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VBBSM Chapter 14

The long-awaited points made Yan Xiao immersed in ecstasy all day long, so much so that when her mother came to pick her up after school in the afternoon, her eyes were still bent into crescents, smiling all the way home.

Even after her bath that night, she was still foolishly laughing. She only reluctantly hugged her blanket to bed when her mother reminded her that she would be late for school the next day if she did not go to sleep.

The next morning, she arrived at the kindergarten ten minutes earlier1Remember that she agreed to meet Qiu Li at 7:40, intending to seize the opportunity to give Qiu Li a ‘surprise’. However, as soon as she got off the car, she saw Qiu Li standing at the school gate, looking at her.

Yan Xiao: “……” Was he infuriated by her yesterday? Waiting here early in the morning just for a rematch to get revenge on her?

Yan Xiao was full of enthusiasm.

She waved at her mother and said goodbye, then cheerfully ran towards the school entrance carrying her little schoolbag.

Chen Ziyi could only smile helplessly as she looked at her increasingly ‘ruthless’ daughter’s back.

Qiu Li came to school early today on purpose. There was no special reason, he just wanted to arrive earlier to see her, and give her favourite marshmallows to her earlier.

Looking at the little girl’s lovely dimples eased his depressed mood from facing Qiu Zhan’s disdain and ridicule when he left the house.


Yan Xiao ran to Qiu Li and noticed the scabbed wound on the side of his face. She furrowed her eyebrows and questioned loudly, “Why didn’t you put on a band-aid?”

She deliberately kept a straight face, but her mood was very good.

She had guessed that he would not stick it on since he hates her so much and extremely hates such flashy things ……

Qiu Li froze.

He wanted to say that he couldn’t bear to use it as his wound wasn’t serious, but he found it hard to say such an excuse, so he stood there frozen.

Yan Xiao was in a better mood after she saw his reaction, and she had to bite her lips to stop herself from laughing out loud.

She pretended to be serious and said, “Luckily I was prepared ……”

With that, she reached for the small bag in front of her and pulled out a band-aid.

“I’ll put it on for you!” She ripped open the packaging and tiptoed to stick the band-aid on Qiu Li’s face.

Qiu Li didn’t expect her to still care about him so much today, and when her soft little hand pressed on his face, his whole body froze.

Seeing him speechless from anger, Yan Xiao clapped her hands and raised her chin, fiercely saying: “Not allowed to tear it off!”

In the early winter morning, the wind was a bit cold. Qiu Li blinked his eyes, suddenly feeling a bit hot, especially the place where she put the band-aid felt hot, and his heart was very warm.

So this is being cared for, he seems to understand it now.

After savouring the moment for a while, just as he recovered from his daze, he saw Yan Xiao staring at him. Qiu Li reacted quickly, hurriedly pulling out the marshmallows from his schoolbag and handing them to her.

Looking at the two marshmallows in his hand, Yan Xiao: “……” Are you so angry that you retaliated two-fold?

It seems that she had really pissed him off yesterday, and thinking about how she had just domineeringly put a childish and flashy band-aid on him, Yan Xiao could already foresee how angry he would soon be.

–– But the marshmallows are innocent.

Without hesitation, she grabbed both of the marshmallows.

“I’m going to class!” After stuffing the candy into her pocket, Yan Xiao waved her little paws at Qiu Li: “You should go too.”

Qiu Li looked at Yan Xiao, then moved his mouth, as if he wanted to say something ……

Yan Xiao thought that he was going to retaliate on the spot, so she didn’t give him a chance at all, and ran away with her short legs.

One of the most frustrating things is when you don’t give him the opportunity to retaliate after you’ve provoked him, and just ignore him, and let him brood over it!

Looking at Yan Xiao scurrying away, Qiu Li bit his lip and sighed softly, she forgot to give him marshmallows today.

But ……

He raised his hand and touched the band-aid on his face, and the corners of his mouth lifted again.


Chen Yao, who had recovered from the humiliation of being sat on and almost beaten up, caught up with Qiu Li, pointing at him and laughing: “Using girls’ things, so girly, shame on you!”

Qiu Li’s small face immediately turned cold. He glanced up at Chen Yao, lifted his feet and walked away without a word.

Seeing that he was such a wimp that doesn’t even dare to retort, Chen Yao became even more arrogant, chasing him and shouting: “Sissy, using girly things, are you poor or just not a man, don’t even know how to be ashamed …… Come and see, Qiu Li is using girly things, hahaha ……”

The other people in the large class heard Chen Yao’s shout and laughed along with him.

Qiu Li’s grip on the strap of his schoolbag tightened, and just when he couldn’t control his anger and intended to hit Chen Yao hard to shut him up, a crisp voice suddenly sounded in his ears.
They were all talking nonsense, don’t listen to them!
Just ignore them!

Qiu Li gradually calmed down, and he lifted his feet to walk towards the classroom, as if he had not heard their mockery.

Chen Yao led the jeering, but when the other party was neither angry nor showed any reaction, he suddenly found it boring. He muttered two more sentences before turning his head to talk to someone else.


