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VBBSM Chapter 1.1

In the autumn afternoon, sunlight was just right, a light gentle breeze blowing away the leaves in the backyard, it was the most comfortable lullaby, but Yan Xiao who should have taken an afternoon nap had no intention to do so.

With her big clear, watery eyes, she stares into the ceiling without blinking.

The ceiling was scattered with luminous stars and the moon, as well as clouds and her favorite little sheep. As her eyesight began to move lower, all she saw was pink.

Small pink sofa, a pink table, pink chair, pink table lamp, pink furry bear, pink curtain, pink carpet…

It completely was a pink princess bedroom. From the furnishings of the room, it can be seen that the family is very rich and also spoils her.

The pink curtains swayed with the wind, and the sun shattered on Yan Xiao’s body like a naughty elf, jumping on her forehead and on the bridge of her nose for a while, swinging happily on her thick and slender eyelashes. The small face with baby fat makes her look even more childlike and cute.

However, Yan Xiao’s little eyebrows tighten together.

three years ago, she had just finished the college entrance examination and her brand-new life had not yet begun, she transmigrated here and became the newly-born daughter of Rongcheng Yan’s family. At first, she was panicking, wanting to go back every day, but every day she opens her eyes, she is so hungry that she wails and can only hold the milk jug to drink.

Slowly she accepts her fate. Being a baby with memories of adult life may be a horrible thing however, Yan’s family is the richest out of the whole Rong City, and being the only daughter to spoil and dote on, she is living a very good life. After figuring it out, she decided to be a good eldest lady of Yan’s family, and she won’t lose money in this transaction. ( I am not too sure what the author meant, and google translate didn’t really help either╮(╯-╰)╭)

In order not to noticed that there is an adult soul hidden in her small body, she worked hard to learn to be a child who is not familiar with world affairs. Until now, for three years, no one has noticed her abnormality, which makes her feel very proud and even secretly award herself several queen trophies.

Originally, she thought she could continue living this “happy” life, until just now when she was prepared to take an afternoon nap, a mechanical sound in her mind shocked her awake.

The mechanical voice who claimed to be 007, a transmigrate system, told her that the world she lives in is a book, and she, the cannon fodder in this book, will be destroyed at the age of eighteen and will commit suicide by jumping off the building.

She stared at the roof blankly, digested it for a while, and then slowly recovered.

Suddenly, she lifted the quilt, jumped off the bed, and ran barefoot to the full-length mirror.

In the mirror is a little girl who is exquisite and cute, with a beautiful bow tied with a ribbon on her hair.

Looking at her third-year-old self in the mirror, Yan Xiao clenched her small fists, her eyes red because of anger and grievance.

She never lived to be eighteen years old in her previous life, thinking that it was a great fortune to be white, rich, and pretty, but now telling her that she would not live to be eighteen in this life, and the end was extremely miserable. Who could bear it?

She stared at herself in the mirror for a while, and then suddenly reached out her hand to pull the bow down and threw it on the carpet. Can’t even long, why bother pretending to be a child still…

[it’s not impossible to survive] The mechanical sound in my mind rang again.

Yan Xiao was angry however, after hearing this, her big eyes were filled with confusion: How to live?

[Increase the villain’s unfavorability value, and when it’s full, you can return to the original world.]

Yan Xiao opened her mouth in a daze for a while, and finally understood the meaning of the system.

The reason why her current identity was cannon fodder was not that she offended the male lead, but because she was too close to the male lead and was affected by the male lead’s enemy. When the villain of this book retaliated against the male lead’s family, she was affected. After becoming a smash pond fish (a direct translation of a Chinese metaphor that means suffering harm for no reason), her family was ruined.

The plot of this book is a very common small language routine. (MTL, I am not too sure how to translate it but I think means tricking you into reading the book I guess..?) The male lead, Qiu Yan is the youngest son of Qiu Chengyi, one of the richest men in Rong city.

Qiu Yan was born with a halo, and when he was two years old, he showed an excellent talent for painting and has a super sense of color. The Qiu family attaches great importance to this young son and is committed to developing Qiu Yan into a great artist. Since Qiu Yan is the male lead, his talent skills are naturally beyond ordinary. His achievements in painting are simply amazing. If there is no accident, his life will be smooth sailing. The author should think that such a male lead is too peaceful. Not enough emotion, so he added a rival.

The enemy is the half-brother, Qiu Li. Qiu Li is the biggest villain in the book, and Yan Xiao wants to be the target of the evil value.

Qiu Li is the illegitimate son of Qiu Chengyi and his lover. The lover originally forcefully take the position of wife, but that year things were made into a big mess, and Qiu Chengyi’s original partner Xu Shuangrong was not a vegetarian. In the end, Qiu Chengyi returned to the family, and the lover took a large amount of money and fled, leaving Qiu Li at Qiu’s house.

As an illegitimate child, or an illegitimate child whose mother upset the Qiu family, Qiu Li’s situation in the Qiu family can be imagined.

Qiu Chengyi’s eldest son, Qiu Zhan, the male lead, Qiu Yan’s own brother, saw him as a thorn in his eyes when he entered the door of Qiu’s house because Qiu Li’s mother made Qiu Chengyi create a big problem. He didn’t like this son either. Qiu Li suffered all the cold treatment and torture at Qiu’s house and slowly turned from a small white flower to a big villain.

Qiu Yan is the pride of the Qiu family, the stars hold the moon (Chinese idiom: a lot of people hiding a prestigious person), and Qiu Li is the shame of the Qiu family. The two are similar in age but in different situations. The jealousy and hate in Qui Li cause him to become more and more distorted and was against Qiu Yan in everything.

As the hero’s enemy, Qiu Li’s IQ is of course much higher than that of ordinary people. After he was sensible, he planned to destroy the Qiu family and make all those who bullied him pay the price. And he really succeeded. The Qiu family went bankrupt, Qiu Chengyi committed suicide, Xu Shuangrong was stimulated to have a mental breakdown and entered a mental hospital, Qiu Zhan died in a car accident. Overnight, Qiu Yan’s family was destroyed, from the proud son of heaven to a pitiful man bearing a huge debt

The hard-hit Qiu Yan was deep in the quagmire. With the encouragement and support from the female lead, he stood back up again and threw away the coat of being an artist. After enduring all the hardships, he finally sent the villain Qiu Yan to prison with his own hands, retrieve the Qui family, and live happily with the female lead.

KnoxT's discord server just launched! Come and get updates to your favorite novels!Click here to join!


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