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VBBSM Chapter 1.2

This is the main plot of the book. As far as the Yan family was concerned, they weren’t present in this main plotline at all. They only appeared briefly in the book when Qiu Li retaliates against Qiu’s family as he conveniently eliminates any “accomplices” that might help Qiu Yan. 

In short, she and their family are purely a family of cannon fodder.

After reviewing the story that the system had just relayed to her, Yan Xiaoman had only one thought in her heart: How wronged.

But the author arranged for her with such a fate, and she could only find a way to survive…


As I was thinking about how to brush up my unfavourability value, the door of the room was gently pushed open.

She turned her head and saw her mother, Chen Ziyi, holding a milk jug, coming in with a loving face.

“You woke up by yourself today?”Chen Ziyi walked to her daughter, squatted down, smiled, and pinched her daughter’s round little face: “Why are you so good…”

On weekdays, her mother squeezed her face, and Yan Xiao was happy, and she would slip into her mother’s arms, but now, she drooped her face, motionless.

Seeing that her daughter was upset, Chen Ziyi held her daughter in her arms and asked softly, “What’s the matter? Are you not awake yet?”

Yan Xiao glanced at her mother, bit her lip for a while, and said, “No.” She didn’t sleep at all.

“Are you hungry?” Chen Ziyi smiled. When she smiled, her eyes were like crescents, especially gentle “Mom made your milk, drink milk…”

Looking at the milk bottle that was handed to her lips, Yan Xiao, who was still feeling down after hearing her fate, subconsciously hid after seeing the milk bottle. She didn’t feel like pretending to be a child today, so she won’t drink the milk bottle!

Chen Ziyi only smiled and kissed her face when her daughter had just woken up and kissed her face: “What’s the matter? Not drinking milk anymore?” 

Yanxiao bit her lip, thinking how to convince her mother not to use the milk bottle in the future when she heard her aunt’s voice coming from downstairs…

“Sister, is Xiaoxiao awake?”

Chen Ziyi shouted outside: “awake.”

There was a sound of going upstairs, and after a while, my aunt Chen Zilu ran up.

“Oh,” Chen Zilu immediately became happy when he saw her niece with her small face drooping: “not happy?”

Saying that, she rushed and slapped her hands: “Cheer up, auntie will take you to play.”

“She hasn’t drunk her milk yet,” Chen Ziyi glared at her sister: “Don’t even think about playing”

Chen Zilu looked at her niece with a smile: “Xiaoxiao, quickly drink the milk, after drinking aunt will take you to the Qiu’s house. Don’t you like playing with the genius little brother of the Qiu’s the most?”

Qiu’s family?

Yan Xiao’s eyes lit up.

Seeing Qiu Yan, the little niece beamed her eyes, Chen Zilu couldn’t laugh. At such a young age, children were innocent and all their emotions were written on their faces. They were also easy to coax, after all, all children love to play and get together with children of the same age. Chen Zilu smiled happily and coaxed her: “Drink your milk quickly so that we can leave.” 

Yan Xiao took the milk bottle from her mom without a second thought. She gurgled and drank it in a few minutes. After drinking, she wiped her mouth boldly and said to her aunt: “Let’s go!”

Chen Ziyi and Chen Zilu sisters were so amused by the little guy,  you are this impatient? 

“Change clothes first,” Chen Zilu squeezed her niece’s face: “And your hair, how messed up like this, my aunt will tie you a little braid again.”

Yan Xiao is very anxious. She wants to fly to the Qiu’s house now to see the villain whom she needed to brush the unfavorability value!

However, her small arms and legs were still awkward and not as flexible as an adult’s, so she could only press down her impatience and let her mother change her into a goose yellow suspender skirt and then tie up her hair again. After her aunt even gave her a small green bag full of candies, they finally took her hand to lead her downstairs.

On the way to Qiu’s house, Yan Xiao asked the system seriously about Qiu Li’s life.

But Qiu Li is just a villain after all. There really is too little information about him. The book described his personality in a single line: the Qiu family gave birth to an illegitimate child, because of what happened when he was young, he blackened and became ruthless and cold-blooded. He hated everyone in the Qiu family and made taking revenge on the Qiu family his life goal.

After reading the character profile, Yan Xiao’s sad face wrinkled into a ball.

What to do? 

I don’t even know what Qiu Li preferences, how do will I increase his unfavorability?

The car stopped in the Qiu’s yard, Yan Xiao took a deep breath, clutching the strap of her small bag, and waited dignifiedly for her aunt to untie the seat belt on the child seat –  she couldn’t reach the buckle with her shorthands.

Being taken out of the car by my aunt, she hadn’t stood firm when she landed, and System 007 screamed in her mind like crazy: The target appeared——!

Yan Xiao’s mind had just stabilized, but his knees softened and he almost knelt in front of her aunt.

But she didn’t care so much. She used her hands and feet to go around behind her aunt, and when she looked up, she saw a six or seven-year-old boy wearing a vest standing outside the glass garden, drinking milk in the sun.

The little boy seemed to notice her gaze and looked up at her.

 He was obviously only a six-year-old child, but Yan Xiao was taken aback by the look in his eyes. The little boy’s facial features were very delicate, and his big watery eyes were very gem-like, but… his look was too cold. Because of the look in his eyes, the white little face looked a little cold, and the whole body was engulfed in a gloomy aura that was not suitable for his age.

This is the villain boss?

As soon as the question came up in her mind, the system gave her the answer: [Yes. ]

Yan Xiao felt somewhat complicated. She looked at her short and fleshy hands and bit her lip with a melancholic expression.

The villain is only six years old now, how can she be successful? And he looks really gloomy …

The system’s cold mechanical voice said: [Then you will die.]

Yan Xiao hesitated for a moment before rushing towards Qiu Li with her short legs.

It is impossible to die. She can first test what kind of behavior will make the villain feel hatred towards her and then grasp the safe degree that will brush unfavorability to save herself without harming the boss’s young mind and protecting her family.

In the blink of an eye, she rushed in front of Qiu Li. Qiu Li remained motionless, even his expression did not change, but he continued to drink milk quietly.

Yan Xiao looked at him, her face stiffened, becoming more and more solemn since you love milk so much, then –

She reached out, grabbed the milk in his hand, and threw it onto the grass.

After throwing the milk, as soon as she looked up, she saw Qiu Li, who had been expressionless, changed. His eyes were looking down at the spilled milk and his thin eyelids seemed to tremble ever so slightly. There seemed to be a trace of astonishment in his big watery eyes and his brows were slightly knotted.

Yan Xiao: “…”

Qiu Li: “…”

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