Small class.

Yan Xiao was sitting in a pile of dolls, beaming from her newly obtained two points.

2 points!

There’s 21 points now!

Finally hit the big 2!

She was so happy.

When she is happy, she should eat a marshmallow to calm her nerves, and today even deserves eating two marshmallows.

She ate the candy while counting the few marshmallows left in her little bag.

It’s Friday today, and she was almost out of candy for the week, counting and counting –


She paused.

Why is there one extra?

She clearly remembered how many candies she had in her bag, and the reason she had kept counting them was that she was afraid someone would steal them, but –– how could there be an extra piece?

She counted again and confirmed that there was indeed an extra one.

She looked up and incredulously surveyed the little beans in her class2The little beans are referring to her classmates, who had secretly slipped candy into her bag?

But that’s not right, clearly there wasn’t an extra piece when she had just counted them in the car. After entering the school, her bag was always by her side and no one had approached her ah3Sound effect showing her confusion?

As she thought about it, Yan Xiao’s eyes widened.

She forgot to do her daily homework –– to give Qiu Li candy.

It’s her fault for being too happy and getting carried away by her success that she had forgotten her task. She would need to curb this bad habit in the future.

Classes were about to start, and it was too late to go to Building No. 1, so Yan Xiao could only postpone the task till noon.

During lunchtime at noon, she could brush the points for squeezing at his table together with giving the candy. For now, just let him be depressed about it.


Qiu Li did have something weighing on his mind all morning.

When the teacher was telling a story, he did not listen to a single word, dwelling over the marshmallow that she did not give him. Although he did get a band-aid, but he is still a little afraid, afraid that she would not give him marshmallows anymore, and that the agreed-upon appointment for every morning would also become invalid ……

For this reason, he was worried all morning.

Yan Xiao came over with lunch at noon and saw his drooping head through the window, the side of his face exuding unhappiness.

Yan Xiao: “………………” Her tactics were indeed effective!

The empty spot on the table was occupied by a pink meal tray, and Qiu Li immediately looked up.

“Here!” Yan Xiao smiled with crescent eyes and stretched her hand out in front of him, “This is today’s!”

Qiu Li: “……”

Seeing that he only stared at her without moving, Yan Xiao raised her chin and provocatively stretched her hand further in front of him – but she had to lean forward because of her short arms.

With the weight off his mind, Qiu Li pursed his lips and took the marshmallow, putting it into his pocket. The joy of regaining back the lost marshmallow made him a little shy, so he lowered his head to eat, and was too embarrassed to look at Yan Xiao.

Seeing Qiu Li acting this way, Yan Xiao smugly thought, I’ll just revert to calling him the ‘little villain’ from now on, it’s surprisingly easy to gain points from him!

Nearing the end of lunch, there was an excited cry from the corridor – it’s raining!

As soon as they heard that it was raining, all the children in the class ran outside.

Children all love to play and can find fun in every situation. The rain at this time was also able to excite all of the children, and they all ran outside without an umbrella nor a raincoat. The teacher couldn’t stop them, and could only catch them back one by one to put on a raincoat for them ……

Yan Xiao has no desire to engage in such childish activities like stepping in puddles and getting soaked in the rain. She doesn’t understand why these children are so thrilled to be jumping around and laughing in the falling rain.

Looking away from the children, she raised her head to see Qiu Li’s undisguised look of contempt.

Yan Xiao’s eyes lit up.

He also doesn’t like such childish behaviour?

She said to Qiu Li, who was frowning in disgust, “Let’s go get wet in the rain too?”

Her voice was brimming with joy.

Qiu Li’s expression froze.

Yo, so surprised and unhappy?

She grabbed his wrist and ran outside without even giving him a chance to react.

The busy teacher saw two more children running into the rain without their raincoats and shouted, “Put on your raincoats before you go out –”

Yan Xiao pretended not to hear. Anyway, the rain wasn’t too heavy, and her hair wouldn’t be too wet ……

The icy cold raindrops fell on Qiu Li’s face, and he blinked. The aversion to rainy days, stemming from Qiu Zhan constantly making him get wet in the courtyard on rainy days, slowly dissipated.

Looking at Yan Xiao’s excited little face, the corners of his mouth curved upwards. Actually, rainy days aren’t that bad.

[Ding, 24 points!]

Yan Xiao: “!!!”

Yan Xiao, who had collected 5 points in a single morning, got overly excited that she almost subconsciously wanted to find someone to celebrate with. As a result, she turned around and hugged the person standing closest to her, Qiu Li.

Qiu Li: “………………”



The author has something to say:

Xiao Li Li: ……………… happy (*^▽^*)

Xiao Xiao: Even God is helping me, I have invincible golden fingers! (#^.^#)

System: The nature of human beings is …… double standard dog


  • 1
    Remember that she agreed to meet Qiu Li at 7:40
  • 2
    The little beans are referring to her classmates
  • 3
    Sound effect showing her confusion
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