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VBBSM Chapter 10

Qiu Zhan personally went to pick up his grandmother and aunt, and when he came back, he saw Qiu Li among the group of children.

His smiling eyes suddenly sank.

Especially when he saw the little girl who loved to play with his little brother (Qui Yan) was talking, smiling and giving something to Qui Zhan, the coldness in his eyes almost turned into a knife.


He grinded his molars and cursed silently.

Although Qiu Li has been staring at the band-aid in his hand, he is instinctively sensitive to Qiu Zhan’s existence. As soon as Qiu Zhan came back, he noticed it.

He just pretended not to see, but Qiu Zhan’s gaze made him very uncomfortable. He looked up…

The guests were almost all here, Qiu Zhan would naturally not be stupid enough to do something to Qiu Li in front of so many people, but this did not prevent him from staring at him.

Looking at Qiu Zhan’s cold eyes, Qiu Li’s little face also became cold.

He knew Qiu Zhan was warning him, but…

He looked at Qiu Zhan, and then at Yan Xiao who was laughing happily in the crowd. He clenched the band-aids in his hand and raised his foot towards the crowd – so many children, as long as he doesn’t stick to Yan Xiao, Qiu Zhan couldn’t tell that Yan Xiao was good to him.

This is his first and only friend at the moment, of course, he has to take the initiative to maintain it.

Seeing Qiu Li walking towards the group of children without turning his head, Qiu Zhan almost laughed angrily.

Asshole! Dares to provoke him!!

Tired of living!

Qiu Zhan sorted out the cuffs slowly, took the cufflinks off and put them in his pockets, and with his long legs, he walked towards the group of children having fun.

Compared with Qui Yan, the children did not have much interest in Qui Zhan, so his arrival did not attract everyone’s attention, only Yan Xiao. Seeing Qui Zhan, she yelled and did her duty to act as a cute and loveable kid: “Brother Qiu Zhan, do you want to play soccer with us?”

Qui Zhan smiled at her: “Brother is not going to kick, I just saw Aunt Chen looking for you.”

Yan Xiao: “Mom looking for me?”

Originally playing football was to score points, and now the points are also scored. Now that her mother is looking for her, she threw the ball in her arms to the ground without even thinking about it, clapping her hands and saying, “I’ll take a look.”

Qiu Zhan stretched out his hand: “I will take you there.”

Yan Xiao didn’t think too much, Qiu’s family was really big, she didn’t know where her mother was at the moment, so her mother couldn’t find her in a hurry, so she obediently reached out and asked Qiu Zhan to hold her.

Before leaving, she didn’t forget to wave her small hand at Qiu Li: “Goodbye.”

Just as Qiu Li was about to answer her, he met Qiu Zhan’s cold eyes and swallowed his words back again.

Qiu Li didn’t say a word, he clenched his teeth, and even glanced at her unhappily, which made Yan Xiao very happy.

Qiu Zhan hooked the corner of his mouth and said to Qiu Li, “I put a lot of candy in the study on the third floor. Bring it to Xiaoxiao and everyone.”


Yan Xiao, who was about to grab Qiu Zhan and let him take him to find his mother, suddenly widened her eyes.

Ask Qiu Li to give candy to someone he hates. Oh my God, is Brother Qiu Zhan giving her an assist?

She was surprised and happy, staring at Qiu Li nervously.

After staring for three seconds, she smiled.

Sure enough, he frowned!

Then Yan Xiao saw Qiu Li glance at her with a sullen face, then hummed softly, turned and walked away.

Yan Xiao: “…”

Qiu Li hated himself, his half-brother, but now that he is entrusted with giving candy to the disgusting person (she), then he will definitely hate her even more.

Nothing was done, yet she reaped a wave of bad feelings. Yan Xiao was very happy. She loudly thanked, “Thank you, Brother Qiu Zhan!”

Qiu Zhan’s eyes were cold, when he heard the little girl’s voice, he immediately smiled: “What are you polite to brother, let’s go.”

Qiu Li, who was walking out of the room, bit his mouth tighter when he heard the conversation between the two.

He had been paying attention to Qiu Zhan the whole time. He had never met Aunt Chen. He was lying and warning him that if he didn’t go back to the house, he would vent his anger to Yanxiao.

