakes, and she could not judge a child by the moral standards of adults, but her niece’s behavior today is a bit abnormal. Isn’t it so rude? Who did you learn this from?

This is not enough, Chen Zilu’s eyebrows tightened, and she thought she had to teach her well.

“Little Li,” Chen Zilu looked at Qiu Li, who had been silent, and explained: “Sister Xiaoxiao didn’t intentionally throw your milk. I asked her to apologize to you…”

Qiu Li, who stared at his shadow on the grass, raised his head in surprise when he heard this.

Apologize to him?

No one has ever apologized to him.

Seeing Qiu Li raised her head and didn’t look very angry, Chen Zilu was relieved. She was afraid that the sensitive child might have some shadows but it would be bad. She shook her niece’s body and said, “Xiaoxiao, give it to my brother. I apologize and say sorry.”

Yan Xiao gritted her teeth.

It is impossible to apologize. If she is going to apologize, then isn’t throwing the milk for nothing?

Seeing that his niece was very resistant to say I’m sorry, Chen Zilu knows is only a child with self-esteem, and it would not be good to force her head-on. It would easily cause the child to have a rebellious mentality, so she eased her tone: “Xiaoxiao, you threw brother’s milk, brother has no milk to drink, how about you give the brother a candy as compensation, okay?”


Yan Xiao’s eyes lit up again.

Yes, in addition to robbing things and throwing things, she also gives the villains things they don’t like!

When at home, when 007 gave her a summary of the plot of the whole book, she remembered in the plot Qiu Li did not like to eat sweets which caused conflict between him and the male lead…

She pursed the corner of her mouth, revealing two sweet dimples, and said happily: “I have brought a lot of sugar!”

When she said that, she went to look through her little bag, which was full of her favorite candies. She picked the biggest strawberry-flavored marshmallow from the bag, held her chin open, and handed it to Qiu Li with a proud face: ” For you to eat!”

Qiu Li looked at the pink-wrapped cotton candy in the shape of a cloud and looked at Yan Xiao and Chen Zilu again, and did not move.

Chen Zilu thought the child was embarrassed, so she smiled and said, “Hurry up, take it, my sister apologizes to you.”


Qiu Li blinked without saying a word, only tightening the corners of his mouth.

So this is how you apologize? 

But she made a special trip to throw his milk and apologized again, which was not in line with the logic that the teacher had said.

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