But he was going to get her candy before going back to the house.

Every time she meets, she will give him a marshmallow, she must be particularly fond of candy.

Qui Li remembered this preference in his heart, with this thought in mind, even after being warned and called by Qui Zhan, he didn’t care so much anymore.

The study on the third floor is usually not used very much, it almost becomes a storage room.

He trots upstairs and opened the door. He was about to find marshmallows from a box of items when the door slammed shut. The scene was so familiar. Qiu Li almost instinctively turned around and pulled the doorknob——

Click twice.

The door was locked with a key from the outside.

Then there was the sound of footsteps going downstairs.

Qiu Li: “……”

He slapped the door hard, but there was no response at all, he tried to shout, and no one paid him any attention.

Inside and outside the door, it was quiet. He turned his head and glanced at the room filled with various gift boxes. His anger and grievance were stronger than ever.

He hates Qiu Zhan!

Hates Qui Zhan to death!

He tried for a long time, but he still couldn’t open the door and couldn’t call anyone. Just when he was carrying a stool to smash the door, suddenly there was the engine starting and the car whistling outside. He immediately put down the stool and ran to the window by the door, however, the window was too high. He couldn’t see clearly and ran back to move the stool over, stepping on the stool and looking out…

One car after another drove out of Qiu’s house.

They are all gone.

All gone.

She also left too.

Qiu Li’s hands holding the curtains were shaking.

She was looking forward to it, waiting for him to get her candy, but he didn’t go, she wouldn’t think that he doesn’t live up to his words and was angry with him?

Thinking about this, Qiu Li suddenly became anxious.

He has to go and explain to her clearly.

He hurriedly fell off the stool. He didn’t even care about the pain, so he ran to the door and slapped the door hard…

He slapped the door for a long time and screamed till his voice became hoarse, however, there was still no movement outside the door.

The guests outside also left early.

The sunlight passed through the window and hit his skinny thin body. He clenched his fists, his small shoulders were shaking because of anger…


Sitting in the child seat and drinking banana milk while biting on a straw, Yan Xiao didn’t know what happened there. Although, she waited until the end and she still didn’t get the marshmallows she was looking forward to. Thinking again, Qui Li must have been annoyed to death, not even showing up, she felt that she couldn’t eat candy didn’t matter too much.


She screamed the system in her mind while drinking banana milk.

007 has been yelled too much, and now he has learned to answer: [It is still 3 points, and it hasn’t risen. ]

Anyway, it’s all shown, I swiped several waves today, Yan Xiao is already very happy. The value will only increase after it reaches a certain level.

It is estimated that in the last wave of assists, parts of the evil value were given to Qui Zhan, so it did not increase. But it’s okay, it’s nothing, anyway, she just keeps working hard!

Thinking of this, she clenched her small fist to cheer herself on.

“Kick a ball, can you still have such a strong desire to win?” Chen Ziyi asked with a smile when she saw her daughter’s small movements and small expressions.

Yan Xiao blinked her joyful eyes, looked at her mother, and said solemnly: “Yes, don’t do it or do it to your best!”

Chen Ziyi was happy: “Who taught you this? Your aunt?”

Yan Xiao giggled and did not answer.

It was not taught by my aunt. This was the philosophy of life she had realized in her last life. Although she did not do everything to be the best, it was not bad.

“Mom,” she finished laughing, and she remembered something: “Shall we come to Qiu’s house tomorrow?”

“You like to go to Qiu’s house to play this much?” Chen Ziyi said.

Yanxiao nodded his head: “Of course! Brother Xiaoyan paints so beautifully!”

Chen Ziyi: “…” Pretend that I didn’t see you having a good time with Qiu Li?

“We are going to see grandma and uncle tomorrow,” Chen Ziyi said with a smile: “Grandma called you the day before yesterday and told you, did you forget?”

Yan Xiao: “…”

After she realized that there was indeed this incident, she nodded hurriedly: “Of course not! I deliberately teased you!”  

Obviously, it was playing too happily, forgot about the important things, but still quibbled. Chen Ziyi glanced at her husband from the rearview mirror, and both of their eyes wrote: Who is your daughter’s cleverness from?

Although I can’t go to Qiu’s house to brush points tomorrow, thinking that the day after tomorrow will be Monday, they will soon be able to meet at school every day for five consecutive days, and Yan Xiao is happy again.


On Monday, Yan Xiao woke up very early. She dressed herself, and without waiting for someone to shout, she ran to the dining room to sit in her exclusive seat and waited for her meal. At the dining table, Chen Ziyi and Yan Hao looked at each other, and they both laughed.

Last night, Chen Ziyi told her husband about her daughter’s love to play with Qiu Li. Both of them are very easy-going and like to spoil their daughter. Children are naturally playful if she likes just let it be.

After breakfast, it was still early, but Yan Xiao couldn’t wait, so she couldn’t help urging her parents to send her to school quickly.

Yesterday, there were no evil points, which made her a little anxious. She just wanted to get to school early, and then wait at the school gate. When Qiu Li came to school, she rushes over…

Chen Ziyi was urged by her daughter to finish her eye makeup in the car.

They came so early, that there were no children in the kindergarten yet, only the teacher on duty was waiting at the door.

The teacher on duty saw Yan Xiao and was very pleased. It was only the second day of school and the little girl came to the school first. She seemed to be very satisfied with the school.

After saying goodbye to mom and dad, Yan Xiao did not go to the class but stood next to the teacher on duty.

The teacher on duty was a little curious: “Why don’t you enter the class?”

Yan Xiao gave a sweet smile to the teacher: “Teacher, I am waiting for someone.”

The teacher on duty laughed so hard at her, “Waiting for a friend? There is a stool over there, you go sit…”

In the heart of the teacher she thinks the little girl is beloved by everyone she meets, only one day, she made friends.

Yan Xiao didn’t refute. She had panicked with her teacher before, Qiu Li is her friend, this panic cannot be dismantled yet, she has to remain calm all the time, so she nodded: “I’m not tired, I just stand. This is fine.”

The teacher did not force her, only told her to sit down when she was tired.

Yanxiao waited for a long time.  

Today is her second day going to school. She didn’t know what time Qiu Li came to school every day, and only thought he comes late every day.

When Qiu’s car finally appeared in sight, Yan Xiao’s legs were a little sore.

She looked back at the school clock. It was almost 7:55, have to go to class soon.

At this point tomorrow, I don’t have to let my mother put on makeup in the car.

As soon as the car stopped, Qiu Li took his schoolbag and got out of the car.

He ran in in a hurry and saw Yan Xiao as soon as he looked up.

Yan Xiao was thinking about whether to mock him for coming late, and saw Qiu Li running towards her.

Yan Xiao’s eyes lit up, and she said in her heart that you ran into it yourself. She opened her mouth. Before she could say anything, she saw Qiu Li suddenly took something out of his schoolbag and handed it to her.

Looking at the marshmallow in his hand, Yan Xiao slowly widened her eyes.

Wow, he really hates sweets. Not only did he not eat them, but he was so angry that he returned the sweets she gave him because of what happened on Saturday.

Qiu Li was worried that she would be mad at him for the past two days. On Sunday he was locked up at home by Qiu Zhan, was unable to go out or find her. It was too early to go to school in the morning, and the snack shop did not open, he went to five 24-hour convenience stores to buy the brand of marshmallows she gave him.

I finally saw her now, Qiu Li was a little nervous, but he couldn’t explain to her what happened on Saturday, so he said in a dumb voice, “Give you.”

Give you, in Yan Xiao’s ears, it means ‘take your sugar away, I don’t like it very much’.

She smiled, took back the previous candy from Qiu Li’s hand, then took another one out of her bag in front of him, put it in Qiu Li’s hand, and declared defiantly: “This is today’s!”

After speaking, she turned around and left. Class was about to begin, and she had to hurry into class.

Qiu Li: “…”

The teacher on duty patted his head lightly: “Yan Xiao waited at the door early in the morning. It turned out to be giving candy to you, quickly go to the class, class is about to start…”

Qiu Li: “………………”

It turns out that she was deliberately waiting for me?

He looked at the familiar cotton candy in the palm of his hand, and then at the small figure of Yan Xiao trotting and disappearing at the door of the classroom, and he was suddenly very excited.

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